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Freeda B.
We're having a discussion about whether to use NIH "author manuscript" versions of article to fulfill ILL requests at MPOW. As a staunch open access advocate, I'm all for it, but I'm getting some push back. The author manuscript versions, as far as I can tell, have gone through peer-review, but not the final copy edit.
Anyone know a little more about the NIH open access articles and their relation to the final published versions? - Freeda B.
doesn't it depend on the publisher and what they send/allow? - Christina Pikas
If they are NIH, shouldn't they be in PubMedCentral already and not need ILL? - Hedgehog
Exactly, they are in PubMedCentral, but the pdf has a disclaimer about being an "author manuscript". For example: - Freeda B.
Just convert to document delivery and send the requestor the PubMed Link? - Aaron the Librarian
Yeah, I guess I"m thinking along the lines of Aaron-- it's already open, why is anyone requesting an ILL? It's the same manuscript, just doesn't have the PDF formatting the journal put in place... changes would be commas/typos. - Hedgehog
Yes, you are all responding in exactly the same way I did to the question. But some people here are concerned about sending students or faculty something which has not gone through the final editing process. I guess I'm trying to find a way to convince them or at least assuage their concerns. - Freeda B.
Pagination may be different, so harder to cite to a specific page of the article? - Joe
The figures may also be on completely different pages, so if so one wants to cite a figure, hard to know which page it appeared in the final version. - Joe
The NIH expects it to be the same material, that's good enough for me. I could see wanting it for Joe's question but that seems rare. - Hedgehog
Perhaps I am a bad person (I likely am for this) but I would just cite the PubMed Author MSs content as a webpage published in a collection (the PubMed colletcion) for an academic assignment. {I get that in a formally published venue the version of record would be fairly mandatory} - Aaron the Librarian
*grumbles about the confusion created by this, a wish that the PMC was the final version, and @#$%@# publishers* - Rachel Walden
The final version *could* be different. People requesting ILL may either 1) not know a copy is available in PMC, or 2) want to be sure they're seeing a final version. I do worry about whether anything (supplementary items, figures, etc.) could be problematic/missing in author versions, whether any corrections that happened in editing may be missing and important, etc.But I also think folks are probably overestimating how thorough/transformative that final edit might be. - Rachel Walden
I'm tagging this thread for a likely future C&I discussion of OA Colors (the problems with green being part of it, as in this case). Thanks. Nothing to offer, though. - Walt Crawford
This is all very helpful. It is also making me explore why PubMed isn't connected to our 360 Link tool, so that users could discover PubMed articles on their own. My guess is that most people would happily use the PubMed version if they found it first, so I'm going to see if we can make that happen. - Freeda B.
Nothing much to offer but that because its a strong cultural preference for print version of record, applying just logic to the answer is unlikely to help because it requires surfacing reasons for that preference (which people don't much like to think about). To be successful you need to add a values argument on top of the "its close enough" argument. Also copy editing? Does anyone do that any more? Proofing yes, copy editing is pretty unusual. - Cameron Neylon
I got into a rather umm interesting exchange on my last paper with the journal copy editor. - Hedgehog
fwiw- our standard thing is something like - we found it available online here:... but if you still need the version of record from the publisher we can get that for you. I don't do ILL for a living, but I'm pretty sure no one ever asks us to buy/ILL anyway - Christina Pikas
Connecting PubMed to 360 is a true pain in the ass, but worth it. And it would solve your problem. - maʀtha
Christina Pikas
I must stop reading posts from another person doing a similar dissertation who started 10mo ago did 50 interviews and has now written her entire 250pg dissertation an is sending to advisor.
Who spends 4-6hrs a day on it - Christina Pikas from iPhone
who apparently just will get 10 pages written in a day. - Christina Pikas
Stop. Now. $100 says this person does not have children. - laura x from iPhone
^ This. Also, that they might be on fellowship and have no other responsibilities. - Katy S
Another $100 says they are boring as all get out. - Meg VMeg
Thank you - Christina Pikas from iPhone
don't compare your insides with their outsides. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Christina Pikas
too funny. colleagues just delivered this awesome detailed literature analysis to team here, first response back was "are you sure the chief scientist of the air force is a woman? that name is usually male"
(yep, she's a woman. she came to speak with us last fall, too. and it's Mica not Micah so yeah.) - Christina Pikas
women can science? WHOODATHUNKIT. - RepoRat
LMGTFY... :p - Hedgehog
I was confused at first. #vanitysearch - Micah from iPhone
Well, boo. :-( The car now needs a new windshield.
And, of course, more wintry stuff is coming later this week Oh joy. - Julian
Scraping off the car this morning (ICE!!!) did not help the paint job, either. - Julian
aack! you broke your windshield taking the ice off? - Christina Pikas
:-( - Kirsten
In FL windshields are ALWAYS covered by insurance, even for a chip, no deductible. You may want to check. - Shannon - GlassMistress
mine in NC wasn't covered -- well, it was, but the deductible was more than it cost to replace the windshield. In Mass., it was 100% covered,even for a chip. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
holly #ravingfangirl
i need some good winter gloves i can wear in the kitchen when i am grating frozen butter. #frozenfingers
I hear you - I attempted using my oven MIT when grating butter recently but it was far from satisfactory. Next time - despite the extra dishes - I'm going to try using the food processor's grater attachment. - Galadriel C. from Android
wrap a dish towel around? - Christina Pikas
Seriously. I've been finding more & more that I need something to protect my hands (and more my fingertips) when working with frozen foods in the kitchen. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
that won't work, Christina. Don't want to get the butter all fuzzy :) - holly #ravingfangirl
What about the microplane glove that protects in general? - Katie
you know, i've wondered how they would protect against cold, katie. i still need to buy one (it's on the list, i swear!) - holly #ravingfangirl
This product picture of microplane gloves scares the hell out of me. - Stephen Francoeur
agreed, Stephen. - holly #ravingfangirl
My sister says it's lavender and copper. I told her that's not one of the choices. #TheDress #blueandblack
White and gold. I want to get this dress and then wear it to a party ten years from now. - laura x from iPhone
i saw lavender and copper, too - Christina Pikas
Interesting. - Meg VMeg
RT @jodyallen_sahm: Do you do this too?
RT @jodyallen_sahm: Do you do this too?
my dryer has a setting where it will flip the clothes briefly every few minutes for up to 3 hours... i use that all the time - Christina Pikas
RT @elisereports: #gersons therapy involves coffee enemas, juicing and supplements & hasn't been shown to cure cancer #wellnesswarrior
What a waste of coffee - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Stephen Francoeur
Trying to do some background reading for some research projects that will look at user experience and the search process. I need to read some notable works on information seeking behavior and have begun reading Carol Kuhlthau. I'm looking for models that I can use in my analysis of usabilty test results. Who should I be reading also or instead?
I see lots of intriguing models detailed in this book: - Stephen Francoeur
It would be ideal, of course, to read everything, but if I do that, I'll never get to the point of collecting my own data. So where should I begin? - Stephen Francoeur
I've looked at a previous edition of this book in the past, Looking for Information: A Survey of Research on Information Seeking, Needs and Behavior (Library and Information Science) Hardcover – April 19, 2012 by Donald O. Case - Joe
Lots of thing by Carol Tenopir, - Joe
Bates, M. J. (1989) The design of browsing and berrypicking techniques for the online search interface. Online Review, 13(5), 407-424. - Marie
Dervin, B. (1977) Useful theory for librarianship: Communication, not information. Drexel Library Quarterly,13(3), 16-32. - Marie
Wilson, T. D. (1981) On user studies and information needs. Journal of Documentation, 37, 3-15. - Marie
Marchionini, G. (1995) Information seeking in electronic environments. New York: Cambridge University Press. - Marie
What they said and I really do like Wilson so I'll recommend something different. How about Marti Hearst's book on search interfaces ? It's free on her site - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm wondering if anyone has tried to answer the question about whether the way we conceive of search (our mental model) has changed (and, if so, in what ways) since the web made the very concept of search a regular feature of our lives. - Stephen Francoeur
Maybe something from Weave or Matt Reidsma's work? One of my coworkers is working on some research into discovery tools comparisons--I can also put you in touch with her. - Hedgehog
I've got a backlog of articles to read in Weave. I've been reading Matthew Reidsma's blog since it started and trying to keep up with his presentations that he shares online. I'm thinking there must be someone who has written about search outside of libraryland. This book is on my to-read list and is in the ballpark: - Stephen Francoeur
Search outside of libraryland??? There are some JASIST articles on everyday information seeking, and a book, "Everyday Information: The Evolution of Information Seeking in America, ed. William Aspray and Barbara M. Hayes. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2011. p. $60 (ISBN 0-262-01501-3). - Joe
Visitors and Residents project - barbara fister
Though I think user experience is not the same thing as information seeking behavior. If made into a Venn diagram, a lot would fall outside how search platforms work (or don't). - barbara fister
Also interesting to think of how UX that's designed for marketing differs from good UX for research and how the different assumptions might influence the questions we ask and how we read the results. - barbara fister
Here are some others, and maybe from 10 years ago. - Joe
Barbara, one thing that's got me wondering is how search that is designed for non-research purposes affects how our students conceive of search and conduct them. How have their expectations been shaped by Google, eBay, Amazon, etc.? What can I learn from those commercial search experiences that can help us design better research interfaces? - Stephen Francoeur
Some of our librarians will say that we have Summon because it is the "libraries response to have a google-like interface" to academic content. I don't quite buy that, but that is what some of my coworkers have said. Something like that anyway. - Joe
I'm still pondering that the Memex Vanevar Bush imagined in 1945 looked very little like our databases, which look like indexes turned into shopping platforms. I want my trails of association! - barbara fister
this is hearsay, but I think that the Triangle Research LIbs Networks' shared catalog interface ( was created by the software that created B&N (or Amazon's) Interface. This is years ago, now, but I could poke around down here if you want to see who knows more about that. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
distinct from NCSU's use of Endeca? - RepoRat
Jasist is outside libraryland?! - Aaron the Librarian from Android
JASIST is information scientists. *They* sure think they're outside libraryland. - RepoRat
My hubby studies this area. He adds: Elfreda Chatman - ethnographic approaches to info seeking behaviour, esp underserved groups Also: David Ellis, Bryce Allen, R. S. Taylor - Megan loves summer
I meant that there are some articles in JASIST that talk about how non librarians and regular people (not students, not faculty) try to find information. - Joe
I totally believe dicovery layers are an attempt to be more Google-like. I am not convinced but I see the appeal. (All the money and time they require? Would people love them as much if they knew that's where limited library dollars go? I dunno.) - barbara fister
laura x
Dinner tonight?
Carmelized onion, hamburger, and sweet potato oven fries with aioli. - laura x from iPhone
KIND bar and Xanax - Soup in a TARDIS
yum - some sharp cheddar would be just the ticket with that. I had crockpot pullled pork on homemade potato buns, a salad, mixed vegetables. - Christina Pikas
Veggie soup with shredded cheddar, followed by entirely too much chocolate. - Laruia Ingalls Botts from Android
Herbed chicken thighs, cheesy broccoli, and dark chocolate brownie. - Katy S
Also cab from a box because classy. - laura x from iPhone
Leftovers from the last time someone asked. (heh.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Slow cooker short ribs ( and a baked potato. - Kristin
went out to a restaurant with wife and kids. i had the beef fajitas and a salad. I AM SO FULL. - Big Joe Silence
Laughing Planet with a friend. Some kind of tasty healthy veggie bowl with notmeat - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Restaurant salad and beer (after anti-violence/shooter training) - Meg VMeg
Cauliflower cheese soup. - RepoRat
Totino's Triple Meat frozen pizza. I did go back to college for the night. - Katie
French toast. - Yolanda
Black bean soup w/ salad. - Kevin Johnson
asian salad-in-a-bag from Costco. - holly #ravingfangirl
Pork fried rice and dumplings. - bentley
Laura: Depending on the box, that cab might be reasonably classy. - Walt Crawford
I want all the food. Including the leftovers, Catherine. And WALT, yeah, it's good wine in a box but, you know, it's in a box. - laura x from iPhone
Grilled cheese and tomato soup! - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
pumpkin seeds in dark chocolate; peanut butter hummus and carrots. - Hedgehog
Protein pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs. - Tamara J. B.
street tacos (1 carne asada, 1 chicken, and 1 shrimp) and a margarita at a local Mexican restaurant - so good! - Corinne L
Crockpot salsa chicken over romaine with black olives and a smidge of grated cheese. - Hookuh Tinypants
An apple fritter. (But I had really delicious crepes for lunch around 4 pm - a chicken florentine one and 2/3 of an apricot pear one.) - Marianne
Stuffed cheese basil chicken coated in panko bread crumbs, baked potato wedges, salad, and pesto garlic bread. - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
Shaved reindeer in game sauce and mashed potatoes. It's a hearty meal! - Jenny H. from Android
If the reindeer had a Brazilian, that sounds like that reindeer was pretty game! - Spidra Webster
It only had mushrooms. ;) - Jenny H. from Android
y'all have amazing meals! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
sure what time? should I bring beer? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Christina Pikas
i'm gonna cry or explode. this dude really, really wants an update of this graph i delivered and by COB today. gonna take going back and looking up a whole buncha data again. coworker offered to help, but she didn't get enough data or put it in the format i need so i'm going to have to go back and do her stuff
and my daughter is singing off key... really loud. and i'm hungry. - Christina Pikas
Oh geese, that sounds nuts. Hope everything went ok in the end. - Kirsten from Android
there is no end! ... i'll work on this until i collapse tonight. that's the best i can do. luckily husband entertained and now is taking kids for a ride for a little - Christina Pikas
No collapse but finally sent the best it's gonna be for now - Christina Pikas from iPhone
When individual journal titles require a new license each year to renew the subscription, this e-resources librarian cries uncle. #ERMlife
Seriously. How about the publisher (Wiley) that used to require a license addendum for each new ebook licensed - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Dumb random question: What's the deal with "signature authority" around e-resource licenses? Back in the day this was a Big Deal with respect to licensing stuff in the IR, to the point that I actually had to print out the fscking license to get it countersigned by the UL because I had no signature authority. - RepoRat
RR - in CT, signature authority is outlined in a memo from the university president and it outlines who by job title can sign what license/contract based on $$$. At UConn, the people who do the negotiations (me in the library and others in purchasing dept.) do not sign anything. This is in part to ensure the the state-required terms and conditions go into every contract. Compared to my past POW where I could sign everything it's different, but overall theoretically better. - Galadriel C. from Android
What are you making for dinner tonight?
Leftover takeout Peruvian chicken. - Meg VMeg
tacos. with leftover taco meat for lunch salads. - ellbeecee
Roasted chicken with potatoes and carrots and steamed broccoli. - Jenica from iPhone
Sauteed rock cod with oyster mushrooms and asparagus and fresh bread. - Stephen Mack
Leftover roast pork lo mein. - Katy S
I'm thinking eggplant and pasta, but I haven't committed to anything yet. EDIT: I'd rather have what Stephen's having. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
popcorn, and cheese and crackers. (it's Oscars night!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm not making it, but it's steak, cheesy potatoes and the first Delta asparagus of the season. I am certainly looking forward to it... - Walt Crawford
Sweet-potato (and other stuff) enchiladas. - RepoRat
"fish" "tacos" - Catherine Pellegrino
The quotes need some explanation, please. - Marie
Baked ranch chicken, sweet potatoes, a random vegetable (possibly broccoli ) and a salad - Christina Pikas from iPhone
If I explained it, Marie, you would probably block me on all social media. ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
Pretty much what Jenica is having. - Todd Hoff
Don't know yet. - Laruia Ingalls Botts from Android
Moroccan Lentil Soup with Pita and Peanut butter hummus - Hedgehog
Well see, now I'm intrigued. - Marie
ham/broccoli/grand cru quiche. and there will be cake! finally! cake! - holly #ravingfangirl
We put these into flour tortillas: shredded cabbage, black beans, mayo/chili/lime dressing, cheese, fish sticks. You may now proceed to un-sub me. - Catherine Pellegrino
That sounds pretty good. - Marie
it is! But far from authentic. - Catherine Pellegrino
Catherine - I find myself wanting to try that with chicken fingers. - Katy S
I bet that would be good too. But if calling mine "fish tacos" is a stretch, yours would be....not fish tacos. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Roast beast and sweet potatoes. - Laruia Ingalls Botts from Android
Steak and mushrooms, twice-baked potatoes, and broccoli. I contributed the broccoli :) - Jen
RT @allysonraewx: Snowing along I-81. Nothing reaching the ground along I-95 just yet despite returns. @wusa9 @tenacioustopper
RT @allysonraewx: Snowing along I-81. Nothing reaching the ground along I-95 just yet despite returns. @wusa9 @tenacioustopper
Definitely a bit of a slow start on this one. We in Reston expected to see something of significance by now. :( - That's So CAJ!
Interesting. Started here in the I-81 corridor around 9, and we have about 1-1.5" so far. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
It just started here in Laurel a few min ago - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Christina Pikas
Yay mother in law watching the kids yesterday while I went to an important meeting
Boo she reorganized all our stuff in the family room including taking stuff out if the box set aside to donate - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Yay her insisting I didn't do anything for dinner - she would bring - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Boo - she only brought enough for my husband and she "made" him eat it while I was out (kids didn't have anything ) - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Oh well. Meeting went well and this way I didn't have to beg my husband to watch them (even though he was there the whole time - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Christina Pikas
I get told my library doesn't exist by someone on our technical staff probably once a month. And today someone in my group said she didn't know we offered training or she would have come... i just don't even know.
fwiw, my existence isn't questioned, they just think i'm a magical person who "knows people" who can magically "get things" - Christina Pikas
so, you're not so much a librarian as a Fixer? - Pete
a retired faculty member told me she thought I was more of a research consultant than a librarian. *sigh* Dude, a librarian CAN BE a research consultant. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Christina Pikas
can normal people just link through to flickr any more? when i try i get stuck on a page that wants me to install an app (even if i'm using a regular computer).
That worked for me, but all the ones from johns hopkins library blog do not. hrm. - Christina Pikas
LSW: Joe
Justin wonderin'. How did people hear about the LSW?
Josh's blog, I think. - Pete
Twitter - ellbeecee
It was whispered to me in an elevator at CIL in DC 2008. By Josh Neff. Also the picture from CIL2008 in Meredeth's article makes me miss a whole bunch of folks who I don't see enough anymore. Let me get this stuff out of my eye. - ♫Maurice the Trainer♫
Iris and Martha, back when LSW was still in a meebo room - Sir Shuping is just sir
From Ruth at SLA - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm not sure. Probably Josh's blog, too. - bentley
I was in the Meebo room on the day it was born. Cigars were handed 'round; there was a brandy toast. It was a beautiful baby. *dabs at eyes* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I think I couldn't get on Meebo because I had the ancient computer then or something. :-( - bentley
I think from Rochelle's blog post about it, which also led me to getting onto Twitter in the first place. Almost 8 years there now. - Katie
blake had a tweet in his feed that led to a link to here, and to see what the link actually said, i had to sign up... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
From some pamphlets my doctor gave me when I asked about spells of dizziness. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Meebo... oh look, Rochelle Said It Better Than I Could. Summer of 2007, iirc - Aaron the Librarian
I don't believe you Stephen... - Joe
As you shouldn't, because actually I heard about it in a vision. I was in the Zs, dusting some of my favorite library science titles, when a flash of light blinded me and knocked me to the floor. A booming voice told me, "Go ye online to find ye brethren, like minded folk who, enticed by calls for slatterns and powders of mystery, make sport of all that is sacred." - Stephen Francoeur
I do remember the Meebo room from the summer if 2007...mainly because I'd pop in the evening from whichever hotel as I drove cross country from Youngstown to Tucson for the new job. Terre Haute, Joplin, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Tucson. It was gone by the time I moved back east in 2010. That was Van Horn, Tyler, Birmingham, Atlanta. (the things that stick in my head...) - ellbeecee
From laurax, I think. It's so hard to remember. - kaijsa
Actually, Stephen's recounting might mirror what happened for some of us - especially the description provided by the Great Cataloguer. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I don't remember specifically, but I do know that at a conference sometime before CiL 2009, there was a small crowd of people having entirely Too Much Fun, and I kinda-sorta recognized some of them from their blogs, and thought "that right there? That's the LSW." And then at CiL 2009 I was sitting on the floor in the hotel lobby with 'em. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
Roundabout way. I was invited to a crime & mystery fiction FF group by Maxine Clarke (super-crimeficfan and Nature editor who sadly is gone now but did a lot of Nature's media stuff and was a good online friend). Then I browsed around and thought "wait, I think Iris mentioned this Library Society of the World thing..." AND THEN A VOICE SAID .... like Stephen, only not in the Zs. - barbara fister
I'm guessing one of the founders mentioned it to me *or* I picked up on it from an early blog post. I don't believe I was one of the really early folks, but probably among the first 200. - Walt Crawford
I remember your posts from your drive too, LBC! - laura x from iPhone
Meebo room. I'm going to with probably Rochelle dragged me in :) - Hedgehog
Meebo room, mentioned by Steve? - Megan loves summer
I came across LSW through Friendfeed. Wish I could remember exactly what/when/where the connection was made but...see para 8/9 in http://book-shaped-object.came... - Cameron Neylon
It's all Rochelle's fault circa 2008/2009. - Galadriel C.
^^ that. All my friends are here, even if I'm mostly silent. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
*takes a bow* - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I was there at the beginning...? - Julian
I think it was probably Mark Lindner. Meebo was definitely involved. I was looking for a way to stay connected to libraries while I lived abroad. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Iris was my college librarian and showed me the light when I began applying to library schools. - Lily
Meebo room, but I forget how I found that. It was 2007, probably, and I was lonely at work. Sort of what stephen said, only in the basement with the shelf list catalog. We called it "the B level." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I found this on the earlier version of my blog: It seems that it was the science gang that got me on FF not the librarians. No idea how I ended up in LSW at this point, probably just by accident or following the trail from someone I already knew. - John Dupuis
I found it when the group was raising funds for Walt to attend ALA...and I'm not sure where I saw that, probably on LIS News? - John: Thread Killer
I think maybe Josh's blog? - maʀtha
Sarah G.
RT @webinista: Mr. Snufflelupagus is on Twitter. His account is protected, but BIG BIRD CAN SEE IT. I see what you did there @sesamestreet team.
except for adults can see "snuffy" now - because someone complained that kids who report weird sightings shouldn't be ignored. - Christina Pikas
"someone complained" -> "In an interview on a Canadian telethon that was hosted by Bob McGrath, Snuffy's performer, Martin P. Robinson, revealed that Snuffy was finally introduced to the main human cast mainly due to a string of high profile and sometimes graphic stories of pedophilia and sexual abuse of children that had been aired on shows such as 60 Minutes and 20/20. The writers... more... - Johnny
Oh, that's really beautiful. I had no idea (I'm really behind on my Sesame Street). - joey
Anyone know what this library is by the picture?
no, but google's reverse image search gave it to me. - ellbeecee
(I'm not sure if you're seriously asking, or if you were testing to see who might know it, which is why I haven't posted the answer) - ellbeecee
I am just wondering if people could figure it out from some of the visual clues (and if anyone has been here, they might recognize it.) - Joe
ok. Then I'll continue to not post the answer. :) - ellbeecee
naval observatory? - Christina Pikas
or maybe I should have abstained? oops. I didn't actually go there until an SLA trip though - Christina Pikas
I would have guessed some kind of library in Los Angeles, as it looks like the library in City of Angels to me; that said, I could be completely and totally wrong (and probably am, based on Christina's comments). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Ellbeecee probably won. - Joe
Dream job alert.
if you want a rec letter, you got one. - RepoRat
you coming back to DC? I looked at that, but my job is more of a dream job for me - Christina Pikas
Which job would this be? - John Dupuis
US Naval Observatory Library job is opening again. - Christina Pikas
No comment. - Joe
Do you have russian language newspaper access (electronic) at your library? Through what vendor?
Yes, through Factiva, so it's primarily business focused sources, and they're included by default, so other than choosing to have subscribe to Factiva, we didn't choose to have access to these papers specifically - ellbeecee
Oh really? I had no idea. We don't have Factiva, but it's up for discussion here. - lris
East View... (maybe others?) (or is that only translation?)(maybe I don't know)(nevermind) - Christina Pikas
It's too bad that Factiva (and EastView, and yes, it does this) are both ridiculously expensive - lris
We have PressDisplay/Newspapers Direct - lots of russian language newspapers - and it has a translation feature. - Jen
Jen, does that have archives? Or just the most recent issues? - lris
Factiva, PressDisplay (w/60-day archive), Universal Database of Russian Newspapers, Current Digest of Soviet and Post Soviet Press (1949-present) - Meg VMeg
Maybe I'll just move to Meg's library! - lris from Android
Lol, I believe we have a very active Russian and Slavic Studies program. - Meg VMeg
We just got Factiva, too. - kaijsa
PressDisplay is mostly current 60 days - so no archives. I imagine it's how they keep the price affordable. - Jen
Thanks. That's useful to know. - lris
LSW: Origins [edited]
Once upon a time, when the stars attained certain positions in the sky, the Libraryfolk would gather. In their sensible shoes and plastic-framed glasses, they would ride the escalators up and down, down and up. They would zig and zag to avoid unscrupulous vendors in the exhibit hall. They would brave receptions to forage for sustenance and drinks. They would search in vain for passable coffee. In their sweaters and pashminas, they would shiver in underground caverns with poor wifi, listening to the drone of the Elders. And so it was, year after year, season after season, for such are the ways of our people. - maʀtha
Every now and again, there would be one among them who would say, quietly and firmly, "Enough". She would slip away to a hallway or a lobby corner, sit on the floor, plug in her portable electronic devices, and wait. - maʀtha
[please to continue the tale] - maʀtha
*nudge* - maʀtha
you set the bar pretty high here. It's going to be tough to match your prose. - DJF
well, I wasn't around in the earliest days, so my knowledge of those times is limited. I came in after the meebo room was well established, and the PB Wiki. Maybe someone could tell me a bit more about that time period and I could resume? - maʀtha
for example, which came first, lobbyconning, tweeting, or blogging? who were among the first lobbyconners? - maʀtha
Calling Steve 'n Iris. Steve 'n Iris to the white courtesy phone. - Joe
I knew all of this once, my brain is just crapping out on me :) - maʀtha
rats, so the tweeting was before the lobbyconning, my sequence is all wrong. that disrupts my entire narrative. hrm. stupid reality. - maʀtha
I still might be able to make this work. - maʀtha
But I am guessing that a lot of the LSWers knew each other from blogs before twitter came to the fore? I came to blogging too late to know the full history of the LSW. - Joe
I found out about LSW from a blog (Steve's or Josh's?) before I joined the Meebo room. It took me a long time to join twitter. - maʀtha
I found out about the LSW from Meredith in an American Libraries mag article. [Let me see if I can find the citation...Or maybe it was something she wrote about in her blog.] - Joe
I found out about LSW chat room from someone...I think CIL maybe? I do remember that the first two people I talked to in the meebo chat room were these people named grasshopper librarian (martha) and pegasus librarian (iris) who were both very, very nice to me. especially since I think I was stuck in an airport - Sir Shuping is just sir
April 27th, 2007, Josh tweeted about being fed up with ALA dues. Then he tweeted about starting the library society of the world. People were to tweet back their names and titles in this organization. It was a total joke for a while, with people adding names and bylaws to the wiki he started that day. I added the bylaw that we would always be one short of a quorum. I still stand by that bylaw. Another bylaw was that there would never be any dues. - lris
I consider myself a founding member, having joined on that day and added a bylaw to the wiki. I'm sure there are a lot of other founding members. - lris
Bingo, this is how I learned of the LSW. - Joe
Then came the meebo room. Then came the CIL presentation with Laura Harris, Steve Lawson, at least two other people, and a room full of meebo room users projected on the wall (including Jason Griffey and Walt Crawford and many many others). THEN came Friendfeed, which I joined reluctantly, feeling like it was a fad and not nearly as easy to use as Twitter... So judge my opinions of new things wisely in future. - lris
I believe that I was around at the start, but I no longer have any recollection of it. - laura x
I met you because you were there, so I believe you were there at the start as well. - lris
Anybody have a link to the Neff tweet? - Joe
I looked for that a few years back with no luck. - lris
I can fix the storyline! I'm going to eat, first, though, so hang tight. - maʀtha
I can't wait to read the Dragons and Windmills section. - John Dupuis
*bump* - bentley
The OP of this thread is dated Feb 18th *OF WHICH YEAR?!* c'monn FF just four more charaters in the date field... - Aaron the Librarian
i learned about it from ruth kneale who was arranging to a -meeting- drinking binge at an SLA :) - Christina Pikas
2013? - maʀtha from Android
LSW originates every day. No lie - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Rebump. We need to fill in some of the gaps that are at the LSW Origins page. - Joe
Martha gets the feeling exactly right. The facts are all well and good, but aren't we really all here because we were looking to escape the droning of the elders (and I mean elders in spirit, not age). - laura x from iPhone
(Thanks Laura for the parenthetical there. Not that I don't do my share of droning.) - Walt Crawford
I believe (but could be just misremembering) that I suggested the "of the World" bit because (again correct me) at the time I was the only non North American playing along..... - Kathryn is a free elf
That sounds right, Kathryn. - laura x from iPhone
This is how I learned about the LSW, in April of 2008. I joined soon there after. I worked with some others to set up the meetup in a Seattle dive bar during SLA that Christina mentioned. - Joe
Sept 2007 updated on LSW ... after first mentioning it 13 May 2007 , concluding with "The Library Society of the World is the best, most efficient, egalitarian and effective... more... - Kathryn is a free elf
Sarah G.
They're telling us we may end up trapped in the theater due to snow but that digital tech means they can only show movies when scheduled.
I think they call that, Progress. - bentley
Even better they can keep those horrible local ads on between showings - Christina Pikas from iPhone
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Guess who's going to the Immersion Program Track in Seattle???!!!
what are you going to be immersed in? should i recognize the program? - Christina Pikas
ACRL Immersion - a weeklong program for instruction librarians, which I hear is fabulous. I made it into the program track (, which will be useful since we're looking at a natural evolution point in our infolit program. Also, I've never been to Seattle! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
As a faculty member in the program, I'm biased - but I've also seen the evaluations - you are in for a great program! Plus the location in Seattle is one of the best host sites we have. Unfortunately, it isn't downtown - but the city buses are easy to figure out. Seattle is awesome. Stay an extra day if you can! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Hooray! I loved the program when I did it, and Seattle is my beloved hometown! Seattle U is in my old hood on Capitol Hill, which is so great. Even if you don't go downtown, there are freaking amazing bars and restaurants galore within walking distance. Hit me up for suggestions if you want. - kaijsa
laura x
Based on recent weeding in the fiction section, here is a list of things that were popular in fiction once but no longer are:
Nazis - laura x
Spies - laura x
38 year old women with marital crises - laura x
38 year old unmarried women with similar crises - laura x
Westerns - laura x
we couldn't weed the westerns based on how checked out they were. so we sort of dusted them and moved them around because we didn't want them to totally disappear from the system :( - Christina Pikas
Wonder whether that's true here (Westerns). I know Livermore PL has two or three ranges of them, after the Mystery ranges and Science Fiction ranges. We also still have a rodeo and some ranchers, so maybe they're still being read here. - Walt Crawford
I will keep Zane Grey and Louis L'Amour for probably another 20 years, because those still go out (or get asked for just often enough that I like to have them), but everything else is going and was even in rural Wyoming. - laura x from iPhone
OMG I just realised I'm going to be a 38 year old unmarried woman this year. Hopefully no crises. - Deborah Fitchett
Wait, was I supposed to have a crisis at 38? Dammit, yet another thing I did wrong. #LettingTheSisterhoodDown - Catherine Pellegrino
No, I think after 1984, crises happen to women of different ages. - laura x
Well, of course. Because after 1984, 40 was the new 30, so we get to have ours at 48. Right? - ellbeecee
Oh good. I've got a few years to plan ahead, then. - Catherine Pellegrino
Whew! I was afraid I had missed it! - Laruia Ingalls Botts from Android
Also: Brazil. - laura x
the country or the movie? - RepoRat
Yes. Or rather, and then some. The Boys from Brazil, Brazil by John Updike, Brazil by Errol Lincoln Uys, and some other title with Brazil in it that I've forgotten. - laura x
Catherine Pellegrino
Sending you a password in clear text via email is for amateurs. The Indiana State Library sends you your password on a POSTCARD.
Bless their hearts. - ellbeecee
wooooooooooow. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. wow. - RepoRat
holy st. omg. - Christina Pikas
Wow. - bentley
That's rather horrifically amazing. - Kirsten
Joe wins - DJF from Android
The least they could have done was ROT-13 it... - Peter Murray
Christina made me LOL. To be fair, the worst thing that could happen should this password fall into nefarious hands is that someone might get unauthorized access to a suite of public-library oriented databases mostly from Gale and EBSCO. But still, it's the principle of the thing, right? - Catherine Pellegrino
I suppose it would be harder to datamine passwords that are printed on postcards than passwords sent in emails.... but yeah. - laura x
Oh woolpigs....let me ask my sister if she knows about this. She works there. - Hedgehog
"woolpigs" - Aaron the Librarian
if they're holy woolpigs, watch out ;) - RepoRat
Once again, my home state embarrasses me. - Katy S
Yep, same here. Since the State Library is on Twitter, I tweeted this yesterday (, but haven't heard back from them. Their Twitter stream seems to be basically one-way communication, though -- and the governor is cutting $2 million from their budget, so I imagine they're kind of focused on that right now. - Catherine Pellegrino
The proposed cuts are catastrophic. I'm pretty sure everyone's in panic/survival mode right now. - Katy S from iPhone
Y'all, I just got a phone call from a guy at the State Library. Short explanation: this kind of thing only happens when someone very close to a state border (like, say, me) has an IP address that doesn't immediately authenticate as "within the state of Indiana." And of course, the postcard saves them $$ over sending it in an envelope -- needless to say, that $$ is probably much better... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
I don't think you should feel bad. Nobody should send out passwords on a postcard, full stop. I understand resources are tight, but this was poor judgement. - kaijsa
Also, a postcard costs more than an email. - lris
Oh, I forgot to mention why the postal mail: they have to ensure that it's going to an actual postal address in Indiana, because licensing agreements. So, email won't work. Should have mentioned that from the get-go. - Catherine Pellegrino
that's both horrifying and awesome. great example of vendors requiring crap security. may I borrow it for my NASIG talk? - RepoRat
Of course you may borrow it, but I'll point out that the vendor isn't requiring crap security: the vendor is requiring that the State Library confirm that the user has a postal address in Indiana. - Catherine Pellegrino
ah, so the password-in-the-clear doesn't actually need to be part of this scheme? - RepoRat
Based on what the person I spoke with said, no the vendors are in no way requiring the password be sent in the clear. They're (legitimately) requiring that the person using the password be a resident of the state of Indiana. The State Library uses postal mail to confirm Indiana residence, and uses a postcard -- as opposed to a letter-in-an-envelope -- to save money. - Catherine Pellegrino
Got it. So it's the use of the password on the postcard that's completely hornswoggling, and the library's to correct. (Spitballing because app dev is not my thing, but if I ruled the State Library, postcard would say "log into your library account and enter the following PIN:". So an attacker would have to both intercept the postcard AND hack the account to do something evil.) - RepoRat
Yeah, there are definitely other ways they could do this, especially since when you sign up for an account, you get a 'temporary' password immediately, which is then followed up by the 'permanent' password-by-postal mail. But again: appdev costs money. And, also, Indiana is modeling their system after other states, so it's not just us in this particular handbasket. - Catherine Pellegrino
oh, I totally believe that, no question. - RepoRat
Walt Crawford
I'm beginning to get a sense of how much effort it's worth spending to spell arΧiv that way rather than just arXiv, and "nobody notices or gives a damn about the difference" starts to look like a winner.
Ha! - Meg VMeg from Android
I just use an X instead of a chi I don't think it's worth it - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Well, based on the total lack of any feedback at all about my post (and WordPress' insistence on substituting X for &Chi or the Unicode equivalent!), I'm beginning to wonder--it plays into my Library Tech. Reports, where if I spell it correctly I probably need to alert the publisher. (Altho' maybe not; I think they use Palatino Linotype, which appears to be a full Unicode typeface.) - Walt Crawford
I'll note that my first comment here actually does use a Chi in the first instance...for what it's worth. - Walt Crawford
"My post" refers to a Walt at Random post showing three instances of the term and asking for judgment as to which is which. No responses at all. I even used BIG TYPE to make it clearer: - Walt Crawford
It never occurred to me to use a chi. I don't know why, I guess it got flattened in my head because it's a URL. - Meg VMeg from Android
I can tell the difference between the characters in your blog post, but I can't on FF. I also can't tell which one is an X and which one is a chi, and I majored in Greek and my dad both taught Greek AND was into letterpress printing... so yeah. - laura x
I wonder whether there are other Unicode typefaces with larger differences; as far as I can tell, the only difference in Palatino is a slight difference of thickness in one of the two diagonal strokes. And it's slight: at 12pt. or less, it's pretty nearly invisible. - Walt Crawford
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @rvacoffeestain: These are awesome RT @oh_hey_tori LOL #AllFinished #crossstitching
RT @rvacoffeestain: These are awesome RT @oh_hey_tori LOL #AllFinished #crossstitching
NASA's paying for New Horizons to go out there and check it out, though. - Christina Pikas
Andrew C (✔)
Shades of grey I can name: slate, gunmetal, concrete, ash, "nearly black", "almost white", silvery, "dark", "light" … "grey". D'oh.
Damn it, now I had to look it up. - Victor Ganata
TIL so far: gainsboro, Spanish gray (gris) - Victor Ganata
Heh. Confederate gray. - Victor Ganata
Cinereous sounds pretty cool. - Victor Ganata
Charcoal, heather, gravel, dust, mist, steel, elephant - Jennifer Dittrich
"kinda blue in the right light" - Steve C, Team Marina
battleship, English sky - Pete
I will accept "charcoal" and "steel" and I guess "elephant" as ones I knew at one point but forgot while writing the original tweet. The rest seem sketchy to me. - Andrew C (✔)
Earl - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Jennifer. - Anika
navy has: haze gray, deck gray, machinery gray (maybe others?) - Christina Pikas
I think Brent wins. :D - Anne Bouey
"About A Dozen Shades of Grey That I Can Name" -- a list-form novel of bondage and quick buck making by Andrew C. - Stephen Mack
list form novels: the "long form" of listicles. - Andrew C (✔)
Windows taskbar gray, old faded black jeans gray, senior hair gray, my black marker is running out of ink gray, overcooked steak gray - April Russo
Heather gray. - Joe
Davis. Spalding. Anatomy. - Corinne L
Jean - Jessie
Joel Grey, Macy Gray - Greg GuitarBuster
Luis Gray - That's So CAJ!
Kiss from a rose on the Gray - Micah from FFHound!
Also vaguely related: shades of white. - Andrew C (✔)
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