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Citizen Science online?
Cameron is interested in FriendFeed examples: - Bora Zivkovic
To submit an article here: - Bora Zivkovic
Is there an example of "citizen science" on FF? Not scientists collaborating, but non-scientists or amateur scientists pulling data about some aspect of nature together here? - Bora Zivkovic
Related to that (and that can be a separate submission to the same issue of the journal), what are the online social networks that put together data collected by amateur scientists? - Bora Zivkovic
I am aware of a few projects, for instance: - Bora Zivkovic
Using Twitter to collect data on fish catch: - Bora Zivkovic
Then, The USA National Phenology Network: - Bora Zivkovic
A number of naturalist sites including iNaturalist: - Bora Zivkovic
Are the Christmas Bird Count and Backyard Bird Count social: - Bora Zivkovic
Are the SETI data collected somewhere for everyone to see? - Bora Zivkovic
any other examples? - Bora Zivkovic
Wow - a great collection of projects here: - Bora Zivkovic
Metagenome Annotation Using a Distributed Grid of Undergraduate Students - Karen James
Stargazing, from all longitudes: - Bora Zivkovic
Grassroots Science: An Article Wishlist For The Journal of Scientific Communication: - Bora Zivkovic
Bioweathermap Initiative: - Jason Bobe
The eBiosphere Real-Time Citizen Science Challenge! - Bora Zivkovic
I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but there's a DIY Biology google group that's pretty active. - Mr. Gunn
Not sure if this is related to the one Karen posted (about 8 posts up): (Sunflower bee project) Also not sure if it's what you're looking for. - Steve Koch
(It was linked on friendfeed a couple months ago.) - Steve Koch
The Twitter/fish-catch study has been published: - Bora Zivkovic
Also, there was a session on Citizen Science at the Science Online London earlier today - does anyone have a good transcript/blogpost about that session? - Bora Zivkovic
That is fantastic, Graham. Keep us posted. - Bora Zivkovic
Open Dinosaur Project: - Jason Bobe
See to add a citizen science project or to volunteer for any of the (soon to be) thousands of existing citizen science projects in the online database. - Darlene Cavalier