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drinking-beer-from-a-glass-jar-20110630.jpg -
On church: "I am uncertain what life guidance an elderly repressed homosexual can offer me and the squeeze based on an old book of dubious translation and authenticity, though the singsongs are not too bad. Jerusalem is a good number." - Chris Prince
I won't get into the cats vs dogs debate, but pigs easily make cuter pets than dogs. - Chris Prince
We call them carrot-tops and we call them gingers, but we never... -
A magic trick. It began as a wadded-up napkin. -
Sexpigeon comes up with some great captions. - Chris Prince
Another well written humor piece / essay from the London bloke who pretends to only drink cheap "cooking lager". - Chris Prince
How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You -
Sabering a Champagne Bottle -
Everybody knows noodles and dumplings hate each other. - Chris Prince
This week in search 1/8/10 -
Some fascinating facts here. - Chris Prince
A little french sophistication -
Useful mixology tips. Especially the part about cocktail weenies.... "In order to get the lady squeeze to try one, serve in a cocktail glass and make up a name. Something like 'Chicago blue mist' or 'Manhattan red sky'. There's a cocktail called a Manhattan and you never know, what you knock up might even share some common ingredients. This makes it sound like you knew what you were doing and haven’t just knocked up something foul. One tip though. Olives and cherries make a nice bit of decoration to a cocktail. Despite their name, cocktail sausages on cocktail sticks are not to be put in cocktails for decoration. It’s considered an error to put a small sausage in a drink." - Chris Prince
Mmm, I love sourdough. Adding that yeasty goodness to pasta sounds awesome. - Chris Prince
Vanity is my favourite sin -
A thoroughly amusing beer blog, written from the point of view of a beer-geek hater. I laughed out loud at the last line in this post. - Chris Prince
Go thataway: Google Maps India learns to navigate like a local -
This is pretty impressive; getting this right is a Hard Problem, akin to AI. A related feature (simpler, but still impressive): driving directions in France now include pictures of the distinctive highway signs. - Chris Prince
Findings: Carpe Diem? Maybe Tomorrow -
I'm totally guilty of this, though I've gotten better since realizing I do it. From the article: "[People] anticipate that they’ll kick themselves later if they take second-best option and then see the best one is still available. But they don’t realize that regret can go the other way. They’ll end up with something worse and regret not taking the second-best one." - Chris Prince
The Greatest Prank Call Ever -
eviljerkcart: great article on the impossible process of street food permits -
Tasty Tattoos and the Chefs Who Sport Them -
Beer Tickers - A Loquacious Film Review -
Chris was startled to hear a voice behind me say "Chris Prince?!" in tiny Maui airport!
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