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Christina Pikas › Comments

So was watching a interesting video on Openrefine. How do you guys use it in library work? hmm can't even get it to run on my work pc.
I used it to clean up student entered backlogs of reference desk data. I have taught a couple workshops on it, would you like the handouts? - Hedgehog
We use it to find the searches in our discovery layer of databases, websites, etc and add them to best bets. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Hedgehog definitely would be interested. Jaclyn, that a great idea, since I have access to Summon's logs and various Google analytics accounts etc - aaron
I've used it to clean up a list of journal names - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I don't have supervisory experience and I'm afraid this is going to stall out my career progress. No chance of getting any in current position. Closest thing I have is teaching high school students nearly ten years ago. Ideas on how to overcome this?
Can you take on projects that give you at least temporary supervision of project folks? Even if it's not formal supervision, a lot of places will give that at least *some* weight. - WebGoddess
Hi, good idea. I've supervised a few committee projects. I'll have to look into other stuff. - YvonneM
supervising committee projects counts. a lot of "matrixed" organizations the line management are separate from the project/program management. - Christina Pikas
Professional service? I can at best manage students at MPOW, but I'm doing a whole lot of low/mid level management type stuff for LITA. - Hedgehog
I'm in the same boat, and it's frustrating. I have supervisory experience from high school and my early 20s, but not libraries. Somehow asst mger at Baskin-Robbins and office mgr at a now-defunct surgery center isn't helping me professionally. My strategy has been to focus on leadership and talking about how leading without positional authority is good preparation. My department just... more... - kaijsa
I hate the way career paths are all like "hey, we're basically administrators and managers. Got staff?" instead of "we reward librarians for being great librarians.and contributing to the community and the field." One reason I was happy to be in a tenure/promotion system because otherwise I GOT NUTTIN. - barbara fister
Also tried to invent a promotion path for our non-MLS staff. Everyone said "how interesting.NO." - barbara fister
("Everyone" being higher ups in the college admin.) - barbara fister
I facilitated a discussion about this last month at ALA. The folks who had successfully lept into management were able to spin their project management and ALA leadership into management gigs. *BUT* only to willing hiring bodies. I had a great convo walking with someone afterward, who seemed to be recruiting me, but in the end said -- but oh, you've never supervised anyone. um. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Same guy has had a bunch of failed management searches lately (no surprise, and they are not alone in this). So now we are in talks about the next Leadership DG talk, which might be about building better position descriptions to attract the qualities you want. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Other take-aways from the panel: for a willing hiring body, they want to see that you have a leadership style, that you take initiative and see things through. For an unwilling hiring body, though, nothing will trump "I hired, fired, and evaluated staff" :( - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The position description thing is an issue. I think that's why many people end up places where it's just a bad fit. I feel fortunate to have had people willing to look at all of my experience and give me a chance to be in a management position. Hopefully I'm proving my abilities and value. It's tough though to make that leap. You're absolutely correct about the willingness factor. There are so many ways people can get management and leadership experience without a formal title or position. - J. Marie B
While I'm not a huge fan of tenure, I also see the value in academia. It is the only way most librarians will see any sort of advancement and I do think that opportunity should be there. I'd be interested in hearing what you were purposing for the non-MLS staff, Barbara. I have an excellent employee who I fear I'll lose eventually because there isn't anywhere for her to advance, except out of the library. - J. Marie B
We tried to describe a possible promotion path separate of P&T for the librarians in a committee report that I'm presenting on Thursday. I can move up through Asst--Assoc--Full Professor but there's no path to Assoc Librarian, Full Librarian. Unless I got my dept head's job, I permanently am at Asst Information Services Librarian. Huh, I thought the final report was in the IR but I can't find it. I can share it with anyone interested. - Hedgehog
Thanks for the input. MPOW hires librarians as staff, not faculty, as well. - YvonneM
John Dupuis
RT @arhomberg: "some libraries will accost their fate as being inevitable, them being powerless" Kindle Ulimited
"The question as to how this might impact libraries is an area where there seems to be a dearth of genuine reflection on the issues." <- dearth? what dearth? i'll show him dearth. - Christina Pikas
BiblioLabs? The more I look at what it says it is, the more I think I've forgotten English as a primary language. - Walt Crawford
Walt Crawford
Fun times yesterday: At 3 p.m. (+/- 5 minutes), power went out. Called PG&E; it had already been reported; estimated fix 6 p.m. Which changed to 8 p.m. Which changed to (gulp) 1 a.m. Finally restored at 11:56 p.m. Went out again after about three minutes for eight minutes. Restored (and stayed restored) at 12:07 a.m.
(We needed to know when it actually came back to check the likely damage to refrigerated/frozen food: fortunately, the Samsung fridge we got with the house has external displays with the freezer/refrig. temp, normally 2F and 38F. At restoration, it was 27F and 56F--the first not a problem, the second we're not sure. Half an hour later, already down to 12F/38F.) (Corrected: 38, not 32.) - Walt Crawford
PG&E has a good automated callback system for updates on est. time of restoration and when restored, but if you say "call anytime"...they do. And the up, then down, then up again apparently got things confused: I think we got four calls between midnight and 1 a.m. As for spoilage, my wife will need to decide re milk and several cartons of liquid egg whites, otherwise probably all OK. - Walt Crawford
The lucky thing: We were able to *entirely* avoid opening refrig/freezer doors during the outage. And there is one dinner-serving restaurant in walking distance, although my wife wasn't wild about it. And we recently picked up a good LED lantern-style flashlight, by which we played two-handed solitaire for a while before giving up and going to bed early. - Walt Crawford
The fillip this morning, 15 minutes ago: Heavy rain, for about 5-10 minutes. Pretty unusual for late July in a drought year, and probably just enough to help the crunchy-underfoot "lawns." - Walt Crawford
[The "one restaurant within walking distance" is significant: We have an electric range--and an electric garage door. Didn't want to have to figure out how to open it manually if we could avoid it... Still: All FWPs. No real harm done.] - Walt Crawford
opening manually - pull down toggle thing to disengage motor and then pull up door? - Christina Pikas
Christina: Yeah, we know how it's supposed to work...but pulling up that door with a big ol' car in the way didn't sound appetizing. - Walt Crawford
I was at Harris Teeter yesterday to make a quick purpose. Even though I do not have a "club card" there, I still managed to get the discount. Guess how...?
How? - Marie
Cashier used hers? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
That was my guess, too. - Meg VMeg
Don't know what Harris Teeter is but the name makes me smile. Can you imagine being a kid with a name like Teeter? - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I loved Teeter! After so many times of shopping there you would get treats. We got our first grill as one of the treats. A whole grill! For free! - Marie
I just put in a famous phone number at the self-checkout... - Julian
867-5309? - Melly
It really does work every time. - Julian
Ha! I had no idea. Only at Harris Teeters? Or is it like a bugmenot across stores? - Meg VMeg
Pretty much any grocery store. - Julian
That is so cool. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Oooh! I'll have to remember that! - Kirsten
awesome grocery store hack!!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
re the name - we also have Harris Teeter, which sometimes gets abbreviated to "Harry Teet" or something similar. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
John Dupuis
RT @qui_oui: Laughing an unreasonable amount at this. "Great moments in science (if Twitter had existed)" @m_m_campbell
"At least I've got a nose" #ouch - Victor Ganata
studying such a tiny sample :) hilarious. - Christina Pikas
Christina Pikas
shoe people: any thoughts wrt Ahnu Lagunitas vs. Jambu Clementine or similar? I want closed toe and I have wide-ish feet with no arch. TIA
bump? - Christina Pikas
The Jambu seem a litle fancier than the Ahnu. With what do you plan to wear them? - Marie
I really like my Jambu shoes, but I haven't tried Ahnu so I wouldn't be sure how to compare them. - Katy S
I only know Ahnu from actual experience and I love 'em! - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
I've had some Ahnu shoes (and literally wore them out I loved them so much,) but haven't tried Jambu. - Jennifer Dittrich
To work mostly with khakis. Leaning toward the ahnu- price seems really good. Thanks all! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @violentfanon: Some actual research on male privilege: Women receive 25 TIMES more online abuse than men do.
RT @violentfanon: Some actual research on male privilege:  Women receive 25 TIMES more online abuse than men do.
Like that there's more scientific data unlike what it shows - Christina Pikas from iPhone
The email from ExLibris regarding EBSCO pulling out of Primo Central (EL's discovery layer):
As you may know, for the past eighteen months, we have been indexing in Primo Central a number of the EBSCO databases. EBSCO has now changed their strategy and will no longer permit third-party discovery services to load and index their content. Therefore, starting 1st January 2011 we will cease hosting of the EBSCO content in the Primo Central Index. EBSCO will, however, permit our use of a specialized API to search the EBSCO content ‘just-in-time’. - Kirsten
Since our initial agreement with EBSCO in June 2009, we have made significant progress in working directly with many publishers and other aggregators to dramatically increase the content in the Primo Central Index. In addition we recently reached agreement with Gale whereby their databases in Primo Central will now be available to all, regardless of subscription. Since there is a... more... - Kirsten
Based on a recent analysis of the Primo Central content, we cover, through other channels, over 90% of the data provided by the current EBSCO content loaded in the Primo Central Index. Furthermore, of the small number of titles exclusively available from EBSCO, none of these appears on the list of the 5,000 most used journals, based on SFX logs, and only three appear on the list of the 10,000 most used journals. - Kirsten
We are currently finalizing the details of the new arrangement with EBSCO for ‘just-in-time’ search and will update you as we progress on this. However, we believe that EBSCO’s decision to withdraw their content from the Primo Central Index does not best serve your user’s interests. We therefore strongly encourage you to add your voices directly to those of the ELUNA and IGELU steering committees in requesting that EBSCO reverse their decision and enable their data for indexing. - Kirsten
Ah, ok. That doesn't affect 360 Search, because it's a pure federated search product with no harvesting. But this means that Summon is going to be cut off too. - DJF
holeeeee crap. - jambina
Yeah, the EBSCO databases are still available through MetaLib (EL's federated search). But not being in the discover layer may well do a number on use stats, and if those are bad enough then the state-wide agreements will start to matter less. - Kirsten
my comment on this has disappeared? basically mentioning summon and Ebsco being the new evil empire - Christina Pikas
Could someone offer a TL:DR version? The reference desk is poppin' this morning. - Andy
PRIMO harvests database content into it's central index. EBSCO has cut them off, but it still allows federated searching in realtime. (considering how EBSCO has been cutting off other vendors from hosting content, this doesn't actually surprise me.) - DJF
Christina: You commented on the one in my feed; I reposted to LSW. Apologies for the confusion. - Kirsten
Craptastic. Seriously. We just got 360 Search and are considering Summon. It seems that vendors like EBSCO will defend their damned information silos to the bitter end. Let's all send EBSCO email that say, "Save the time of the user", shall we? - maʀtha
Martha, EBSCO's current dick move shouldn't affect 360 Search, because 360 doesn't harvest. I'm seeing HUGE problems with Search 360 that have nothing to do with EBSCO. I suspect soembody at Serials Solutions spilled their coffee on a computer or soemthing. - DJF
Yes, I wasn't being clear in my carping. I'm thinking about how this EBSCO effects everyone with Summon or who might get Summon (in addition to everyone with Primo). - maʀtha
Are any other libraries reporting problems with 360 Search? - maʀtha
Wait, does anyone have Primo Central yet? This is a fraction of Primo users, no? We have Primo for discovery, but still use Metalib for federated search, so this doesn't affect us. - Meg VMeg
We have it Meg, but I don't know how many libraries are using it. It's still fairly new, I think--our timing was such that we implemented Primo and Primo Central at the same time. Metalib is still in there too, so we do still have access to EBSCO databases. But Metalib is so much slower than Primo Central, I'm worried about how this is going to play out here. People were just getting used to our new interface. - Kirsten
liking so I can bookmark this. We are a completely ex libris shop now so this will definitely affect us. - Elizabeth Brown
It won't affect Summon users as the content harvested direct from the publisher not the indexer, e.g. EBSCO. Summon has around 97% of 'EBSCO' ft content but has never harvested EBSCO - Graham Stone
Meg, we're in the process of setting up Primo Central. We got an email from Ex Libris explaining that we can activate a whole bunch of databases that we don't subscribe to that cover the EBSCO holdings. Then SFX kicks in to locate the article in EBSCO. It's an awkward workaround until the APIs are available. - Zamms
Interesting! - Meg VMeg
Is "just in time" federated search? - María Milagros Fernández
I just want to echo Graham Stone, above. Summon (and ExLibris) are already doing end-around work bypassing the "ease" of importing EBSCO indexing. I think this will ultimately backfire in EBSCO's face as their products get marginalized and their locked-in EDS customers become their only customers. - Aaron the Librarian
If EBSCO/ProQuest/ExLibris start making exclusive indexing deals with major academic publishers, then you can worry. For now, it's just one dog marking a tree that every other dog has marked as well. - Holly's favorite Anna
saw an EBSCO demo for their EDS product last week and the way that the VP was talking they have a few exclusive deals with vendors and publishers that no one else does. He said one going to be announced at some big engineering conference in a few weeks. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm with Aaron and Anna on this one - the workarounds are there, so until they have exclusive indexing deals, well....They do tout their indexing as superior, of course, but still. - ~Courtney F
I think when publishers start seeing libraries cancel subscriptions because the titles aren't in their discovery systems, they might reconsider the exclusive deals that seemed so tantalizing now. - Holly's favorite Anna
No use = dropped subscriptions at MPOW... If it isn't indexed in a discovery system there won't be any use. Of course, I'm still working on selling the priority of a unified index as a discovery layer. - Aaron the Librarian
So glad we don't have Primo. The UMN does, but not us. - maʀtha
How did this float to the top today? (It's from 2011) - Aaron the Librarian from Android
spammer spammed, but then got deleted - Sir Shuping is just sir
Ah ok. Added bonus: I still agree with what I said back then. (which does not always happen) - Aaron the Librarian from Android
LB hates stale candy!
What I learned from Weird Al's "Word Crimes" is that apparently I've never heard "Blurred Lines." I'm ok with that.
I wish I could un-hear the original. What I've learned from Word Crimes is that I don't necessarily hate the song itself, it's just the horrible lyrics of the original that I couldn't stand. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
^exactly. I like the way it sounded but i was disgusted with the words... now I can have the music with words I like. win! - Christina Pikas
Just realised today the way we do ILL here is quite different from most libraries. Yet another insight to why sometimes our faculty staff or researchers who have experienced other systems are confused.
How is yours different? - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Okay "most libraries" is probably a bit exaggerated. But i keep getting queries from new faculty or staff who keep asking where to search to find books for ILL.*edit* I was unclear, I mean they already have item in mind but want to find which library has it. We have always been a "you tell us what book you want to ILL and we will figure out where to do it for you" kind of library, so... more... - aaron
We expect people to know the item they want as well. - YvonneM
Aaron, that's how we do ILL too: they don't need to know where the thing is, we figure it out. We do a lot of consortial ILL stuff so it doesn't help for them to tell us that Random Library X has the item, if Random Library Y also has the item, and is a part of our consortium. - Meg VMeg
Do y'all have a form they can submit requests through? I know that's what ours are used to, even those that come from schools with ILLiad. But the bulk of libraries I'm familiar with, we expect them to know what they want before talking to ILL and ILLiad doesn't let them search that way. If i'm helping someone I often direct them to either Amazon or Worldcat (either database or .org) to look for things and I'll help them search if they need it. - Sir Shuping is just sir
We have a online form. I tell them how to get it. Yet some of them seem to feel that we are strange that they don't get this special search place to look for stuff.. I am a bit confused about "expect them to know what they want". That's a given, they already have the item in mind. What i mean is they seem to want to search through some special place to check if the thing they want exists in there. I get the sense they don't want to ILL something unless they think there is a high chance of getting it.. - aaron
Oh, we tell them to search Worldcat because it includes things we don't have. But they don't have to tell us where the thing is when they place their request (though providing a Worldcat ID will expediate the request). - Meg VMeg
people ask me that, and I tell them that we worry about that, once they've identified what they want to read. Sometimes I show them WorldCat, but usually not. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Just to be clear this isn't the case of a grad student trying to discover new itmes to ILL. It's about someone who knows something exist but insist on finding a library that has it before submitting ILL. I tell them to go worldcat too if they insist too much to check if the book they want is there (we not very big on OCLC for some reason). . But I don't think our ILL staff really care... more... - aaron
Another thing I noticed is that for us ILL = book items only. But I get a sense ILL also means requests for articles for many libraries? We call that document delivery. - aaron
ILL is books and articles for us, but honestly it varies place to place as to what they call it. It means the same thing in my opinion. As far as what you're talking about then yeah...yeah I get that a lot as well, typically from faculty. I think its a holdover from 16+ years ago where it helped ILL people to know where something was (before OCLC became fancy) I've stopped trying to tell them that they don't need to tell us where it is and just let them do that. - Sir Shuping is just sir
I have always been fascinated with how different faculty are, because of what they are used to. Ours nowadays tend to come from American ones, like Duke, Yale due to the partnerships, so there's a bit of confusion sometimes. Sometimes, there is so much confusion because our staff have no clue what they are talking about. The major one I mentioned before is the way eresources are authenticated in-campus and off-campus. (Answer: Ezproxy always, no vpn, no in campus login.. that blows their minds ha) - aaron
We call it all ILL, and we're set up the same as you are -- no need to know which library it's coming from, and in fact that would be extra complicated because we choose various libraries to borrow from for consortial/pricing reasons rather than whatever reasons a patron might choose. - lris
Christina Pikas
all agu journals are supposed to be OA after a 2 year embargo, yet MPOW can't get to a journal we have always subscribed to. Can anyone else get to this article pdf?
what the hell is wrong with Wiley? they apparently removed our IPs and then when they re-typed them in put a typo in MPOW's. - Christina Pikas
Wiley has one of our journals on a different account from all the rest, and we cannot get access to it. At all. It's ridiculous. - Kirsten
oh, now i hear it might be partly my larger POW's fault - they added one new range and instead of just adding that range, they gave wiley the whole set. apparently a few different vendors have mistyped some of the IPs since they did that this time.... attention to detail is important! - Christina Pikas
we have the pdf now, btw. pondering contacting agu though because the oa thing. - Christina Pikas
Why would vendors [create systems that force them to] *retype* IP ranges? Ctrl-C. Ctrl-V. FFS. - Deborah Fitchett
Steve C
Onesies are the devils clothing. I need 4 more arms and a baby with removable lego parts to get those things on pre-meltdown. #teampants&shirt
Onsie sack style FTW. - Janet
ms 2 HATED gowns. we used the little t-shirts that cross in the front and snap. i had about 10 each size - Christina Pikas
baby-in-the-bag! I've already got a dozen. #pantsless - Lnorigb
Baby Waif was pretty easy dressing duty for me. Perhaps I was a diaper/onsie savant? "Use The Force, Steve." - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Christina those are definitely my favorite so far and we've been fortunate to inherit a good collection. Since the wifey has no problem with the onesies I'm going to have to assume she has superpowers as I could not have a deficiency. - Steve C
My kid ended up with the shoes-with-a-bar-between-them. I learned to pick up both legs with the bar and slide snap-on pants under her. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
"The Force Steve, feel it coursing through you as you handle the tube of diaper rash ointment" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Walt Crawford
Sigh. Now the Beallster, in asserting Another Predatory OA Publisher, concludes that if you create an overlay journal to a repository base (in this case overlaying articles deposited in SSRN), the repository (SSRN) *is the publisher.* No point in trying to educate him; he's selectively deaf.
(The journal in question does raise caution flags--e.g. the "pay more for faster peer review"--but being an overlay journal surely isn't one of them, nor does the papers all being in SSRN make SSRN the journal's publisher. That's just...well, sigh... - Walt Crawford
Sarah G.
All federal court opinions will soon be all available (and authenticated @trbruce *cough*) on FDSYS. Yay! #AALL14
pacer going away (or maybe that's for something else?) - Christina Pikas
Something else. PACER is really just an electronic docketing system that's been pressed into service as a repository. So pacer will remain, but the repository and hopefully research functions will be replaced. - Sarah G.
laura x
Do any of your people have a fountain that people throw money in? How do you deal with the money? Ours is gross and corroded and the bank won't take it, so we have buckets of useless money sitting around.
Is there a scrap merchant nearby? - Pete
Will one of those coin machines take it? - Soup in a TARDIS
Soup, no--the machines won't read it, which is why the bank won't take it. We found that page from the Mint but are hoping to avoid having to spend the money to mail this stuff there, which seems, uh, inefficient. We've tried cleaning it with various things to no avail. - laura x
Two birds with one stone, maybe: crowdsource a coin-sort in the library, with an explanation of the problem and perhaps a request for underwriting the mailing cost. - RepoRat
Start chucking the money back at people as they walk past? - Steve C
McDonalds might take it... - Joe
Use it to pay for databases? - maʀtha from Android
Turn it into jewelry and charge people ridiculous amounts of money for it--proceeds to benefit the library? - Hedgehog
^that would be awesome if you mailed it to overdrive to pay for books :) too bad it's only paper money that's "good for all debts public and private" eta: my pointer was to martha comment - Christina Pikas
Apparently there's a company in Dallas that cleans and sorts fountain coins for charities. - Betsy
As to why the coins go bad: "When the mint needed to change pennies from solid copper to copper plated zinc in 1982 because of inflation, the durability of pennies sitting in a wishing well could not be at the top of their priorities. The pennies corrode horrendously and it's not always a simple matter of washing or cleaning them if they have become seriously disfigured by corrosion." - Betsy
Hope Leman
RT @McDawg: @CameronNeylon mentions FriendFeed and the big role it played in #openscience (ghost-town now) #jcbms
I can think of a few hundred library folks who'd object to the "ghost town" characterization. I think that what's made Friendfeed my most useful social network over the past four years is that it *isn't* full of hundreds of millions of people desperately seeking supporters, likes, connections, ads. - Walt Crawford
What Walt said. - Betsy
Walt Crawford
Probably not the first one to say this, but it seems as though somebody at Bentham Open would have realized that their favorite journal-naming convention, The Open [Noun-Phrase] Journal, results in some...unpleasant titles.
E.g., The Open Inflammation Journal, The Open Lung Cancer Journal, The Open Bone Journal, The Open Colorectal Cancer Journal - Walt Crawford
The Open Closed Meetings Journal. - Betsy
Those are admittedly the worst real examples I noticed--and yes, they're all real (to the extent that most Bentham Open journals are "real," which is a huge caveat). - Walt Crawford
Katy S
So, which one of y'all will enter this giveaway and review the book for us?
"Imagine a library — a very special one run by a librarian whose only concern is pleasing her patrons. In fact, this librarian will stop at nothing to service her readers. To that end, she has carefully collected a fantastic and fantasy-filled set of stories guaranteed to satisfy literary lusts in The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica. This voracious volume is simply bursting at the binding with amorous archives and bibliophilic bliss; it is a veritable dictionary of desires, with stories by top eroticists Rachel Kramer Bussel, Tamsin Flowers, and Salome Wilde, as well as Rose Caraway, the sexy librarian herself." - Katy S
...I nominate anyone other than myself to read this one. I'm not sure I could make it through the book with out dying from embarrassment - Sir Shuping is just sir
It would have to be an ebook and anonymous review :) - Christina Pikas from iPhone
nope. regardless of the quality of the erotica, I'd just get pissed off at all the total cluelessness on display about librarianship. - RepoRat
A porn book full of typos, would that be erratica? - Betsy
(Betsy wins.) - LB hates stale candy!
Yay! - Betsy
Betsy! - Marie
Is you name a song title?
Melissa by The Allman Brothers - - Melly
Victoria by The Kinks - vicster: full-bodied
There's several songs for my first name, but as far as I know none for the name I actually use. - Kirsten
I'd be very surprised if it was. - Eivind
Sadly yes ... the song is about an Irish Setter that drowned at sea. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Yes. Quite a few, even: - ellbeecee
My nickname is part of song titles (e.g., Sweet Betsy from Pike), but the only song I can find after a very quick search online is something called Betsy the Tractor. I doubt there are any songs named my actual first name. - Betsy
ellbeecee's link tells me there an Andrews Sisters / Bing Crosby song called "Betsy." - Betsy
Rockin' Robin is the only one I'm aware of... - WebGoddess
None that I'm aware of. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Air Supply did Amanda, Al Jolson and Barry Manilow both did a Mandy. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
^ And Boston! - Melly
Maybe I confused the two? I don't actually know the song. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
*sits with Ellbeecee and sings* - LB hates stale candy!
I don't think so. :-D - Uli
hey, Dolly Parton did a song "Christina" ... - Christina Pikas
I didn't think there was, but sure enough, there are quite a few listed on allmusic! *struts* - Corinne L
this reminds me that i should make a spotify playlist of my "holly songs" lists. - holly #ravingfangirl
867-5309, baby. - Jenny H. from Android
*joins the other Lauras* - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
On the subject of Amandas, let's not forget 10cc's "I'm Mandy, Fly Me" - Slippy: Potato Croquette
Valerie by James Darren, Valerie by Steve Winwood, Valerie by Quaterflash, Valerie by Panic at the Disco, Valerie by Amy Winehouse just some of them. - MAMA VAL#GOSCARLETTGO
no and my mama ain't a llama either. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Too many, and none that I would lay claim to. - Hookuh Tinypants
Not that I'm aware of. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Yep. Tennessee Jed - Jed
I luh you Ell Bee, but I'mma have to fire both those entries. The first one is not even music and the second is just Michael Brecker apparently having a psychotic episode on what looks to be a Playschool woodwind instrument. I still have no song. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Nope. But my mom's name is Barbara Ann. =) - Yvonne from FFHound!
mine no, but my mama's name is Mary and a guy she dated when I was in high school and I used to sing "The Wind Cries Mary" to her all the time b/c she didn't know the song and we were both shocked about that. - t-ra: WeirdnessSandwich
MY daughter just reminded me of Valerie by Jerry Garcia - MAMA VAL#GOSCARLETTGO
"Hey Joe" (where you goin' with that gun in your hand?) - Big Joe Silence
Say it ain't so, Joe. :-) - Betsy
Probably the closest is Jennifer Juniper - Jennifer Dittrich
@Holly: for your list of "holly songs," do you include the Christmas ones? Or is that a separate list for the season? - Betsy
Marianne by Leonard Cohen; Marianne by Terry Gilkyson (covered by many, including Harry Belafonte); Marianne by The Carousels. There is also an opera called Marianne Dreams, which I haven't seen. I did read the book it was based on (and quite enjoyed doing so). - Marianne
Yes, it is an old song called Jason Fleming - Joe Hardy from Android
There are so many. "Ken-tucky Woman", "How Can You Mend A Bro-ken Heart", "Fran-ken-stein"... - Ken Morley
Glen, you got a whole musician! - LB hates stale candy! from Android
Galadriel C.
Some colleagues and I are working on a Massive Analysis Project (MAP) of Scopus and Web of Science. While the report will be used for internal decision-making, we think it may be of interest to others and we would like to rework it into an article. What OA journal might make a good home for such a topic?
what's a MAP? I haven't run into the term before. - RepoRat
What kind of analysis? Would make sense? Or, JASIST allows people to post green OA. (Author's Pre-print: green tick author can archive pre-print (ie pre-refereeing) Author's Post-print: green tick author can archive post-print (ie final draft post-refereeing)) - Joe
Practical Academic Librarianship might be interested in it for how it was used for decision-making. and JLSC too, depending on the decisions being made. Portal? - jambina
CRL is also now OA and might be a great choice. - Sarah
MAP is just the acronym we came of with for "Massive Analysis Project" so that we could cleverly say things like "MAPing for the future. It really just means a whole bunch of data - as many different kinds as we could get to show/demonstrate use and types of use. Our report is 17 pages so far w/o appendices and includes quantitative user data (COUNTER, ILL, A-Z list clickthroughs, vendor-provided analytics, select use by department and population, etc.) as well as user-reported qualitative data. - Galadriel C.
Thank you very much for the ideas! I'll know more about how the analysis will be used for decision making in a couple of weeks. - Galadriel C.
I'll second CRL -- I think they'd eat this up. - RepoRat
And we finished our report! 23 pages of report + appendices = 50+ pages. I'm very happy it's Friday. - Galadriel C.
I look forward to reading about this project. - Marie
i want to see it, too. - Christina Pikas
the main bibliometrics journals are elsevier, springer, and wiley... sad to say. so can archive pre-print but not green oa final :( - Christina Pikas
laura x
I am horribly sad. And the cats have peed all over the basement. Not correlated, but.not helpful.
*hug* - joey
*tender hug* - Soup in a TARDIS
passes 4lb bag of chocolate chips... - Christina Pikas
*hugs* - Katy S
*more hugs* - maʀtha
*hugs* *hands over your favorite adult beverage* *grabs white vinegar for basement* - Corinne L
(((laura x))) - Anne Bouey
**hugs** - Jennifer Dittrich
:( *big hug* - Jenny H. from Android
Are you certain cats have peed? A humid basement has an exact cat pee odor. Seriously, it really does. - Janet
Hugs to you. Hope today is less fragrant. - Meg VMeg from Android
*hugs* - Kirsten
MacroWorld publishers - legit? not legit? I don't see them or their titles available in EBSCONet, in Ulrich's, or even on Beall's List. I'm going with scam, but before I tell that to the prof. who asked … any thoughts? MacroWorld - International Publisher
this journal "Quantitative Analysis in Communication" has neither an editor nor an assoc. editor, and yet, "publishes theoretical and empirical research in media and communication, semi-annually in January and July by the ILCS by cooperation with the MacroWorld Publishing" and " All articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by two anonymous referees." - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Scam scam scam scam scametty scam. Lots of signs: poor grammar, insane disciplinary spread, lots of spaghetti-at-the-wall journals with 0 issues and often 0 editors (!). They can't seem to decide whether they're a publisher or a publishing-services provider, either. - RepoRat
Looks scammy. They have subscription prices at for their journals, but they offer hybrid OA for authors at about $300. I checked two journals, and I don't see any articles yet. [Edit. Social Media studies did come out with an issue.] Clicking on many links do not go where... more... - Joe
looks like it's one guy in Turkey. WIth that said, it's a much nicer website than some. - Christina Pikas
For added amusement, the ethics statement is ripped off from AIP. (They did at least credit!) - RepoRat
you guys rock! I found the publisher in WorldCat, shows 15 titles published by MacroWorld — all in the late 1990s, and all about Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. The publisher is listed as being in Kuala Lumpur. I don't see any serials published by them. Definitely telling my grad students to Stay Away. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Sorry I was late, but all the bases are covered--except one: Zero journals in DOAJ, which makes their boastfulness a double red flag. The kind of "publisher" that disappears quietly six months down the road. - Walt Crawford
A little googling indicates that the thing that's currently shaking my house is called an articulated remote control vibratory trench roller. #themoreyouknow
ohhh those things are horrid. small but like mini earthquake machines - Sir Shuping is just sir
(liking because i love that you googled it, not for the shaking which is ugh) - Marianne
"mini earthquake machines" yes! - lris
you are going to blow your nephew's mind with this news! not every aunt has a mini earthquake machine outside her window - maʀtha
I want to see one of these things now. - laura x
I am very very disappointed that nobody has Gone There yet in this thread. #iamtwelve - Catherine Pellegrino
well, how could we do that after Martha brought the nephew into the thread? that just wouldn't be right. - RepoRat
I was thinking it, Catherine. I try to stay classy in Iris's threads, though. She's a classy chick. - Jason P
I would have Gone There, but that's because I'm not nearly as classy as the rest of you folks. - ellbeecee
here's a picture: very fancy! - Christina Pikas
"The lower end is completely maintenance-free, thanks to the self-lubricating design of the drive and exciter." ALL-RIGHTY THEN. - RepoRat
Why have I not seen this as a matchhotboxwheels before? My son would have loved this as a child. - Joe
LOL RR - lris
what do you think I meant by RISE of the machines? *pokes out lip* - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
there, there, Bee, we acknowledge your innuendo - Pete
too late. I had to ask. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
sulking won't help - Pete
it soothes me - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I thought about Going There - maʀtha
also, I would absolutely watch the Barry & Pete Show - maʀtha
It would just be a lot of drinking and cussing. Lots of toilet humor. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
I picture you both in smoking jackets - maʀtha
We'd be rated R for Rambling. - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
R stands for so many other things - maʀtha
Really Tired.Rum. - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
bless you - Glen Campbell
Sarah G.
Does "seeking world domination" count as political activities that might mess up ones 501(3)(c) classification? Asking for a friend.
I think it depends on whether you actually turn a profit. - Jennifer Dittrich
Only if for-profit companies benefit from your plans, I think (cf Yorba). - RepoRat
I think it depends on if you plan to just take it or if you plan to win it in an election. Seizing world power is probably ok, but trying to get elected as a 501 3 c is a no-no - Christina Pikas
This is bizarre. Nucleic Acids Research is an OUP journal. It's "open access", with all content available to readers on the web. Authors have the choice of a CC-BY-NC license or a CC-BY license (same fees for either). But if they select the CC-BY-NC license, then OUP is the rightsholder for commercial uses. I'm not sure how I feel about this.
you would prefer the alternative that the authors retain rights for commercial usage? I wouldn't think many people would want that. - Christina Pikas
i've seen similar wording in some others, though they don't call it a CC license - usually it's author retains copyright and can do anything NC they like, but if $ is involved publisher must be consulted. - jambina
Christina, personally, I would prefer that authors sign the CC-BY license, but it's not up to me how authors feel about that. Plan B is that authors retain control over future uses of the material, which means that they sign a CC-BY-NC license, and commercial users have to ask the AUTHOR for permission. - DJF
A friend of mine who was editing a book had to omit one of the essential articles on the subject because the publisher's fees for including the article were too expensive. I doubt that the author of the article would have attempted to ask for fees at all, if the article had been in his control. - DJF
I'd definitely prefer authors sign CC-BY, but I can imagine authors deciding they want to retain NC rights. What I can't imagine is an informed author deciding they want OUP to retain NC rights. I presume OUP is relying on authors not being that informed. - Deborah Fitchett
That strategy has worked for YEARS. - barbara fister
Decades. - RepoRat
Is the OUP situation the norm? I had discussions with people who felt CC-BY-NC should be the default, I think under the assumption the author decides on non-NC cases. - aaron
I think for both OUP, NPG and Elsevier you pass all commercial rights (either explicitly or the right to sublicense) to the publisher. Less clear in other cases that I'm aware of but I haven't looked closely. In all the big cases the intent of offering NC licensing does seem to be to give publishers right to refuse over commercial uses, not the author tho. - Cameron Neylon
Oh, this is a good one. Karger's open access option also uses the CC-BY-NC license, but, "Karger Publishers acts as a central point for commercial requests in order to help protect your work from misuse." - DJF
Dang. This is kind of a racket. - RepoRat
I love our new grill. Today: Bacon wrapped taters, turkey burgers, and on the side a huge helping of cauliflower. #nomnomnom
*gets in the car and starts driving* - Big Joe Silence
Did you grill the cauli? If so, tips on how to do that? I'd give it a try but have no idea what to do. - Marie
Nope, Marie, that was the only thing that was not grilled. Simply steamed and served with a bit of ranch dressing, in my case, plain in her case. - Uli
We might have to try grilling it sometime, though. Maybe keep it in fairly large chunks, nuke it a little bit to start, then finish off on the grill? I dunno. - Kirsten
You had me at bacon. - Melly
roasted cauliflower in the oven is tasty. i don't see why you couldn't do the same thing on the grill? big chunks, coated in olive oil with some salt and pepper. on one of those vegetable grill pans - Christina Pikas
Maybe our Brussels sprouts will work, too. Might have some field testing to do. - Uli
I volunteer as tribute (taste tester). - Marie
Bacon wrapped taters? Intrigued! - Heleninstitches
Marie: I'll let you know time and date for the festivities. Helen: Very easy. Poke them taters and soak them for a while, wrap a slice of bacon around, grill in aluminium foil (not aluminum). 20 min or so, depending on size. Done. Heavenly. - Uli
Meg VMeg
Anyone know of a good resource that lists scholarship opportunities for undergrad women pursuing STEM majors? Something national/international and/or that breaks down these opportunities by institution?
Or is this not a kind of money that undergrads traditionally apply for? I can't figure out why there's not a list. The best I've found so far is this Gender Equality one from Berkeley: but it's not entirely science, and includes UC-specific info. - Meg VMeg
US news has an old list I don't know of a newer centralized list but the groups they mention all seem to have undergrad and grad $$ available. - Hedgehog
Yeah, that's the next best thing I found. But it's missing so much stuff! Now I'm finding some good stuff in a bunch of different places, but I'm surprised there's not a more comprehensive list (maybe some kind of reference source), and I do not have time to compile one. - Meg VMeg
Where's a LIS intern when you need one.... :p - Hedgehog
lol - Meg VMeg
There are books at the public library. Scholarships by major by region by other decriptors - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Meg VMeg
Do you have a safe deposit box? Like, one that you set up, not one that your parents set up which incidentally contains items belonging to you.
Yes. It has stuff like wills, deeds, etc. - John Dupuis
I got a good deal on one years ago at the Chase on University Place. I tried to find similar rates on the UWS but had no luck. - Stephen Francoeur
Yeah, it's got a few things in it. I need to put our wills in it. (NTS: get wills.) - Catherine Pellegrino
yes, we keep things like wills and living wills in it. When my spouse was still on a visa, we kept all of her official documents there - it would have been terrifying to lose them in a fire or to burglary, etc. My ex actually kept a relatively large stash of money (a few thousand) in hers. - Sarah
No, but I probably need to put my will into one. Or at least get that extra copy sent to my friend who lives out of state and is the back up executor. - Hedgehog
I preface this by stating flat out I know next to nothing about wills, but how do you get around the chicken-and-egg problem of needing the will to access the safe deposit box to access the will? - Mark Trapp
yes we have one. ^ copy of ... is how you get around. i actually don't know for sure what's in there. documents about our cars and our house and my engagement ring. - Christina Pikas
Yes, what Christina said. We have a copy, our lawyer has a copy, and the original is in the safe deposit box. - Sarah
i got one in the mid-80s, i forget why. later, once i married, we kept our passports and leftover foreign currency and titles and wills and other documents in it. my wife and i decided to ditch it a few years back for what we feel is a better solution for us. - Big Joe Silence
Yep. Stack of cash, extra passports for various nationalities/identities, loaded handgun, microfilm... the usual. - SAM
I used to, then I moved and never got around to setting up a new one but I should've. Since I'm about to move again, I think I will this time. I just need to find a place to replace my good credit union. - Betsy
@SAM: i always knew there was more to you than a ranch and a guitar. time to come in. - Big Joe Silence
Used to and probably should again, not for wills (exc. copy) so much as for other legal documents. - Walt Crawford
yes. I've kept one since I left home. It has original documents (birth certificate, passport, vaccine records, etc.), inherited jewelry and other tidbits of reasonable value, and a meager stash of emergency cash. - t-ra: WeirdnessSandwich
Yes, I've had one since my mid-20s, a long time ago. :) Contents include wills, trusts, deeds, titles, passports, vaccination records, marriage license, jewelry, and copies of wills/trusts of relatives that name us as executors. Also contains some of the same for kids who have not yet obtained a box. - Anne Bouey
Nope. I also need to make a will. And get some witnesses to sign my durable power of attorney. - laura x
Christina and Sarah: Aha, makes sense. Thanks guys! - Mark Trapp
Never thought about it. Vital legal documents are in a pocket in my go-bag. Not so useful if fire breaks out when I'm not at home, granted. Should scan and email copies to myself, at least. - Deborah Fitchett
A cemetery worker suggested having important papers placed in waterproof baggies or containers and then placed in the freezer. In circumstance of fire this appears one of the last to be damaged. - Janet
Catherine Pellegrino
I have never bothered to set an "out of office" email autoresponder thinger. Should I?
Honestly, I never do. Only if I'm going to be out more than a week with scanty email access. - RepoRat
Since I don't have off-site email access (I've chosen not to learn how), I set it when I know I'll the out for more than a day. The one time I forgot, my director emailed me about something and eventually went to my boss when she didn't get a response. - Katie
i always do, but a MPOW there's a global rule so it never goes outside of the firewall. otherwise i might not for fear of listserv hell.eta: it's difficult for me to check my work e-mail from away as it requires 2-factor authentication and i've also set the expectation of quick responses. - Christina Pikas
I started setting it (and changing my voicemail message) after the first time I was out of town and a faculty member left 3 voicemails, emailed twice, and called my officemate (who told him I was out of town). It seemed like an unnecessary level of panic that was pretty easy to avoid. Also it helps me not check my email on vacation. I only do it for extended vacations though - not for being sick or taking an extra day off here or there. - Marianne
Hm. Okay, maybe I'll look into setting one for my upcoming week of vacation. I've just never set one before, for any length of time, and never had it come back to bite me. And frankly, I find them annoying as heck, but I guess I can see the purpose. - Catherine Pellegrino
I do, but all my lists go to a gmail acct, and that doesn't get one. But it's a courtesy, since I'd rather students/faculty get one if they contact me with a question and know they can go to someone else if it's urgent. - ellbeecee from Android
I find them annoying when I already know the person is gone (like a direct co-worker) but helpful in other circumstances. Also, we were pretty much told "do it" so I do it. I always include contact information for the reference desk in my email and voicemail messages when I know I'm going to be out for more than a day or two and don't want to be checking email while I'm out. - lris
yes, for the reasons above. especially what Christina said about my having set an expectation of a quick response. if I know I'm not going to check email, I set the out of office thingie. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Good point about the contact info, Iris, I do that too (esp. since there are two major sets of things people are likely to be urgently contacting me about, with two different sets of people they should talk to if I am not here). - Marianne
Yeah, the contact info thing is tricky for me in this instance, since neither reference nor circulation is what you might precisely call "staffed" in the summer, but we make do. - Catherine Pellegrino
I should have set one while I was on maternity leave but forgot. Doh. I do it only if I'm really not going to be checking my email. - laura x
I don't...but I also typically check my email even when I'm off/out of the office....primarily because I'm insane. And also it keeps other people out of things they don't need to be involved in - Sir Shuping is just sir
I set one for longer than 1 day out of office. Ours allow for responses only to direct emails--so listservs shouldn't get spammed (I hope). It's pretty common in our campus culture and helps me manage expectations of response. We had wireless at ALA but I didn't have brain capacity for a couple of hours of email at night, so...out of office and I just cleaned things out yesterday. - Hedgehog
I used to but don't now unless it is overseas where I have limited email access.The manage expectation part is why I am considering adding it back in, even though I do (typo) check my email when on leave. - aaron
If you do it, for God's sake refrain from emailing people when it's active. So irritating to reply to an email and get an out-of-office message. - JffKrlsn from Android
At MPOW I don't have access to email offsite (and, in fact, I don't want to) so I set an out of office message identifying who can help while I'm away. Principals in my lab know how to contact me when I'm offsite (another email address which I can get to from offsite) for something urgent+important. - henry
hijack: Does anybody else get people posting direct research/tech questions to your social media accounts when they know you're out of office? Because I am, and I'm trying to be nice while telling my friends to back up. (I do set out of office messages because our AUL asks us to and for reasons identical to Iris's above.) - kaijsa
I set my out-of-office email message for times when I'm not going to reply to office email. That way when someone needs something immediately they know know not to wait for me to respond. I usually only do this when I'm going to be out of town. - John: Thread Killer
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