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Co-founder of Android. Xoogler. SF Giants fan. Love creating and using new technology. –
RT @dhmspector: TouchID needs a "under duress" finger:When used asks for retouch then silently wipes device #iOSdev @SwiftOnSecurity:
RT @dhmspector: TouchID needs a "under duress" finger:When used asks for retouch then silently wipes device  #iOSdev @SwiftOnSecurity:
Often I really hate CSS
Sometimes when people unfollow me, I wonder what they were expecting me to post. Then I go back to writing code.
I go through a cycle of following more people, then realizing there's too much, then unfollowing people. I don't take unfollows personally :) - Amit Patel
RT @ekampf: OSX is for building websites, Linux is for running them, Windows is for testing IE
RT @redblobgames: My writing process: sketch out an explanation and diagrams on paper. JS prototype, then back to paper to iterate.
RT @redblobgames: My writing process: sketch out an explanation and diagrams on paper. JS prototype, then back to paper to iterate.
Roommate: I’ll drive to @bluegraf and give you guys a ride home. Me: Only if you come work on the server for a couple hours. #fridaynightfun
We're working so late that it's like Louis Gray is working here. - Cristo
In 10 years, most people won’t even know that Windows was an operating system.
Like kids today don't know about U2! - Jenny H. from Android
Are you saying it will be installed on every device for you because Bill Gates makes a big donation to all the causes? - Cristo
10 years? Is it just Windows or every desktop OS? - Eric - Poppa Large
Minecraft will be the OS. - Joe
Let's just be realistic. Windows XP hasn't gone away, especially in some countries in Asia like India. I don't think 10 years is enough. - Eric - Poppa Large
How do I get rid of the Google? I want my Windows internet back! - Slippy
Okay, some very small percentage of people will remember what it was , like you Eric. (I did say most) For the rest of us it will be a nightmare we've woken up from and forgotten about unless someone reminds us. - Cristo
Of course, Microsoft may very well release their own version of Linux that they call Weezy Windows. - Cristo
:-) - Slippy
RT @cnet: Meet Kevin Lynch, once a Flash point at Adobe, now winding up Apple Watch
RT @cnet: Meet Kevin Lynch, once a Flash point at Adobe, now winding up Apple Watch
Whenever I feel like I’m starting to get too many followers on Twitter, I just tweet something.
In 2009 iPad didn’t have enough functionality (e.g. multi-tasking UI). In 2014 Apple Watch has too much functionality and isn’t standalone.
Of course, that doesn't mean it won't sell well. But it could still be better (and even sell better). - Cristo
For a version 1, I give them a B+. It's more enticing (to me at least) than I expected. It's one of those things that I suspect could become very important to me. - Stephen Mack
I'm with you Stephen. Seems better than I expected, but room for improvement. I think version 3 will be pretty awesome though. - Ken Gidley
The lack of standalone functionality is the biggest drawback for me, especially given that it's being billed as a fitness device (among many other things). Having to run with both a phone and a watch is more than a bit annoying. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
$350 for the watch. That is like the price when LED digital watches first came out in the 1970s. - Joe
Stephen, what is the one feature of the Apple Watch that most excites you? - Cristo
Drawing fishies. - NOT THE CRICKET
Damn Jimminy. You're right. That really is the killer application. - Cristo
Kevin, especially since their best new phone will be HUGE. :) - Cristo
Sharing heartbeats. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Really the health stuff. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Health stuff that works best when you're not exercising. - Cristo
Well, I like the idea of a "it's time to stand up now" reminder (wish Fitbit had that). And I've been interested in a heart rate monitor while running for a while. I love Fitbit and will keep using them, but I'm definitely interested in seeing what Apple has to offer. - Stephen Mack
If you want a heart rate monitor, and a GPS, complete with lots of other running features, you should check out the Garmin Forerunner 620. Or you could just walk around and share your heart rate with Louis. ;) - Cristo
But that Forerunner you link to is $400! For $50 less, don't I get all the same functionality plus whatever other apps end up being useful? (I liked the Astronomy watch face in the demo.) - Stephen Mack
Also, because I love all of you on FF, here's some heartbeat sharing: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. - Stephen Mack
I'm going to buy an Apple Watch, but I'm probably not going to wear an Apple Watch. ;) - Cristo
Heh. I may wear it only when running. On the other hand, I used to enjoy not wearing a watch, and didn't think I would like wearing a Fitbit on my wrist, but it turns out I have liked having it. - Stephen Mack
Are you planning to run with your 5.5" iPhone? - Cristo
It is hard to tell what the watch can do without the phone, but this page implies you won't need it: -- "Music. Control the music on your iPhone without taking it out of your pocket. And when you leave iPhone at home to go for a jog, listen to music directly on Apple Watch." - Stephen Mack from iPhone
It seems like it relies on the iPhone for GPS coordinates. " Apple Watch unites the capabilities of an all-day fitness tracker and a highly advanced sports watch in one device you can wear all the time. It can track a wider variety of activities because it’s able to collect more types of data. It uses an accelerometer to measure your total body movement. It has a custom sensor that can... more... - NOT THE CRICKET
Stephen, check out the Wahoo Fitness Ticker X heart rate monitor. Works with BTLE or Ant+, your phone or something like the Garmin. Also has memory to record your HR data for hours standalone. - Ken Gidley from iPhone
^Interesting. I use the regular Wahoo Bluetooth HRM already. Didn't realize they have another one. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Kevin, it was just released this week. They have another, the Ticker Run, as well. - Ken Gidley
I wonder what percentage of people login to news sites to read an entire story. For me it’s less and less.
I suspect a lot of people don't read past the headline. (As NPR showed in April, ) - Stephen Mack
I used to do it with LA Times but not anymore. They went to a login system where if you're unfortunate enough to have a Yahoo or Gmail acct, they want all that data. Wouldn't ask that if I had just a regular ol' email acct. (And this is on a subscription acct., not a free one.) - Spidra Webster
One of the things that's gone wrong with music is people forgetting how good the blues are.
It's where rock 'n roll came from. Pop is a saccharin version of it. We're left with so much watered down emotion and soul. - Cristo
Just listen to Red House by Jimi Hendrix. - Cristo
Listen to Johnny Winters sing "Come Back Baby" be reminded #dabluz - WarLord
Blues merged with Rythm awhile back. It's hard to tell that Blues can be good from that. - Eivind from Android
Roger Daltrey has recently recorded a blues album with Wilko Johnson, and it's freaking awesome. There's still some good blues out there, but yeah, it's hard to get anyone under 40 to appreciate it. - Slippy
Ohh Slippy, thanks for the heads up on this. - Janet
There used to be a fantastic Prince cover of Red House on YouTube, but I can't find it now. (edit: Ah, the videos was better, but I remembered I posted this a while back - Ken Morley
I like the blues, but they always make me feel sad - Glen Campbell
Oh, Glen ... - MoTO: Team Marina
How would FriendFeed be different if it was designed and built today?
For one, it wouldn't support iGoogle. - Cristo
Flatter design? - Jennifer Dittrich
It would probably be run over SSL. - Cristo
Jennifer, FriendFeed is already pretty flat, isn't it? - Cristo
Interesting question. From my perspective, it is still more advanced than Twitter, Facebook and Google+ regarding user interface and features. - Sean McBride
It is, but you do see a lot of rounded corners, etc., and some shading. I'm guessing you'd see something a bit more boxy. - Jennifer Dittrich
Maybe, but it's still possible the designer would have taste. ;) - Cristo
Very true. I'd expect it to be less vertical - or at the least, use width a bit more broadly. - Jennifer Dittrich
Every third post in your feed would be an advertisement. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
It would be possible to like individual comments. - Joe
There would be ads on the side advertising whatever stuff was mentioned by people on that page. Apple Watch, coors, food, etc. - Joe
Joe, it would be challenging to allow liking of comments and have it not be busy looking. I do wish they would add the advertising feature though. I feel disconnected from Madison Avenue when I'm on FriendFeed. - Cristo
It'll have a screensaver :P - imabonehead from Android
It would be mobile first. - Louis Gray
I question the mobile first mantra. Mobile is usually a much more constrained experience. Without a website it's hard to know what your mobile app should focus on. - Cristo
Photos would be much larger. - Louis Gray
Meh. I don't have an issue with photo size. - Cristo
I actually know the answers. I'm just not telling. ;) - Cristo
In other words, it would be more like Facebook? - Joe
Why would it be like Facebook? Would you design a new web app that behaved like Facebook? - Cristo
Heck, no. - Jennifer Dittrich
Maybe you would be forced to read comments. :) - Cristo
Maybe you would be forced to delete comments. :) - Louis Gray
It would only have you, instead of Scoble, Arrington, and MG Siegler. - Cristo
Would be nice. But then, that wouldn't be too different than now. - Louis Gray
True. ;) - Cristo
It would support clustering by topic, would make it much easier to engage non-FriendFeed users in FF content, Q&A like Quora and group conversation and task management like Asana. - Kevin Fox from iPhone
Alzheimer's Disease Statistics Show the Illness Will Define Our Times | New Republic -
Alzheimer's Disease Statistics Show the Illness Will Define Our Times | New Republic
Alzheimer's Disease Statistics Show the Illness Will Define Our Times | New Republic
"Alzheimer’s disease is practically unheard of in adults younger than 40, and very rare (one in 2,500) for those under 60. It affects 1 percent of 65-year-olds, 2 percent of 68-year-olds, 3 percent of 70-year-olds. After that, the odds start multiplying. The likelihood of your developing Alzheimer’s more or less doubles every five years past 65. Should you make it to 85, you will have, roughly, a fifty-fifty shot at remaining sane." - Cristo from Bookmarklet
60 Minutes had a recent segment on the 90+ Project, people who have lived past 90. The most significant indicator was that people with high blood pressure are less likely to suffer from dementia. - Greg GuitarBuster
Well worth the long read, so thanks for sharing, Mr Cristo. That's interesting, Greg! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Can't believe that I'll be turning 30 tomorrow. :(
I entered college when I was 9 months old. Beat that! - Cristo
Where did the time go? By the time you catch up with yourself, will we be living on Mars? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
No, we used to live on Mars. But after a billion years it got too cold, so we moved here. - Cristo
Cristo is from Mars, WoH is from Venus. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Saying JavaScript isn’t a computer language is like saying C isn’t a computer language. Both require processing to become machine language.
So then is HTML a computer language? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Javascript isn't a real language. It's coffee and a typewriter. - NOT THE CRICKET
Don't gloat over the Giants losing. The Athletics aren't looking that good either.
No, they are not. - Louis Gray
Flat design often looks like a teacher gave colored construction paper to kids, who cut it in rectangular shapes and stuck it to the screen.
RT @newsycombinator: We Are Entering the Age of Alzheimer's
RT @newsycombinator: We Are Entering the Age of Alzheimer's
SF Giants. 9-0 against the Dodgers.
Let's go Giants! - Louis Gray
I was listening to the game on KGO. One game behind now. Oops I meant knbr. - Rodfather from Android
Hey Stephen, any word on whether that new $5000 TiVo will have a long/adjustable pause buffer (for multiple channels) or a screensaver?
I know it doesn't have a screensaver (but I continue to fight that battle for you). That's a good question about the buffer. I don't think it's longer or adjustable, but I'll check. - Stephen Mack
Why would you introduce a machine that can record several entire channels and not have a longer buffer? Are the people running your company insane? :) - Cristo
Also, have they done any usability testing or surveys on whether people are annoyed by TiVo suddenly turning on when paused or in the menu system? - Cristo
I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that if users can't figure out how to dismiss a screensaver by pressing any TiVo button on the remote control, then they probably can't figure out the rest of the interface either. - Cristo
One of my favorite Cristo lines: "Are the people running your company insane?" - Louis Gray
I'm convinced they are. :) - Cristo
That phrase is best said with an evil Mad Scientist voice. - Louis Gray
I don't think 'insane' is the proper 'i' word; you'd have to be an idiot to offer 24TB and stick with a 60 minute buffer. - NOT THE CRICKET
60 minutes? I don't think it's that long on my box. - Cristo
I don't know what Tivo's time actually is, that just seems industry standard. I mean fucking Microsoft gets that right, but I think they may have variable buffers. It's been a long time since I used my tuner. - NOT THE CRICKET
It seems like about 15 minutes. Stephen can verify. - Cristo
Googling, says 30. Which was fucking stupid even in 2007. - NOT THE CRICKET
I confuse it with the transition to Live TV from being on the Menu. It seems like about 5 minutes. - Cristo
Stephen actually said that people push the Menu button before they turn on the TV to avoid spoilers for sports. HELLO, how about just not playing the content until the user asks for it? It's like you open the refrigerator and it starts fire hosing beer into your face. Is this the Singularity? - Cristo
I would love to disrupt TiVo, but I have better things to do. No offense. I do love you though Stephen. Send me your heartbeat. - Cristo
You know a really good way to disrupt TiVo... Hit the menu button. - NOT THE CRICKET
Or disconnect Comcast. I'll just listen to the games on the radio or watch them in person. - Cristo
One of the worst job ads targeted at me that I've seen. I assume you know my opinion of the term 'Dogfooding'.
Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.23.05 AM.png
They should have at least made you VP of Dogfooding. - Stephen Mack
Timely too. I just posted an internal Slack message about why this term sucks. I might turn it into a blog post when we complete our next milestone. - Cristo
It's telling that they equate 'Internal User Testing' with dogfooding, which I think misses the point of what I call bootstrapping. - Cristo
Hello Moto. - Louis Gray
Moto is not available to talk right now. He's busy being sold to some Chinese conglomerate. - Cristo
Some books are easier than others to read while watching a Giants game.
I was actually hoping the Apple Watch was something more like this:
I was actually hoping the Apple Watch was something more like this:
What is that? A mockup? - Stephen Mack
It's reportedly Sony's new band: - Cristo
Will Apple Watch & Apple Health have open Web APIs a la Fitbit and other health monitors?
Good question. - Stephen Mack
Why should a database require a JVM?
MSFT top individual stockholders: Ballmer - 333mm shares, Gates - 298mm shares. Turner - 10mm shares, Nadella - 1mm shares
Can you schedule the deletion of your entire account in advance?
I have a confession to make. I've been keeping Louis Gray hours lately, e.g. I was at work until 1am this morning.
I can feel my brain shrinking. - Cristo
I'm sure the water was just cold. - Spidra Webster
^ winner. - Bren
I am proud of you, Cristo. - Louis Gray
as long as you're not keeping my hours. I've been at work until 4-5am a few times in the past couple months.... - Jonathan Disher
I work till 4-5 am at least once per week. - April Russo
I worked ALL WEEKEND LONG! (In Costa Rica, with beers. But there was lots of work too!) - SAM
Well, not that we're competing, but in the past there have been a few times I've coded 72 hours without sleeping and 12 days in a row without going home. One year, I didn't have any vacation except Christmas and only took two days a month off. :) - Cristo
Look forward to seeing the results of your latest work. - Louis Gray from Android
Wow! As a non-technical person, I am amazed. Focusing that long without straying off course. I have to admit, I have to stretch, go for a walk or run, do a few situps, pull some weeds, clean the pool, dead something to clear the brain to allow it to get back to work. You all are truly amazing! - Bob Jones
Bob, thanks. I'm not going to pretend I didn't stretch, walk, or get something to eat though. :) - Cristo
RT @google: The Internet belongs to everyone - and it's our job to protect it. Are you in? #freeandopen
RT @google: The Internet belongs to everyone - and it's our job to protect it. Are you in? #freeandopen
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