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Christina Pikas

Christina Pikas

science and technology librarian; doctoral student in information studies
wow. asme's site is bizarre and not usable.
I love it when S.T. (retired from PSU press) is shown to be absolutely wrong. Just makes me happy. I guess I'm a bad person :) (this is on liblicense wrt USSR copyrights)
Fml. Vacuuming after giving up trying to get the toys off the floor first. Using the onboard crevice tool with two little helpers watching everything. Then noticed a barrette in the crevice tool slot, went to get something to fish it out, half stepped on mr2 who had snuck up, stepped back onto a Lego that had also moved in the last minute,
Tried to find another place to step. Didn't. Fell heavily on knee and hand. Foot hurts worst. Then wrist and knee. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Then hanging out on floor, ms 32# 2 jumped wwf style on my weak back so now maybe that hurts worst. Fml. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
That sounds super frustrating! - Laura from iPhone
That's no fair that they're tag teaming you. Where's the ref when you need him? - Stephen Francoeur
tweet didn't come through - but cool new article from folks at MPOW provides explanation of space weather effect that could have (in part) caused communications failure that led to Takur Ghar battle in AFG.
I remember when the last author was asking us for all kinds of info on the battle and we were very curious why someone who studies space physics wanted to know about AFG battles. Very interesting, IMO. - Christina Pikas
i still find it embarrassing when MLS/PhDs send copyrighted works photocopied from books to listservs open to the whole world.
Or journal articles. With open to the whole world, do you mean archived and findable at a known URL so that it will sit there forever? - Joe
Yes - Christina Pikas from iPhone
What methods do people teach in the social sciences for evaluating things that are not exactly scholarly journals but aren't exactly magazines like The Economist?
So like Foreign Affairs? - JffKrlsn from Android
Yeah- like that. Some of these are well know. To be biased but how to train newbies? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Or how to understand it oneself? It's a big issue in poli sci because of the need to publish quickly. - JffKrlsn from Android
I think some basics apply to all sources, and they're more rhetorical analysis than anything: who wrote this? who was the audience? what evidence is provided? does the argument it provides make sense? is this source likely to be a persuasive one for my readers for this particular writing purpose or should I drill deeper? I could evaluate a Tweet that way! :) - barbara fister
Lovely weekend camping with the twins and my sister. So refreshing to have a partner to help with their care and with cooking, cleaning up. Weather was perfect. Hiking was awesome (prob last time with them in backpacks when they got tired. Great s'mores.
Hi from a hammock at our campsite after finishing a short but strenuous hike with a 31# toddler on my back.
View from top btw. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
OT: I hope what comes out of the Peterson thing is support for fathers and parenting classes, etc., not his or others disengagement from caring for children.
Random thing: when husband and I first got married he kept giving me stronger and stronger feedback that the cornbread wasn't right. So I would go to my southern living magazines and moms recipes and grandmothers recipe - still not right. Cast iron pan in oven with melted grease in the bottom - the corn shaped pans- everything.
Then, visited his aunt in buffalo and he asked her to help me (I was affronted but was curious at his point). She pulled out a packet of -essentially- muffin/cake mix - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Like I had been making authentic southern cornbread with stoneground cornmeal etc and she was using Betty Crocker ! Later read that it's a northern/ southern thing. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
And he is OFFENDED if you put honey on your cornbread. Of course if it's Yankee style full of sugar that would be gross. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
So today showed babies proper cornbread with fake butter and honey while he fussed and humphed and complained. They enjoyed. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
That cast-iron pan corn bread sounds delcious. Man. - colgoni
sign me up for the cast-iron stuff!! yum!! (and lol) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
so out of it. just thinking about this researcher bcs want to cite something of theirs - was thinking, too bad they didn't decide to come to Maryland really good work, really well done, really interesting person... then read on the page... lo and behold - is at Maryland! I wonder who else they hired?
one of the Oculus guys just gave $31M to University of Maryland. Wow. Too bad the iSchool graduates aren't as wealthy as the CS ones.
I actually had that convo with Da Boss as we were walking back from lunch with one of our grads who's pondering a startup. *g* - RepoRat
Squirming, random kicking son on lap causing strange like/unlike behaviors
wait, you mean you don't like Swedish fish? I never woulda guessed. ;) - RepoRat
I think the specific link was to do with weird sex advice from cosmo... so no other comment there ;) - Christina Pikas
kids today: According to Pew, 62 percent of the under-30 set believes there's "a lot of useful, important information that is not on the Internet."
There was a great article somewhere, recently, about how people have become less willing to answer their phones (even cell phones), and less willing to complete phone surveys (due to privacy/fraud concerns), and I wonder how that affects the Pew studies, especially generational ones like this. - Meg VMeg from Android
I call that useful important stuff not on the internet life. - Steve C Team Marina
I call it "wisdom". - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Ugh. Had to convert cribs to toddler beds today because mr 2 keeps climbing out and climbing in with ms 2. It's going to be a rough night but dont know what else to do.
Good luck! Peter's been in a bed for ages--he never would sleep in a crib. Usually actually he climbs on top of his changing table, but a few times lately I've found him asleep on the sofa. - laura x from iPhone
Younger nephew used to roll off the bed in his sleep. I'd hear a dull thud and go upstairs to investigate, and there he was, sound asleep on the floor. - Betsy
I guess they're too big to put both of them in one crib? Maybe you could put the toddler beds right next to each other forming a kind of larger crib? Good luck! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
They were in a crib together until about 5 months when the started kicking each other. They slept ok last night- mr 2 didn't go visiting until he woke up the morning. Naps are tough. Peter on the changing table is scary! So high - Christina Pikas from iPhone
so now they're running around their room emptying their drawers. sigh. - Christina Pikas
My kids are weird, after I put them in bed they'd just stay there. It does have its drawbacks now - they will still call to me in the middle of the night rather than just get up and come to me. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Ms 2 was on the floor next to her bed when i went in this morning :( - Christina Pikas
Ditch the frames/cribs all tghtr and just try their mattresses on the floor? - Lnorigb from FFHound!
today's experiment: fail. They are super tired, so I sat in there with them for a while - made them crazier even though I escorted them back to their beds with no emotion and no chat, little eye contact.... So let mr2 try to sleep and extracted ms2. mr 2 tore the place up for an hour then fell asleep on the pile of clothes he made. got ms2 to sleep afterward. - Christina Pikas
90f and feels like 105f. Yep. Still no a/c except room unit in baby's room
Sleeping bags on the floor FTW. - laura x from iPhone
Did you see the informatics based intro to programming with Python coursera? I'm reading through the text now - it might be more what we're looking for.
Interesting! I hadn't seen that but I've added it to my watchlist. I'm starting in a few days -- Ray's taken it and he says it's got more of the basics that I've been looking for too--plus gets you to create games. I figure a couple more intro classes and I might actually feel like i can do some of this stuff! - Hedgehog
I tried to start that late a while ago. That was a mistake. Plus no interest in games :) interested in your report back - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Games isn't really my thing either but it's at least a "real" product (something else I gripe about with programming). :) - Hedgehog
Some people in this house didn't come from frugal people: threw away old worn out t-shirts and bought rags. Smacks forehead to reset (metaphorical wouldn't abuse spouse)
I will admit to preferring cloth diapers to old clothes as cleaning rags, so I buy those when I need them. - Katy S
I am amazed - on a listserv (posts weirdly arriving out of order) someone actually defended a publisher for obvious exchange rate profiteering because they fund events at SLA. I can't even.
exchange rate profiteering is when a (mostly) UK publisher charges US the highest the dollar was for the entire year - even if only at that level for an hour. So say it's usually 1:1.1 but one day something weird happens and it's 1:1.8. they'd charge the 1.8 for the year. - Christina Pikas
And so odd that someone would use the word "profiteering" in their defense of it. Seems like you'd be a little more weaselly about it. Maybe they don't know what it means? - Meg VMeg
I would like to see what the budget of the IOP is. This person noted "I doubt, based on the information I know, that society publishers are making 30%+ profit annually." The ACS is probably close to that number. I would not be surprised if the IOP gets close to the percentage of what the ACS pockets for other society functions and for their endowment. - Joe
I just responded to the list. Wonder how the publisher will respond. I bet they don't like me as much now. But, it seemed odd that no one was asking the question wondering how much profit that they are putting back into the society. - Joe
Many seem to think that it is ok that libraries are supporting non-publishing activities of societies. Because society members are in our institutions, so it comes back to help the institution in the end? (The University doesn't have to pay as much to register 3 faculty members for a conference?) What about all of the subscribers to a journal who don't have members, but still have to... more... - Joe
Well, I think there's a teensy distinction worth respecting: it's usually nunuvourbizness really what anybody does with the money paid for the literature. When it STARTS being our business is when we're being massively overcharged and f***ed over and told "it's okay that we're f***ing you over, because we're a SCHOLARLY SOCIETY!" That is just F***ED. UP. - RepoRat
I'm with Joe and John on this. If we want to support the society, we can become institutional members of the society and/or increase the number of our employees who are members and support their activities in the organization. When we pay for the literature, that's what we should get, plus a little saved for archiving, to save up for the next tech refresh, etc. I seem to remember that's what APS does. - Christina Pikas
FWIW, I just checked with our ethics about a springer event to be held at the peabody with free lunch and cocktails. I have to pay for anything over $20 and then get MPOW to reimburse. Pretty sure I should be doing that at conferences, too. Looking at a publisher favorably because they bought be a drink last summer is soooo not ethical, imo. - Christina Pikas
It's acceding to bribery, not so? - RepoRat
Seems like it but a least two people on the list made it sound like it was the opposite. I wonder if the vendors thought they were buying me? I hope not. I listened to their pitches and I maybe had more information about their products, but I tried to be as fair as possible. - Christina Pikas
Whatever they thought... you are, like, the last person I can imagine succumbing to payola. - RepoRat
I went to 4Cs, a conference for writing instructors, in Atlanta a few years ago. The textbook publishers ran busses to the ball park that they had hired. Tons of food, open bar, you could use the batting cages, and students pay $60 for their writing handbooks. Full disclosure: I have done freelance work for this publisher, but I was struck by the irony of hungry grad students and... more... - barbara fister
Which, of course, is the very dilemma that library associations face, using funds from Elsevier to put on conferences where librarians grab swag and then make speeches about evil Elsevier. And we wonder why we get absued by big publishing. They figure we don't mean it. And we keep cutting those big checks. - barbara fister
The IOP does put on good receptions throughout the conference. Many people may view the association in a favorable light because of the way libns are treated. - Joe
Oh, I thought exchange rate profiteering was when a US publisher charges $19 in the US for a book, and £19 in UK, and €19 in the rest of Europe. - April Russo
That is one way to do it. - Joe
Government cost recovery gone awry: PACER and NTIS -
Maryland announces new MLS advisory board. Good. School, public, university libraries and government and private archives represented. Good. Some men, more women. Good. No one from for-profit corporations or SLA or law firms or medical libraries. Not so good. Of course, Maryland has not really targeted law librarians or medical librarians, afaik
Hmm. - Joe
That's weird considering its location and the number of Maryland alumni I've met through SLA. - kendrak
From the inside... part of this is limited networks on the part of faculty, part of it is limited availability of the types of people we need more of. Suggesting names to us is ALWAYS helpful. - RepoRat
well, i have to say that SLA has had meet and greets down at Maryland like maybe 8 times over the past year or so. With law librarians, medical librarians, corporates, etc., for mls students to meet and chat with people in the field. another independent information professional has been featured a few times on their website... so I find it hard to believe they couldn't find anyone. - Christina Pikas
We need as an industry to do CRM better, yeah. I get this kind of internal inquiry constantly, and the reason I usually can't answer is that I see upwards of a hundred students a year and I. cannot. remember. them. all. Much less where they all end up. The perfect person could be right under my nose and I honestly wouldn't know because the name doesn't ring a bell. YOU SUCK, DUNBAR LIMIT. - RepoRat
a tiny bit of soooprize end of the fy money FTW! (our fy goes with the gov't)
now, back from camping, at work, beautiful day, beautiful weather. son of a bitch.
but cute thing ms. 2 said... I caught my marshmallow on fire. She was like: "oy, she burnt it" It was hilarious. And oy? - Christina Pikas
Cold and wet in a tent in a cool park with hiking trails the babies and I can't enjoy
Rain forecast through the day and over night. May stay later tomorrow o make up - Christina Pikas from iPhone
i just did the equivalent of making a cow out of hamburger: took pdf from web > export to excel.. and it did. with everything in its own cell.... whooooaa ...dude.
it's full of numbers! - RepoRat
Whee! I've used Tabula ( a bit for that but it doesn't work for the one set of pdfs I really want to work with. Need to try Other Options when I have some time. - Deborah Fitchett
Buy a lottery ticket on the way home? - Hedgehog
ffs. Gartner just dropped "linear regression" from its hype cycle this year. and they still have R on there. Just because the media has finally heard these words doesn't mean they're new or that they are magic.
so CHORUS and PORTICO have reached an agreement - I guess the publishers are trying to even keep DoE from having to have a dark archive
"(New York, NY August 18, 2014) The not-for-profit digital archive Portico and CHORUS (Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States) have entered into an agreement to support the preservation requirements of the policy memorandum released in February 2013 by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). This policy directs United States federal agencies to develop plans to make articles reporting on the research they fund freely available to the public immediately or after an embargo period, and highlights requirements needed to ensure long-term access to this research through preservation." via liblicense - Christina Pikas
ProQuest Flow for Google Docs... that's a pretty cool idea. I just wish, wish,wish these features were added to RefWorks instead!
i missed that, link? - Sir Shuping is just sir
Wow. - Meg VMeg
Although this is a terrible way to name things - Meg VMeg
"ProQuest for Word"? Yeah, that's badly named. - DJF
Yeah, you have to install ProQuest for Word to access your Flow library, which is not (ostensibly) related to using ProQuest databases. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee to read this. - Meg VMeg
Proquest is continuing to be driven by the marketing schedule. My favorite (not really) is the "login" link in Summon 2.0, which is really a Flow login. - DJF from Android
Also, I half-assume RefWorks had painted itself into a corner and these features *couldn't* be added to it. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, there are some very basic technical design decisions built into RefWork that make folder sharing for collaborative writing almost impossible to implement without making incompatible changes to how the whole system works. - DJF
I asked our Flow rep, and she confirmed that Flow is ultimately to replace RefWorks, but they won't kill RefWorks until Flow is full fledged. It's essentially RefWorks 2.0, in Alpha.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
i love that i learn something new and weird every day in my job. so far today: intumescent fire putty. It's putty that gets bigger when hot so it blocks fires from spreading through cable passages through walls and around doors. pretty cool stuff.
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