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Aussies happy to pay money to jump the queue for healthcare. But complain about non-existent refugee-queues #auspol
Your next graduate hire may be a Chinese agent... How the Chinese government are infiltrating Australian unis #auspol
This robot's descendants may care for you when you're old, mind your grandchildren & defend your great grandkids
Charitable activities now a sacking offense for Fox
Good piece from @AndrewHeslop: Working for politician: what happens to you when they resign #gov2au
'Potentially' committing a crime now acceptable rationale for US #drones to kill Aussie citizens, says AU gov #auspol
Again... 'Ukraine crisis: Jews ordered to register in Donetsk' :(
Australia's Attorney-General: "Climate change proponents using medieval tactics" #auspol #climatechange
RT @kcarruthers: sky falling for fossil fuel? MT @broomstick33: Scientists Discover How to Generate Solar Power in the Dark #auspol
The end to cooking cakes - print them instead!
HBR: Why Your Employees Should Be Playing With Lego Robots: #gov2au
Always interesting to watch how Liberal & Labor elect party leaders in Australia. Closely resembles approach from Soviet era Russia #auspol
If you're a public servant & a political party member whose party membership is in an online profile beware! #gov2au
70% of 4,000 respondents to The Drum poll believe APS #socialmedia guidance is too restrictive. #gov2au
If you've no gmail account & no contract with gmail, Google still scans your email when sent to a gmail account
When Indonesia's top military commander & Australia's Immigration Minister contradict, who do you believe? #auspol
Next round of #digitalcanberra challenges closes on 1 May - take a look now! #canberra #gov2au
.@MarkusMannheim Sedgewick sidestepped. Not about lack of impartiality, about reach, privacy & who judges "harsh & extreme" meaning #gov2au
At Griffin Accelerator briefing in #Canberra - latest vehicle for getting #startups market ready at #psinnovate
A challenge to journos to report - how has the US FTA improved life in Australia? Analyse in respect South Korean & Japanese FTAs #auspol
Great article, the very sad & deliberate death of Australia's future prosperity through connectivity #auspol #nbn
US government reserves right to not tell vendors of computer bugs used for spying. How about Aussie gov? #gov2au
Personal interest trumps public interest in politics - good UK example @Glinner: #auspol
Freedom of speech unwelcome at the 'Australians for coal' site - #auspol #Climatechange
Papua New Guinea is still burning witches. Anecdotally on the increase. #auspol
Government News: Why PM&C’s social media policy is a dud - #gov2au #socialmedia #apscasm
Excellent post by a current public servant on the issues with APSC & PM&C #socialmedia policies for the APS #gov2au
Now that's an RV! The ultimate custom off-road vehicle
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