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Bora Zivkovic
Love it when #PLoS papers get re-used on YouTube:
Love it when #PLoS papers get re-used on YouTube:
LOL! - Bora Zivkovic
Nice one Graham. - Bill Hooker
I had wondered whether it was anything to do with this business model: - Peter Binfield
Excellent number of views though (considerably more than the paper itself has...) - Peter Binfield
Actually, I take that back! I last looked at the paper yesterday, since which time it's views have increased by about 26,000! - Peter Binfield
Okay, so Florida is not such an exotic location, but our banana spiders (golden-orb) spin huge webs, and I've had to scramble to avoid walking into web that spanned 5-6 feet. - Mickey Schafer
These are pretty well-known spiders here (the golden orbs; there is a brazilian banana spider that is actually horribly toxic) -- I leave their webs up all around the house because they eat grasshoppers like crazy -- have had them riding on my shoulders when clearing brush, and once on my calf...turns out they have very velvety-feeling undersides, and are the only spider that doesn't make me want to run screaming to someplace like Antarctica. "2 Princes"? One of my favorite tunes! - Mickey Schafer