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Coalition's plan for university fees entrenches disadvantage for low income graduates & women #auspol
When will the Coalition outline the cost of work for the dole (involving 500,000+ participants/wk) & other job seeker penalties? #auspol
Now businesses can punish unemployed people: "Unemployed people face loss of payments for spamming employers” #auspol
The problem with bold political moves is that they can cause significant damage to the mover if they fail #auspol
This cannot be termed 'cooperation' by pro-Russian separatists or Putin - #MH17 #auspol
"Bolt hung up on Guardian Australia before any questions could be asked." #auspol
How states are using sockpuppets for intelligence & influence purposes - #gov2au
Estimated that the Australian gun buyback saved at least 200 lives per year #auspol
Complexity & crisis are the new context for governance. #gov2au
In #opendata, it is not openness which is the virtue - #gov2au
Given Trans Pacific Partnership involves Australia, did any Australian media cover the #TPP talks in Canada? #auspol
Are government ads being designed effectively for digital channels? #gov2au
How can Senators who don't understand technology make these decisions for Australia (read the last paragraph) #auspol
The Australian caught getting the science wrong on #climatechange again - #auspol
RT @DelibAUNZ: Proud that Citizen Space is being used by Scotland for consultation on an interim constitution for Scotland #gov2au
Australian government abandons evidence for anecdote on unemployment measures #auspol #workforthedole
NewStart accounts for less than 6% of Australia's welfare expenditure h/t @Deus_Abscondis: @Nettythe1st #auspol
MT @jrick: In Hong Kong, 500 Mbps costs $35/m; in San Fran, Comcast’s fastest d/l speed, 105 Mbps $115 - #nbn #auspol
Websites should experiment on their users - how else can we improve them & the services they offer? #gov2au
75% of the world's technology innovation is coming out of start-ups. How can government tap in? #gov2au #psinnovate14
Poor early childcare can result in poor adult outcomes. Is this more productive for Australia's economy? #auspol
Still time to vote for #GovHack projects for the Peoples' Choice Award - Don't miss out! #gov2au #govhack14 #opendata
MT @jrick: In Hong Kong, 500 Mbps costs $35/m; in San Fran, Comcast’s fastest d/l speed, 105 Mbps $115 - #nbn #auspol
RT @datagovau: Doing data in #AusGov? @CommsAu and @datagovau just published a simplified #opendata Toolkit at #AusGovIT #Gov2Au
RT @GovCampAU: Check the new @TheMandarinAU team: publisher @tburton, editor @thetowncrier & journos @harleyd @Stevie_Easton + @davidadonaldson. #gov2au
Be careful when selecting your hashtag for Twitter chats #gov2au #localgov
Took media awhile & gov hasn't figured it out, making job seekers apply for 40 jobs/mth will crush small bus. #auspol
RT @Fredkilroy: 728,500 unemployed and 146,000 job vacancies. Too simplistic to dismiss people as dole bludgers. #auspol
RT @comms2point0: Brilliant. 50 belting tips on social in an emergency by @mattbrisvegas  #smem #localgov #gov2au
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