2 weeks
Yeah :( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
*continues in the denial phase* - ellbeecee
Couldn't FB release FF to the world as open source? Or couldn't someone purchase it for a pittance? - Sean McBride
I am pretty sure part of the rationale for FB's purchase of FF (beyond acquiring the engineering talent and the technology) was to make sure that none of their competitors (Twitter, Apple, Google) bought FF to use to compete against FB. It's not in their interest to release the source or let it be acquired by someone else. - Stephen Mack
Good God -- no matter how hard I try to hypnotize myself into liking Facebook, I find it to be slow, turgid, unwieldy, clogged up, heavy, cluttered and messy. - Sean McBride
:'( - Anne Bouey
Hey, haven't been around lately. What's new?
I showered. - Just another Bubba
Robert Scoble announced Social Media is dead. - Me
Did he do that on Twitter or Google+? - Just another Bubba
semaphore.. - Me
I've seen things. - Micah from FFHound!
The sword of Damocles. That's new. - Stephen Mack
Nothing's new. LA LA LA - Amit Patel
Hi, Cristo. :) - Anne Bouey
Hey, I was wondering if you'd drop by! - Spidra Webster
He's back! Hi, Cristo! - Tamara J. B.
Hi. - bentley
Shutting down is the new trend. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I'm back. Sometimes. - chrisofspades
Exporting your feed should be a breeze. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Is FF dying? If so, when? - Melissa Davis from iPhone
What other social networking/Web 2.0 sites do you use besides FriendFeed?
Bumblr, Snickr, YouTuba, but nowhere any good. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Or anywhere no good. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Nothing you haven't heard of. :) (Twitter, Flickr, FB...need to spend more time learning Quora and Reddit). - Spidra Webster
Flickr - WarLord
I tried out Ello. - Stephen Mack
Twitter, Twitter, and more Twitter. Also Github. - Mike Chelen
FB and Twitter. Very occasionally G+. - Jenny H. from Android
What Jenny said - Laura Norvig from iPhone
FB and rarely G+. - Anne Bouey
Twitter and FB, a little bit of G+ and Tumblr. - Melly
Livejournal. - bentley
not sure what you mean by web 2.0 but I hit twitter every morning for a quick scan of the news, feedly for the blogs I want to read, and tumblr is a distraction for my increasingly fractured mind. I think of tumblr as a glossy magazine where I flip through the pages. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Feedly, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Oh, and Ello, from time to time. - Steven Perez from Android
Yeah I guess I should add that I do use Facebook to interact generally with family and a few friends. But Facebook's noise to signal ratio is too high for me to use it for much else. - MoTO Boychick Devil
plus.google.com, news.ycominator.com. I keep intending to use facebook but don't generally get to it. I caught up with Instagram yesterday, thanks to the fact that I'm only following something like 4 people there. - Bruce Lewis
g+ and feedly. - imabonehead
G+ daily, Twitter 2-3 times a day, FB once or twice a day, but only really active on FF. (As with MoTO, FB's mostly for family. - walt crawford
Twitter and Google+. - Louis Gray
None. I'm a purist. - Steve C, Team Marina
Barry, I'm not sure what I meant by Web 2.0, other than there are sites that have some social component to them, but are not really thought of as social networks, e.g. Yelp. - Cristo
What are people's impressions of Ello? - Cristo
Wasn't ready for beta. Very few features at beta. More now, but no users. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Just Twitter (for light use) -- not Facebook or Google+. Still waiting for any other service to catch up with Friendfeed -- and for the next generation of a Friendfeed-like service to appear -- someone is bound to develop it. - Sean McBride
Any interesting features that FriendFeed doesn't have? - Cristo
screensaver. - imabonehead
I've got a huge list of features to add to Friendfeed that I've collected since 2007. I need to pull those notes together and post them as a single document. - Sean McBride
Facebook - Ozgur Demir
I just checked out the latest Twitter analytics features -- great stuff. A future version of a Friendfeed-style social media platform should include analytics at this level (and better) for all individual and group feeds (*especially* group feeds, which are ripe for hundreds of analytic snapshots). - Sean McBride
Sean, I'm interested in your feaure list. - Cristo
Italian Friendfeed like service: http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - Miki
Geocities - Maurizio
Heisenberg -- give me a few days to find time to compile it -- the notes are scattered across six or seven years. - Sean McBride
My admiration and love for the brilliant design of Friendfeed continues unabated -- in fact, it keeps increasing as I compare it to new inferior services. - Sean McBride
Has everyone noticed that Friendfeed is often more efficient than email for private one-on-one and group communications? Much less cruft. Much swifter. Much easier to browse over time. Also superior to text messaging in many cases, in terms of interface. - Sean McBride
Sean, you should look at Slack if you have a group of people that interact. It's better than FriendFeed for a slightly different application area. - Cristo
Will do. - Sean McBride
First, quick impression of Slack (I need to look at it much more carefully): conversations on Friendfeed pages are much easier to navigate and read. - Sean McBride
Twitter. Hardly ever FB, except the last couple weeks because Gail. Slack for WP stuff - I'm an aspiring theme reviewer. Omg the noise there! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
instagram - Beti
Hi Beti! - Stephen Mack
none - Me
Hi Stephen Mack! I didn't even see your greeting! - Beti
What are people's impressions of Ello?
I didn't like it but I haven't been back to check it out since they rolled out new features. It puts emphasis on big graphics but the tools are not that good for actual interaction with people. - Spidra Webster
I liked how clean it was- black and white, simple graphics, no huge, glaring ads and photos everywhere. I hated how clunky the ux was for commenting on people's posts, finding something you'd posted earlier, finding people, etc. An interesting idea, but it was just too rough still. - Jenny H. from Android
I didn't bother to interact because when it launched it had absolutely no privacy features (everythng was on public display) and I was extremely uncomfortable with that. - joey
^ same. My initial impressions of the landing page design were favorable, but didn't sign up for an account. - Jennifer Dittrich
Thanks for all the feedback and feature requests yesterday. I saved the responses for "research". :)
For a blue rainy day, so to speak? - That's So CAJ!
^ I like that. - Cristo
Hmm. So all our responses are belong to you? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Addition: On FF, when you open a long comment to edit it, it only lets you see a couple sentences at a time. This makes for a clusterfuck of scrolling back and forth when trying to select larger passages to excise because it scrolls VERY FAST. - Spidra Webster
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