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Christina Pikas

Christina Pikas

science and technology librarian; doctoral student in information studies
Thoughts about cloth pull/ups? Thoughts about used? Daycare doesn't allow so it would be for evenings and weekends. Also- how many? Boys different from girls?
My thoughts on cloth (which I'm doing) are -they are excellent for toilet learning. The wetness gives the kid a signal and it's not comfy. Prompting the kid to change pants which he then begins to notice "hey when I feel that feeling then do that other thing I get wet, I don't like being wet." It's all passive learning, which to me seems like the path of least resistance. No power... more... - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Do you have a preferred brand/model? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Nope. I'm sure those old fashioned ones we wore would be perfect. - Lnorigb
Reactionary Rhetoric Against OA <links to awesome article tearing Beall's TripleC piece apart
looks like @OSTIgov is working hard to get public access up and running:
thank you; would not have seen that otherwise. bookmarking! - RepoRat
That's extremely light on detail of what's actually being done though. Lots of "stuff is happening" and "these people are talking" but not quite so much "this is what is happening". - Cameron Neylon
true, but I read it as more of a NIH model than a publisher model? I guess we'll see. - Christina Pikas
I read it that way too, fwiw. - RepoRat
DOE are the most CHORUS-friendly of the agencies. My understanding is that there will still be a backup repository in case something goes wrong which goes some way to assuaging my concerns with that route. - Cameron Neylon
is DOE really or are you going with a certain DOE contractor's say so? i wonder if that contractor's view is shared or not. - Christina Pikas
Oh nope. Definitely not with contractor. Based on discussions with DoE folks but that was a while back. - Cameron Neylon
now hearing that ACM is saying DOE has definitely picked chorus. damn. - Christina Pikas
with SHARE pretty much dead, I guess I'm not surprised -- CHORUS looks superficially like the no-cost option. - RepoRat
Kindle Unlimited's 2-Tier System... <more details on how/which books get into K.U. via
of note, in particular, publishers that don't give consent to be in KU get full ebook compensation for any title downloaded as part of KU program. - Christina Pikas
RT @Dr24hours: Inter library loan! It's like #icanhazpdf for ethical people! (Note: I am not ethical wrt #icanhazpdf).
Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics put out a memo July 9 about the public access policy, but it essentially says: you will comply by sending stuff to DTIC, enforcement details coming soon
sounds like DoD is also going with the NIH model, putting things in DTIC, instead of standing up some new system. Makes sense to me. DTIC has been cut to the bone, however, so I don't know how they will manage this greater influx of new stuff - Christina Pikas
Oooh, can haz link to memo? - Hedgehog
Ditto, interested if is public. - Cameron Neylon
It doesn't have any markings on it, but I found it through a non-public source. i'll look for it out in the wild. - Christina Pikas
you have the best fed gossip ;) - RepoRat
I think someone who studies strategic deterrence should learn to read Russian. kids today and their new-fangled enemies.
Seriously, F*** You, "Kindle Unlimited" via @misterjt (friendfeed)
RT @herodotusjr: @DerangeDescribe It's been years since I've been to my local public library #EndOfLibrariesBingo
RT @DerangeDescribe: Remember the railroads!!! #EndOfLibrariesBingo
RT @DerangeDescribe: Everyone should just buy books like I do. #EndOfLibrariesBingo
RT @DerangeDescribe: Everything is free on the Internet! #EndOfLibrariesBingo
Great moments in Science (if Twitter had existed) | Dean Burnett via @guardian
BeerBrarian:The End of "The End of Libraries" <gathers nice rebuttals of another end-of-library-times via @ashuping
RT @SuetheLibrarian: RT @HuffPostBooks: Kindle Unlimited basically e-book version of your free neighborhood library, except it costs money
shoe people: any thoughts wrt Ahnu Lagunitas vs. Jambu Clementine or similar? I want closed toe and I have wide-ish feet with no arch. TIA
bump? - Christina Pikas
The Jambu seem a litle fancier than the Ahnu. With what do you plan to wear them? - Marie
I really like my Jambu shoes, but I haven't tried Ahnu so I wouldn't be sure how to compare them. - Katy S
I only know Ahnu from actual experience and I love 'em! - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
I've had some Ahnu shoes (and literally wore them out I loved them so much,) but haven't tried Jambu. - Jennifer Dittrich
To work mostly with khakis. Leaning toward the ahnu- price seems really good. Thanks all! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Kindle Unlimited. Distruction? No. -
RT @technmsg: Offering childcare at conferences is good, but @OSCON Kid's Day has serious awesomeness potential.
i might have to give up on staying upright... my coding binges over the past week or so are catching up to me. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... night all.
I'm a coding fool... use of the nuggets mentioned last post -
all agu journals are supposed to be OA after a 2 year embargo, yet MPOW can't get to a journal we have always subscribed to. Can anyone else get to this article pdf?
what the hell is wrong with Wiley? they apparently removed our IPs and then when they re-typed them in put a typo in MPOW's. - Christina Pikas
Wiley has one of our journals on a different account from all the rest, and we cannot get access to it. At all. It's ridiculous. - Kirsten
oh, now i hear it might be partly my larger POW's fault - they added one new range and instead of just adding that range, they gave wiley the whole set. apparently a few different vendors have mistyped some of the IPs since they did that this time.... attention to detail is important! - Christina Pikas
we have the pdf now, btw. pondering contacting agu though because the oa thing. - Christina Pikas
Why would vendors [create systems that force them to] *retype* IP ranges? Ctrl-C. Ctrl-V. FFS. - Deborah Fitchett
RT @McDawg: You can now share PubMed content via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ You have @JoBrodie & @McDawg to thank for that.
random cool engineering (SPIE popular paper): Stand-off detection of alcohol in car cabins http://remotesensing.spiedigit...
Hey @OSTIgov , why when I search for an exact title in SciTech Connect is my desired result 8th in results? yes could use " or cite search
Heroes, human “foibles”, and science outreach. <great article
Trying another CAQDAS, MaxQDA -
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