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Andy Baio
Racer, a physical racing arcade game -
remote-control car in a cardboard track streaming to a sit-down arcade game [via] - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Got all 250 achievements in Achievement Unlocked 2. Feeling simultaneously proud and ashamed.
Andy Baio
Achievement Unlocked 2 -
like the original, but even more stupidly addictive - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Twitter's a good way to test the originality of your dead celebrity jokes.
John Harding
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship - LOST Edition -
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship - LOST Edition
Andy Baio's most famous fan edits of all-time -
like Greasemonkey for movies, removing fan irritations like Rose in Titanic, Kirk in Star Trek Generations, and the plot of the Matrix sequels - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
loving tribute to NES history, play SMB as Link, Samus, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, or the Contra guy - Andy Baio
The music really brings me back.. - James Bell
Daniel Dulitz
This is lovely! Inside joke t-shirt woudl be "Boyfriend Quality: We use math." - Daniel Dulitz
Andy Baio
Testing the limits of YouTube's fingerprinting system -
research from April 2009 [via] - Andy Baio
Paul Buchheit
How to cure your asthma or hayfever using hookworm - a practical guide -
"This is my personal account of curing my asthma and hayfever by deliberately infesting myself with the intestinal parasite hookworm. It isn't for the faint hearted and for some should not be read while eating. It involves a great deal of research, a trip to Cameroon and a lot of barefoot walking in open air latrines in west Africa. If you have asthma, or know someone who has asthma (or for that matter Crohn's disease, IBD or colitis) and are suffering badly you owe it to yourself to consider this approach. Because although it sounds strange and is repellant it is founded on sound science and it has one other virtue. It worked." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This sounds a bit like deliberately contracting malaria to cure your syphilis. - Gabe
Does that work? - Paul Buchheit
Apparently some populations are more likely to have sickle cell anemia because of the mutation that protects them from malaria. - Kevin Fox
I read this article a couple years ago (it's from 2006), and there's an article in the NY Times about it: Apparently they've tested it, and it works. - Tanath
Relevant studies here: - Tanath
This paper (Asthma and Current Intestinal Parasite Infection Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis): says "hookworm infection was associated with a significantly strong reduction that was directly and significantly related to infection intensity" & "Conclusions: Parasite infections do not in general protect against asthma, but infection with hookworm may reduce the risk of this disease." - Tanath
I suffer from asthma, and I don't think I want worms inside me. - imabonehead
Then I guess you'll have to wait until they figure out how hookworms do the trick, and then turn it into something that can be mass-marketed, which gets tested in clinical trials, and then approved by the FDA, and the prescribed by your doctor... several years from now. - Tanath
The hygiene theory of asthma posits that the subsystem of your immune system that takes care of parasites becomes hyperactive, because in urban industrialized settings we no longer get the feedback from environmental exposure, which would normally reign it in. The hyperactivity of this subsystem is what is responsible for allergies and asthma. - Victor Ganata
Victor: I don't think it's quite that simple. The meta-analysis paper notes that in general, parasites don't help with asthma, and some make it worse. Hookworms were the only ones noted to actually help. - Tanath
I'm going to have to study this approach - my oldest son has asthma. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Tanath, heh, yeah, it's definitely not as simple as that, but that's the gist of the hygiene theory, which has been one of the dominant paradigms when discussing allergic and autoimmune diseases. Meta-analyses always need to be taken with a grain of salt. Ideally, someone would do an adequately powered prospective trial to retest it, but I imagine it'll be difficult to get enough subjects to volunteer to be deliberately infected with parasites. - Victor Ganata
Jess: That would be one way to do it... LOL. I'm sure there's other ways, but if not... could still be worth it. Better to know about the option, anyway. LOL, Cristo! - Tanath
wouldn't it be great to go back in time 60, 70 years and explain that in the 21st Century, infecting yourself with hookworms is considered cutting-edge medicine. also leeches are used in microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. medicinal maggots are used to destroy necrotic tissue. and people pay extra money for food and drink that have been loaded up with gut bacteria (probiotics). also, we believe in bodily humors called "neurotransmitters" :-D - Karim
Cristo, yeah, when you put it that way, the 21st Century looks pretty incomprehensible. :-D "see, Twitter is like the wireless, only everybody sends short messages about what they are eating... no, really, the company is valued in the billions of dollars...." - Karim
I think I'd rather just have hay fever, man. (Well, assuming this works, it's also a shame there isn't some way to create hookworm-filled capsules that could directly deliver the works to the GI tract...) - Andrew C (✔)
Well, if the theory is right, the hookworm has to enter the bloodstream in order to fully activate the cascade of signaling molecules, which the hookworm can't do directly from the gut. I'm thinking that if they figure this out, they'll probably be able to just remove the actual hookworm from the equation, and just manipulate the appropriate molecules and receptors to stimulate certain pathways and inhibit others. - Victor Ganata
Ah. Then I definitely would prefer to just have hay fever and deal with it with the regular allergy medication for now. - Andrew C (✔)
Fighting Allergies by Mimicking Parasitic Worms - - Ashish
Andy Baio
I think I'll use this map to get to Datapop 2010 - Andy Baio
sha-mayn teh
happy pi day! (yesterday in beijing)
Andy Baio
Bunnie Huang's forensic research into irregular MicroSD cards -
"Kingston is revealed as simply a vendor that re-marks other people's chips in its own packaging" [via] - Andy Baio
Kevin Fox
Before the Newton went on sale in 1993 I carried around a VHS tape mockup to understand the utility of the form-factor. #geekconfessions
Have you heard the story of Jeff Hawkins carrying around a block of wood as he was thinking about the Palm Pilot, Kevin? - Ken Sheppardson
I actually hadn't, but I see that the Omni Group has made iPad mockups to better understand how they should design their iPad apps: - Kevin Fox
Michael Herf
Just ran the numbers again: f.lux has >120k active users. How did that happen?
Andy Baio
Frank Cifaldi's annotated Mr. Gimmick playthrough -
Frank Cifaldi's annotated Mr. Gimmick playthrough
obscure NES gem I'd never heard of, the annotations are expertly done [via] - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Terry Cavanagh's brilliant new platformer built around a single game mechanic - Andy Baio
Dimitri Glazkov
TV Entertainment Center Turned Play Kitchen! -
Dimitri Glazkov
Haha, the comments are great too. - Chris Prince from Android
Andy Baio
OK Cupid's myths of profile pictures -
more amazing data diving - Andy Baio
Karen Wickre
RT @google: Helpful + accurate @wsj post "Clearing Up Confusion on Google & China":
sha-mayn teh
FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful -
FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful
Bret Taylor
Andy Baio
reminds me of Idiocracy's Time Masheen (amazingly, not on YouTube) - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Wired on the Duke Nukem Forever saga -
like the Phantom Menace, the lack of constraints can lead to disaster - Andy Baio
A reminder that the #1 feature for any software project is to "ship it!" Effective teams always have somebody rallying coworkers to get the project out the door. - Chris Prince from Android
Andy Baio
she should hang out with pixelated girl and polygon guy - Andy Baio
Daniel Dulitz
Kevin Fox
Nerd courtship. This is really cute. -
Awesome!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Andy Baio
Norman Rockwell's photographic inspiration -
I never knew his illustrations were drawn from staged photos [via] - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
very funny mashup of tech digerati quotes out of context - Andy Baio
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