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Good example of citizen science in medical field - #gov2au #health20
.@jrajca it is disturbing that any modern Australian politician feels drinking 15 beers is not unusual behaviour. @Barnaby_Joyce #auspol
RT @j4gypsy: One from @RossGittins not to miss: "Abbott and Hockey: Why poor people don't matter" #auspol via @greensinspa
Cormann's definition of fair: 'promising what can be delivered' is at odds with dictionary & common usage #auspol
RT @mwyres: Two Men Arrested Over Death Of Rez Barati - #auspol #asylumSeekers
Middlemen increasingly commercialising charity in Australia - #auspol
Amazing how little Coalition & media talk about Sinodinos.Has become the invisible man while still collecting Assistant Minister pay #auspol
A problem with 'cry wolf' politics is people stop listening & trusting government when no emergency appears #auspol
Youngest adults in Australia the most politically active - but most activity is online #gov2au
Privacy vs Freedom - a good article from the UK - #auspol #dataretention
Australia late, but not yet warned, about #OGP application - #gov2au #opengov #opendata
Don't discount the social impact of #opendata - good article from @digiphile #gov2au #govhack
Has mainstream media asked unemployed people for comment re Aussie Government's plan for the unemployed? Not just pollies & experts #auspol
Aussies crowdfund an independent news media outlet for disabled news in response to gov funding cuts to ABC #gov2au
Federal Coalition extremely vulnerable to ICAC probe, particularly Hockey & Abbott - #auspol
Interesting: 'How dare you come here and tell us how to do racism, we’ve been practicing it since 1788': #auspol
Is Abbott cultivating negative views on Islam in Australia as was done by former politicians against Jews? #auspol
Hockey retracts apology for poorest comment, says media misrepresented his comment & no more self-pity #auspol
Radical concept in The Drum - Why don't we gaol politicians & political donors who break the law? #auspol
When was last time ANY Australian politician said in public ‘you’re right, I hadn’t considered that’? All our pollies set on attack #auspol
New Zealand looking at online voting for local elections #gov2au
A shame to see Cream in #Canberra going downhill. Breakfasts far smaller & of unappealing presentation & wifi not working (trying to fix)
Liberal decision to run no candidates in two NSW byelections saves them $440,000, while taxpayers pay $1m #auspol
.@EconoGarry @toninicho should be included with every copy of the book sold :)
Maurice Newman's global cooling claim was debunked by the expert he relied on before he wrote his article #auspol
About 100 Australians in Israel fighting with Israeli army. Is the gov worried they are being radicalized? #auspol
Given Abbott's increasing jingoistic patriotism talk, I worry that he is looking for a war to distract from domestic blunders. #audpol
.@tomvucic taking a correlation & calling it causation are we Tom? NBN also in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, etc & doing fine @BerzerkDC
.@gvandersee shame Truss he can’t be swayed by evidence though. Apparently facts & evidence are the Coalition’s kryptonite #auspol #qanda
What if robot cars (semi autonomous & autonomous) could have personalisable ethics #gov2au
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