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iPhone GrooveMaker app now Available for aspiring DJs -
Iphone tracker dj like tooo - thomas elton
Robert Scoble
Talk about Facebook buying FriendFeed here (on FriendFeed, of course):
I'm not sure what it means, but I hope the goodness of Friendfeed stays intact. - Tom Landini
About time! - Rob H. from iPhone
I guess Facebook just got real time search engine! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
What do facebook get out of it? - Ruchit Garg
Fact or fiction? - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
I haven't seen likes and comments stream real-time this fast before. - ydfeed
it could work. if Friendfeed completely replaces Facebook - Edgar Rodríguez
I think it's a brilliant move, although bringing this into the Facebook walled garden would ruin it. - Derek Shanahan
how much for? - Ruchit Garg
BAD 'n SAD :(( - sid 【ツ】
Great match to take on the Twitter machine. - Ryan Cummins
what is next..facebook killing twitter integration...SCORE....?? - Denis
++Edgar - Ryan
Presumably a technology acquisition then, Facebook is buying the team and the tech. - DGentry
Good for Facebook, BAD for us. NOOOOOOOOOOOO - Nir Ben Yona
I don't like it - Jason Hargrove
Just because Facebook bought Friendfeed, doesn't necessarily mean they will do anything with the service. At least maybe not right away. People need to chill out. - Alex Knight
hope it doesn't mess w/ twitter integration - Ken Seto
makes a lot of sense - f.b. now has a power house of real-time all-stars. fixes many of the feature 'wish' lists for f.b. - actually a major positive sign for innovation. congrats to the F.F. team. - michael sean wright
How can i shut down my ff account? - Fotis Alexandrou
I need a few hours and possibly large amounts of chocolate - Bwana ☠
If you are right, that "Facebook just got real time search engine", that is good - as FB really, really needed it for a long time. - Bora Zivkovic
:( - Sinem Co
There goes your data. - Jason Hargrove
This will probably be bad. like all purchases, it will be an "afterthought" and never be fully allowed to develop and flourish. - Ryan Jones
Funny thing is, if you posted about this on Facebook, 99.9999% of it's users would go "huh, what's FriendFeed anyway?" - Richard Matthias
It almost seemed inevitable since Facebook has been copying so much of Friendfeed in recent months. It's good for the founders of FF and may benefit those of us who use both on a regular basis. Maybe they'll just leave FF alone? - Kenley Neufeld
someone tell me what they will do with it? Nothing maybe? Kill it, maybe? - Francine Hardaway
Buy as is use it's IP and close it down or run as separate business? Either way, didn't see that coming. - Keith Bennett from BuddyFeed
It was bound to go down. Like we used to say on the block shootin' dice "Big Bank Take Little Bank" - professor daddyo
I do, however, wish tha tmore sites would implement this commenting engine. - Ryan Jones
Fotis: haha, wait too long, and you'll never be able to close your FF account ;) - Jason Hargrove
not believing it until another source confirms... - Benton
Congrats to the friendfeed team. Worried about the future though. - Andy Roth
Whats FriendFeed anyways? - Marco Horta
so that Facebook can maybe copyright the "Like" button? lol - Than R
How are we going to abbreviate it now? FBFF? FFFB? F^3B ? - Harry Wolff
I receive the breaking news via BNO News at this moment: Facebook acquires FriedFeed... - Torsten Eckert
haha you're right Richard - Ken Seto
Wow - Rodfather
I am stuck in Texas and have not confirmed myself. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
OMG. - Nathan Chase
maybe they can implement threads? - Jeremy Toeman
It looks like a defensive move. I think it's better fro FB to acquire FF than incorporating twitter functionalities in their status feature. - Pablo Paniagua
Friendbook? Facefeed? - Jeff Harbert
If it's true, I suspect FriendFeed as we know it will be gone, but Facebook will be greatly improved. - Costa Walcott
bah. i will go do something else. this news isn't helping - Edgar Rodríguez
trying to look on the bright side - maybe we'll get those iPhone/Blackberry apps for better access to FriendFeed - Stuart Miniman
But if it isn't true we would have heard by now. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
apprehensive about this - Liz Polay-Wettengel
I want to hear the $$$ number - moo yu
Congrats to ff team...but how does this work? I have 2 different accounts...and I like it that way...I don't want to share/spam my friends on facebook with what I have here... - brainno722 (Peter)
@robert no we wouldnt have - Jeremy Toeman
Originally posted this to your other FF/FB post before you astarted this one: I don't see the point of Facebook acquiring FriendFeed. They are pretty much identical services (well, FF represents just the News Feed portion of Facebook) I don't see how they can incorporate FriendFeed into Facebook. If they really did buy it, then I see this as them going for programming talent more so... more... - Christopher A. Wichura
I'm hoping this improves Facebook (just like everyone else). Facebook has gotten horrible stale for me of late. - Harry Wolff
What's looking shiny and new now? :-) - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I've been needing a reason to get re-interested in Facebook, this could be it. - JonSupermurray
Friend management will need to be enhanced/overhauled. Otherwise, the noise will make the combined product unusable. - Peter Ghosh
Seriously, how can i shut it down? - Fotis Alexandrou
We'll have to wait for more details to see exactly what Facebook is planning to do with FF. - Antoniu
Bodes badly for FriendFeed. --rj - Roger Jennings
I think this is more of a "send the friendfeed traffic to facebook" than any kind of technical leverage. My biggest concern here: in order to exchange dialogue with people on facebook I need to be friends with them vs. being able to do it on friendfeed without having to friend them up. I find this valuable as there may be a topic or 5 that I want to engage with user "X" on, but I don't... more... - Erik Boles
I am disappointed by this news... I don't like Facebook at all... And I'm afraid they will just kill FriendFeed with their awful cluttered interface... - Lindsay
It depends on how they integrate it. Did they buy it for the search engine, or did they buy it as a potential for extending the reach of Facebook into real time conversations? It's all about the life stream now right? So probably Facebook's attempt to stake a claim there. - Tony "Frosty" Welch
bad days are coming - Ahmet Soyata
Fotis, why do you want to shut down our FF account? - Alex Knight
Bad bad bad bad bad bad ::runs screaming down the hall:: - mary hodder
First of all, I love the name "Facefeed." ROFL Second, this is business boys. Happens all the time. Why do you think innovation keeps happening. FB will integrate or kill off FF, and something else will happen. It's a natural cycle. - Francine Hardaway
Nir Ben Yona +1 - MugeCerman
wondering if i should continue aggregating all my online activity in frienfeed now that facebook owns it!! - Gtp19
I can't begin to process this right now. Too much work to focus on. Later when I read this 10,000 mile long thread and have a glass of Cab in hand. - Michele Lorito-Chase
Geeks and fb not a good mach - thomas elton from iPhone
Not feeling real good about this, hope fully Facebook will do right by the FF community, but I'm not holding my breath. Glad for the FF team though - Kim Landwehr
Twitter dissed again. - JonSupermurray
if you look closely at FF the large majority of FF posts are twitter posts, so there was not that much original content on FF in the first place... - Ingmar
So FB failed to buy Twitter, - so they buy FF which is just a UI for twitter.. - Nick Halstead
Makes a lot of sense for Facebook. And we find this very healthy ^^ - twitscoop
People need to stop freaking out. The Facebook/Friendfeed buy out was just announced. Wait for details people. - Alex Knight
It could be bad, it could be good. As long as Facebook doesn't try to port their functionality over, I'm fine with it being a financial acquisition. - Adam Reyher
Crap, its official ! - Peter Dawson
This is really bad... a wonderful tool based on killer technology will go over into this mass market teeny poking culture. Bah! - Markus Tressl
then again it is great for linking FB, TW, flickr and so on - Ingmar
Here is the FF post on the acquisition: - Mrinal Desai
Great, why did I bother creating an account here? I could have held out. - desinole
if this is true, for the love of god, please don't Facebook go and mess up FriendFeed as they have their own system, Facebook is a mess these days, Friendfeed is one of the 2.0 sites that actually has concentrated on doing a few things well, complete opposite to Facebook. - Carl Grint
Cuz we all know that facebook doesn't respect user's privacy and you've got basically everything on ff, youtube, twitter, digg whatever you do - Fotis Alexandrou
Paul Buckheit will now be a house husband:-) - Francine Hardaway
Smart for Facebook but I prefer Friendfeed the way it is.What, we'll be throwing rabbits next? - Janet Fouts
FriendFeed listens to the community. Facebook doesn't. Not to mention they're ENTIRELY different communities. - Adam Reyher
If true, congrats to the FF Founders! - Jason Cronkhite from iPhone
If they keep FriendFeed as a separate site, and still upgrade regularly, this is fine. If FriendFeed winds up in the dead pool, then it sucks. - Steve Sill
I was just thinking how Friendfeed had stayed out of recent takeovers, mergers and hence cyber attacks. Will Friendfeed now be taken over by celebs and spammers too? - Nils Geylen
Not sure why this news makes me nervous. Please tell me it's going to be ok Scoble... - Lucas
it's true damn!!!! - Edgar Rodríguez
How can I spam on this thread please ? Any idea ? - Toucouleur
Facebook has ZERO respect for users' wishes... Friendfeed is incompatible with that. Friendfeed will be going away. :( Their blog post says as much: " will continue to operate normally **for the time being**. We're still figuring out our longer-term plans for the product" - tollie williams
Ideally, FB will leave FF to do the sweet innovating they are doing and just take the awesome features and put them into FB - Ryan
This is the first time I've used Friendfeed in a year. Good move on their part. - chantelle
How Much ? $$$ ;-) - Jacopo Gio
So, where do we migrate to now? - Byron McCollum
FriendFeed functionality on Facebook would be nice. The reverse, not so much. They're trying to address two entirely separate purposes and as such, need to remain completely separate. - Adam Reyher
back to the twitter - emresezgin
I want numbers. how much did facebook pay? - Zac Bowling
Hum...let's see what happens. - Chip Hanna
Stay here until FB does something dumb with FF - Ryan
The rhetoric seems a bit too "Facebook will do what they want with us" and not "we will remain FF and continue forward". Seems as if FB went for the tech and we could lose FF as a seperate entity. Boo. - Derek Shanahan
confirmed by facebook press release. - Zac Bowling
Love 'em or hate 'em....Facebook made a phenomenal purchase. - Kevin Pruett
I see a ton of Wall Spam. Facebook users just don't get it when you port your twitter updates over. There is too much for them to wrap their heads around. This will be a hard transition. - Ryan Cummins
And I was REALLY getting fond of FriendFeed. From now on only downhill applicationwise? - Bart
Not happy about this. I use Facebook, but don't like it. It reminds me of AOL from 10 years ago. - David Sharpe
I agree that I don't want FB to mess up FF, but this will also give FF a higher profile and bring in many more users...which we may or may not like, judging by what happened on Twitter. I hope FF doesn't die off like Jaiku because I really think FF offers a more valuable and useful interface. - Cathryn Hrudicka
One thing to consider is this: If we have "trusted" the FriendFeed people not to screw things up, hopefully we can trust them to make sure they're still in control in the terms of the acquisition. - Adam Reyher
Its going to be called Facebook. - DGentry
I hope this is a joke.. Damn it, I dont like Facebook now there is nowhere to go... F*** - Jacque
I am trying to imagine how this will be a good thing for existing FF users. It feels so right and so wrong all at once!...Maybe at least my kids and wife will finally get what I've been ignoring them for over the past year. - Thom Kennon
Is that means we're going to see more extremist groups around, now that FB has acquired FF? - Nir Ben Yona
so where do all the cool kids go now? we need another startup, stat! - h1ro
I am afraid... what johnny2009 have said can really be the future... soon friendfeed will = Jaiku - Ahmed Mubbashir Khan
Damn,I've just"got friendfeed,and i love it.I definately don't like facebook.What does it mean for twitter? - Paul Downing
Any investors want to predict the buyout price? - Kevin Pruett
am gonna wait for google wave... coz in facebook, i cant access the complete stream for a month ago, the site goes down very often while browsing, and privacy issues galore!! congratulations for friendfeed but its jus me!!! - Gtp19
Maybe we´re seeing here one of FriendFeeds biggest discusions ever. I´m sceptic about the future of FF as a standlone service... - Torsten Eckert
This is very good for FriendFeed as long as Facebook doesn't corrupt them. I would have preferred to see Google buy FF but I know with their focus on Wave I don't think it would have been a good fit. I like the Facebook platform, but they have done too many shady things in the past for me to trust them. - Adam Teece
all of the conversation is happening on FriendFeed and Twitter - nothing on Facebook. Think we'd scare away Facebook if everyone starts having lots of conversations there - like on Scoble's fan page? - Stuart Miniman
They can or don't have to fix FF's FB app now. - ydfeed
Ha Stuart - great point *Facebookers take cover* - Kimberle Kelly
What's next- Macy's buying Gimble's? - Thom Kennon
what do you think Robert? - courtney benson
All I can think of is now a lot of people can feel the pain the dedicated Pownce community felt, but at least you're not getting shut down, just yet. - Mike Lewis
I'm not a big facebook user, but my gut feeling is that like twitter buying summize, it will mark the end of major innovations. I hope I'm wrong. But they should totally go with the facefeed mashup name. - motownmutt
I dont see any potential for competition with twitter FB and Twitter serve different purposes as does FriendFeed - iluvblackwomen
Sorry but renaming Facebook to 'Facefeed' is utterly stupid. - Alex Knight
does making google reader more social has anything to do with this buyout??! - Gtp19
yeah this was good for facebook. bad for anyone who liked friendfeed. - Liz
FriendFeed is very good, a better way to use Twitter & etc. Knowing this, I still rarely use FF. Not going to start using Facebook more. - Nicole
Actually, this could be death for Twitter when you think about it. The people I know who are in FB are not likely to add TWO more nets to their lifestream. FriendFeed makes more sense for them. Maybe Twitter just stays as the dumb pipe it's become for many of us here. - Thom Kennon
Good for FB UI and search, questionable for the FF community and its independent spirit ... - Bo Stern
last comment 2 hours ago on FF by Paul Buchheit, FF CEO, was just " :)" #friendbook - Jacopo Gio
The main reason why I came to FF was because when I tried to treat FB the same as FF, i was talking to a wall. At least people interact here. At FB, it's all about the cheesy games/apps. - Matthew Horton from iPhone
Just like most acquisitions, it could be good and it could be bad. I trust that FriendFeed will live on as FriendFeed, only sharing their tech with Facebook. Possibly more integration between the two sites. If you were FF/FB, what would you do? - Nick Humphries
Please no. I don't like FaceBook... - Svartling
We need a Friendfeed alternative: - Marcos Marado from fftogo
Facebook must want real time soc-net search badly... - martin smith
The biggest thing here, at least within the Twitter context, is that this merger will combine 'verified' identity (in terms of Facebook user ID being slightly more 'real' than Twitter) with real time status updates. - Dan Patterson
I'm looking forward to what this brings to Facebook. I have enjoyed both networks but wondered when FriendFeed/Facebook would face-off and/or be absorbed by the other. I think FriendFeed's tech will improve the Facebook experience. - Jacob Sloan
FriendFeed + Twitter = disruptive. FriendFeed + Facebook = one more app for FB . Facebookers dont know the power of FriendFeed. I agree with : "" So FB failed to buy Twitter, - so they buy FF which is just a UI for twitter.. - Nick Halstead "" - Rocky
Most likely scenario is Facebook assimilates the FriendFeed guys, has them work on improving Facebook newsfeed/realtime/status, and lets FriendFeed die a slow unmaintained death. - Richard Akerman
Robert, it means all the time you invested building friends lists and updates there will go to Facebook :-) - Loic Le Meur
could someone start to develop a Frienfeed clon , please ? ASAP ! - Rocky
Seems bloody terrible from this users perspective. Good for Friendfeed the company though. - Quasar
Given Facebook's past, this could be really bad. Given FriendFeed's past, this could be really good. No real way to speculate without talking to the FF crew. - xero
Robert, do you know if Facebook is going to put on limits here at FF??? Oh crikey... so much for our citizen journalism here.... Admittedly I am bummed. Uber bummed. - Arleen Boyd
EndFeed. - Alex Schleber
your blog is the most important thing you can own on the web. these sites can come and go. it's a great social point but true friends you've made here you talk outside of ff, right? - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
It's a good time to sell to Facebook, cause Google Wave is imminent and is going to destroy all of Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed. I think FriendFeed employees might even go back to Google eventually as soon as their contracts with Facebook are up. - Charbax
Robert - wow. just wow I am stunned. Sorta sad actually. I love FF innovation and don't want to see that stop !!!!! - Susan Beebe
the free ride couldn't last forever. I know it sucks that things will change, but they've got a lot more sense than Twitter has about these things.. - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
You must all assimilate to the new FaceFeed - Jonathan.Rivera
If you ignore all the crappy apps and just comment and post photos, your main feed on Facebook is fundamentally a pretty similar experience to FriendFeed - people post stuff, people comment on it. That is, at-least, the way my network tends to use Facebook. The main difference is that Facebook defaults to being very closed and private while FriendFeed defaults to being very open and... more... - Edward Coffey
edward - pretty much. it's FF for the layman. remember back in the day they used to have forums too? - Terry O'Fee
friendfeed is very cliquey. you have your group of people who usually gather round for conversations. now imagine some of this friendfeed stuff in facebook. done right it will help them a lot. - Terry O'Fee from BuddyFeed
I don't think I am liking this but FB does need to add the "edit" feature like on here. - Marika Dye
FriendFeed is Facebooks Summize. It’s All About Search. - paul mooney
FF acquisition is expected. But, as a user, I would be bumned, if FF would become a feature of FB. As, I tend to use Twitter as my social network and not FB. - Vasu Srinivasan
I would love it if Facebook integrated the FriendFeed features. I would love it if Facebook had FriendFeed's flexibility with Facebook's privacy control. It sucks that the world may lose FriendFeed, but it is great the Facebook will likely get better. - Andrew
Andrew, Facebook will get better - over time. There won't be any Vulcan website meld of FB and FF overnight. - Bill Sodeman
thank god someone understands that, andrew. it's like "i liked this band better before they went to a major label!" ;) - Terry O'Fee
Bill - But we can dream, can't we? :) I mean, what I love about Facebook is that I'm interacting with my friends as my friends, not as usernames and avatars. But I hate their bookmarklet, the weird delays when I post anything, the comment system, and I hate the Photo gallery tech. I love the FriendFeed community, but would love bringing the FriendFeed technology over to Facebook even more. If only Facebook could buy Flickr next... - Andrew
as long as fb start thinking in creative commons terms... one day .. - Terry O'Fee
they are both great services I think will be a good thing - Logan Lindquist
oh NO! I don't spend much time at FB (everybody there's too busy playing stupid games, at least in my little network), and besides it's more private unlike FF. And now they've gone and bought FF? And I just joined! I guess I won't be around here for long, since FF won't... - Dennis Jernberg
I don't like it... - Harry Mahardhika
No mention of Yahoo. Totally irrelevant these days. Sad. - Scott Schnaars
This deal makes sense! Now fb developers do not need to figure out how ff does it because they can just ask! - Garin Kilpatrick
One of my facebook accounts got closed up. Into this account I fed my friendfeed. And into friendfeed I fed for example my socialmedian shares, diggs, stumbles etc. - Wilhelm Bauer
Time for the next generation app. *Taps foot impatiently for Google Wave* - Karen Masullo
I don't think it's about getting Friendfeed it's self; but having the developers and the information about real-time search. - Chris Martin
thomas elton
Windows 7 RC1 Will Auto Shut Down Every Two Hours, Months Before Expiration -
on/off, on/off windows as we are know it ? - thomas elton
thomas elton
NBC Universal's Great Idea: Let's Make It Harder And More Expensive To Watch The Olympics [feedly] -
webvideo require online viewers to first prove they have a pay TV package - thomas elton
Hack Attack: Add music and movies to your iPod from any computer without iTunes -
Hack Attack: Add music and movies to your iPod from any computer without iTunes
Hack Attack: Add music and movies to your iPod from any computer without iTunes
아이팟 터치는 지원하지 않는구나.... 아이튠즈없이 음악파일과 동영상을 아이팟 터치로 또는 피씨로 복사하거나 이동할 수 없나? - zizukabi from Bookmarklet
Oyvind Solstad
Like a cathedral. The A pier on Kastrup in Copenhagen -
Like a cathedral. The A pier on Kastrup in Copenhagen
er du i kbh eller på vej væk? - thomas elton
Var bare innom på en mellomlanding på vei til Berlin. - Oyvind Solstad
thomas elton
rubyizumi - Google Code -
"RubyIZUMI"is an open source RTMP Server for Flash Video/Audio Streaming - thomas elton
Jeremiah Owyang
we need a twitter reposter service, to retwit posts when its up again...via feedalizr - thomas elton
When will they pass the point of no return for users? Will folks give up on them? - Jeff Beckham
What about a "Status" bar on the right side of FriendFeed reporting on the service level of each feeding site? (Google Reader: Up / Digg: Up / Twitter: Outlook Not So Good) - Louis Gray
@louisgray That's a great idea - Dan Byler from twhirl
status of services in ff a must - bvs from twhirl
How many times does it have to go down before it's OUT? - Tim FitzGerald
oh so many reasons why twit doesn't work... - anna sauce tweets totally f#(%ed twitter - NoahDavidSimon
Tyler Gillies
how do you post to friendfeed? desktop client, mobile, or webpage?
Webpage. And on iPhone too. - Robert Scoble
web. - Thomas Hawk
Sometimes with the bookmarklet (wrapped into a K-Meleon macro) and sometimes with FFeedVim. - Morton Fox
From FFtogo with my mobile, from IM, from web - Ben Borges
twhirl and web - Dobromir Hadzhiev from twhirl
Right now, FFtogo and web - Bwana ☠
FF site. how do you post with IM, Ben? - Benjamin Kudria
webpage and feedalizr (demo)...via feedalizr - thomas elton
Add to your jabber/gtalk buddy list and send it a message to try it out. - Ben Borges
Thanks, Ben. I shared the link to IMified's blog entry where they described the feature. - Morton Fox
@ben, thats pretty cool. too bad they don't have a posted via IM thing so people know - Tyler Gillies
webpage/browser (bookmarklet), iphone, and occasionally alertthingy - Brett Kelly
Browser for everything. - Mike Fruchter
webpage and bookmarklet - Batona
bookmarklet, webpage and Twhirl - Duncan Riley from twhirl
mostly FFtogo & some Twhirl - Thomas Ho from fftogo
Bookmarklet - Russellreno
Web and Bookmarklet. - Tom Mulrooney
Try the Jabber/Gtalk bot - Wil
FF site & Bookmarklet - Mostafa.Gh
Forgot to mention that MojiPage also supports any mobile phone with a web browser with our FF widget. - Wil
In order Web, AlertThingy and moving onto FFTOGO for when I am moving and shaking! - Joe Dawson
@joe what phone do you use to move and shake? - Tyler Gillies
What? Is there even desktop client for FF? I haven't heard of it yet... :P - Daniel Schildt
I mainly use main website (and sometimes from official Facebook application of this service). - Daniel Schildt
@Tyler I have a Sony Ericsson K850i, as soon as the 3G iPhone is available though I will be upgrading to that! - Joe Dawson
desktop - Laurentiu
i want an android phone - Tyler Gillies
And from now on, I will be commenting also from iGoogle applet! - Daniel Schildt
web,im,and app - Anthony Farrior
@Wil I use Mojipage on web, mobile and IM to post to FF... - Aelvin Han
with twhirl from pc and started with Mojipage IM Bot on my mobile phone - Mathias H.
Feedalizr!!! ...and FFtoGo on Iphone - Dieter Schwarz
btw Alertthingy and Friendfeed in Prism works well too! ;-) - Dieter Schwarz
thomas elton
Leo Laporte
Trying to decide which streaming video provider to go with for TWiT Live. What's your preference? Ustream? Stickam? Someone else?
I think Ustream would serve nice. ...via AlertThingy - Chris Jackson
Certainly not Stickam. It'd be like replacing your blog with a MySpace page. - Rubin Sfadj
Mogulus or UStream. Please no Stickam. - Deepak Singh
Definitely Ustream. - Jeremy Herbel
ustream definitly ...via AlertThingy - Frédérick 2 Baro
ustream ftw ...via AlertThingy - Jason Walsh
Definitely Ustream - zsafwan 
uStream ...via AlertThingy - Rolf Schewe
ustream seems to be the best - Bryan Webster
selfcast its p2p! ...via twhirl - thomas elton
ustream works better in dark africa :-) ...via AlertThingy - Kim White
uStream may also be good for the IRC chat feature. I know IRC is already used for the TechGuy live show. ...via AlertThingy - Rolf Schewe
I find stickam to be more about video conversations around live content where as ustream is more on the pure video streaming side of things ...via twhirl - Dave Senior
ustream! - Eric Rice
I prefer ustream but i've heard that users outside the US often see choppy feeds ...via AlertThingy - Jim J
Robert Scoble
I just told @ev to turn off my autofollow script. 20,000 followers is enough. I'm seeing one new Tweet every second, I can't deal with more.
Now you know what it's like following you! - Kevin Shannon
Scoble is just doing this to hide his true nature -- as a Cylon - Elliott Ng
Well there goes the he's a cylon theory...I knew he'd hit a wall. - Robert Seidman
what about a ghost (writer) for twitter - thomas elton
That's crazy 1 message every second :D - alfred westerveld
Wow thats crazy! ...via AlertThingy - Daniel Spradau
Wow that is a lot of tweets. I follow nearly 1400 and the tweets come in pretty fast. ...via twhirl - jjprojects
so thats how its done..i was wondering how somebody can just get a new account and they follow a thousand - Uway
your autofollow script never worked anyway, you're not following me - Shey
Oyvind Solstad
Egne spillservere fra -
snyd .. nrk har deres egne spil server til counter strike ... det projekt opgav vi for mange år siden - thomas elton
Seth Meranda
working with flash and h.264 video
what do you test ? - thomas elton
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