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Why is octopus only 7 letters?
Originally it had 8: ὀκτώπους - Meg VMeg
Awktopus - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Octopuss - Louis Gray
Mr. Holland's Octopus - Louis Gray
Awesome Meg VMeg Glad to hear it was spell with eight originally.Great question Heisenberg! - RetiredTeacherD
I'm wondering why the word octopus? - NOT THE CRICKET
Holy shit! Louis was right all along! - Heisenberg
"Engineers or scientists wouldn’t benefit from sleep deprivation either, as it essentially inhibits logical thinking. But, for the creative type who needs to get something out, an all-nighter might just do the trick." - Heisenberg
It's funny they think engineers and scientists aren't creative. - Heisenberg
"By no means should you adopt a lifestyle of little-to-no sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation leads to higher blood pressure, obesity and an increased chance of stroke, among other things." Ummm - Stephen Mack
Oddly enough, so does too much sleep. And researchers are divided on what an appropriate amount of sleep is. For example, 8 hours used to be the standard, but now some are saying it's closer to 7.5 or 7. - Heisenberg
Also, some people claim they only get 4 hours of sleep, but they actually average quite a bit more. ;) - Heisenberg
Sleep is a waste of time and unproductive. - Louis Gray
Instead of asking me every time I buy something if I want a paper bag for 10 cents, how about we charge everyone 10 cents, let them have the bag if they want it, and then make unsolicited direct mail illegal?
I just paid for one and decided I didn't need it. The girl asked me if I still wanted the bag because I had already paid the 10 cents. - Heisenberg
It just seems ludicrous to bother people every time they buy dinner to go with this question, and then waste a bunch of trees on stuff that nobody wants. - Heisenberg
I guess it's conservation of annoying questions, since plastic bags are now outlawed, so we no longer have the paper or plastic question. - Heisenberg
"Unsolicited direct mail illegal" is a good campaign platform just by itself. - Stephen Mack
RT @dalmaer: "We can land on a comet but can't position a div" #cssjokesneverage #chromedevsummit
RT @dalmaer: "We can land on a comet but can't position a div" #cssjokesneverage #chromedevsummit
Some of the flat design movement implies that metaphors are dead. Metaphors are still useful when introducing new concepts.
How the Mac went from obscurity to ubiquity | Re/code -
How the Mac went from obscurity to ubiquity | Re/code
"Now I believe it’s the best line of computers on the market, and I consider one model in particular — the thin, light and rugged MacBook Air — to be the best consumer laptop ever made." - Heisenberg from Bookmarklet
When I see people advocating idiomatic code, what that often means to me is unreadable code.
Why do red notification flags make me do work to get them to go away? This is exploiting my OCD. #badux
Of the top 50 programming languages, which ones have you written code in? –
These I know well: 1) C, 2) Java, 3) Objective-C, 4) C++, and 8) JavaScript - Heisenberg
Additional languages I've coded in (some of these I knew well at one time): 6) PHP, 7) Python, 19) Pascal, 21) ActionScript, 23) Lisp/Scheme, 25) PostScript, 28) COBOL, 29) Assembly, 32) Fortran, 39) Lua, and 43) Prolog - Heisenberg
I definitely want to learn: 8) R, 9) Swift, and 41) Go - Heisenberg
I might learn: 24) MATLAB, and 31) Scala - Heisenberg
By far the most production quality code I've written has been in C++. Java/JavaScript/C/Assembly round out the top 5. - Heisenberg
What do you think of Lua? It's minimal and flexible -- "good enough" in many cases. - Sean McBride
Old school: PL/I (most of my career), COBOL, Assembly, a little FORTRAN. - Walt Crawford
We used Lua in the 1st prototype of Android (phone OS, the camera OS prototype used Java). We pretty quickly switched to JavaScript (SpiderMonkey), which I prefer, although they are quite similar. The declarative stuff used JSON and then we switched to XML (my mistake). - Heisenberg
Thanks -- what JavaScript features do you prefer over Lua? - Sean McBride
Also: are there any good reasons for using JavaScript over Coffeescript? Coffeescript has a much cleaner syntax -- less syntactic cruft. - Sean McBride
Lua Indexing starts at 1 rather than 0. begin/end instead of { } for blocks, not, and, and or, instead of !, &&, and || for boolean operators. No tertiary operator (i.e. boolean ? doThis : doThat). By definition, manipulating, storing, and communicating with JSON in JavaScript is easier than any other language. - Heisenberg
Coffescript vs JavaScript: 1) Personal preference of syntax. I prefer C syntax to Ruby or Python. One person's "clean syntax" is another person's non-standard, make lots of mistakes moving between C-like languages syntax. In case it's not clear, I'm the 2nd person. :) Also, node.js is natively JavaScript, as are all modern browsers. That's not going to change. What is going to change is... more... - Heisenberg
Interesting: I find 1-based indexing, plain English boolean operators and begin/end to be more intuitive. I need to look into Harmony -- thanks for the pointer. - Sean McBride
# what makes for a great programming language 1. efficiency 2. elegance 3. flexibility 4. intuitiveness 5. power 6. simplicity. Balancing power and simplicity is the main challenge. - Sean McBride
As I said, some of this is personal preference. I long ago decided I liked C better than Pascal, which has both of the features/syntax you mentioned. Most of the world is built on top of C. The rest of the world is built on JavaScript. (Yes, I know this is an exaggeration, but you get my point) If you were to learn one language, it should be C. Doing work in C requires more effort, so... more... - Heisenberg
Also, 1 based indexing is pure evil. No real engineer would choose it. Did you start your life at 1 years old? - Heisenberg
When I count items, I start at 1, not 0 -- simpleminded, I know, but 0-based indexing feels strange to many novices approaching programming for the first time. - Sean McBride
Being compatible with most of the world is of course an important criterion for an effective programming language -- if your brilliant new programming language never achieves traction and widespread use, it will fade away on the shelf -- an intellectual curiosity to be documented in a footnote on Wikipedia. - Sean McBride
The key word is novice. Different tools have different purposes. Most people wouldn't try to build a house with LEGO. That said, there's nothing wrong with LEGO. But if you want to teach real construction to an apprentice, you will introduce them to professional tools and building materials. - Heisenberg
Or build a large practical system with Logo. - Sean McBride
Okay, I need to go write some node.js code now because I'm already behind schedule. :) - Heisenberg
I just had to go run and errand, and while I was out I was still thinking about 0 vs 1 based indexing and how to explain it intuitively. The example I came up with is a cursor. Let's say you have an empty textfield like the ones we type into on FriendFeed. It has nothing in it. The cursor is at index 0. The character the cursor/index is pointing at is the next character after the cursor. Since there isn't one yet, the 0 index points at a null character. Null characters are what terminate C strings. - Heisenberg
This is how you know the end of a string, because you encounter the null character. Now, let's say you add some text to the comment box. Later you position your cursor at the beginning of the text. The index is 0. The character after the cursor is the first character. The index is a cursor, not the value. So given text = 'Hello', text[0] = 'H', text[1] = 'e', or text[0] = |Hello where | is the cursor, and text[1] = H|ello - Heisenberg
Now in Pascal (and maybe other 1 based indexing languages), an 8-bit character string has the length as the first byte. You reference text[0] as the length of the string. You must skip over the first byte to get to the first character text[1]. That means you can only have 256 characters in a string, unless you use more bytes for the length, in which case you need to know to skip over 2 characters. If this is the case, now we have 2-based indexing, which is even more weird. - Heisenberg
Forgive me if this is inaccurate, because it's been a while since I've had to deal with Pascal strings. But you can see that if text is a large part of your data manipulation (which it is for most things, like the Web), then C strings are easier to deal with. Most modern languages use 0-based indexing. - Heisenberg
This concludes my FriendFeed computer language seminar for today. I hope you've all enjoyed it. I apologize for not weaving lolcats and Taylor Swift into the discussion. - Heisenberg
Good explanation of 0-based indexing. - Sean McBride
Taylor Swift slows iOS development. It’s hard to google information on the new programming language.
Not that there are any current contenders. Just curious why a better syntax for querying hasn’t been developed yet.
Because programers have avoided anything that would make usage of programing languages easier. C++ in 10 years has morphed into something i can not understand anymore. - Jim
I wonder why we haven’t moved to a more modern query language than SQL for RDBMS. Most of us don’t still code in COBOL.
Yeah. Me too. I think there's a lot of good stuff in relational algebra / relational databases, and SQL is … ugh - Amit Patel
People are so much nicer in comments on the Internet than in person.
San Francisco Giants -
San Francisco Giants
"Originally known as the New York Gothams, the team moved to San Francisco in 1958. As one of the longest-established professional baseball teams, the franchise has won the most games of any team in the history of American baseball, and any North American professional sports team. The team was the first major league team based in New York City, most memorably playing at the legendary Polo Grounds." - Heisenberg from Bookmarklet
It's nice when your internet service goes down to be able to plug in your phone and check in your code.
Inventors of User Interface – Before there was UX and Interaction Design there was a different title used for people working in the area of User Interface and Usability: Computer Scientist
Ivan Sutherland, Alan Kay, Douglas Engelbart, Larry Tesler, Daniel Ingalls, Adele Goldberg, David Smith - Heisenberg
If you're excited about working on 20% projects, you need a new job.
Most of us do... - Spidra Webster
FriendFeed is my 20% project. - Louis Gray
You should quit and work on it full time. - Heisenberg
What if someone said to you: "You know, Professor Jordan, I’m a really big believer in the singularity. #singularity
What if someone said to you: "You know, Professor Jordan, I’m a really big believer in the singularity. #singularity
First, I would explain to them that my name is not Professor Jordan... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Confession: I really don't like Python (or Ruby). I must be the only one.
You aren't. - Louis Gray
It's not the usual complaint either. It's not that I want a lower level language. It's not even so much the significant whitespace, although I don't like that much. - Heisenberg
It's that I just don't like the syntax. - Heisenberg
It is suppose to be better, because it doesn't have the "complexity" of the C syntax. I think it is worse because of that. - Heisenberg
My preference is for languages that use the consistency and familiarity of C syntax. Some examples are JavaScript, Golang, and Swift. It's not that I want to share code between the browser, web server, API server, web crawler, and machine learning components. It's that I don't want to context switch on the syntax differences. - Heisenberg
I don't find using __CRAP__ particularly easy to read. I don't like : as an arbitrary difference in statement syntax. - Heisenberg
And the process for the language evolution sucks. It's not just the lack of the switch statement, but the arguments against why it's necessary, and the convoluted 'solutions' for doing what a switch statement does. It's hard to construct and hard to read. - Heisenberg
The explicit 'self' variable bothers me. Even lower languages like C++ don't seem as hacky in their object-oriented language implementation. - Heisenberg
The lack of uniformity in the importing mechanism syntax. The need to use 'reload' instead of 'import' the 2nd time around. 'from module import' vs 'import module'. - Heisenberg
Using 'True' and 'False', instead of 'true' and 'false'. Just arbitrary differences for no particular reason. - Heisenberg
I've never had a problem reading curly braces, parenthesis, or semicolons. I don't find the code more complicated to read because of them. What I DO find more complicated is having to remember using them or not using them when switching between using JavaScript or C, and Python. - Heisenberg
Using 'and', 'or', and 'not' for logical operators rather than C operators ('||', '&&', and '!'). Is it easier to read for a novice programmer? Sure. So is Pascal. That doesn't mean I want to program in it. - Heisenberg
I hate the Egg thing. It's just weird. There's always some egg thingies buried deep in the bowels of a Python web project. Compared to a logical organization like 'npm', it just bites. - Heisenberg
I don't like Monty Python. I think it's corny, dorky, and tired. I'd rather have a language based on Red Dwarf. - Heisenberg
:) - Heisenberg
P.S. I didn't bother going into all the things I don't like about Ruby. Maybe I'll save that for another post that no one will read. - Heisenberg
We're talking about exotic dancers, right? - Todd Hoff
Yes. Ugly ones. - Heisenberg
JavaScript is eating the world. Deal with it.
Alert("Ok."); - Stephen Mack from iPhone
everything is a js object of some sort after all - Aldo Oldo
For people who say "syntax doesn't matter" in programming languages: Nothing aesthetic matters. Building architecture doesn't matter. Paris vs tract housing doesn't matter. Interior design doesn't matter. User interface doesn't matter. Art doesn't matter. What clothes you wear doesn't matter.
I spend all day writing code. It seems natural that I would want to write that code in a language I find aesthetically pleasing. - Heisenberg
Never thought I use the word zoological in a checkin comment
Hey Dodgers. This is what a World Series MVP trophy looks like.
madbum-2 close.jpg
:P - Heisenberg
madbum close.jpeg
Vamos Gigantes! - Heisenberg
"I guess the Disney ending would be MadBum winning game 7. That would put him up there as one of the greatest pitchers of all time." —Cristo
:P - Heisenberg
Too bad the real ending was MadBum winning game 7, which was precursor to the apocalypse. - NOT THE CRICKET
No, that's what would have happened if the Dodgers had won. - Heisenberg
I prefer any desktop/server OS that has bash built in.
It's the true powershell. - NOT THE CRICKET
Just make sure to upgrade it. - Heisenberg
WORLD SERIES GAME 6: Given that the Royals know Peavy so well and have his number, it would really throw them to put in Lincecum and back him up with Petit.
That would be a gutsy move by Bochy. I wonder how much his previous relationship with Peavy influences him. - Heisenberg
There's only one pitcher on the Giants current roster that has thrown a no-hitter. Twice in fact. Once this year. - Heisenberg
I guess I want Timmy because he's done so well in past World Series. The best argument is for Petit, but that makes the bullpen weaker. - Heisenberg
Not sure Timmy's back is up for pitching at all. - Steve C Team Marina
Don't you want to see a game seven though ? - Eric Logan
No, not really. :) - Heisenberg
I guess the Disney ending would be MadBum winning game 7. That would put him up there as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. - Heisenberg
Disney endings are overrated. :) - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Disney still lives. - Heisenberg
Apparently when the starter does not go 5 innings, the scorer has discretion about who to award the win to, so that's how MadBum got the official win tonight. (I read that on the Internet, so it may or may not be true.) - Brian Johns
I think they changed it to a save. - Heisenberg
Yes, they did. Here's a good article about the change: - Brian Johns
Last night I dreamed the Giants won the World Series.
A lot of people had the same dream, sadly many may never wake up from this dream. - Eric Logan
It turned me back into a baseball fan and a Giants fan at that. Or at least I’ll follow whatever Bumgarner does regardless of whose uniform he wears. - Akiva
Once every two months I drive my car. That’s about how long the battery lasts. #chargeday
World Series: 2010 Closer: Brian Wilson, 2012 Closer Sergio Romo, 2014 Closer Madison Bumgarner. #sfgiants
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