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Bora Zivkovic

Bora Zivkovic

Homepage: Editor and Manager of the forthcoming science blogging network at Scientific American
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Precautionary principle backfires in Europe, insecticide ban harms bees and farming
Fewer Work Hours, Same Mortality Rates
Interview with Peter Piot Discoverer of the Ebola Virus
Disturbing Disorders: Cotard’s Delusion (Walking Corpse Syndrome)
Z Is For Zebra — 90 Percent Of The Time
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Here's how to produce strong Ebola stories
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Nobel Prizewinner John O’Keefe warns of threat to science from overly restrictive animal research & immigration rules
Farm tech isn’t a war between good and evil — it’s a quest for whatever works
Same-sex marriage rights are sweeping the US. Here's where each state stands.
In Facebook’s Courtroom
The Carriage Horses : Franz Kafka’s Story, The True Meaning Of Kafkesque
13 XC Jumps That Will Make You Pee Your Britches
A Science Journalist’s Chances
The 7 Trainers You’ll Encounter in Your Life
Science Misconceptions And Myths
Is climate change reducing the number of boy babies?
Will Starbucks bump latte prices 50 cents or more to placate anti-GMO protestors?
Role for LSM genes in the regulation of circadian rhythms
The World’s Largest 2-Way Dialogue between Scientists and the Public
Taking the fight for #transparency to court
Newspapers are being hit by a new wave of scammers targeting their subscribers
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