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Christina Pikas

Christina Pikas

science and technology librarian; doctoral student in information studies
The Vacuum Shouts Back:Postpublication Peer Review on Social Media: Neuron <Fabulous piece by @DoctorZen h/t @hleman
thank you - RepoRat
I want to start an LSW award for old follower for those not eligible for ASIST's new leader award or SLA's rising star. I will hereby nominate myself as the first "old follower" awardee :)
or ALA emerging leader - maʀtha
shover and maker? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
The Methuselah Award for Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence - Pete
Me second (unless there's an Ancient Follower category). And, Pete, maybe change "Excellence" to "Persistence" for my version. "Keep on keeping on" is the motto. - Walt Crawford
The LSW Emerged Leader. - Joe - Systems Analyst
there you go! - maʀtha
lsw submerged follower? - Christina Pikas
Esteemed Colleague? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Now stuck in my head: "Not waving, but drowning". (Is there term for this? Poetry worm?) - maʀtha
oh, how about Submerged Minion? Submerged Serf? - maʀtha
The LSW Plebeian Proletariat Librarian of the year. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I find we use "resources" too much on our website... what other words? databases - too narrow. stuff - too informal. services - too narrow, not exactly right. suggests thingamabob, but somehow doesn't see right. suggestions?
our department has had multiple meetings about this and we decided that "stuff" was just about the right term to use. - Marie
maybe verbs instead of nouns would help? what should they be doing with the stuff at particular places on your site? - RepoRat
Time to reclaim "silos"? - Meg VMeg
Snoopdoggify it and call it shit. The Web of Science? That shit is da bomb. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I think you mean shizz. - kaijsa
I for one would like to revive the word index for citation indexes that don't necessarily include full text. - maʀtha
Is that like shizznit? - Joe - Systems Analyst
I have been advocating "stuff" for over a decade... it really is all stuff in there - awd
I explain to students in instruction sessions that "databases" means "searchable collections of online stuff" in library-ese. - Rebecca Hedreen
Content? And where that doesn't work try enlightenment. - Todd Hoff
Inventory - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Ugh battery wen in the thermostat and it was 60f in the babies room when I got up. Luckily they have blankets now so were ok. Getting them dressed was hard. Finally compromised and they're wearing pj tops under their shirts
that's just silly. health committee at MPOW is sponsoring a talk by a doctor on breast health and they actually put a warning that the talk may include "graphic medical images". good grief
My eyes, they nearly rolled outta my head. - Kirsten
i'm gonna make RR's head blow off: posting on code4lib about how his faculty want to use researchgate instead of the repository
i didn't post, i read a post. - Christina Pikas
Head not blown. Repo UI still sucks. - RepoRat
they want to shut down the repository and use research gate instead? oh. well i'll try harder next time :) - Christina Pikas
Open is open. Whether IRs are a useful way toward open is a discussion worth having. So is whether we can leave open to putatively for-profit entities, which ResearchGate is. - RepoRat
Totally unsurprised. It's both the usability and the sociability of ResearchGate. The problem which faculty and grad students don't realise is copyright/permissions (lots of publishers allow pre/postprint on IRs but not elsewhere, and RG is an elsewhere), but they also don't care much about it either. - Deborah Fitchett
I can't believe there isn't a lawsuit against RG in the offing. They better do it quick, or it'll have enough of an installbase to really cause an insurrection. - RepoRat
What has been written so far about RG and OA? Looking for some good analysis and opinion pieces. Our researchers want to know if they should be on RG (we aren't an academic institution). They say their colleagues at other orgs are telling them, "oh, my paper is up at RG." I want to educate them about the processes of self-archiving if they don't already know about it, but I know RG is going to come up as well. - Laura Norvig
Clear case of duck 'splaining in goose needs a hug by tad hills. Clearly not species dependent
Friday Fun: 5 Reasons The Future Will Be Ruled By B.S. via @Scienceblogs
RT @MyTChondria: Before people have children, they should be required to spend 10 years trying to train a cat to put on a backpack and brush its teeth.
anyone else having trouble with cambridge journals this morning?
I just got into one of our perpetual access PDFs. We dropped our current subs though, so I couldn't tell you about recent issues. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
it might just be me. my coworker was able to get to the pdf. even though i tried is it down for everyone and it was... sigh. - Christina Pikas
I just have problems with CUP in general but I don't think that's what you mean :-) - Cameron Neylon
We went to the kids day at the university of Maryland farm today and I got to pet a cow. She was very friendly. Also saw some horses and pigs and sheep. Nice little outing for the kids and free!
Nice! I remember my dad coming along to such a thing with my preschool. I hadn't thought of that in awhile. We got to try milking a cow, too. - laura x from iPhone
UMCP or Baltimore Co campus? - Corinne L
Oh thank goodness! I missed you all
WHEW. - laura x
Bear hugs! - Janet
so wait, what? #friendfeed is down due to a ddos bcs of Boston anniversary? seriously? b.s.
my mom fell again and broke ribs, shoulder, stuff in her face... of course they didn't go to the ER immediately but waited until after breakfast the next day to go to an urgent care... just like my grandmother - horrible osteoporosis
but my mom was conscious of it and did weight bearing exercise (casually) and ate calcium and had dexa scans and shots and whatever... but she's still breaking bones all over the place - Christina Pikas
Oh no! So sorry. How hard and awful. - laura x from iPhone
:( - RepoRat
Oh no! - Katy S
:(( - Tamara J. B.
:-( - Galadriel C. from Android
Why did she wait? Sounds so painful. - Yolanda from Android
She must have been in a lot of pain overnight. :( - Anne Bouey
sorry for all of y'all. ;-( - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
:-( - Betsy from FFHound(roid)!
They've waited before. Dad has to have his meal or maybe it will get better or... I don't know - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Oh, that's scary. And frustrating. Hope she heals up ok. - Kirsten from Android
Wiley removing books from Knovel mid-semester makes them look bad... and petty and screws librarians widely (though not me directly)
wait what? got linky? - RepoRat
Eldnet post lemme see... - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Archives are subscriber only I think, forwarded it to your work account RR - Hedgehog
thanks! - RepoRat
I just e-mailed post-er to see if she would mind if i reproduce here for lsw. but obviously Hedgie's method is preferred. - Christina Pikas
We got notice that this was coming a while ago - September at least - and I think a collegue asked about waiting until summer but the deal was already signed/done. - Galadriel C. from Android
dang. I would be all up in their grill asking for a refund. - RepoRat
here's the post with permission from post-er, her name and school removed as requested: - Christina Pikas
"As I am sure you may know, effective April 1, John Wiley & Sons removed access to ALL of their digital tools present on KNOVEL’s platform due to the sale of KNOVEL to Elsevier BV. Apparently there was some warning that this was to occur, but for many of us this message came way too late and not loud enough. May I ask if this happened to you as well, and if so, how/when were you warned... more... - Christina Pikas
i shouldn't work in the library. too dangerous. went to look for SP design patterns, read a chp on text mining twitter with R
[drrubidium] got a shout-out from SNL! Sort of...
i enjoy April Fools day shenanigans - particularly those that are sweet, cute, or clever...
so do I. it's, um, not exactly a popular opinion. - RepoRat
I adore April Fool's Day. My mother and I usually get each other somehow. - laura x
have you seen peerj's thing about deposit of selfies :) cute. - Christina Pikas
Different strokes, my friends. I don't begrudge your fun. In fact, I suspect our sensibilities are similar. Unfortunately I work around a bunch of frat boys. I do not get frat humor. - MoTO Moca Blend
I enjoy it as well. - Joe - Systems Analyst
so far ImpactStory has won the day for me, with Eisen's jape a close second, but I'm open to having that challenged! - RepoRat
I'm a fan of April Fools as well, as is perhaps obvious. Of course, with the theoretical physicists, it can sometimes be hard to tell: - John Dupuis
I have several nasty childhood associations with it. I enjoy some of the more modern "companies making light" but still find myself looking over my shoulder waiting for the shoe to drop. - Hedgehog
I'm cool with them if people aren't doing them as an excuse to be mean. Fun and fluffy or a by of satire is fine, though. - Katy S from iPhone
Announcing a better way to measure your value: the Total Impact Score via @Impactstory :)
will he never take a nap at home again? Mr. 2 - I can see in the monitor - has all his clothes off and is apparently going to try a head stand. Imma hafta go up there... sigh. work at home fail.
Sorry for laughing. The image from your kid's bedroom is so familiar to this parent. - Stephen Francoeur
I have seen so much of this boy's bottom and whatnot from even before he was born. Every single ultrasound tech insisted on pointing things out and now he likes to remove clothes and wave it all around. when do they get shy, lol. - Christina Pikas
please don't say that word, i don't even wanna think about it. *hides under desk* - Big Joe Silence
this person at work is driving me up a wall
ugh why aren't you using ie - Christina Pikas
why do you have more than one window open - Christina Pikas
why aren't you using sharepoint for that? - Christina Pikas
why does that work on your computer and it doesn't work on mine? (um, because it works on firefox and chrome and doesn't work on IE maybe?) - Christina Pikas
*Recommends Netscape 1.1* - Joe - Systems Analyst
i had to like, I've gotten a few people here that do the same thing and I have to tell them to stop with the ie - Sir Shuping is just sir
… unless you need to use Thomson ONE. Then you MUST use IE. On a PC. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
and it's like ie that's a few versions back because newer ones don't work with some physical plant ticketing system or other - Christina Pikas
Autocorrect tried to correct acl to rack - that is an entirely different injury, lol
omg the nap bus is idling out front... trying so hard not to throw myself under it
spoiled by our very helpful IT helpdesk. had to contact the parent institution's one and got totally different treatment.
Confused. Thought snowstorm wouldn't amount to much but looks like >5" and daycare is closed. Then went and ran on treadmill but I run on Tuesdays and not Mondays :/ didn't feel as rested? Confused.
9" measured on the deck. o_O - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I like this ad featuring a woman shipbuilder: - next time I need to commission a destroyer, I'll consider hiring Ingalls :) (my last destroyer was built in Maine, but it was built 20 yrs prior)
Go To Hellman: The DMCA Takedown of a Feynman Lectures eBook Converter -
Go To Hellman: The DMCA Takedown of a Feynman Lectures eBook Converter
grr. editor comments are awful,too - Christina Pikas from Bookmarklet
if WoS truly only changed the interface and none of the mechanics changed, then why analysis tools all over the place broken?
are the analysis tools screenscraping? - RepoRat
WoS has APIs, but that doesn't mean people are using them: (Edit: and I have no idea how useful they actually are.) - Rebecca Hedreen
we use the api and it looks like it broke for a bit, too, but no, these were supposed to be using records saved as txt - Christina Pikas
We've been approved to have a little information kiosk (?) in a makerspace... We plan to have a dashboard page on a laptop with links to relevant resources, a laminated or similar flip book of quick tips and useful info, and a small collection of print books
so far for print books we're thinking like books on electrical components and electronics, arrl handbook, but also maybe a basic book on prototyping, one on brainstorming activities??? any suggestions? - Christina Pikas
what's the context for the makerspace? what kind of library? - RepoRat
Instructables book Lego Robitics books info on Destination Imagination or other such programs in your area. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
That's great! You could also add a librarybox in the space for additional nerd cred ;) - copystar
@RR it's not actually in the "library" it's in a university affiliated research center that does various sorts of engineering (a lot of electrical/electronic) on mostly defense related topics but also with a big planetary science and spacecraft group. - Christina Pikas
Maybe a tablet or something where people can GalaxyZoo? ("Intro to crowdsourcing" is what I'm going for.) - RepoRat
there will be lots of high powered computers there because of the interest in modeling and simulation... but how to encourage crowdsourcing hmmmm.... interesting. - Christina Pikas
In honor of her 2nd birthday celebration this afternoon, ms 2 decided to kick off her nap by removing tights and diaper and crapped all over her crib.
Nap... not nappy... - Julian
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