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Mike wrote about memory loss/alzheimer's long before SJ Watson. Cozies though not stalkie thrillers - Kerrie
Good point, Kerrie! - Margot Kinberg
Kerrie do you mean the SJ Watson book BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP or has SJ Bolton also written a book about the subject? - Bernadette
sorry, I meant SJ Watson - have edited comment - Kerrie
I think it is a very old theme, eg Marghareta Laski Little Boy Lost (memory loss) and I am sure hundreds of classic novels. I agree BIGTS is the sort of book you want to know how it turns out, but it is pretty mediocre I still think, particularly in retrospect when you realise more & more about the holes in the plot (or see more of them being identified in reviews). Also a flat prose style I'd suggest. - Maxine
Maxine, that's exactly why I haven't read it (yet). I hear very good things about it, and I may read it at some point; there are a lot of people who love it. But..... not yet. And you're right about the theme of amnesia/loss of memory. - Margot Kinberg
Also Alice LaPlante's Turn of Mind which I have coming up shortly. - crimeficreader
Yes, I/ve reviewed that one. Karen identified one the other day (not out yet so maybe a BIGTS bandwagon effiect?) . I think E Haynes's Into the Darkest Corner came out just before BIGTS? It is more similar to it in that the "forgetting" is not due to Alzheimer's or other disease, but due to physical/mental traumatic event. ITDC is a superior book, in my opinion - but that's just opinion. Most readers love BIGTS! (Also H Mankell addresses Alzheimer's in several Wallander books) - Maxine
That one will land in my TBR before the end of May too, Maxine... Could well be publishers' bandwagon effect. - crimeficreader
Do you mean the Raverat Rhian or ITDC? Very hard to tell from these blurbs if they are crime or not. RTE reviews BIGTS today: - Karen Meek
Raverat. I read ITDC last year. In fact I am told I have prominent blurb on the new edition for the Book Club promotion. The same is certainly true of her next one which I have seen. My name too! I may have arrived... ;) - crimeficreader
I see that the RTE reviewer hated BIGTS and said so in no uncertain terms. - crimeficreader
Next time I'm in W'stones, I'll have to sneak a picture. My lib hasn't got the new edition (yet). - Karen Meek
not crime, but more straightorward "literary" fiction - The Professor and the Housekeeper by Yoko Ogawa deals very well with the memory loss theme. - LauraRoot
Thanks for pointing out that RTE review of BIGTS Rhian...always nice to know I am not competely alone...plust I am ridiculously delighted to read the reviewer's bio "retired examinations board officer' has tickled my fancy no end this morning. Now it seems I must get hold of a copy of the Haynes book if it is closer to Alice La Plante's (which was marvellous) than the stupid BIGTS. - Bernadette
Bernadette, in fairness it was Maxine who pointed out the BIGTS review on RTE. I am beginning to wonder about my memory at the moment as I don't recall memory being much of an issue in ITDC. - crimeficreader
Getting back to Mike Befeler - one of the things I enjoyed about this book and the sequel was the quirky sense of humour. The first two are available on Kindle now, but unfortunately not the latest - Kerrie
Memory was not the main issue in ITDC, the theme is more "does anyone believe apparently mad woman or not about her past" & even the reader is not sure - but in addition she has a complete personality change & why that happened is woven into book. Bernadette, it is not a great novel but it is what I categorise as "neat little suspense book" & well worth reading if you like that kind of thing - unpretentious. - Maxine