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8-02-1917_P-039_46_Berryman -
The New “Moderates”: ISIS Fig Leaf for Other Extremists -
Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Addresses the United Nations General Assembly, 69th session, 2014 -
Open Letter to Abu Bakr al-Bagdhadi: Muslim Scholars vs Traditional Islamic Narrative -
Mr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine, Addresses General Assembly, 69th session, 2014 -
Barack Obama, President of the United States of America, Addresses General Assembly, 69th session, 2014 -
The Good, the Bad and the Islamist Threat -
Sorry to Remind You, but Golda Meir Was Right -
An International Anti-Israel Coalition is Planning Another Flotilla to the Gaza Strip -
Why Jordan Doesn’t Want More Palestinians -
Problematic Media Coverage of Operation Protective Edge -
The Myth of Ethnic Inequality in Israel -
Obsession, Exclusion and Double Standards – the Points of Prejudice in the Coverage of an Emergent Third Intifada -
Palestinian Leaders Don’t Want an Independent State -
The Early Roots of Anti-Israel Lawfare -
El-Sissi Takes the Reins: 3 Big Things to Know about Egypt’s New Pharaoh -
Revisiting Jewish and Islamic Oppression during the Spanish Inquisition -
Text of the Peel Commission Report, July 1937
Geert Wilders and the ‘Fewer Moroccans’ Controversy
Orthodox Muslims in the Hague Uniting Behind “Al-Qaeda” Flags
Why a U.S.-Led Intervention in Syria Will Make Things Worse
Aboriginal in Canada: “The Palestinians are not like us”
Revolutionary Islamism Overshadows the “New Egypt”
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