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Do you ever get nervous energy flowing through you when you’re working on something cool that nobody knows about yet?
RT @trengriffin: My weekly post drops tomorrow morning (~ 8AM PST). A Dozen Things I've Learned from Chris Sacca ( @sacca ).
RT @trengriffin: My weekly post drops tomorrow morning (~ 8AM PST). A Dozen Things I've Learned from Chris Sacca ( @sacca ).
Google HQ moving to newly discovered planet 12 light years from Earth. #futuretweets
RT @tfadell: Elated and relieved for you Alan! Alan Eustace Jumps From Stratosphere, Breaking World Record @markoff @NYTimes
RT @tfadell: Elated and relieved for you Alan! Alan Eustace Jumps From Stratosphere, Breaking World Record @markoff @NYTimes
I remember watching the Felix Baumgartner jump. Watching him climb up and up and up, and then the tumbling down... That was awesome. - bentley
Blanco! - Heisenberg
Giants generally win when they score first. - Heisenberg
Time to bring Petit in. - Heisenberg
I wish Bochy would have put MadBum in as a DH. He hits better than most of the players. I guess the reason not to is to avoid him getting injured. - Heisenberg
Keep walking us. We like getting guys on base. - Heisenberg
As awesome as it would be to put MadBum in, if anything happened to him Bochy would never live it down. I can't see that happening in the second game of a series. I was just happy to see Timmy again! - Brian Johns
Does anyone know if SF will be able to listen to the 2014 World Series with Miller, Fleming, Kruk and Kuip on the radio? It looks like ESPN and Fox might have it wrapped up so we have to listen to non-SF announcers on TV and radio.
I hope I'm wrong. - Heisenberg
This article says it is on KNBR 680, but doesn't say if it's our local announcers or ESPN announcers: - Heisenberg
Every game is on KNBR (680) regardless of tv status. That's how I'll be listening! [edit: I'm 99% sure they were the commentators on KNBR for the last two Series also. They don't get shoved out of the way.] - Brian Johns
Only local over-the-air has our announcers, near as I can tell. SiriusXM has ESPN announcers on both SF Giants station and KNBR 680. - Heisenberg
I'm listening to 680 over the air. The delay of the TV kinda sucks. - Rodfather from Android
Apparently my mom is listening to 680 with the MLB At Bat app. I guess my brother paid for the audio. Yeah it has Miller, Kruk, Kuip, Flemming. - Rodfather
Is MLB At Bat realtime or delayed? I have it, but I didn't think of it. Also, I'm listening to over-the-air so I can hear it realtime. - Heisenberg
I'm sure there's a slight delay from the ESPN stream but the delay might make it closer in sync with the TV feed. - Rodfather from Android
When I was listening to KNBR, the AM feed was a good minute ahead. - Rodfather from Android
This was the thing we gave up when TV went digital. I used to watch my Broncos with the local announcers. The delay was but half a second. Now, it's not watchable because it's 5-7 seconds. - Eric - It's My Thing
There's still over-the-air HD TV. Not sure if it's delayed. - Heisenberg
It is. Not as much as cable/sat though. - Eric - It's My Thing
Who is considered the best programmer in the world?
Alive or anytime? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Not me. - Amit Patel
It's interesting we don't even have any nominations. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Da Vinci. in so much that he reverse engineered nature's code and reproduced it. - Johnny
A while back gamers were gushing over John Carmack. - Rodfather from Android
Ken Thompson maybe. But probably Don Knuth. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Most likely, it's not the best programmer in the world. There is an issue of acknowledgement. - NOT THE CRICKET
God! - Morgan Fugel
Gregor Mendel - WarLord
Future historians will think the major problems of our day were getting pizza delivered and finding out when coffee was finished brewing.
And they aren't? - Joe
Okay, I’ve managed to create a Jerry Garcia user in Mongo, but now I need to make sure there is OpenID auth or make him log in.
Rick James, bitch. - NOT THE CRICKET
History is the story of mankind dropped in the wilderness to make its way home. Along the way, enlightened people realize they are already home.
My friendfeed just got a whole lot cooler:
I remember thinking some startups were cool. Are there any cool startups anymore?
Perlstein Lab "Perlstein Lab is a public benefit corporation for precision orphan disease drug discovery." - Spidra Webster
Um, that is probably a great cause. But not what I was thinking as cool. - Heisenberg
Met one today that is doing some pretty cool things. - Me
CW, sounds great. You don't need to provide so much detail though. - Heisenberg
Didn't think I needed to. :) - Me
"Well I may take a plane, I may take a train. But If I have to walk, I'm going there just the same, I'm going to Kansas City, Kansas City, here I come." —Albert King #vamosgigantes
They got some crazy little women there and I'm gonna get me one - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
[redacted for political correctness] - Heisenberg
"If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all" —Albert King
Our perception of reality is reversed. We see the imagined world as real, when all along it is being created by billions of coders without keyboards. Time appears to flow like a river, when it is really an ocean. Within the ocean there is everything that appears to exist and everything that appears to be gone.
Your childhood is in that ocean. - Heisenberg
Your previous incarnations are in that ocean. - Heisenberg
Everyone and everything you have ever loved is in that ocean. - Heisenberg
"...all your better deeds / Shall be in water writ, but this in marble; / No chronicle shall speak you, though your own" -- Philaster., or Love Lies A-bleeding,.by Beaumont and Fletcher, Act V, Scene III ( - Stephen Mack
Imagine the luddites of the fire age. This generation is going to hell. No longer will people appreciate the warmth of the sun.
Eh? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It just ain't natural. We're playing with fire here. - Morgan Fugel from Android
More than that, imagine the very first Clovis who threw food in the fire to cook it.... #ruiningperfectlygoodrawmeat - WarLord
I believe in the future, coding won’t just be something hackers do to create apps. It will be what humans do to interact with the world.
What about those of us that don't code? - Me
In the future robots with abiologic sentience will be the coders, the only coders... Talking about "coders" will become like discussing the flagman who walked ahead of early automobiles to warn the horses..... - WarLord
RT @kfury: Congrats on @Withings getting their HealthKit support out the door! Still waiting on other popular activity trackers to follow suit.
Google’s Achilles’ heel is targeted by Startups
Google’s Achilles’ heel is targeted by Startups
The R programming language looks interesting.
You could have departed SFO at game start, flown to DC, hired a taxi to Nationals Park, and watched the 18th inning in person. #sfgiants
If you live in SF and you’re not watching the @sfgiants right now, you should move.
This is now officially the longest postseason game in the history of MLB. - Heisenberg
You just lost an employee. ;P - NOT THE CRICKET
RT @louisgray: Length of the original Star Wars trilogy: 379 minutes. Length of tonight's Giants/Nationals game: 383 minutes. #SFvsWAS #giantsvsnationals
Anything is easy, but everything takes forever
Listening to @SFGiants baseball on the radio while coding is way better than reading people’s tweet storms. 100 year old pastime still fun.
There’s no inflation. Real estate, rents, and hotels in San Francisco are just getting more valuable.
How is there no inflation when everything besides toothpaste is going up in price?
Someone needs to write a translation guide for tired buzzwords to the ones all the cool kids are using.
Since ‘disrupt’ has gone out of fashion, what’s the new word for revolutionary technology?
"Paradigm-shifting" - Stephen Mack
"Immersive" - Stephen Mack
"Game-changing" - Stephen Mack
"Emergent" - Stephen Mack
"Ground-breaking" - Stephen Mack
"Innovative" - Stephen Mack
Whenever I hear @katyperry sing California Gurls I think of @hunterpence #vamosgigantes
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