How Russian media reported the meeting between Putin & Abbott #auspol
Australia upstaged in its global leadership moment - The Drum #auspol
Someone accidentally installed some of #Canberra's new parking machines upside down cc @canberraconnect #gov2au
RT @chieftech: Young Aussies politically engaged but dissatisfied, favour system overhaul via @SBSNews #gov2au
RT @MarkusMannheim: Immigration Dept broke law by publishing #asylumseekers' private details, @OAICgov finds #gov2au #privacy
RT @TheMandarinAU: A new $24 million open source #ICT platform has dragged government to the future. @tburton reports: #gov2au #AusGovIT
RT @senthorun: Dear PM @TonyAbbottMHR, violence against women is an act of torture and terrorism. We must do more to end it. #auspol
MT @DanielHRLC: Oz says screening at sea is "fair". Didn't ask a single question about claims. #UNCAT #auspol
In context - ABC & SBS to receive $6.9b over five years. $300m would be a 4-5% cut. #auspol
What if we treated politicians as the NRL is treating players & officials to preserve credibility? #auspol
The first time a world leader admitted they have solid evidence a Russian missile launcher destroyed #MH17? #auspol
Jacqui Lambie's understanding of Defense pay appears stronger than her understanding of copyright - #auspol
If it is OK for businesses to outsource work, why is it wrong for students to outsource essay writing? #auspol
Australian government contracts key in preserving & creating jobs... in the UK #auspol
.@GoldenTalon @ultimateOne @ChristophHeer52 @CNN assert whatever you like. It is a word, colloquial & old fashioned, but definitely a word.
.@GoldenTalon @ultimateOne @ChristophHeer52 @CNN perhaps you can bring this definition to his attention:
.@GoldenTalon @ultimateOne @ChristophHeer52 @CNN 'shirtfront' is an old term used in Australian Rules Football for a practice now banned.
We need a Royal Commission into Royal Commissions: Union corruption is no unique species of evil - The Drum #auspol
Indicative of our PM's view of the ADF? PM's office tells WWII vets, come to lunch but pay your own way - #auspol
Frances Abbott's comments demonstrate that what is 'fair' looks very different from the mountain top: #auspol
Australian government still way behind on digital. Lots of small steps on the edges, but centre unchanged #gov2au
RT @FOIcentric: Former MPs fight to keep lifetime 'gold pass' travel perks via @ABCNews The trough that keeps on giving #auspol
Climate skeptics strangely silent as News Ltd switches sides on #climatechange - #auspol
RT @Kleroterian: Is It Time to Take a Chance on Random Representatives? #sortition #demoPart #polSci
RT @SuzanneCarbone: "Mistakes on Monday" the other name for Oz's Media Diary about ex-staff @leysie @meadea via @crikey_news #auspol
#@ Socialmedia increasingly influencing business decisions - but who is exerting the pressure? #gov2au
RT @paulwallbank: Being able to 3D print a house in a day is a serious threat to Australia's tradie economy. #ausbiz #ausecon #auspol
Cory Bernardi questions whether a husband placing a wife in a headlock is domestic abuse, as the police do it #auspol
RT @sortius: Investment in renewable energy down 70 per cent: Climate Council report "Mission Accomplished" #auspol
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