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Lots of police on the Parkway heading south - anyone know what's going on? #Canberra
For Friday afternoon viewing - sh*t bureaucrats say video: (safe for viewing in departments) #gov2au
Designing the sharing state - an interview with Steve Schmid of the Open Technology Foundation #gov2au #opensource
UK Geovation #opendata / #ideation challenge - How can we enable people in Britain to live in better places? #gov2au
Five apps developed based on #opendata via the US - #gov2au
A consultation that all Australian public servants should weigh in on - #gov2au
Here's some good examples of city governments integrating Twitter as an engagement channel - #gov2au #localgov
Investors worth US24 trillion call for a global carbon price #climatechange
RT @BridMcGrath: Whatever the result, congratulations Scotland for having the courage to debate what sort of a society you want to be. #indyref
RT @JDTCBR: Great to have @craigthomler speak at Career Collective on Mon 22.9.14. Tips on soc media & careers! #apsjobs #actjobs
A cheap military grade autonomous aerial drone that is 3D printed, with an Android smartphone for a brain #gov2au
Can a tweeter bring #opengov to Saudi Arabia? This one is trying, one tweet at a time #gov2au
Your skin is not only your largest sensory organ, but also does part of your thinking - new discovery:
Ukraine has faster average mobile Internet speeds than Australia, even despite the current situation #auspol #nbn
RT @MiltonFriedmanS: Don't let Government become the master instead of the servant. #AusPol
Australia has laws about companies paying bribes in other nations, how about those that don't pay workers? #auspol
A destructive contradiction when political parties in democracies deny members chance to select candidates #auspol
Good example of citizen science in medical field - #gov2au #health20
.@jrajca it is disturbing that any modern Australian politician feels drinking 15 beers is not unusual behaviour. @Barnaby_Joyce #auspol
RT @j4gypsy: One from @RossGittins not to miss: "Abbott and Hockey: Why poor people don't matter" #auspol via @greensinspa
Cormann's definition of fair: 'promising what can be delivered' is at odds with dictionary & common usage #auspol
RT @mwyres: Two Men Arrested Over Death Of Rez Barati - #auspol #asylumSeekers
Middlemen increasingly commercialising charity in Australia - #auspol
Amazing how little Coalition & media talk about Sinodinos.Has become the invisible man while still collecting Assistant Minister pay #auspol
A problem with 'cry wolf' politics is people stop listening & trusting government when no emergency appears #auspol
Youngest adults in Australia the most politically active - but most activity is online #gov2au
Privacy vs Freedom - a good article from the UK - #auspol #dataretention
Australia late, but not yet warned, about #OGP application - #gov2au #opengov #opendata
Don't discount the social impact of #opendata - good article from @digiphile #gov2au #govhack
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