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Christina Pikas

Christina Pikas

science and technology librarian; doctoral student in information studies
apparently there are 7 towns named Pasadena in the US (at least). So I wonder where the class is being held? (Pasadena, US)
Pasadena Maryland is quite small. - Christina Pikas
this comment will only make sense to people on listservs where the class was advertised. - Christina Pikas
FriendFeed blocked at mpow for "sex"... I mis not be subscribed to the right people! (Websense is often nonsense)
:( - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
chunk of lollypop on the back of my shirt... hair stuck in it/to it... fml.
I was behind a car with the license plate dafuq the other day... actually against the rules in my state but i guess no one said it out loud :)
coded 3 more tweets, so maybe only 997 to go? sob.
Greater Use of Social Media Gets Science, Scientists Noticed, Study Says | Careers | Communications of the ACM
ugh I can't find how to get an RSS feed out of RefWorks anymore. In, sure. I shared the database. I turned on the option to have a feed with 10 items - no feed url. It's not on the shared site, either. Ideas anyone? I'll e-mail their support if i have to
I can't follow what you're trying to do. Are you adding RSS feeds from dbs into Refworks to use it as a reader? Or are you trying to make a feed from a Refworks folder or your whole database? - kaijsa
the second - I'm trying to create an RSS feed that will show when anything has been added to the database, not just a single folder. - Christina Pikas
I just looked at the output and you're right, there is no option to make a feed anymore. I know I've done this in the past, but it's gone. It's weird, but it only exports as email or social bookmarks now. Total fail. Don't know what to say, but they haven't made Flow shareable, and you'd think they wouldn't remove functionality from O.G. Refworks before enabling it in Flow. - kaijsa
I realize this isn't helpful, but wanted to cosign your frustration. - kaijsa
I finally found it - just now - if you log out or go to a different browser, open up the shared site, go to the folder on the list on the right (there is a folder marked "entire database"), right click on it, you'll get an option to view the feed. Oy! - Christina Pikas
That is ridiculous. - kaijsa
the typical CS method of putting "related work" after your work seems fishy- like an afterthought.
Infodocket:More Research From Google Scholar Team: “On the Shoulders of Giants: The Growing Impact of Older Articles”
The larger point is that ease of availability correlates with citation... which is obviously a pro-OA argument! - RepoRat
No daycare because election - which is stupid since it's not like it's a polling place. Thought I'd get up regular time to work before kids woke up but they were wide awake and playing at 4:30. Yoy!
They sure want to make use of their unexpected day off. - Stephan from iPhone
Oof. - Kirsten
But it felt like 5:30 to them! - Joe
Just like when gmail was new, inbox makes it slow/hard to delete
"Historical fiction " doesn't have vampires or dragons, dammit.
Ow! Beaned in the forehead with a flying block. On th + side ms 2 might get recruited from high school as ages a south paw
burns me up that there are anti-vaxers running around MPOW when we're all about science and evidence based work... UGH!
Oh yes, I had a friend who worked at NASA, and his wife was anti-vax, and he could never tell anyone about it. Now that I think about it, he might have secretly had the kids vaccinated? But I might be making that up. - Meg VMeg
Was that wife a librarian at NASA by any chance? - John Dupuis
New reality show - secret vaccinations. I might watch that. - Elizabeth Brown
yeah, and what happens after the wife found out the husband PROTECTED HIS (their) CHILDREN by getting them vaxxed. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Upworthy post -- "Husband secretly vaccinates his children from deadly diseases. You won't believe what happens next!" - Joe
Sometimes I wonder if it's a matter of knowing too much, knowing where the studies are only mediocre, knowing the limitations of balancing extrapolation to the population vs. individual patients. I'm heavily pro-vax, but for other areas, I wonder. (eta and then read more literature, talk to my doc, etc--not just wonder ;) ) - Hedgehog
Oooh..relevant article to my thoughts above: - Hedgehog
Dan Kahan has done a lot of work in this area, especially about climate change - John Dupuis
Speaking of rhymes. Does gorilla rhyme with mirror in any English accent? Children's book tried it.
If you're, say, Bob Dylan, of course it does. - Walt Crawford
In Aussie, mirror tends to be mir-a so yes - Johnny from iPhone
Ahhh. Ok - Christina Pikas from iPhone
oopsie - just lost a few minutes of my day learning how to do a simple image comparison routine ... thanks c4l for yet another rabbit hole :) back to regularly scheduled programming
HAHAHAHAHAHA... precious. Our parent institution's IT is apparently telling people in other libraries in our institution that my division is doing away with our own e-mail addresses and identity and will be using the parent institution's. I THINK NOT! We're not in their IT, we don't talk to their IT, we don't let them see our network. Um. no.
Bourbon roast here. And fresh whole wheat pain de mie which came out in a perfect rectangular prism ftw.
Not sure if tweet will come through: anyone doing cost sharing of expensive bioinformatics tools (openhelix, oncomine... ?) with their bioinformatics labs? How does that work? Experiences? We tried chemistry stuff at MPOW and it was too complicated.
Yeah, I don't think it's possible to do cost-sharing stuff here. - Meg VMeg
We might be able to in the future, we have some other cost sharing stuff happening. Not doing it as yet. - Hedgehog
can you talk about other cost sharing happening? in general terms? - Christina Pikas
RT @LibSkrat: Responsible library handling of the Adobe situation:
such freaking b.s. They got rid of our copier/network scanner which was JUST FINE... for this new all in one color thing that has a platten that won't fit anything wider than 8.5". Guess what doesn't fit on that? any of our reference books. we can't copy from any of our reference books. any. have to walk them to another group, leave them there
and pay for a scan. WTF. - Christina Pikas
unless, of course, i want to do it sideways one page at a time. which i dont - Christina Pikas
but probably will - Christina Pikas
What a PITA. - Kirsten
Mom fell last night, hurt her leg, and apparently didn't move from the chair where Dad parked her until 15 min ago when my sister found out and called 911. what is with these people not calling for help?
:( that sucks i'm sorry! *HUGS* - Sir Shuping is just sir
Sorry that happened with my parents too - Steve C Team Marina
I'm so sorry about this. - Galadriel C. from Android
Oh God, how awful. - laura x from iPhone
Any news? How's she doing? - Kirsten
nothing was broken (this time - they did locate all of her previous breaks - she's dissolving from osteoporosis) but they kept her in the hospital so she could get started on physical therapy also because they were seriously concerned about what help she has at home (none) - Christina Pikas
Oh my gosh. Hope she's okay. - Rachel Walden
my head is going to blow off my shoulders. team lead (outside of library) just forwarded me a copy of something I forwarded to the team MONTHS ago and have cited regularly since to ask if I had seen it.ARRRRRRRRRRGH - POP!
:( I'm sorry, I get those too. I tend to respond brightly with cheerful -- Yes, isn't it great! As I mentioned in my email 3 days ago --I think this applies here-here-here. And then go seethe over a cup of coffee. - Hedgehog
the Maryland iSchool is looking for a new dean if anyone knows anyone.
wow. asme's site is bizarre and not usable.
I love it when S.T. (retired from PSU press) is shown to be absolutely wrong. Just makes me happy. I guess I'm a bad person :) (this is on liblicense wrt USSR copyrights)
Fml. Vacuuming after giving up trying to get the toys off the floor first. Using the onboard crevice tool with two little helpers watching everything. Then noticed a barrette in the crevice tool slot, went to get something to fish it out, half stepped on mr2 who had snuck up, stepped back onto a Lego that had also moved in the last minute,
Tried to find another place to step. Didn't. Fell heavily on knee and hand. Foot hurts worst. Then wrist and knee. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Then hanging out on floor, ms 32# 2 jumped wwf style on my weak back so now maybe that hurts worst. Fml. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
That sounds super frustrating! - Laura from iPhone
That's no fair that they're tag teaming you. Where's the ref when you need him? - Stephen Francoeur
tweet didn't come through - but cool new article from folks at MPOW provides explanation of space weather effect that could have (in part) caused communications failure that led to Takur Ghar battle in AFG.
I remember when the last author was asking us for all kinds of info on the battle and we were very curious why someone who studies space physics wanted to know about AFG battles. Very interesting, IMO. - Christina Pikas
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