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"I guess the Disney ending would be MadBum winning game 7. That would put him up there as one of the greatest pitchers of all time." —Cristo
:P - Heisenberg
Too bad the real ending was MadBum winning game 7, which was precursor to the apocalypse. - NOT THE CRICKET
No, that's what would have happened if the Dodgers had won. - Heisenberg
I prefer any desktop/server OS that has bash built in.
It's the true powershell. - NOT THE CRICKET
Just make sure to upgrade it. - Heisenberg
WORLD SERIES GAME 6: Given that the Royals know Peavy so well and have his number, it would really throw them to put in Lincecum and back him up with Petit.
That would be a gutsy move by Bochy. I wonder how much his previous relationship with Peavy influences him. - Heisenberg
There's only one pitcher on the Giants current roster that has thrown a no-hitter. Twice in fact. Once this year. - Heisenberg
I guess I want Timmy because he's done so well in past World Series. The best argument is for Petit, but that makes the bullpen weaker. - Heisenberg
Not sure Timmy's back is up for pitching at all. - Steve C Team Marina
Don't you want to see a game seven though ? - Eric Logan
No, not really. :) - Heisenberg
I guess the Disney ending would be MadBum winning game 7. That would put him up there as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. - Heisenberg
Disney endings are overrated. :) - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Disney still lives. - Heisenberg
Apparently when the starter does not go 5 innings, the scorer has discretion about who to award the win to, so that's how MadBum got the official win tonight. (I read that on the Internet, so it may or may not be true.) - Brian Johns
I think they changed it to a save. - Heisenberg
Yes, they did. Here's a good article about the change: - Brian Johns
Last night I dreamed the Giants won the World Series.
A lot of people had the same dream, sadly many may never wake up from this dream. - Eric Logan
It turned me back into a baseball fan and a Giants fan at that. Or at least I’ll follow whatever Bumgarner does regardless of whose uniform he wears. - Akiva
Once every two months I drive my car. That’s about how long the battery lasts. #chargeday
World Series: 2010 Closer: Brian Wilson, 2012 Closer Sergio Romo, 2014 Closer Madison Bumgarner. #sfgiants
RT @iamcodyross: I've said it before, #MadBum is the BEST lefty in the GAME! Congrats 2 the the @SFGiants on a well deserved World Series. #Dynasty
RT @nickbilton: Dear God! Look at this photo in The Mission right now. It's disgusting: Someone is San Francisco has a Blackberry!
RT @nickbilton: Dear God! Look at this photo in The Mission right now. It's disgusting: Someone is San Francisco has a Blackberry!
RT @karaswisher: Toilet paper monster in Castro for #GIANTSWIN
RT @karaswisher: Toilet paper monster in Castro for #GIANTSWIN
RT @kevinmonty: Well someone is flying a drone over then Mission fires, as if this couldn't become more San Francisco
RT @kevinmonty: Well someone is flying a drone over then Mission fires, as if this couldn't become more San Francisco
RT @sfmta_muni: Due to safety concerns, all bus srv is are being suspended. All service vehicles will be pulling in. #Subwaysvc will continue to run.
This was the craziest season ever. Torture right down to the last strike. Glad we had #madbum on the mound! #sfgiants
Woooooooooo!!!! - Rodfather from Android
Don't start Bumgarner. Possibly lose the series. Why chance it? If you ask any Royals fan, their worst nightmare would be the Giants starting Bumgarner. - Heisenberg
If they don't start Bumgarner they are crazy. I love Hudson, but he is not a dominant pitcher anymore. - Eric Logan
I bet they start Hudson with a very short leash, and then go to Lincecum. - Joe
They won't use Lincecum, although that would be cool. I think the short leash for Hudson should be 0 innings. It shouldn't be about making people on the team feel good at this point. They took Romo off his closer job, and he's been pitching well. Same should hold for Peavy & Hudson. Why not use your best guy? - Heisenberg
They'll start Hudson and Bumgarner will probably fill into the roll Petit had. - Rodfather from Android
2 runs scored, bases loaded, and no outs. - Heisenberg
Walk - Heisenberg
Warm up Bumgarner - Rodfather from Android
Nice - Rodfather from Android
Okay. If we score again, I'll feel more relaxed. We've had a few games where we scored first and then lost. - Heisenberg
Woo! Go Morse! - Rodfather from Android
Okay. Now I feel better. - Heisenberg
Woo! Go Crawford! - Rodfather from Android
Good things happen when Pablo gets on base to start the inning. - Rodfather from Android
Why didn't Bumgarner start? Seriously, I just want to understand. - Heisenberg
Damn. Nice hit - Rodfather from Android
Ah shit - Rodfather from Android
Okay, Bochy. Have you seen enough yet? - Heisenberg
Oh man. - Rodfather from Android
Does this remind you of anything? Like last night, maybe? - Heisenberg
Get Affeldt in there - Rodfather from Android
Yeah. No time. Should get Bumgarner in there now. Maybe next inning to pitch some extended innings. - Rodfather from Android
Score? - SAM
2-2 - Heisenberg
Crawford! - Heisenberg
Hah. I want to see that new Dumb and Dumber - Rodfather from Android
He was safe - Rodfather from Android
Tie goes to the runner. - Rodfather from Android
Woo he's out - Rodfather from Android
Panik is so money with that glove toss. I saw him do that a few times going to first. - Rodfather from Android
Trying to get too fancy - Rodfather from Android
Pablo leading off the inning on base again. - Rodfather from Android
Damn why didn't pence go - Rodfather from Android
He needs to give Pablo a running start or he'll lap him on the way home. - Heisenberg
Should be a man on 2nd and 3rd. Could cost them. - Rodfather from Android
Let's go Morse - Rodfather from Android
I think with their pitching choices, this is the least of their worries. - Heisenberg
Power vs power - Rodfather from Android
Woo! - Rodfather from Android
So nervous. I'm hanging on every pitch. - Rodfather from Android
If Panik didn't make that fancy glove toss, the Royals second baseman probably wouldn't have tried to barehand that play. - Rodfather from Android
Let's warm up Bumgarner now. 4th inning. Have him pitch 5-8 - Rodfather from Android
Nice. Double-play. - Heisenberg
Woo double play! - Rodfather from Android
Here we go. Blanco, Panik, Posey - Rodfather from Android
Bumgarner in the bullpen! - Rodfather from Android
Herrera is pitching some nasty stuff - Rodfather from Android
So nervous. Go Bumgarner - Rodfather from Android
Thank goodness Perez is in left field. - Rodfather from Android
Phew. Restaurant crowd erupted. - Rodfather from Android
Pablo leading off again - Rodfather from Android
Pablo on base again to lead off the inning - Rodfather from Android
🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼 - Rodfather from Android
Hosmer can't touch Bumgarner - Rodfather from Android
So nervous - Rodfather from Android
Davis - Rodfather from Android
Pablo on base while leading off again. Well not leading off. Still on base. Two out rally! - Rodfather from Android
Keep Bumgarner in there if he still looks good. - Rodfather from Android
Need some run support. - Heisenberg
Bumgarner has to finish the game. - Rodfather from Android
You don't think they should bring in Strickland & Machi? Where's your sense of adventure? - Heisenberg
So close yet so far. - Rodfather from Android
Nail-biting. KC could win this with a walk-off. - Heisenberg
Shut up - Rodfather from Android
Shit - Heisenberg
Seems like they're trying to make it as exciting as humanly possible. - Heisenberg
YES! - imabonehead
:D - Heisenberg
Look at how happy Steve Perry is! - imabonehead
Aw yeah! - Rodfather from Android
It's fitting the last game was a grind. So good. So so good. - Rodfather from Android
Giants’ best bet? Start Bumgarner in Game 7 - SFGate -
Giants’ best bet? Start Bumgarner in Game 7 - SFGate
"But sentiment is for Hallmark cards. (Made right here in Kansas City!) Sentiment be damned. If you’ve got the best horse, load him in the starting gate." - Heisenberg from Bookmarklet
Jack Morris believes Madison Bumgarner should start in Game 7 - LA Times -
Jack Morris believes Madison Bumgarner should start in Game 7 - LA Times
"If Jack Morris had his way, Madison Bumgarner would be starting Game 7 of the World Series. "If you've got any inclination to throw Bumgarner, why not start him?" Morris said Wednesday, before Game 7 of the 2014 World Series." - Heisenberg from Bookmarklet
My favorite NFL team this week—The Carolina Panthers.
My favorite NFL team this week - whoever is playing the Raiders. They are undefeated! - Louis Gray
How can you root against the Raiders and be an A's fan? Oakland should ban you from their stadium! :) - Heisenberg
I would also like the Eagles and the Bears to win tomorrow. - Heisenberg
Right now the New England Patriots are leading the Chicago Bears 48 to 15. Tom Brady threw four touchdown passes in the first half -- the fifth time he has done this -- which is an NFL record. - Sean McBride
[A Ridiculous First Half to End All Ridiculous First Halves] I'm glad I watched it. Current score: 51 to 23. - Sean McBride
Keep in mind, Cristo... when I grew up, the Raiders were in LA, and the 49ers were incredible. Easy choice. - Louis Gray
Sean, I don't always get what I want—it doesn't stop me from wanting it. Just like you, and the Singularity. :) - Heisenberg
World Series: Who will be the pitcher for the SF Giants in Game 6?
My vote is a Petit start with Timmy as backup. Or vice-versa. They'll probably choose Peavy, but I think it's a mistake. - Heisenberg
What about Game 5? - NOT THE CRICKET
MadBum will pitch on normal rotation. He's the best pitcher in baseball right now. Plus he can hit better than many of the Giants batters, which since we are at home this time, will be interesting for the AL Royals. - Heisenberg
That means when the pitcher comes to bat, often an NL team will substitute a pinch hitter. This means the pitcher can no longer play the rest of the game. With MadBum, since he can hit, they just leave him in there. - Heisenberg
Since the game is in SF tomorrow, they play with NL rules. - Heisenberg
So why can't they use him also in Game 6 (and 7)? - NOT THE CRICKET
They could, potentially. But pitchers need rest or their pitching arm gives out. I don't think you'd see him in a game 6, but maybe in a game 7. - Heisenberg
My vote: Jimminy - Louis Gray
But I eat pizza without a fork. I'm not good enough. - NOT THE CRICKET
Game 4: 2014 World Series. SF Giants vs KC Royals
Go Giants! - Heisenberg
Let's go Giants! - Rodfather
Be strong Vogey! - Heisenberg
Looking good so far. - Rodfather
Giants usually win when they score first. I hope they score first. - Heisenberg
Oh nice Bryan Stow is there. - Rodfather
Blanco stealing the bases. - Heisenberg
Nice steal. - Rodfather
Woo nice effort there Pence. - Rodfather
"hurray, i'm for the other team" - MoTO: Team Marina
Interjections! - Steele Lawman
Ouch. Bat broke around his hands. - Rodfather
Here comes that rain - Rodfather
Vargas has a nice swing - Rodfather
Cain is hurt - Rodfather
OMG. Fielding issues costing runs. - Rodfather
Put in Petit - Rodfather
Oh Frank Robinson is still around. He used to be the manager for the Giants. - Rodfather
Ah shit - Rodfather
Damn. Put in Petit already - Rodfather
Not looking good. - Heisenberg
They will put Machi in because the pitcher comes up next. - Heisenberg
I don't like it, but I understand it. - Heisenberg
That was a stupid inning. It all started with Belt mishandling the ball. - Rodfather from Android
Nice hit Posey - Rodfather
That ball was hit in the deep part of the field. - Rodfather
Haha sweet Petit with a hit - Rodfather
Here we go. - Rodfather
Nice way to start the inning. Panik with a double. - Rodfather
Sweet. Keep it going! - Rodfather
Go go rally! - Rodfather
Go for it. Green light. - Rodfather
Bases loaded. Put in Morse! - Rodfather
4-4! Yes! Go Giants! - imabonehead from Android
Nice heads up baserunning Pence! Tie game! - Rodfather
These mind games. Morse on deck. Timmy warming up. - Rodfather
Torture. - Heisenberg
Uh oh. Speed on the base and the plate. - Rodfather
Sweet! Double play - Rodfather
nice double - MoTO: Team Marina
Blanco is so money - Rodfather
Wow he looked out - Rodfather
Panik and Blanco are playing so well. - Rodfather
Woo! - Rodfather
Woo! Rally! - Rodfather
well I'm done. looks like we're even again. good night - MoTO: Team Marina
Please don't crumble Affeldt. We need you. - Rodfather
Finnigan finally done. - Rodfather from Android
YES! Blanco! - Heisenberg
Woo! Now the Royals are looking like the Cardinals. - Rodfather from Android
Nice. - Heisenberg
Panik and Blanco again. So good. - Rodfather from Android
Rally! Rally! - Rodfather
Nice job Romo - Rodfather
For once I agree with the Fox crew. It's better when they shut up and can hear the crowd. - Rodfather
Oh no Strickland is warming up. Don't give the Royals hope. - Rodfather
Heading home before the craziness on 2nd. :P - Heisenberg
Sweet. - Rodfather
Petit is the man. Saved this game. - Rodfather
And Panda. And Pence. And Blanco. - Heisenberg
Do you ever get nervous energy flowing through you when you’re working on something cool that nobody knows about yet?
RT @trengriffin: My weekly post drops tomorrow morning (~ 8AM PST). A Dozen Things I've Learned from Chris Sacca ( @sacca ).
RT @trengriffin: My weekly post drops tomorrow morning (~ 8AM PST). A Dozen Things I've Learned from Chris Sacca ( @sacca ).
Google HQ moving to newly discovered planet 12 light years from Earth. #futuretweets
RT @tfadell: Elated and relieved for you Alan! Alan Eustace Jumps From Stratosphere, Breaking World Record @markoff @NYTimes
RT @tfadell: Elated and relieved for you Alan! Alan Eustace Jumps From Stratosphere, Breaking World Record @markoff @NYTimes
I remember watching the Felix Baumgartner jump. Watching him climb up and up and up, and then the tumbling down... That was awesome. - bentley
Blanco! - Heisenberg
Giants generally win when they score first. - Heisenberg
Time to bring Petit in. - Heisenberg
I wish Bochy would have put MadBum in as a DH. He hits better than most of the players. I guess the reason not to is to avoid him getting injured. - Heisenberg
Keep walking us. We like getting guys on base. - Heisenberg
As awesome as it would be to put MadBum in, if anything happened to him Bochy would never live it down. I can't see that happening in the second game of a series. I was just happy to see Timmy again! - Brian Johns
Does anyone know if SF will be able to listen to the 2014 World Series with Miller, Fleming, Kruk and Kuip on the radio? It looks like ESPN and Fox might have it wrapped up so we have to listen to non-SF announcers on TV and radio.
I hope I'm wrong. - Heisenberg
This article says it is on KNBR 680, but doesn't say if it's our local announcers or ESPN announcers: - Heisenberg
Every game is on KNBR (680) regardless of tv status. That's how I'll be listening! [edit: I'm 99% sure they were the commentators on KNBR for the last two Series also. They don't get shoved out of the way.] - Brian Johns
Only local over-the-air has our announcers, near as I can tell. SiriusXM has ESPN announcers on both SF Giants station and KNBR 680. - Heisenberg
I'm listening to 680 over the air. The delay of the TV kinda sucks. - Rodfather from Android
Apparently my mom is listening to 680 with the MLB At Bat app. I guess my brother paid for the audio. Yeah it has Miller, Kruk, Kuip, Flemming. - Rodfather
Is MLB At Bat realtime or delayed? I have it, but I didn't think of it. Also, I'm listening to over-the-air so I can hear it realtime. - Heisenberg
I'm sure there's a slight delay from the ESPN stream but the delay might make it closer in sync with the TV feed. - Rodfather from Android
When I was listening to KNBR, the AM feed was a good minute ahead. - Rodfather from Android
This was the thing we gave up when TV went digital. I used to watch my Broncos with the local announcers. The delay was but half a second. Now, it's not watchable because it's 5-7 seconds. - Eric - It's My Thing
There's still over-the-air HD TV. Not sure if it's delayed. - Heisenberg
It is. Not as much as cable/sat though. - Eric - It's My Thing
Who is considered the best programmer in the world?
Alive or anytime? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Not me. - Amit Patel
It's interesting we don't even have any nominations. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Da Vinci. in so much that he reverse engineered nature's code and reproduced it. - Johnny
A while back gamers were gushing over John Carmack. - Rodfather from Android
Ken Thompson maybe. But probably Don Knuth. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Most likely, it's not the best programmer in the world. There is an issue of acknowledgement. - NOT THE CRICKET
God! - Eivind
Gregor Mendel - WarLord
Future historians will think the major problems of our day were getting pizza delivered and finding out when coffee was finished brewing.
And they aren't? - Joe
Okay, I’ve managed to create a Jerry Garcia user in Mongo, but now I need to make sure there is OpenID auth or make him log in.
Rick James, bitch. - NOT THE CRICKET
History is the story of mankind dropped in the wilderness to make its way home. Along the way, enlightened people realize they are already home.
My friendfeed just got a whole lot cooler:
I remember thinking some startups were cool. Are there any cool startups anymore?
Perlstein Lab "Perlstein Lab is a public benefit corporation for precision orphan disease drug discovery." - Spidra Webster
Um, that is probably a great cause. But not what I was thinking as cool. - Heisenberg
Met one today that is doing some pretty cool things. - Me
CW, sounds great. You don't need to provide so much detail though. - Heisenberg
Didn't think I needed to. :) - Me
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