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ICYMI, @CrossedGenres' first stand-alone anthology, SUBVERSION, will go out of print on 12/1 after 3 years:
SUBVERSION, @CrossedGenres' first stand-alone anthology, will go out of print on 12/1 after 3 years:
RT @DavidJonFuller: A bit of #LongHidden deeper reading: the story of the 107th Battalion C.E.F. and Aboriginal soldiers in #WWI:
RT @djolder: I dropped a literary mixtape. It's called #LongHidden. You will deal. #DJOlder
RT @dreamoforgonon: Her "Ogres Of East Africa", which opens #LongHidden, is a strong contender for favorite of 2014.
Huge congrats to @SofiaSamatar, whose A Stranger in Olondria won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel!
RT @raethe: Although @crossedgenres may have inadvertently doomed it to forevermore be known as "the fuckmuppet story."
RT @raethe: So Katherine Montgomery's Lesson Planning is awesome:
RT @jamestweeting: The gang sign story has now been fully mic-dropped. It's over. Everyone move on.
2 @crossedgenres stories in here! RT @12thPlanetPress ToC for Year's Best YA Spec Fic ed. by @omgjulia & @Krasnostein
RE the story we just published w/ swears: Read the author interview in which we ask her about using profanity:
RE whether we'll accept stories w/ swears: We just published a story w/ the word "fuckmuppet" if that's an indication
RT @ClowderofTwo: Why so many good stories? How am I supposed to #NaNoWriMo when there's still @Fantastic_Mag @ShimmerStories and @crossedgenres yet to read?
.@ClowderofTwo A true conundrum! Read during your eating breaks! (You are breaking to eat, right?) @Fantastic_Mag @ShimmerStories
RT @arleysorg: My friend @effies just had a story come out in @crossedgenres She is awesome. Story here: #amreading #scifi #fantasy
RT @rowdy_phantom: My first pro-rate sale is live! “Getting Better” by N.E. Chenier via @sharethis
Since we sometimes get asked: As long as it makes sense for the story, @CrossedGenres is perfectly fucking fine with swearing in your subs.
RT @LOLGOP: 31 cases of voter impersonation since 2000. 83 Americans are killed by a firearm EVERY DAY. Guess which problem the GOP is trying to fix.
CC @delagar & @tessercat =) RT @saladinahmed: @Keffy @crossedgenres yeah that was a great anthology. #Menial
.@saladinahmed Thanks! We're interested! ;) @Keffy
RT @pablod: ::gets some more popcorn:: “@paulkbiba: Barnes and Noble Suspends the Ability to Download Nook eBooks”
.@shanaqui We'll have a better idea of an exact date within the next couple of weeks, but the goal is before the end of October.
.@civilwarbore And we'll work to address this in a better way with the new website.
.@civilwarbore thanks for the feedback. We've clarified on the subs form that email subs are welcome from anyone who can't use the form.
RT @eliasisquith: Holy moly, the Economist slams a history of American slavery for being biased against whites
RT @lilyorit: Via @nprnews: A $1 Microscope Folds From Paper With A Drop Of Glue
RT @andrewsfuller: If Twitter plans to feed us unwanted content, hide & delete features should come with it.
RT @kristenmchugh22: .@Twitter thinks they'll draw FB users by being more like FB. That they won't, and will alienate the rest of us, seems to escape them.
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