Bora Zivkovic
@cpikas what does it sound like, i.e., what is it similar to? Currents? ONE? metrics?
ONE - to me, but hmmm no, not Currents. - Christina Pikas
"The increase in funder support for open access and enhancements in publishing technology enable NPG to undertake an exciting new publishing endeavour. In April 2010 we will introduce Nature Communications, an online-only peer-reviewed journal offering rapid publication for high-quality research across the biological, chemical and physical sciences. Nature Communications will have a mixed business model and authors will be offered a choice of access models for their research papers – either traditional subscription access or open access through payment of an article processing charge (APC). - Christina Pikas
Is there is no online version of this text ? - Pedro Beltrao
@Pedro - you missed the first bit - this is announced as forthcoming in 2010 - Christina Pikas
I noticed your first comment. What I meant is the text that you copied here ... is there an online version of the newsletter (?) that you are reading this from ? - Pedro Beltrao
sorry! here: I'm sure there are other gems in there, too, but i only had time for a quick scan - Christina Pikas
Wow! "Article commenting by registered users will become part of their Nature Network profile, acknowledging that contributions to the scientific record stretch far beyond the journal article itself. " - Bora Zivkovic
Thanks. So in summary, there will be comments and probably something like a PLoS ONE with a mix model where authors can get an open access choice. Sounds good to me. - Pedro Beltrao
Excerpts from news release also at: Nature plans more hybrid, OA journals, Open Access News, #openaccess - Jim Till
societies have had quick publication journals for a while (x letters, x communications, communications on x) - it's funny, because you would think that they would be *less* necessary in times of journals posting online before publication... oh, I just thought of something... maybe, in response to PLOS ONE and blogs, there's more demand for lightly reviewed and even quicker? - Christina Pikas
Wow - will be very interested to see proportion of OA vs toll access artices on release re: - Cameron Neylon