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Christina Pikas
What methods do people teach in the social sciences for evaluating things that are not exactly scholarly journals but aren't exactly magazines like The Economist?
So like Foreign Affairs? - JffKrlsn from Android
Yeah- like that. Some of these are well know. To be biased but how to train newbies? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Or how to understand it oneself? It's a big issue in poli sci because of the need to publish quickly. - JffKrlsn from Android
As you might imagine (since I work for Springshare), I see a lot of LibGuides and a lot of people's profile images. I just saw a very cute one of a librarian and her cat. I like profile pics with pets, and maybe patrons will feel a librarian is more approachable because they have a pet. Thoughts?
slightly unprofessional and stereotype reinforcing? but that's just me. - Christina Pikas
I think it can swing either way, really. And depends a lot on the person-viewing, at least as much as on the person-being-viewed. - Catherine Pellegrino
I use my official headshot. Like Christina says, I avoid anything stereotypically librarian and/or unprofessional. My personal reaction to clever profile pics (like the Carleton librarians') is positive, but anything cutesy is negative. YMMV. - kaijsa
I might include one of my dogs, but I don't think I would include lasers flashing across the image... - Joe
I use a semi-casual picture of myself because I don't like my professional picture (I was exhausted/bad hair day when we got run through the uni photog's office), but I prefer headshots. Save personal/w/ pets photos for own social media. - Hedgehog
If it's work-relevant -- a candid of an academic librarian with a finals-week therapy dog -- okay, I can deal. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it, unless there's an intentional "be human for the students!" push, and maybe not even then. - RepoRat
I'm fondling a stapler in mine. Seems ok to me because that is one of my professional competencies. - JffKrlsn
I wouldn't do it personally, but I bet it can be done in a way that is appealing or amusing. Since when does LSW advocate being "professional," anyway? - Steele Lawman
I approve this message ^^^ Also, stapler-fondling. - barbara fister
One of my colleagues includes her "Shh" finger tattoo in her LG profile photo. It's one of my favorites. - Jason P
I guess I think there's a useful distinction between "professional" and "liable to cause others to be dismissive." Thank you for making me think about it, though. - RepoRat
Well. I figure it's sort of like what Jenna Freedman says about having blue hair: Sure, there are students and faculty who will be turned off by it and take her less seriously. But there are also students and other people who will find her MORE approachable because of it. Every patron his or her librarian. - laura x
Fair enough! - RepoRat
Official #teamharpy Statement on the case of Joseph Hawley Murphy vs. nina de jesus and Lisa Rabey -
Suing for 1.25 million dollars. What a fucking douchebag. Hope he gets hit by a truck. - Steele Lawman
I just saw this on Twitter and wondered when it would get posted here. What Steve said. - Catherine Pellegrino
He claims that the statements by the two women "have caused him to be regarded with feelings of hatred, contempt, ridicule, fear, dislike, approbrium or disesteem." Joke's on him, as most people I know have ALWAYS felt that way about him. - Steele Lawman
This is utterly outrageous. Any guy who has a whole internet joke to himself ("nice shirt!") can't really say that he's innocent of causing contempt, ridicule, dislike, and disesteem. - lris
Dude. I hold him in contempt, ridicule, dislike, and disesteem JUST for calling himself a "library futurist." The rest is, I don't know, icing on the cake? - Catherine Pellegrino
does anybody know the ultimate origin of the "nice shirt" meme? can we date it? I think that might help the defendants. - RepoRat
I do not know. However, I know that it was a meme in 2008 when I hung out with library friends in Chicago for ALA Annual. He even looked me over and said "Nice shirt" in some hotel lobby or other that year.I remember almost nothing else about that encounter except that I fought the urge to laugh because of his reputation for saying just that. - lris
I remember it from IL in 2008 and CiL in 2009. - laura x from iPhone
I was just about to post a link to this (comment: Really?) but I'm late to the party. Still, damn. Nice suit. - Walt Crawford
Hee hee. Nice one, Walt. - laura x from iPhone
They are looking for witnesses. I hope they find some - maʀtha
I hope so too. I wish I could be more help to them in that way, except that I'm actually really grateful that I don't have anything useful to offer them, you know? - Catherine Pellegrino
Well, any of us who can honestly say that we learned about Joey Digits's conference behavior from FriendFeed (where AFAIK neither defendant has participated) may have a role as a character witness. - RepoRat
lisa just posted to code4lib with links to their page and saying that soon they'll have a link up for donations, as well as requests to continue to spread the message - Sir Shuping is just sir
Lisa's posted to FF --but only in the past 6 months. - Hedgehog
I believe I was first nice-shirted at SLA in 2008 (twice at that conference). - Meg VMeg
Unfortunately, isn't "nice shirt" rather innocuous? I mean, I know it could still be creepy, but it's just the kind of thing a smart creep would say, because it doesn't say anything about the person's body or anything. - Steele Lawman
Yes, it is very savvy, Steele - maʀtha
Sure, but at the same time, if he's pretty much the only person to have told all of us we have nice shirts (excluding people we actually knew at the conferences) that's kinda weird, and we all found the encounters weird and noteworthy, which is also important. I don't think it would win any of us a settlement if we sued him for harassment, of course, but it also does nothing to defend his thought that he's totally wronged by people who mention that he harasses women. - lris
He must be being counseled to remain silent. This is the quietest I've ever seen him. I'm still wondering about his quick stint and departure from III. - Mary Carmen
MC I kinda wondered as well. And I'm wondering if that was III silently acknowledging that there were things outside of work going on that they didn't wanna touch anymore - Sir Shuping is just sir
I met Joe once at CIL in...08? 09? and I know that there were several different people then that told me that....well he was basically someone to steer clear of because of how he treated people. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I met him several times when he was science librarian at Yale. Only thought was that he was an energetic new librarian who hadn't been ground down yet. Didn't see the behavior mentioned but hat means nothing. The shirt thing is odd. Did he ever say that to a man? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Never heard him say it, but I imagine that as an innocuous opening line he had used just to talk to someone. I first met him around 2007 or so at SLA, and he seemed ambitious and fresh outa libschool in HI. - Joe
It may have been intended as innocuous, but it was pretty tone deaf. It's weird because the phrase itself is utterly innocuous, but the vibe of the interaction wasn't. Whatever his intentions, his reputation wasn't helped by that particular conversational tick. - lris
I would argue it was intended to /appear/ innocuous. - Joe
That is my suspicion as well. - lris
It is a line with possible/plausible deniability of a sexual advance. - Joe
Yes, and it accomplishes a wonderful end, which is that I feel stupid saying "that made me uncomfortable." - lris
I am still disappointed that I was on an elevator with him and did not get nice-shirted. (CiL 2009) - laura x from iPhone
I remember you noting that at the time. :) - lris
Someone said "nice shirt' to me today O-O (He actually liked my shirt. I think.) - barbara fister
I have submitted my entirey hearsay witness - to whit, "I hear he's creepy.I hear this often." Not sure it will help, but worth a try. - barbara fister
I submitted my "he said I had a nice shirt" statement yesterday, with the caveat that it was a decidedly weird vibe at the time, and at the time it was already a bit of a joke in our crowd and our crowd didn't include either of the defendants at the time. - lris
Nice Shirt goes way back, but I will say while it was odd, it was not aimed only at women, and always struck me as an ice breaker form a socially awkward person who had been taught to always compliment folks, and that was his go to compliment. If it had only been women, that might be one thing, but I do remember men getting 'nice shirted' as well - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
(also, this whole thing is incredibly awkward, since he now lives in Reno, moved here with his girlfriend when we hired her. She's fantastic, by the way. Just, this whole thing I feel like I hit sticky tape every where I turn!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
on a related note, I hope there is a way to use older profile info on social media sites as information for this case. I seem to recall different info on a certain flickr profile. Glad there's an opportunity to provide character witness information. - Elizabeth Brown
Hm. Does the Internet Archive pick up old profiles? - RepoRat
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @brewnoser: Beer people. This should go viral. How large breweries believe they can manipulate sheeple into drinking anything.
RT @brewnoser: Beer people. This should go viral. How large breweries believe they can manipulate sheeple into drinking anything.
I'll bet that's mundane routine marketing stuff. - Christina Pikas
It's interesting to see how specifically they're targeting the micro market (which they've been accused of before) by using specific brands (Shock Top, Blue Moon) to push them out. It goes a long way to explaining the giant Shock Top display at my local grocery store, and why most people walk past it to get to the good local beer refrigerator. - Jennifer Dittrich
I agree with Christina. That is marketing 101. Blue Moon's plan is probably that exact thing word for word, except for the name of the multinational beverage conglomerate in the upper left corner. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
That's totally standard marketing. Why does it need to go viral? I saw nothing in the document that was even of interest beyond "Hey let's strategize on how to grow our market share." It's standard practice across all industries. - Hookuh Tinypants
I think the viral bit is for this document, mostly to share the pointlessness of their strategy. I'll drink a Shock Top if the other options are shitty macrobrews, but I'll never choose it over a true craft brew. - Holly's favorite Anna
They're ok with that because you're not "Matt" - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
RT @skeskali: The funny thing is he thinks this lawsuit will save his professional reputation. #teamharpy
Seriously. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Yeah... this is totally helping me think well of him. - lris
I think he has a reputation...its just not what he thinks it is. and i don't think he's been viewed as professional in 4+ years now, or whenever he started the "library futurist" thing - Sir Shuping is just sir
He was, in certain circles that largely coincided with the Dysart/Abram library-conference empire. Plus, y'know, the whole III sinecure thing. - RepoRat
Googles sinecure. - Joe
RR yeah, although I know it started biting Dysart in the butt the last couple of years. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I just think of him as the guy who says "nice shirt" to women at conferences. - laura x from iPhone
Christina Pikas
Hi from a hammock at our campsite after finishing a short but strenuous hike with a 31# toddler on my back.
View from top btw. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, Primo, you never cease to amuse me.
Primo knows best - lris
We need a "Damn You Auto-Suggest" tumblr. - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh yes. Oh yes we do. - laura x from iPhone
We do!! - Meg VMeg
We need a Primo Knows Best Tumblr, really. - Zamms from iPhone
I will do this tomorrow. - laura x from iPhone
I just demonstrated this to a class of senior music majors. They were amused. - Catherine Pellegrino
Always show how the resource doesn't work. That's my rule. - Zamms
omg - perfect use for tumblr - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I still like the Ebsco autosuggest for cyber warfare to caber warfare - Christina Pikas
^^^ That is brilliant. - Catherine Pellegrino
Depending on how the vote has gone .... - barbara fister
I remember students posting some interesting ones for Encore.. I think one went "Singapore general elections" and it went "did you mean 'Singapore fairy tales' "..... Can't duplicate it anymore or find the screenshot. - aaron
Walt Crawford
Full marks for this one: the Forum for Inter-American Research, abbreviated FIAR. The "who we are" page (editorial board, etc.) has the heading "The Ring of FIAR."
Down, down, down in a burning - Christina Pikas from iPhone
laura x
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest -
Okay, folks. It exists. Please populate. Damn You Auto Suggest
Show all
"or Primo Knows Best. Auto-suggest failures from library catalogs and databases." - laura x from Bookmarklet
Happy to contribute! - Zamms
Laura, you are a treasure. - kaijsa
Hey Laura, can I send you a revised Berlin All graphic? Just noticed my kid's name mentioned it so I want to crop it a little. - Zamms
And now it is also automatically fed into the LSW room. Heeeeeeeeeeee - lris
Well played! - Zamms
Zamms, yes, please do--or just go ahead and submit it and I'll delete the other one. - laura x
I found the avatar by searching for search fail, licensed for reuse with modification on Google images: - laura x
"yoga poses" and "otitis externa" just made me guffaw at the reference desk. Damn you, Auto-Suggest! - Catherine Pellegrino
This is just so awesome. - Galadriel C.
Oh darn. Can't recreate my favorite. They turned of suggest globally in our ebscohost. Oh wait - publib! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Delightful. - Marie
I am sending this link to MPOW's cataloger. *evil chuckle* - Catherine Pellegrino
I love this so much. - Meg VMeg
This definitely goes in my best thing ever file. - Megan loves summer
related, in a weird way: - RepoRat
Stephen Francoeur
The big list of "Did you mean?" messages you wish you could program in your library's catalog, discovery service, site search, or article databases:
Like, "You probably didn't mean..."? - Meg VMeg
Did you mean to search for something as banal as that? - Stephen Francoeur from Android
"American history?" Srsly? - Stephen Francoeur from Android
"Harvard Business School Case Study"? let me tell you about those asses. - ellbeecee from Android
"This is not a phone directory." - Zamms
"Stress in the workplace?" Just try managing this library's electronic resources. I'll tell you all about stress in the workplace. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
"Library hours? WRONG SEARCH BOX, braintrust." - RepoRat
WTF? Maybe you should see someone real, and not just try to figure it out yourself. - Christina Pikas
What you're asking for is physically impossible, despite what any vendor may have told you - Christina Pikas
"Rent a book from the library?" We're not that desperate for cash...yet. - Stephen Francoeur
I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. - Catherine Pellegrino
"um, ouch?" - Christina Pikas
"Bio 532? Yeah, your professor's stuck in 1983. Go to the desk for the assignment cheat codes, 'k?" - RepoRat
"'Messianic claimants'? Go talk to a librarian; we've been fielding this assignment every semester for YEARS." - Catherine Pellegrino
Did you mean "United States relations Nigeria" instead of "Dear blessed sir, I would like to find out more about the relationship the United States has had with Nigeria over the years. Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. THE LORD BE WITH YOU!" - Zamms
"controversial topic" Did you mean "gun control" "assault weapons" "open carry" "same sex marriage" "health care" "minimum wage increase" abortion - ellbeecee
write down the call number of that reserve book, because we take the unusual position of shelving our books by call number, not by class nmber - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
"What am I, spellcheck?" - YvonneM
Have we talked about the Journal of K-Theory strike?
again. wow. - Christina Pikas
Sarah G.
HOLY SHIT URBAN OUTFITTERS. Why anyone thought this #KentState sweatshirt was a good idea is beyond me.
HOLY SHIT URBAN OUTFITTERS. Why anyone thought this #KentState sweatshirt was a good idea is beyond me.
wtffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. - RepoRat
What?? Is that supposed to be blood?! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Yes. - Sarah G.
Disgusting. Tasteless. What the bloody fuck. - Uli
that vendor does all of this on purpose knowing exactly what shitstorm will happen. seems like they do this once or twice a year. yet apparently they're still in business. - Christina Pikas
I didn't know the story behind the comment they're making with this but this sweatshirt is horrible. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I just went (briefly) to the UO website. It's not on there. Also, this is something from Pinterest, yes? - Uli
I don't even. - Alix May
UO has issued an apology. Yeah, right it wasn't their intention to allude to the shooting. Urban Outfitters sincerely apologizes for any offense our Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt may have caused. It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970 and we are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such. The one-of-a-kind item was... more... - sglassme
Bullshit. I call total bullshit. - Uli
What Christina said. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during their marketing strategy meetings. - Corinne L
Is it wrong that this post has made me wonder where Smiley's Xavier short sleeve sweatshirt with a similar font and style is. - sglassme
Christina Pikas
Random thing: when husband and I first got married he kept giving me stronger and stronger feedback that the cornbread wasn't right. So I would go to my southern living magazines and moms recipes and grandmothers recipe - still not right. Cast iron pan in oven with melted grease in the bottom - the corn shaped pans- everything.
Then, visited his aunt in buffalo and he asked her to help me (I was affronted but was curious at his point). She pulled out a packet of -essentially- muffin/cake mix - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Like I had been making authentic southern cornbread with stoneground cornmeal etc and she was using Betty Crocker ! Later read that it's a northern/ southern thing. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
And he is OFFENDED if you put honey on your cornbread. Of course if it's Yankee style full of sugar that would be gross. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
So today showed babies proper cornbread with fake butter and honey while he fussed and humphed and complained. They enjoyed. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
That cast-iron pan corn bread sounds delcious. Man. - colgoni
sign me up for the cast-iron stuff!! yum!! (and lol) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Glen Campbell
RT @aptly_engineerd: San Diego’s school district has acquired a 14-ton mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle:
RT @aptly_engineerd: San Diego’s school district has acquired a 14-ton mine-resistant ambush protected vehicle:
What the hell? - Katy S
I'm guessing that San Diego schools have lots of mines. - Glen Campbell
Our county got a big military surplus vehicle and they're making it into a bookmobile and computer lab - Christina Pikas from iPhone
laura x
We are not in Michigan. We are at an ER outside Chicago waiting for a cab to my cousin's house. #toddlerx cut his finger on an escalator at ORD and required three stitches. Worst. Vacation. Ever.
Oh how horrible for you guys. Hope it gets better. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Oh, no! :(((( - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh wow. Sending all the good thoughts. - maʀtha
Oh no! Hoping things turn around for you soon. - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
did he get cool band aid or anything? i'm sorry that is awful but glad it's not worse. - Steve C Team Marina
:( - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Oh no :( I hope he heals quickly!! - Katie
I'm so sorry. That sucks. - Steele Lawman
Oh poor guy. Poor you. - lris
Hugs to you both - weelibrarian from iPhone
Ugh. Hugs all around. - Corinne L
Ugh, I'm sorry. What a bummer. - RepoRat
Hope things take a turn for the better tonight. - Jen
Oh no! Something broken or was he just curious ? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
He had put his Thomas engine on the escalator thinking it would go down, but we were at the top of the up escalator. He reached to get it back and cut the pad of his pinky about halfway off. - laura x from iPhone
:( :( :( - lris
Oh ow! I have sliced off a bit of one of my finger's pads, and I remember it as painful and quite bloody. And I was an adult, so I'm sure it was scary for the young man. Tell him your friends in the computer are thinking of him tonight. - Steele Lawman
Aw. *hugs the two of you* - Marianne
:( oh, poor peter! - ellbeecee
<whistles> ow ow ow! - Christina Pikas
Oh Laura! Maybe not the best vacation but years of "worst vacation" fodder. Toddlerx may not remember vacation but will have an awesome first permanent life memory. - Janet
Fuuuuuuuuuuuu...!!!! xxx - Melly - #TeamMarina
Ow ow ow. - Betsy
Poor babies :( - Meg VMeg
Oh no! - Katy S
Oh no, how awful! Sending good thoughts to you both! - Galadriel C. from Android
Hugs to both of you. - Marie
Poor baby. - Anne Bouey
Big hugs to Little Peter. I hope things look up soon. - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
Oww! Pobrecito. - Jenny H. from Android
We are back home. Never have I been so happy to return to my own disheveled, humble, cat-smelly house. Never. - laura x from iPhone
Oh honey! I'm so sorry! Hospitals and Urgent Care on vacation are becoming common for me. I feel your pain. - Yvonne Renee
Monique Judge
I need to throw a bra party for my mother fucking self. They are expensive as fuck. Especially when you have an ample bosom.
Good lord, yes. You'd think they were woven from gold and washed in unicorn tears. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
^^this - Corinne L
plus if you need a nursing bra all that +$20 - Christina Pikas
I would pay good money for someone to come feed my cat and carry me to bed.
Would it need to be a package deal? - Julian
Christina Pikas
Squirming, random kicking son on lap causing strange like/unlike behaviors
wait, you mean you don't like Swedish fish? I never woulda guessed. ;) - RepoRat
I think the specific link was to do with weird sex advice from cosmo... so no other comment there ;) - Christina Pikas
Is it still acceptable in society for one to be a man? I mean this not in terms of being a "manly man," but exactly as stated -- to exist with the identity of being a man. To not be vilified just for existing, mostly based on the past transgressions of others who have also been men. To feel a sense of (self-)empowerment instead of shame. Etc.
NPR has had a whole series about what that means exactly - Christina Pikas from iPhone
This, I am guessing: - Julian
I hope so. I'd hate to think what the long-term effect of the alternative would be... - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
It is absolutely acceptable and being a man means different things to different people and that's ok too. - Eric Logan
Having a male gender identity. That simple. - Julian
I think it's still acceptable. I am proud to be a Man and by different definitions I am not referring to gender issues. Just the definition of what it means to be a Man. - Eric Logan
Sure, I think so. I also think it doesn't have to be "all or nothing" and that different people can have/make different meanings of being a man. - Meg VMeg from Android
Apparently this article thinks that I'm male (refers to me by name and by "he"). I cannot verify because I don't have access, but would love to know the context
It is not clear when and by whom the term Library 3.0 was actually coined. The authors noted that the earliest mention of the term, though nominally, was in the late 2006 (Casey, 2006) and early 2007 (Herring, 2007). However, they also observed that the first significant consideration of the concept seems to be in 2008 on a blog, Pegasus Librarian,4 by Iris Jastram (2008). Jastram... more... - Christina Pikas
LOL. Here's the post they refer to... this "significant consideration" - lris
Somebody doesn't have a sense of humour. - DJF
I confess to being very curious about what Casey 2006 and Herring 2007 are. And what other sources the authors cite. - Catherine Pellegrino
I just sent you a copy, Iris - check your Gmail account! - WebGoddess
thanks! - lris
Somebody beat me, but I was going to send you a copy. - kaijsa
Catherine: Casey M (2006) Wikipedia to Library 2.0: You can stay. Available at: (accessed 21 August 2011). - kaijsa
Herring MY (2007) BackTalk: Get a (real) life. Available at: (accessed 21 August 2011). ETA that the link doesn't work now. - kaijsa
"Apomediators" makes me want to stab myself in the eye #shakescane #getoffmylawn - Meg VMeg
This is why Open Access (and stable links) is important! - to be able to refer back to teh originals without being blocked... #PreacherToChoir - Aaron the Librarian
This is why OA is so dangerous! You might be exposed to the reality of a great deal of what passes for professional writing in librarianship! (On the other hand, learning the reality of Iris J's gender...) - Walt Crawford
currently-working (as of Sept. 10, 2014) link to Herring 2007: - Catherine Pellegrino
Heee, just noticed that the journal is peer-reviewed. Going in the example file! - lris
Christina Pikas
Ugh. Had to convert cribs to toddler beds today because mr 2 keeps climbing out and climbing in with ms 2. It's going to be a rough night but dont know what else to do.
Good luck! Peter's been in a bed for ages--he never would sleep in a crib. Usually actually he climbs on top of his changing table, but a few times lately I've found him asleep on the sofa. - laura x from iPhone
Younger nephew used to roll off the bed in his sleep. I'd hear a dull thud and go upstairs to investigate, and there he was, sound asleep on the floor. - Betsy
I guess they're too big to put both of them in one crib? Maybe you could put the toddler beds right next to each other forming a kind of larger crib? Good luck! - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
They were in a crib together until about 5 months when the started kicking each other. They slept ok last night- mr 2 didn't go visiting until he woke up the morning. Naps are tough. Peter on the changing table is scary! So high - Christina Pikas from iPhone
so now they're running around their room emptying their drawers. sigh. - Christina Pikas
My kids are weird, after I put them in bed they'd just stay there. It does have its drawbacks now - they will still call to me in the middle of the night rather than just get up and come to me. - Melly - #TeamMarina
Ms 2 was on the floor next to her bed when i went in this morning :( - Christina Pikas
Ditch the frames/cribs all tghtr and just try their mattresses on the floor? - Lnorigb from FFHound!
today's experiment: fail. They are super tired, so I sat in there with them for a while - made them crazier even though I escorted them back to their beds with no emotion and no chat, little eye contact.... So let mr2 try to sleep and extracted ms2. mr 2 tore the place up for an hour then fell asleep on the pile of clothes he made. got ms2 to sleep afterward. - Christina Pikas
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @jo_boukarim: 2 people die from shark attacks per year: mass hysteria/shark cull. 1 woman is killed every week by a current/former partner: shit happens.
sigh. - Christina Pikas
Pretty much. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @stayathomemum: Some fantastic time saving tips from @SixLittleHearts - #time
RT @stayathomemum: Some fantastic time saving tips from @SixLittleHearts - #time
um. first get your child off the stove? - Christina Pikas
Maybe that's how you save time - teach them to cook at a very early age? - Melly - #TeamMarina
hire youthful looking midget helpers! - Steve C Team Marina
Andrew C (✔)
I thought I was technically savvy, but trying to borrow an ebook from SFPL seems to have completely defeated me. It's "on loan" to me, but I can't read it and I can't return it. So that was a "blio" format ebook, and I tried borrowing one other, this time in epub format, where I CAN read it, but I don't know how I can return it.
Because the latter book doesn't even show up either in my checkouts/on loan. - Andrew C (✔)
Now you know why librarians drink. - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
Usually you can't return e-books early. They're set to automatically "return" themselves on the due date. - Marie
I've gone through (seemingly?) every option and tab and I just cannot figure out how to read the first book. - Andrew C (✔)
you can return books on Overdrive, but not on freading. I haven't tried blio. - Christina Pikas
I just looked at our documentation, and you should be able to return it. In the Blio app, display your titles using the list and you'll see a "RETURN" link next to library books. In the AxisReader app, you may return it early by clicking the arrow near the title and then looking for the "return" button. - holly #ravingfangirl
The book doesn't show up anywhere in my AxisReader app though! Except in the embedded browser, where SFPL claims I have it checked out. It's just fallen through the cracks: one system thinks I have it checked out but the other system doesn't know about it. - Andrew C (✔)
lol, welcome to our world - Meg VMeg
You are technically savvy, I'm sure. It's the ebook vendors that are broken. - Steele Lawman
barbara fister
Good morning, LSW! How's everybody doing?
We've been up for an hour and are eating breakfast. - laura x from iPhone
sleepy. Been up for almost 3.5 hours - Christina Pikas
Good morning! I'm drinking a ridiculously bitter mug of tea, but otherwise am fairly good for a Monday morning. - Kirsten
Good morning! Butt totally DID NOT WANT to be in bike saddle, but I got to work anyway. Time to slog through the email, catch up on the class discussion fora, and get tomorrow's lecture done. - RepoRat
Looking for my mojo. It may have been left at home today. - Stephen Francoeur
If you find it, can I have some? - barbara fister
I might need a mojito more this morning. - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Mr 19 just left the house for his first day of class at university! Yay! (Philosophy at York's bilingual campus Glendon College which is fortunately long walking/short transit distance from the house.) - John Dupuis
Having historic rain - 5 inches have fallen since midnight! Streets are flooding! Rain in Phoenix is always front page news, but this is crazy for us! I'm in my office, but probably half our staff are still at home. - Grumpator
It are sunny on my back. In the mornings I can only see one of my monitors at a time but it's worth it. :-D - Deborah Fitchett
Christina Pikas
Did you see the informatics based intro to programming with Python coursera? I'm reading through the text now - it might be more what we're looking for.
Interesting! I hadn't seen that but I've added it to my watchlist. I'm starting in a few days -- Ray's taken it and he says it's got more of the basics that I've been looking for too--plus gets you to create games. I figure a couple more intro classes and I might actually feel like i can do some of this stuff! - Hedgehog
I tried to start that late a while ago. That was a mistake. Plus no interest in games :) interested in your report back - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Games isn't really my thing either but it's at least a "real" product (something else I gripe about with programming). :) - Hedgehog
Melly - #TeamMarina
Just spent 20 minutes under Josiah's bed cleaning dried cat vomit from the carpet. #MyFridaynightisbetterthanyours #fb
I'll let you know when my Friday night gets here... =) - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
I spent my Thursday night trying to find the mystery vomit smell in one of the car seats - you know the one that you can't take the harness out of and that still smells after washing the cover and sponging and lysoling every surface. - Christina Pikas
i stopped living with cats over a decade ago. this was one of many reasons why. - Big Joe Silence
Galadriel C.
PSA: An undetermined number of Ebrary and EBL e-books are not actually entire e-books. At a faculty member's request, we purchased an e-book via Ebrary, only to discover that some of the pages in said book are not available.
As you expand the TOC of the e-book, any chapter/section title followed by [text] means that the text isn't actually there. - Galadriel C.
According to Ebrary, this is because of publisher mandates at a title-by-title level. However, Ebrary can't give us a list of e-books that aren't actually whole e-books. - Galadriel C.
Sheesh. Thanks for the warning. I'm going to make a Twitter feed and it's just going to be called "@%$ing ebooks" and it will be full of swears. - Regular Amanda
Wow. We haven't run into this at all (likely just sheer dumb luck). But it's totally, totally bogus that such books don't come with a warning or notice of some sort, pre-purchase. Also bogus that PQ can't provide a list of titles with text missing. - Kirsten
Also, according to Ebrary: "Because publishers don't tell us that they are giving titles with removed content, right now the best option for identifying books like this is to look through them. I'm sorry there isn't an easier way. Luckily, this is a rare occurrence." - Galadriel C.
That is an unlike like. - Joe
This is so far beyond outrageous that I don't even know what to call it. - Catherine Pellegrino
lol - Meg VMeg
So...where's the discount for every time we run into this that is (at minimum) equivalent to 2x the cost of a print book so we can have 2 copies on hand as well? - Hedgehog
This may be why e-resources librarians drink. - Marie
Edited to add that this incomplete e-book issue occurs with EBL e-books too. - Galadriel C.
Can they tell you which publishers at least? So then we can set up a schedule, so that they get a call every 15 minutes for a whole workday, complaining about this? - Meg VMeg
According to Ebrary support, they don't have a list of publishers that provide incomplete e-books. However, I've sent a note to our rep to learn more and request more details. - Galadriel C.
This is wack. - Steele Lawman
And there goes the idea that vendors are looking out for us. (I mean, if it's that rare, couldn't they have started a list? Bet both they and the publishers hoped we wouldn't notice.) - barbara fister
that is beyond bogus. maybe we can crowdsource a list and then name-and-shame the publishers. - RepoRat
Publishers negotiated/paid for just print reproduction rights for the relevant essays. Assholes. - DJF from Android
Satan invented permissions to tormet us. - barbara fister
Something something open access noncommercial - DJF from Android
In further correspondence with Ebrary, their prevailing theme is that because this is infrequent, it's not a big deal. This is such an unbelievably awful user experience, and since there is no pre-purchase warning, poor customer service. - Galadriel C.
you didn't get what you paid for, and it's not a big deal? wtf? - RepoRat
If you were an individual, rather than an institution, this would be totally call-the-credit-card-initiate-a-chargeback territory. - Catherine Pellegrino
I know, right? We do not have the time or staff to review every single ebook to make sure it's complete and then track refund requests. - Galadriel C.
Is that the actual message from Ebrary, with the word "luckily"? As if the pages are accidentally missing and they accidentally sold it to you anyway. Luck should not be involved here! - Megan loves summer
Yes Megan, that's an excerpt from an Ebrary support message. - Galadriel C. from Android
that is some straight-up boolsheet. - RepoRat
That's nuts. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
gah - maʀtha
Gah indeed - this is crap. - Jen
Dandy. - Heather
Galadriel, are you on ERIL-L or SERIALST? I'm curious to see what kind of response you'd get there. I know publishers monitor both. Let's raise a stink! - Holly's favorite Anna
Whoa - Christina Pikas from iPhone
o_O wtf kinda crap ass bs is this?? i respected ebrary for the most part, but this...this is some serious crazy crap - Sir Shuping is just sir
Even before this, ebrary was a waste of electromagnetism - DJF from Android
Anna - I'm on ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L and am planning to post. I'm just waiting for further another response from Ebrary after elevating the issue from support to our rep. Yes! Raising a stick is certainly warranted! - Galadriel C. from Android
Let me know when someone posts on this and I will signal boost the crap out of it. That's beyond outrageous, it's straight up fraud IMO. - Andy
will watch for your post on liblicense-l and raise sh*t at mpow. - jambina
Apparently the issue is because of copyrighted content not being released for e-publication and its becoming a "smaller and smaller problem." Yet, our users have reported 3 incomplete ebooks since last week. Posts to listservs coming tomorrow or Wednesday! - Galadriel C. from Android
I just happened on this tweet, which I think may involve people who aren't in the conversation going on here, but is definitely related: - Catherine Pellegrino
I just tried the "refer to print version" search in ebrary and 30 books we own showed up in the search results. 29 included omitted figures and illustrations and the 30th was the book above that excludes entire chapters. - Galadriel C.
And it gets curiouser and curiouser for now the Ebrary e-book includes all previously missing content with no notice or further explanation. (This isn't go to stop the listserv post from happening though!) - Galadriel C.
"cheese it, the cops! I mean, the librarians!" - RepoRat
This can also happen in Gale Virtual Reference Library. We bought the multi-volume American Decades: Primary Sources from them, only to find that in a significant number of cases, the introduction to the primary source was there, but the primary source itself was not. When we realized this we stamped our feet and complained, with the results you might expect. - JffKrlsn
Most of the talk here has been about Ebrary, which we don't use at MPOW, but I can confirm that at least one book from EBL is missing chapters (Introducing Don DeLillo edited by Frank Lentricchia, Duke UP). (EDITED: we haven't actually bought it yet, but it's in our catalogue for PDA purchase) - Megan loves summer
Just to follow-up on Megan's note, that yes, this problem does indeed apply to all e-book aggregators. We found the above example in Ebrary, but ProQuest has confirmed that EBL is also impacted but continues to note that it's not a big deal because it's not common. - Galadriel C.
I found 5 books missing images in our ebrary collection and 26 books missing content in our myilibrary collection (all images except for one book missing four poems). - DJF from Android
It's a while before my next deadline, but I haven't gotten in any trouble for a while, so I'm thinking about writing this up for my next LJ column, unless it's resolved by then. Would y'all be okay with that (it's fine if not)? Would you want yourself and/or your institution mentioned? Would it be okay if the column linked to this thread? - RepoRat
Silence = consent? - JffKrlsn from Android
RR - please do! I will also forward you a copy of the list post once it is sent. - Galadriel C.
Thank you, Galadriel! (Anyone else, please feel free to object! I will not be upset in any way if you do!) - RepoRat
Does anyone have an EBL example? Our rep says it's only for ebrary content, but your responses indicate otherwise. Thank you Galadriel and all - you do a great service by sharing this information. - Jen
Hey Jen - the above book had missing content in both Ebrary and EBL last week. We bought the Ebrary version and previewed the EBL version to check across platforms when we discovered the EBL problem. Unfortunately, I don't have screen shots. I don't know if the content appeared in EBL as it did in Ebrary this week though. Also, you're most welcome! - Galadriel C. from Android
I'm not speaking on behalf of my institution here, but would love to see the thread in an LJ article. - Megan loves summer
Oh, and I have a screenshot from EBL (Introducing Don DeLillo), which is missing a couple of chapters. Let me know if you want it. - Megan loves summer
Galadriel--which listserv, if you don't mind me asking? - YvonneM
ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L as well as the list for the Boston Library Consortium's Heads of Resource Management community of interest that I'm a part of because the BLC has a pilot consortial PDA with Ebrary. I was planning to post last week, but the situation keeps changing and I didn't want to post right before the holiday weekend. - Galadriel C.
checking in RE posting, has the post posted? - maʀtha
Not yet, I'll post here once it has been sent! - Galadriel C.
Doing that "Refer to the print edition" search in our ebrary library came up with 97 titles, 94 of which were published by Liberty Fund Inc. - that phrase is usually on a page in the front matter, between a cover page and the title page. I only mention that because it doesn't seem like that would be important content. That said, 3 other titles are missing images for sure. - Grumpator
Huh. So, like, that was the only page missing? Weird. (Who removes the half-title page just 'cuz?) - RepoRat
Yeah - though here's one (The Free Sea by Hugo Grotius) that has a cover page, "page intentionally left blank," series title page, then 3 pages "refer to the print edition" (pages iv-vi), then the real title page. Seems so weird. What could possibly be on those pages that can only be seen in the print edition? - Grumpator
In most print-book designs, two of those pages would be blank (because verso) and the third might be an epigraph or a dedication or something? I can't imagine why they'd take out a freakin' epigraph. Oh, wait -- possibly a frontispiece? Lack of image permissions could be a thing. - RepoRat
Seems to be. I just found one, same publisher, that seems to be missing an image in chapter 10, so their omissions are not limited to just Front Matter content. Which means that my list of 97 titles just became a bit more significant. - Grumpator
We've got 115 hits for "Refer to the print edition", a good number from Kent State University Press (and Liberty Fund, Inc.) Most looking like images. - Meg VMeg
I take it back: the largest proportion is Liberty Fund, followed by maybe 10 from Kent State, a handful for Wesleyan, and single records from Routledge, Wayne State, and University of Georgia. Hilariously enough, this is the first time that "sort by publisher" has been helpful to me. - Meg VMeg
6 books from Greenleaf saying, "To view this chapter, please refer to the print" - Meg VMeg
Ok folks, I've sent the post of to ERIL-L and LIBLICENSE-L. In the post, I focus solely on our experience with the Ebrary e-book missing chunks/chapters of core text. Please respond to the post with your own experiences as you see fit and let the signal boosting commence! - Galadriel C.
Thanks for letting us know. :-) - YvonneM
You're most welcome! - Galadriel C. from Android
There was no follow up discussion on the list. Did you get any direct emails? - Joe
I got two direct messages with one indicating that they were going to reply to the post Friday. If folks subscribe via digest, they may not see the post until tomorrow. - Galadriel C. from Android
On off list reply shared that EBL gave a completely new reason for why the content was missing from the EBL version of the e-book: The publisher accidentally sent the wrong file. - Galadriel C.
Curiouser and curiouser. ;) - Catherine Pellegrino
I see two new response posts on the topic today on ERIL. - Marie
Anne Bouey
Every Comment On Recipe Blogs -
Every Comment On Recipe Blogs
"“I didn’t have any eggs, so I replaced them with a banana-chia-flaxseed pulse. It turned out terrible; this recipe is terrible.” “I don’t have any of these ingredients at home. Could you rewrite this based on the food I do have in my house? I’m not going to tell you what food I have. You have to guess.” “I don’t eat white flour, so I tried making it with raw almonds that I’d activated by chewing them with my mouth open to receive direct sunlight, and it turned out terrible. This recipe is terrible.” “Could you please give the metric weight measurements, and sometime in the next twenty minutes; I’m making this for a dinner party and my guests are already here.” “i dont have an oven, can i still make this? please reply immediately” “Does anyone know if you can make this ahead of time and freeze it?” “Have you thought about making a sugar-free version of this?” “Can you give us a calorie breakdown for this?” “I followed this to the letter, except I substituted walnuts and tofu for the... more... - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
hahaha so much this. drives me crazy. - holly #ravingfangirl
"“a warning that if you cook this at 275°F for three hours instead of at 400°F for twenty-five minutes its completely ruined. do you have any suggestions?” “I didn’t have buttermilk, so I just poured baking soda into a container of raspberry yogurt. It tasted terrible.” “I love this recipe! I added garlic powder, Italian seasoning, a few flakes of nutritional yeast, half a bottle of... more... - Anne Bouey
OMG, this is brilliant!!!!! I have to answer these questions as part of my job!!!!! - Melly - #TeamMarina
Chickpea & Milo Brownies - I don't have chickpeas or milo, what could I make this with instead? - Melly - #TeamMarina
I'm laughing so hard because it's true. Along with sugar-free requests are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and sodium-free. I saw a mac n cheese recipe where the lady asked for a carb-free, dairy-free, gluten-free version. Did a search and found a few recipes in a few seconds time. Why didn't she do that? - Anika
I've just shared this with my colleagues; our Food Editor is on a plane right now but I can't wait for her to see it! - Melly - #TeamMarina
Hilarious. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Did they stick the woman in the middle to remind us of Alice from the Brady Bunch:
Of course! - Joe
That's a whole lotta white goin' on. - Kirsten
and of course the sole woman is in HR. - RepoRat
my thoughts exactly, RR - jambina
Wasn't Sidi at Elsevier at one point? - Joe
Yep. He was product manager for EV and then for science direct - Christina Pikas from iPhone
RR said what I was thinking. - kaijsa
RR I thought the same thing! and i found the picture of all the hands together a weird image to include given that all of them people are white - Sir Shuping is just sir
They had to use random hands because none of the heads worked for claiming diversity. - barbara fister
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