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Mothership Scrapbook Gal: Pan Dulce Toppers! http://mothershipscrapbookgal....
Science Shows Something Surprising About People Who Love to Write by @RachelSGrate via @MicNews
#TBT This is what happens when you cross me, I make a video reenacting the incident!...
#TBT This is what happens when you cross me, I make a video reenacting the incident!...
Bye everyone, happy cooking!! #KikkomanSabor
RT @laflowers: Congrats to @haboorymadebera ! You're 3rd winner of $100 GC from #KikkomanSabor Claim here:
Yes! @lbconnect: Thank you @laflowers for tweeting out winners during the party #KikkomanSabor
RT @lbconnect Make sure you follow @kikkomankitchen for inspiration in your cocina! #KikkomanSabor
Cyber glitter of thanks to @KikkomanKitchen for all the great tips! #KikkomanSabor
What a fun party, so inspired to cook more for my family! #KikkomanSabor
Ohh, #KikkomanSabor in a recipe for baked croutons! Yum!
RT @KikkomanKitchen We'd love to break bread with our #LatinaBloggers again. You gals cook, we'll bring the soy sauce! #KikkomanSabor
RT @laflowers Kikkoman rice vinegar is ideal for emboldening flavor in salads, paella + soups for any event #KikkomanSabor
RT @MauraHernandez I was so amazed that Kikkoman’s soy sauce process is almost waste-free #kikkomansabor
RT @lbconnect #Giveaway3: Which Kikkoman flavor is a perfect balance of salty/tangy/sweet? HINT: #KikkomanSabor
RT @MauraHernandez: Chiles toreados are popular tonight! RT @libelula_latina: @lbconnect @laflowers q10 chiles toreados is one of my favorites #KikkomanSabor
RT @lbconnect: Ready for tonight's last #giveaway? Do you want a $100 gift card? Let's go! #KikkomanSabor
RT @MauraHernandez @laflowers @lbconnect YES! I even sometimes marinade meat overnight with soy sauce or ponzu for tacos! #kikkomansabor
RT @lbconnect For more info, like Kikkoman on FB #KikkomanSabor
RT @lbconnect Q10. Check out the #KikkomanSabor Pinterest Board + share your favorite recipe #KikkomanSabor
Once a week we'll have a sit-down meal, mostly though, different times. Busy schedules! #KikkomanSabor
RT @laflowers RT @lbconnect: Q9. What is a typical family dinner in your house like? #KikkomanSabor
RT @lbconnect 1/2 tsp. Kikkoman Soy Sauce in place of 1/2 tsp. table salt, sodium content of recipe is cut by 1000 mg #KikkomanSabor
I want to try Kikkoman Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, just the name makes it exciting! #KikkomanSabor
RT @groogruxking40 Sushi Rice Balls? Recipe, please, that sounds like a great appetizer! #KikkomanSabor
I always use a dash of #KikkomanSabor on my hard boiled eggs!
Great idea! RT @lbconnect: You can easily swap out salt for soy sauce in soup or your favorite tomato sauce. Try it! #KikkomanSabor
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