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Christina Pikas

Christina Pikas

science and technology librarian; doctoral student in information studies
Oh hai visual disturbance is your migraine friend coming soon? I'd like to be able to see my entire field clearly.
googled for a map of Pakistan and got Pakistan, Mexico :)
I googled Latitude Boston, and it took me to a company called Latitude in Boston. - Joe
Looking at bikes for sale - one only used in th apartment. How sad.
aw man. next house over was foreclosed and is standing empty. it's supposed to be "winterized" but water is pouring out of the walls - literally. I'm guessing sprinkler piping burst over the upstairs. I called the company but they've got to be losing hundreds of gallons of water. and all the new carpeting the company put into it.
Yikes :( - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
Ouch. =( - rönin
:( Do you know how/ where to turn the water off at the street? - Steve C Team Marina
I'd have to scrape away snow, pull off an access thing and stick something down there to do it at he street. Husband thought he could get in and I asked when I called and they said not to - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Well listed for sale. No mention of anything. Still at least 100k over market. Husband says you can see the bedroom ceilings are down from the window. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Seems like I only bitch and moan on here - looking at my posts. Sorry about that! Will try to be more positive. Got to work on time today, yay!
Hey, what are friends for? - Kirsten
what Kirsten said. - RepoRat
I must be misreading your posts, because that's not what I get. - Walt Crawford
Our children do enough of it. We're entitled from time to time. (I also don't read your posts that way, fwiw.) - laura x
aw shit. my very cool new-ish boss who has been "acting" and working her butt off to make us more strategic is back demoted and they're bringing in an IT project manager to run us.
:( - Hedgehog
Hopefully the new person will do equally well. - Kirsten from Android
apparently the department head made a big deal out of how you don't need any subject matter expertise to manage our group ... and by way of introducing herself she talked about how she had taught people how to search the internet at a community college so that's her experience right there. but i'm going to try to be positive. - Christina Pikas
Oh. Oh dear. So both defensive about her lack of knowledge in your area while at the same time trying to show that she fits in. That's not going to be confusing for everyone involved. Not at all. - Kirsten
I need to find a way to hide from my kids so I can eat chocolate chips from the bag.
Can't you just pour the chocolate chips into a paper or plastic cup, and eat them that way? That's what I used to do. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
my uncle Abner used to buy 2 kinds of chocolate - the good stuff for him, and the cheap stuff for the kids. It's not quite the solution for this situation, but it's something to keep in mind. lol. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've tried putting them in different containers with no luck. :( - Christina Pikas
My mom always hid her chocolate stash in the freezer. I was in high school before I realized that when she was getting ice, she would often also pop a few chocolate chips. - Kirsten
^^ Very smart mom. - bentley
Smart and tricky. :-) - Kirsten
Even smarter would be storing them in a recycled bag from frozen peas. ;) - April Russo
My mom kept chocolate in her nightstand drawer. So do I. In a Ziploc so ants won't find it. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
The solution is simple. Just ask, "Who wants to help sweep and mop the kitchen floor?" When you find yourself abandoned in the kitchen, eat your chocolate chips. - Alfred C. Ingram
except they like to "sweep" and "mop" even more than they like chocolate chips. maybe cleaning up toys will work though :) - Christina Pikas
Ugh they did warn me they would reboot my computer at 8 but life intervened and no time to save and be graceful. I tried to kill VPN fast but too late.
Very disappointed about this supposed snow storm. Maybe an inch and a half here.
yep, couple inches here but not the feet of snow i was promised! i demand a refund! - Sir Shuping is just sir
somebody at work is selling Annie tickets for $250 for two. You'd have to pay me way more than that to go to Annie.
Anyone know about "Journal of Small Satellites"? afaict not in DOAJ. Publisher site (Deepak Publishing) looks a bit, um, incomplete? BUT there's a good article by a reputable researcher there. Oh, and the site is down right now.
What is it? Title, volume, issue, page? I see the cached version. - Joe
The one by swartwout on cubesats vol2 issue 2 - Christina Pikas from iPhone
This PDF link work for you? [If not, I can email it to ya.] - Joe
It works but the parent site doesn't. Or didn't. But I guess I'm wondering about the journal - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Never thought I'd see this day: Refworks is importing conference papers from Scopus *correctly* and isn't importing them correctly from WoS.
oh, ha-ha ... fooled me. a bunch from scopus have the proceedings title 3x in the field. separated by ; - Christina Pikas
i'm going to do something in R or Python one of these days for de duping instead of refworks. i totally am. - Christina Pikas
today has been gross: boy peed on my lap. boy drooled into my water - I hope I saw the first time he did it. girl threw up all over me. picked up water glass and saw a bug in it. i don't even know. ugh.
One of those days... :-( Hopefully tomorrow will be a happier day. - Stephan from iPhone
Ugh. - Marie
BTDT. Hope tomorrow is less disgusting! - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
hah! I couldn't remember which article I read for my STS independent study ... couldn't remember title, author, publication... googled "sts article sheep chernobyl farmer expertise" and it worked! amazing :)
Still sick. Out of girl pull ups and milk. Apparently boy feeling better as he is jumping on me. Send help. Cough. Cough. Groan. Blow nose.
*sends cats* - Sir Shuping is just sir
offers kleenex. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Poor Mr 2.75. Cuddled up on my lap snoozing. Didn't even want breakfast. Ms. 2.75 must have been why we're all up.
:-( - Kirsten from Android
He's actually back in bed asleep. I hope he's not coming down with what Ms. 2.75 and I have been battling but it doesn't look good :( - Christina Pikas from iPhone
2 year old shot mother (reached into purse, grabbed her gun, and shot her)... I totally believe my kids would do this. Then regret it. Maybe. So no loaded guns in my purse - hurts enough to be stabbed with a wooden Melissa and Doug knife.
My kid, too. Yikes. - laura x
Somehow envisioned family time turned into a horror show with 3 of us crying and screaming. And sprinkles are super slippery. And damn forgot to buy eggnog might just drink some bourbon out of the bottle
:-( - Stephan from iPhone
Ugh, sometimes a good scream is just the thing. Also, bourbon. :( - Marie
:-( - Galadriel C. from Android
christmas tree has some infestation of some kind of aphid or bug eggs or something. and it seems to be getting worse. husband doesn't care. googling - entomologists from Penn State are like no biggie... but I really don't want my good ornaments on there, I don't want it in my house, and I don't want my kids playing with it. i hope they don't hatch.
GAH - Meg VMeg
Call your state's Dept of Agriculture and let them know about it. Xmas trees can come from far away, sometimes across several states. It could be that an exotic bug has hitchhiked on that tree and the consequences could be very bad for ag in your state if not caught. Here's a list of known pests on Xmas trees. - Spidra Webster
Nooooooooo!!!!!!!! - Katy S
*shudders* - Steele Lawman
yikes! - Tamara J. B.
Ugh. So, so sorry. - laura x from iPhone
There must be a lot of money in ebooks. Non-book publishing societies are jumping on the bandwagon right and left (ACM, AAS). Is there a demand in these fields typically driven by conference pubs (ACM) and journal articles (AAS)?
Hmmm. At a guess, they're trying to get in on demand-driven acquisitions deals. I don't know this for certain; it's just the reason I'd do this if I were in their shoes. - RepoRat
Are they selling title by title or packages? Ebook packages are a great money-maker for publishers who used to sell only a portion of titles to most libraries. Now we get the premium cable package or nothing. - Holly's favorite Anna
I think it's packages - I don't know that they do actually like dda. A lot of them have jacked up their short term look prices in ebl to make it very unattractive as opposed to licensing a subject category directly from the publisher - Christina Pikas
niiiiiiiiiiice. thanks for the intel! - RepoRat
weird - there must be an assignment at LSU or someplace where students have to read blog posts and then critique them on twitter and create a storify of the critiques each week. I've had 2 students critique posts of mine. Somewhat perfunctory comments. Anyone else?
guh, what an awful assignment - RepoRat
Had word that a new Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) on Space had been released. Can't find on White House pages, in FDSYS, ... can't find anything in Hein Online so no surprise there... Ideas? It's supposed to be unlimited distribution
Only seeing the ones from 2010 and 2013, sorry! - Meg VMeg
^^ditto (sad panda here) - Aaron the Librarian
So OCLC is down all over?
so DOWN it hurts - Mr. The Jason Fleming
their outgoing greeting confirms the outage and says they have no estimated time when it will be fixed - Mr. The Jason Fleming
it came back up a little while ago - Mr. The Jason Fleming
*inappropriate response redacted* ;) - Aaron the Librarian
We just got the all clear from my ILL dept - Hedgehog
apparently there are 7 towns named Pasadena in the US (at least). So I wonder where the class is being held? (Pasadena, US)
Pasadena Maryland is quite small. - Christina Pikas
this comment will only make sense to people on listservs where the class was advertised. - Christina Pikas
FriendFeed blocked at mpow for "sex"... I mis not be subscribed to the right people! (Websense is often nonsense)
:( - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
chunk of lollypop on the back of my shirt... hair stuck in it/to it... fml.
I was behind a car with the license plate dafuq the other day... actually against the rules in my state but i guess no one said it out loud :)
coded 3 more tweets, so maybe only 997 to go? sob.
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