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MvM, do you still live in that place where the front door froze shut? Should we fast-ship you a blow torch? I am concerned about the upcoming weather in your area.
Didn't she just move ? And me too she's supposed to get 25" - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Ha! Yeah, I moved. I AM SO EXCITED, Y'ALL. - Meg VMeg
Looks like a wintry mess for Sunday night. That means one fewer day of commuting this upcoming week.
But this last one was a big disappointment - besides the ice pellets - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Smores with Stephanie - learn how the Park Library can help you save time. Our event is Monday - #ParkLibSavesTime. Thanks to Michelle P. for the idea & graphics! We're targeting students in 2 classes who most need to meet with me. *squee*
will there be fire? - maʀtha
is also curious about fire? - Christina Pikas
no fire. Kuerig cocoa. And smoosh ins. Plus student is baking smores cake!!!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
What a great idea! - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Today's minor absurdity in my library: We have four printers named A, B, C, and D. This morning the dead A was replaced by ... E. So now we have four printers named E, B, C, D. Unalphabetized printers in our library. #twitch
I find this hilarious. - lris
change the name to Eh? - ellbeecee
Name them Elbert, Bunny, Clyde, and Dude. - Joe
Man, I wish I were able to name them at all! - lris
I just found a "rant" piece I wrote for Creative Nonfiction my senior year about Printers A and B. Six pages, Iris. - Lily
Make the egbdf? Music majors may get it? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Roy G Biv if they're color printers... - Aaron the Librarian
I have (had) 4 cats named Boomer, Calliope, Darnarian, & Emma. When we adopted #s 5 & 6, I wanted to have their names start with either A and F, or F and G. Didn't happen tho. #LibrarianFail. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
you could always claim that PDQ Bach invented a new musical notation... - RepoRat
At UMich at one point, we had servers named Bart, Lisa and Maggie. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Walt Crawford
I'm not a parent, but I sometimes wonder whether things get too protective (in many areas). Odd example, in a recent Magazine of F&SF: a short story where the about-the-author paragraph ends "Adults might want to vet this one before sharing it with younger readers." Not for violence--I never see that notice above stories with violence, torture, etc
AFAICT, it must be for one of two passages. The first: "It's about actual sex, real sex, between real people, not circus freaks playing to the camera. Sex is different from porn. Usually. If you're lucky." The second in the next comment. - Walt Crawford
"How was it?" Peebles asked... "Good. Great. Strange," Chris said. "Not like masturbation." (para) "Yeah, they're remarkably different." (para) "I kept worrying about her, what she was feeling, and she kept worrying about how she was doing, how I was feeling, I could tell. Toward the end, though, we sort of forgot to worry. We stopped thinking. I think." - Walt Crawford
"She said I was the best she'd had. I said the same thing to her, obviously. But it was sort of nerve-wracking." - Walt Crawford
So: is it the word "masturbation"? The idea of premarital sex? Certainly not lascivious details--you've just read all the details there are. I'm stumped. (The "nerve-wracking" is because this guy hasn't been able to relate to people, but is now taking empathy pills.) - Walt Crawford
Ah, but then I'm one of those who finds it remarkable that a PG13 movie can have as much bloody violence as anybody could possibly want--but only one F-word and precious little if any visible "nasty parts." Because violence is healthy but sex is nasty, apparently. - Walt Crawford
I want to know how old they think "younger readers" are. Those passages are pretty tame by YA standards. - Katy S
That's my feeling. I don't think either of the other two of the "big three" SF/F magazines would have included that warning. ("Big three" in scare quotes because none of them have really good circulation, unfortunately.) I'd swear there was nothing in the story that was even remotely offensive or Adult. - Walt Crawford
Seems like the writing wouldn't attract those too young to read it?<maybe would have better if I left the autocorrect - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Walt Crawford
Two-parter on my massive OA research: 1. To end the coyness, it will appear as an issue of Library Technology Reports (from ALA TechSource) sometime this summer, which means I'll do 15,000-18,000 words of reasonably tight, coherent presentation on the results and what they mean.
2. If there are one or two of you--max. three--who would like to review the rough draft of "Idealism and Opportunism: The State of Open Access Journals," let me know. The draft should be ready late this week or very early next; I'd need comments and suggestions within two weeks of sending the PDF. Reward: I'll send you a signed copy of the LTR issue when it appears. - Walt Crawford
[The Library Loon is not eligible, as it's linked to at least once. But then, the Library Loon isn't on FriendFeed. The BAE, whoever that might be, probably is eligible.] - Walt Crawford
Oh, and if it's not clear: the draft will be fully formatted (in a style resembling LTR) and will be roughly 17,000 to 18,000 words, or about 42-44 pages. One rough-draft chapter left to go; right now it's at 16,600 words, and the final chapter should be brief. - Walt Crawford
I'd love to but timeline doesn't work for me. I'll look forward to seeing final version though! - Hedgehog
Hedgehog: if your library subscribes to LTR, you'll get it automatically; if not, it should be $45 (with the first chapter free online). Dunno *when* this summer it will appear... - Walt Crawford
If its useful for me to to review then I should be able to do on that timeframe. This week tight, next week mostly tight (but with some plane time Friday), week after starting to clear somewhat. - Cameron Neylon
Hi Cameron, I'm mostly looking for library people, but I'd be happy to send you a copy. Hi others: If it takes more than 2-3 hours to read through it and tell me if there's something glaring that I missed/overemphasized/screwed up, I've done it wrong. That's really what I'm looking for; it will go through proper editorial and copyediting passes in any case. - Walt Crawford
I should note that the only journal I mention by name is PLoS ONE, of necessity given a discussion of publication volume. (That is: there are four OA journals I tag as "megajournals," but one of them--PLoS ONE-- has fivetimes as many articles as the other three combined.) - Walt Crawford
Caveat: That's as of the penultimate chapter. The final chapter might have one list of journal names as an example of OA presence in one relatively small field, namely LIS. Or might not. - Walt Crawford
<bump> Anybody else? - Walt Crawford
can't - must dissertate - but I'm sure you'll find someone good! - Christina Pikas
Thanks. No pressure. I rarely even ask (being, you know, an arrogant SOB)--but I'm ahead of schedule this time, so thought it was worth a try. - Walt Crawford
I have a big presentation on the 29th, so as long as I can start after that I should be able to do a review. - John Dupuis
np - I'd love to see a copy in any case! - Cameron Neylon
John, Cameron, I'll email you both PDFs when the draft is complete--either Friday or Monday, most likely. I don't plan to touch it after that until February 9, and even comments by February 16 would be useful. Thanks! (Could you each send me your email address--in email to I can send the PDF?) - Walt Crawford
Walt, I am no open access fiend, or even very smarts about it, but I would like to know more -- and would, therefore, be happy to look at your piece for my own education AND to help you out. If you want library type feedback without OA expertise, I'm your girl. :-) [will gmail that to you too] - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Thanks all! John, Cameron and Stephanie have sent me emails, and I'll send them PDFs. Three seems about right. - Walt Crawford
Christina Pikas
Anyone know about "Journal of Small Satellites"? afaict not in DOAJ. Publisher site (Deepak Publishing) looks a bit, um, incomplete? BUT there's a good article by a reputable researcher there. Oh, and the site is down right now.
What is it? Title, volume, issue, page? I see the cached version. - Joe
The one by swartwout on cubesats vol2 issue 2 - Christina Pikas from iPhone
This PDF link work for you? [If not, I can email it to ya.] - Joe
It works but the parent site doesn't. Or didn't. But I guess I'm wondering about the journal - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Jason P
Email: "Dear Jason, there is some confusion about..." No there's not. Only in your brain, because you are stupid.
d'oh. - Christina Pikas
Ah the subtle difference between "there is" and "I am" - Zamms
Love that passive voice. - Catherine Pellegrino
Mistakes were made. - Joe
Note however that in certain parts of the English speaking world, "I am confused" is to be interpreted as "You are confused." - DJF from Android
^ indeed. my go-to diplomatic speak for "WTF are you doing?" is "I'm confused." - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Sarah G.
Seriously. Look how amazing these catalog records are: (Catalogs aren't just for libraries and museums, either.)
So, I'm curious. What makes these records amazing? - RepoRat
The language sure is user friendly and approachable. Also, I like the cite this in Wikipedia info at the bottom. - Stephen Francoeur
Mainly, it's readable by regular humans. e.g. Not a marc code but "it's dimensions are". Plus allows for contributions from public and has call to action for using the record elsewhere. (e.g. if using in wikipedia) Also, adding color metadata as hexcodes (which may be universal, but I only look at boring records.) - Sarah G.
So, I'm gonna draw a distinction here that I think is important. Nothing that's been said so far is actually about the information in the record; it's about how that information is PRESENTED. (E.g. "its dimensions are" is not in the record; it's boilerplate language generated by the website.) That a couple of librarians conflated those two phenomena is IMO a *searing* indictment of MARC/AACR2/RDA, which also conflates them. - RepoRat
Heh, RepoRat set you up. I'd only add that the record makes room for useful information like "Why Do We Have This?" and donor, designer's client and so on. - Steele Lawman
I feel the burn. ;-) - Stephen Francoeur
I set MARC up, but yes. *g* I've actually had an idea in the back of my head for *ages* about "catalogers as information designers" and why the current tight linkage between cataloging and user-facing design needs to change (note: not disappear, just change). - RepoRat
And hell, I didn't know what y'all were gonna say. You could well have said stuff that was specific to the actual metadata capture (and in the case of colors, Sarah actually did -- and I agree that that trick is made of win). - RepoRat
Not sure what you have in mind by "why the current tight linkage between cataloging and user-facing design needs to change (note: not disappear, just change)." #allears - Stephen Francoeur
Right now library catalog UI is substantially mediated by catalogers changing what they record in MARC, as often as not in 5xx notes fields. That's a f***ing stupid way to do UI design -- which is not catalogers' fault! it's the only tool they have! -- and we need something vastly more flexible that doesn't require f***ing around with record structure and creating infinite wodges of... more... - RepoRat
omg. they (catalogers) want to pull our amazing software dev off of really cool stuff to make it so related people in records don't accidentally have a , in the wrong place when displayed to the public. UGH! - Christina Pikas
Oh come on you library pedants *g*, that is a record in an online catalog. Sure there are other things called records and there are different versions of that catalog, but if you think of a sears catalog where items are presented, and a library catalog where the information is presented, both of those things are catalogs and both of them work to present information appropriately for their audience. - lris
As one who was deeply involved in refining and maintaining MARC: I pretty much agree with RepoRat here, and *it didn't have to be that way.* Adding ISBD punctuation (arggh) to actual entered text, failing to subfield first & last names, and a couple of other things *could have been fixed.* It should have been easy to produce that presentation from a MARC record. - Walt Crawford
(No, I don't think this is an indictment of Henriette Avram or the MARC team. Given the time, what they did was amazing. That it mixed things up...well, "given the time." I still believe it could have been fixed in a backwards-compatible way that made forward-looking MARC records display-independent and much more useful. I could be wrong, of course.) - Walt Crawford
The Wikipedia citation thing is brilliant, I'm going to see if I now have sufficient DSpace skills to add that to our institutional repository. The colours thing, the shame is that it's the colours of the photo not of the object, so it's largely the colours of the background. Which is useful for some contexts, not others. - Deborah Fitchett
Seb Chan was at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney who did amazing things with their catalogue including using World cat APIs. He is now at Cooper Hewitt. - suelibrarian from iPhone
Seb Chan IS THE BUSINESS. I got to hear him speak a couple years back at a DH thing, and holy wow, that dude is amazing. Anybody who gets a chance to hear him speak, TAKE IT TAKE IT TAKE IT. You will not be disappointed. - RepoRat
Christina Pikas
Never thought I'd see this day: Refworks is importing conference papers from Scopus *correctly* and isn't importing them correctly from WoS.
oh, ha-ha ... fooled me. a bunch from scopus have the proceedings title 3x in the field. separated by ; - Christina Pikas
i'm going to do something in R or Python one of these days for de duping instead of refworks. i totally am. - Christina Pikas
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @slashdot: Parents Investigated For Neglect For Letting Kids Walk Home Alone
RT @slashdot: Parents Investigated For Neglect For Letting Kids Walk Home Alone
Wow. A whole 20 minute walk. - Joe
I would be livid if someone called the cops because my kids walk to/from school. This is the 3rd time I've heard of such an incident. What kind of twisted brain does it take to call the cops because children are walking. Where and when did laws change saying kids must be chauffered everywhere? - Anika
Kids walking to n from school, the park, wherever, all day in my neighborhood. My busy, dangerous neighborhood. Kids walk. Good grief. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
This is Montgomery county, mind you. They use 5 cop cars for routine traffic stops and yet open air drug markets flourish.In any other jurisdiction any other interactions with police I've had have been polite and respectful. Not in Montgomery county - Christina Pikas
Free Range Kids has been covering this one for a couple of months. - bentley
When I was very little, we lived in a 3-story building next to a park. I remember one specific day, being at the park with my younger sister and a bunch of kids, without our parents, and it was normal. I don't remember the exact age, but I know we still lived there when I was 5 and had already moved when I was 8. So, somewhere in between. This was in Peru. - bentley
I have to wonder about whoever called the police in this case, too. - John (bird whisperer)
And the fact that there is even an investigation? WTAF?? - Big Joe Silence from iPod
Same for me. When I was 5, my grandmother lived a block away from the park. Me & my cousins, (oldest probably 11) would walk to the park. Every once in awhile, my aunt or uncle (in their late teens) would come over to check on us. - Anika
I went to school in Montgomery County & like anywhere else, there were good and not-so-good areas - it's the same now. If these parents assessed the area where the kids would be walking & know their kids' abilities in dealing with any potentially dangerous situation, I can't see why there would be any need to investigate this. - Corinne L
Meg VMeg
I think I am going to be making use of this. - Zamms
Not my thing, but I understand the temptation all too well. - RepoRat
I. LOVE. THIS. - Catherine Pellegrino
I love this, too. - Christina Pikas
I get a 403/Forbidden error, but if it's what I suspect, I'm with RR. - Walt Crawford
I think they weren't prepared for all this traffic. I think you slashdotted it. - Steele Lawman from Android
"The craft herpes will go everywhere." Love. - laura x
Got through. Man, that is one nasty site. (There's nobody I dislike enough to do that to, but at, what, $8.16 at today's exchange rate, I can see the temptation.) - Walt Crawford
Make sure you read the FAQs. - Jason P
What Jason sez. - Walt Crawford
heh - RepoRat
I want to like this again for Catherine's link. - bentley
Yes. Oh man. That just drastically improved my day. - laura x from iPhone
Did you see that 24 hours later the guy who started this is already sick to death of glitter and begging people to stop placing orders? - Steele Lawman from Android
I thought the kid who didn't seem to shower at all last semester might take a nice soaky bath over the break, but no.
Ewww - Tamara J. B.
Oh dear. That'd warrant a reporting to the office of student conduct, here. - Kirsten
It reminds me of the time in the early 1970's when two or three vanloads of college students went upstairs to the apartment my grandmother rented out, and took showers. My great-aunt Alice was just so relieved that they were getting showers. :-) - bentley
in my highschool they took a boy who was like that into the shower (fully clothed) and emptied like 10 cans of aerosol deodorant on to him. i think he got the hint. - Christina Pikas
John Dupuis
In case anyone is interested, the YorkU Magazine has quite a nice feature on academic blogging, in which I'm one of the people interviewed. Beware, there is a rather large and terrifying picture of me involved.
Nice sweater. - ellbeecee
Very nice picture. - bentley
Not scaryat all! and nice to have your work recognized this way. - barbara fister
It's a nice picture! - Christina Pikas
Thanks for the kind words. I think I was kind of expecting a little head shot tucked away in a corner somewhere. Though I guess I shouldn't be surprised as the photo shoot was with an outside professional and lasted nearly an hour. - John Dupuis
Looks good! Nice stare off to infinity. - Joe
LOL, thanks. - John Dupuis
Larua Boats
Cod signal to those of you in private universities: if you are willing, please DM me the name of the person responsible for your records management. Also, if you have a useful RM website I could look at/crib from, that would be helpful. Thank you!
Sturgeon reply. - Jim #teamFFrank
Heh. - Larua Boats from Android
Our lab has one but she's new to the job. Lemme see if I do know the jhu one. I've met him a few times but I can't think of his name. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Thanks! - Larua Boats
She's asking for the halibut. - Greg GuitarBuster
I'm certain someone has done this, but my research-fu is failing me. We have a list of titles and ISBNs from ILLiad, and we want to find a batch tool to give us subject headings. Something along the lines of but with a batch export option. Our second option is student workers...Any thoughts?
Maybe the open library or worldcat API ? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Peter Murray
Fwd: Safe Conferences Are Deliberately Designed | Medium - (via
This seems so important for library or technology conferences, and so hard to do unless there are professionals coordinating activities. Volunteers? Part-timers? I think it takes more concentrated effort than that. - Peter Murray
Yeah, I am thinking about this a lot, now that I own the dance party at SLA (which I kind of wish I didn't, but I didn't know that was part of the package deal until I'd accepted the gig). I do think Spool gets one REALLY FREAKING IMPORTANT thing wrong about codes of conduct: most events won't even consider designing safety in until the work to establish a CoC -- even an imperfect one -- has been done. - RepoRat
I did appreciate the tip to close the damn bar early, and if I can, I am SO doing that. I don't think SLA will complain, as it should cost them less money than keeping it open would (even tho it's a cash bar). - RepoRat
If cash bar - will hotel let you? Also will bartenders lose tips? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Dunno, but I'll find out. I'm willing to find a way to compensate the bartenders -- and in any case, to speak quite bluntly, their compensation is less important to me than attendee safety. - RepoRat
That makes sense to me. If the hotel fusses, you can explain why you are doing what you are doing. - Peter Murray
Country-fried steak was a success tonight. On a tip from @cpikas, I ended up using a Cooks Illustrated recipe. Very good. #foodhat
cool! - Christina Pikas
Let me SEE it! - SAM from iPhone
Sadly, we won't be having any leftovers, though; I forgot to put them away in the fridge last night. :( - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I didn't even think to take a photo, but I'll definitely try to remember that when we do this again in a month or so. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Planning to try my hand at homemade country-fried steak tomorrow night. Hoping I find a really good recipe. #foodhat
The one I have favorited in my cooks illustrated app is wonderful. I don't know if it's available on their site or one of their books - eta - search for chicken fried steak - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I know that the seasoning changes based on the recipe, but it usually includes garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, and whatever else you feel like using. I do know that double flouring the meat (seasoned flour, then egg/buttermilk, then flour again) is very important though to get that crispy country fried exterior. - Chris Topher
Thanks, both of you. Yeah, Chris, that seems to be the main constant (flouring, then egg-wash, then flouring again). Some recipes tell me to prepare the gravy after frying the steak; some tell me to finish cooking the steak in the gravy. I think I'll probably prepare the gravy separately from the steak, so that the breading doesn't get soggy. Christina - I'll definitely look into the... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Signed up for Cooks Illustrated. Checking out the recipe now. I can see I'll have to make some substitutions; mainly, I'll have to either use my 10-inch cast iron skillet or my large electric fry-pan, since I don't yet have a dutch oven. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Noodle: Cook's Illustrated is great and their recipes work well. Be prepared, however, to be bombarded with both good cooking information *and* offers to subscribe to other products like Cooks Country and America's Test Kitchen. - Technodad
Thanks, David. Yeah, I've already noticed them hassling me about subscribing to those other sites (no point in subscribing to America's Test Kitchen right now, since I got two of their cookbooks for Christmas). We did use the Cook's Illustrated recipe for Country Fried Steak tonight; it turned out really well. Thanks for recommendation, Christina. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Christina Pikas
aw man. next house over was foreclosed and is standing empty. it's supposed to be "winterized" but water is pouring out of the walls - literally. I'm guessing sprinkler piping burst over the upstairs. I called the company but they've got to be losing hundreds of gallons of water. and all the new carpeting the company put into it.
Yikes :( - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
Ouch. =( - rönin
:( Do you know how/ where to turn the water off at the street? - Steve C Team Marina
I'd have to scrape away snow, pull off an access thing and stick something down there to do it at he street. Husband thought he could get in and I asked when I called and they said not to - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Should be about 52 °F in Denver today. But, we do get some snow tomorrow.
it was 6F when I took the kids to daycare this morning :( - Christina Pikas
We did have below zero temps about 3 days ago, so we had what the East Coast now has. - Joe
Are the roads going to suck? I've only made it into the office twice this week. - Eric - ill subliminal
John Dupuis
"So because John Dupuis from York University says so I'm just supposed to believe it? You'll have to do better than that."
This might be the best thing ever: - John Dupuis
For those that are interested, I turned it into a kind of a new years' post: - John Dupuis
That's great :) - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Mary Carmen
Just spent 20 minutes puking my brains out. Mariella came into the bathroom and put my phone on the toilet bowl. *sigh*
In not on. In the toilet. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Oh no. I thought she was bringing it to you, not, er, contributing. Dang :( - Jennifer Dittrich
oh no! poor mama. - Marie
:( - Anne Bouey
Salvageable? - Stephen Francoeur
Oh no. :-( - vicster
:-( - Jason Huebel
Ugh. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Gah. =( - rönin
I'm sorry, MC. :( - Stephen Mack
Thankfully, it lived. Thank you, Otterbox. - Mary Carmen
Yikes! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
literally on the porcelain phone. - Big Joe Silence
How old is too old to begin a PhD program?
never. as long as your brain still works fucking go for it! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Second Andy's comment. - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
When you are old enough to know better. - Steele Lawman
When you can no longer spell PhD. - Todd Hoff
When you are dead. - Shannon - GlassMistress
All of the above. - Catherine Pellegrino
Depends if it's fulltime? Like, for a fulltime PhD program, I'd consider how much salary/savings/interest I'd lose from living off a stipend that long, compared to whatever salary increase I'd get with a PhD (sorry if this was supposed to be a rhetorical question, I'm boring like that). - Meg VMeg
you people are way too supportive. :) - Marie
Put it this way...I'm working towards that (it's still a few years away) and I'm 49. - Spidra Webster
In my first attempt at grad school I lived down the hall from a woman who was in her mid-60's, who was working on a PhD in education after an entire career in computer programing. - Kirsten
When you're dead. I hope to have mine done before I'm 43. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
One of my favorite people is in England doing hers in her 60s. - Alix May
Meg VMeg
Even Netflix has trouble with findability from time to time:
This is great on a couple levels. - kendrak from Android
So does it say anywhere what happened? Search index corrupted ? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
My guess is they rank stuff based on popularity, and since Friends is new it got buried. - kendrak from Android
It cracks me up that searching with dots works. Do they OCR the thumbnails or something? Because in the image associated with the series (what would have been the cover of the DVD) it says "F•R•I•E•N•D•S" - Meg VMeg
See also M*A*S*H - DJF from Android
True, but M*A*S*H is the name of the show. This is just a stylistic thing on the DVD box. - Meg VMeg
Depends on how you define "stylistic". It's right in the opening credits, which are where the catalogers go to look for titles. But then, MASH was an acronym. Friends - HD - Opening Credits - Season One: - DJF from Android
Yep, you're right, someone cataloged it this way, here's an example of a URL for an episode: http://,12,f.r.i.e.n.d.s.:a4f604d3-dca5-40f6-b889-3ac79f3e5b15 HILARIOUS! LoC does it right, though, because duh: - Meg VMeg
Beauteous. - laura x from iPhone
I love you guys - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
AACR2 does have rules about ignoring the typographical design of the primary source of information if it's clear that the design is not relevant. Examples include odd or no capitalization. And this is clearly a case where an added entry would be critical (MASH always gets one, I'm sure) - DJF
THE EDUCATION OF H*Y*M*A*N K*A*P*L*A*N http://3r2w3j857xo417y9435rs2c... - bentley
yup. Those are definitely supposed to be there, from what I remember of the book. - DJF
Yep. One of my favorite books. (The original ones, of course. I read somewhere that the one-volume edition was entirely rewritten, so I'm afraid to try it out.) - bentley
Hyman Kaplan puts the L in LOL - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Meg VMeg
The percentage of people at Costco who are wearing the same deodorant.
50% - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Price-Club in the 80s, same cologne was Drakkar. Or a knock-off. Not sure now. - Micah
Christina Pikas
Poor Mr 2.75. Cuddled up on my lap snoozing. Didn't even want breakfast. Ms. 2.75 must have been why we're all up.
:-( - Kirsten from Android
He's actually back in bed asleep. I hope he's not coming down with what Ms. 2.75 and I have been battling but it doesn't look good :( - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I used to like Jenny McCarthy.
Ugh. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I did too. Once upon a time. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Who am I kidding? I am just going to stay home tonight, and simply enjoy a day off from work.
Or, I could go to the casino... - Julian
Or, I could go into town... - Julian
Or, or... - Julian
There used to be a first night silver spring that was nice. More family oriented - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Where is errybody? Still sleeping?
It's 4:19am here and if my hours weren't COMPLETELY fucked up, I'd be asleep. In fact, I'm going to try again to sleep. - Spidra Webster
Imma here. We just finished watching Forrest Gump - Marina's Godmother :-)
I'm here. Had to take boy to daycare wearing only a pull up and tshirt. He finally let me dress him when we got there. Car ride in a 26 deg F car seat might have been persuasive. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
^ Teehee! My Mum LOVES to tell the story of the day I insisted on going out to play in a sun dress on a freezing cold day. I didn't stay out long. - Melly
Reading until it's late enough to start drinking :) - Eivind from Android
sleeping. or was. kinda of. til terror decided to be an asshole - Sir Shuping is just sir
Bloody cats - Melly
You mean there's a time before which drinking is improper, Eivind? - Melly
Hope you get some sleep, Spidra! What's next, Helen? - Melly
I've been cleaning the kitchen and trying to finish Revival by Stephen King but keep getting interrupted by small children! 43 minutes to midnight. It's only 22C but at 93% humidity it's also grossly sticky. Ugh. - Melly
The lads have gone to the shops, then they're gonna try and get David's pi working with his new screen. I'm gonna have a bath, then get started on the New Year's Feast - once I've finished this stitch design :-) - Marina's Godmother :-)
On the couch, reading a book. :) - Jenny H. from Android
Just woke up from a post-work nap. (It's quite bright out there.) - Julian
I'm at work. - Steven Perez
It's 2015! - Melly
Happy New Year!! Tell us how it goes, will you? I have another 14 or so hours before it's 2015 here... - WebGoddess
Happy Australian New Year - bentley
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