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Getting ready to go to church. (@ Craig & Sonja Dunstan's Home)
I came across a cool smartphone app allowing you to reduce risks of texting while driving. Install for free:
I'm discovering the best #Android apps with #AppAware
Check out the Put a Bird On It pin I just got with @gowalla
Here with my boys. @ Crestview Community Center
Here with the boys. (@ Crestview Community Center)
Dinner by myself tonight. (@ Henry T's)
Working out with Trey. (@ Maximus at Wood Valley)
come join ud (@ Covenant Baptist Church)
Trying to get everyone Ready for church (@ Craig & Sonja Dunstan's Home)
Working out with my son Trey! (@ Maximus at Wood Valley)
30 minute wait for corn beef and cabbage! I'm starving! (@ Cracker Barrel)
I just checked in at Craig & Sonja Dunstan on @footfeedapp Home for the night.
Out to dinner with Sonja and Lamero. (@ Pepe and Chela's)
I'm at Maximus at Wood Valley (2909 SW 37th St, Topeka, 37th and Wood Valley, Topeka)
Spending a quiet night at home. (@ Craig & Sonja Dunstan's Home)
Working out with Trey at MAXIMUS. (@ Maximus at Wood Valley) [pic]:
Lamero and I are visiting Troop 7 tonight. (@ First Christian Church)
Home for the rest of the day. (@ Craig & Sonja Dunstan's Home)
Back for another exciting BB game. (@ Topeka Lutheran School)
Lamero's Saxophone Lesson. (@ Manning Music)
I just ousted @rwalk95 as the mayor of Topeka Lutheran School on @foursquare!
TLS Basketball Tournament (@ Topeka Lutheran School)
I'm at The Blind Tiger Brewery
Listening to a good Audio book on my Android. Checkout the app Overdrive and check out audio books from the library.
Having a nice quiet lunch. (@ Berlin-Wheeler)
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