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Andy Baio
WPA Cracker, cloud-based WPA cracking service -
400 CPU cluster runs a network capture through 135 million words in 20 minutes [via] - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
web-based toolkit for making and sharing hosted JS games; see the platformer tutorial for an example - Andy Baio
sounds very interesting but I wasn't able to reach the site so far... - Philipp Lenssen
Andy Baio
Khoi Vinh on the design of Basic Maths, his new Wordpress theme -
I love seeing his design process - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Said the Gramaphone's 75 Favorite Songs of 2009 -
great list, wonderful writing, and a 315MB download - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Loving this clip of Sammy Davis Jr.'s dead-on singing impressions: (I'd love to play a game set in 1950s Hollywood.)
Loving this clip of Sammy Davis Jr.'s dead-on singing impressions: (I'd love to play a game set in 1950s Hollywood.)
Bret Taylor
A clock made out of browser scrollbars -
superb! - Ashish
That's awesome but completely locked up my iPhone. I should've known better than to try it in a browser without scrollbars... - Tony Ruscoe
John Harding
Kevin Fox
[big] Amazing photo from gondola in China. Also my new desktop picture.
I wish. - Kevin Fox
Woooohooooo. Damn. - Fossil Huntress
Nice ;) - niniane
WOW! - Carlos Ayala
I just got vertigo, tipped forward and smacked my forehead into my monitor. Thanks, Kev. - Mark Novak
I think that may be the flu more than the pic, Mark. ;-) - Kevin Fox
LOL @Mark. - Anika
Dazzling Scenic Picture. Not recommended for people with Vertigo - Gökçe K.
GAH. Clicking away from this! *vertigo in full effect* - Hookuh Tinypants
WHOA that is scary and cool all at the same time ... just stunning! - Susan Beebe
just added this to "things I must see IRL before I die" list. - Just another Bubba
Neat. So where is this? - Kekoa Proudfoot
Coooool !! - keiko-san
What if... - Özkan Altuner from iPhone
Seems like Huangshan to me: - yinhm
Amazing, indeed. - Onur Kabadayi
I need to go there. - Parvez Halim
i would poop my britches. - Big Joe Silenced
Amazing! Do you where in China? - Frank Da Silva
/r location - Chris Hofmann
Woah... crazy! :D - Joel Lovato
I'm guessing it's the only lift mentioned on Wikipedia for China: "access to mountain tops of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan, China" a few pics via Bing: , , - Andrew C (✔)
What if they took the gondolas off one day a week and turned it into a zipline? - Kevin Fox
I'm wondering where the gondola locates in China? - Xitong Liu
That's great- Thanks DAN ! - Wlassak
Andy Baio
Unreal Engine 3 development kit now free for non-commercial use -
huge announcement, along with the recent free release of Unity Indie - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Every vandalism edit to Nickelback's Wikipedia page -
I wonder edits managed to stay in the longest without detection - Andy Baio
Dion Almaer
Pedro Ladaria has a new JS Gameboy emulator that supports scanline effects, sprite priority, palettes, accurate timing
Andrew C (✔)
I love how superhero comic book articles on Wikipedia are just insanely full of information. I mean, the Kitty Pryde article is not a whole lot shorter, if any, than George Washington's.
Yes, that's what I was going to say, Jess. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Ah... I'm not a SA reader. Awesome. The Civil War vs Civil War (comics) one makes me laugh. - Andrew C (✔)
Disturbingly Cool "Big Head" Papercraft Halloween Costume - 3D Face Costume -
Disturbingly Cool "Big Head" Papercraft Halloween Costume - 3D Face Costume
"The first step was to model his face in 3D Studio Max. After overlaying a wireframe, he added textures in Mudbox 2010 and Photoshop CS3, before using software called Pepakura to break the model up into printable sections." - Simon from Bookmarklet
sha-mayn teh
Sha-Mayn cute and sometimes yummy -
Andy Baio
Playing guitar-less Guitar Hero with a muscle-computer interface -
they should add a heart monitor that triggers star power when things get intense - Andy Baio
Andy Baio
Football Hero, three-story-tall Guitar Hero controlled with soccer balls -
Football Hero, three-story-tall Guitar Hero controlled with soccer balls
they used pressure pads with Arduino boards wired up to Frets on Fire [via] - Andy Baio
Daniel Dulitz
Google Voice with your existing number -
"If you already use Google Voice, you can add Google voicemail to any mobile phone you've linked to your account. If you're not using Google Voice yet, you can request an invitation or ask someone with a Google Voice account to invite you." - Daniel Dulitz
Daniel Dulitz
Dear Lobbyists: When Crafting Astroturf Letters, Remember To Do A Search & Replace On XYZ Corp. -
Bret Taylor
Stevey's Blog Rants: Good Agile, Bad Agile -
""This nickel-a-line-of-code gig is lame. You know where the real money is at? You start your own religion." And that's how both Extreme Programming and Scientology were born." - Bret Taylor
From 2006, but just read it today. So many classic lines... - Bret Taylor
"Norvig’s writeup is a short essay explaining about 100 lines of Python that can solve any Sudoku. Jeffries [inventor of XP] writeup, by contrast, is spread over five lengthy blog postings here, here, here, here, and here and ends without coming anywhere close to actually producing a program that can solve any but a tiny subset of all Sudoku problems." - Bret Taylor
This is so bizarre. A Sudoku board is a 9x9 grid of integers. Most basic brute force solvers can easily solve any Sudoku game. The Siebel guy talks about the representation problem as if it were some sort of question where it's reasonable that serious working programmers would have any trouble at all representing it. Hello. NINE BY NINE ARRAY. And yes, Python has two dimensional arrays: you just make an array of arrays. (Norvig's hash table is also fine, mind you.) - ⓞnor
A cat is fine, too. - Jim Norris
But yeah, it's the difference between writing code and solving problems. - Jim Norris
ⓞnor, it wasn't a serious working programmer, it was some kind of TDD consultant :) - Paul Buchheit
The Norvig vs TDD guy story is hilarious btw. - Paul Buchheit
Funny, just the other day my friend George and I were making fun of TDD nuts. While I'm all for unit tests, it doesn't make sense to write them before you know what the code will do yet! - Gabe
I think maybe some people are just drawn to absolutes. If something is sometimes good, then it must always be good and is the only true and right way. - Paul Buchheit
"I think maybe some people are just drawn to absolutes." That's absurd, and I categorically disagree. Those people are absolute morons. - Jim Norris
Paul, I remember discussing this post with you back when he wrote it, and wondering what Steve has against pair programming. I now do most of my coding with a partner, and spend a lot less time debugging than before. It's great to code review as you type -- it saves tons of testing, debugging, refactoring, and redesigning. - Gabe
I am not an expert on agile programming, but I had always thought that a big part of it was to start coding as soon as possible, instead of spending days writing up specifications. Stevey mentions that design documents are taken very seriously at google. - Robert Felty
/2006/09/ - that's ages back then... - A. T.
Andy Baio
Volkswagen turns a Stockholm subway staircase into a piano -
Volkswagen turns a Stockholm subway staircase into a piano
66% more than normal chose the stairs over the elevator [via] - Andy Baio
Neat premise: "Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?" - Chris Prince
So awesome! - April Buchheit
Andy Baio
Audio Analysis of the Beatles Multitrack Masters -
Andy Baio
Sweet Child O' Mine on Violin / Fiddle -
Sweet Child O' Mine on Violin / Fiddle
RT @kvox: A good solid read: Sergey Brin in NYT - "A Library to Last Forever" -- (via @kraneland)
Scott Ludwig
Just like bacon, the Imperial March never gets old. - Chris Prince
Daniel Dulitz Kashiwa Mystery Cafe -
"This was unusual for Japan, because although most Japanese city centers seemed to be filled with hundreds of unregulated and overdriven speakers, I've rarely, if ever, been beckoned in English and in person. It caught me off guard. I wandered over." - Daniel Dulitz
What a fun surprise! - Chris Prince from iPod
Kevin Fox
This Insane Photo Destroyed a Camera Lens [Space] -
Woah. - Stephen Mack
Andy Baio
Cabel Sasser and the Kashiwa Mystery Cafe -
cafe as collaborative art - Andy Baio
great story - I can't imagine how hard it would be to explain what was happening without speaking Japanese. - Adam Kazwell
Andy Baio
OKCupid's analysis of race and religion in online dating -
more fascinating dataporn - Andy Baio
This whole blog seems awesome. - Amit Patel
Caught up & subscribed now! - Rob Shillingsburg
I enjoy knowing that in some small way, $BOYFRIEND and I contributed to this data set. - EricaJoy
"match percentage is an excellent predictor of how well two people might get along; however, in the real world people largely choose who to get along with, and even who to get to know." - Clare Dibble
"OkCupid is no more responsible for people’s match percentages than Microsoft Excel is responsible for their net worth." - Clare Dibble
Dimitri Glazkov
bespin: changeset 2704:79edb1cb522d -
Andy Baio
Icycle, ride a tricycle naked through the next Ice Age -
Flash game with gorgeous art direction - Andy Baio
Finally, a fresh take on the overdone Naked Tricycling genre! Carefully tweaked level design is a blast, too. - Chris Prince
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