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RT @pablod: ::gets some more popcorn:: “@paulkbiba: Barnes and Noble Suspends the Ability to Download Nook eBooks”
.@shanaqui We'll have a better idea of an exact date within the next couple of weeks, but the goal is before the end of October.
.@civilwarbore And we'll work to address this in a better way with the new website.
.@civilwarbore thanks for the feedback. We've clarified on the subs form that email subs are welcome from anyone who can't use the form.
RT @eliasisquith: Holy moly, the Economist slams a history of American slavery for being biased against whites
RT @lilyorit: Via @nprnews: A $1 Microscope Folds From Paper With A Drop Of Glue
RT @andrewsfuller: If Twitter plans to feed us unwanted content, hide & delete features should come with it.
RT @kristenmchugh22: .@Twitter thinks they'll draw FB users by being more like FB. That they won't, and will alienate the rest of us, seems to escape them.
Nice! "@talekyn My sister nominated me for the ice bucket challenge. I'll do it to raise awareness. I'll also donate, b/c that's the point."
RT @RachaelKJones: @crossedgenres, this Year's Best Feminist SFF anthology call was MADE for y'all:
RT @Metafrantic: Wow! @NisiShawl to edit The Year’s Illustrious Feminist Science Fiction & Fantasy for Aqueduct Press! v @tinytempest
RT @ouranosaurus: Sad/awesome story of an involuntary time traveller: Read it!
RT @listener42: #ICYMI, I had a story come out in audio this week: "Survivor", on @CastOfWonders, originally from @crossedgenres.
RT @iSmashFizzle: Just realized I have mail. Here's my first piece of published fiction. Thanks, @crossedgenres and @djolder!
RT @HorrorTree: Taking Submissions: Crossed Genres - Destruction via @crossedgenres :
RT @Cecily_Kane: For my birthday, I'm asking for subscriptions to @crossedgenres and @BCSmagazine. Also money.
RT @LisaBolekaja: "@dejiridoo: I'm reviewing "Long Hidden" and "Afrofuturism" for @Chimurenga_SA, the South African literary magazine. Out soon."#LongHidden
RT @Metafrantic: SFF CONVENTION GOERS: What are some good US/Canadian conventions which take place in September-November?
RT @Metafrantic: Another thing I wish @CrossedGenres Magazine could do: B&W "cover" art for each monthly issue. Maybe that could be a @Patreon goal too.
RT @Metafrantic: Someone out there must want to invest in #LongHidden Volume 2 right? Existing readership! Promise of good ROI! #dreaming
RT @rosencrantz: Long Hidden in the wild! (Libraries are wild places) cc @crossedgenres @rosefox @djolder
RT @andthenlynsaid: Thank you so much @crossedgenres! I can't wait to dive into this issue. 😍
RT @listener42: My short-story "Survivor", originally published by @crossedgenres, is now available in audio from @CastOfWonders. #ya
.@thestripedone Heh, not yet! It'll be tough for any theme to best the submission totals that the Flash Fiction issue received.
Apparently writers really like DESTRUCTION? Submissions are stampeding in for our current theme:
RT @MmeLibertine: Stop what you're doing. Read this gorgeous, intersectional, feminist time-travel story by @RachaelKJones. Outstanding
.@djolder explains WHY WE DON'T ITALICIZE SPANISH: (Also, go preorder his novel!
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