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RT @SofiaSamatar: My #readercon reading was dedicated to those caught up in the horror of #kasaraniconcentrationcamp. To find out more:
.@wyrdingstudios the mouth I think. @emilytheslayer @readercon #butts
RT @sinboy: #LongHidden created conversations about the industry more than to the book it's self #readercon
Right now @djolder and @rosefox are talking about making #LongHidden! EL room at @readercon!
RT @rosefox: "Don't just publish stories with main characters who are just like you." @metafrantic, even more pointedly #Readercon
RT @rosefox: "I would love to see stories where [women do nontraditional things] and the man is fine with it." @metafrantic #Readercon
RT @rosefox: "If you're not getting the submissions you want to see, you can go out and ask people for them." --@metafrantic, pointedly #Readercon
RT @rosefox: @Metafrantic: "If you want to read it, you have to say so." Catt Kingsgrave: "Be the change you want to see in the industry." #Readercon
RT @rosefox: Did you train yourself to go past the binary? "Yes, I wasn't even aware that there was something to be aware of." --@metafrantic #Readercon
RT @Metafrantic: It is HARD to not eat all the delicious food for tonight's #LongHidden party! But I'm resisting! 9pm-midnight, envision room! @readercon
RT @rosefox: "I read a lot of submissions [for @crossedgenres] and I'd like to see variation in how masculinity is portrayed." --@metafrantic #Readercon
RT @CarrieCuinn: At @Readercon? You can find signed print copies of my short story collection WOMEN AND OTHER CONSTRUCTS at the @crossedgenres table ($5).
Tiday at 3pm @rosefox & @djolder talk about the making of #LongHidden! In ENLIVEN room at @readercon!
The #LongHidden @readercon reading is at 3pm (~20 minutes)! In Embrace. 6 or 7 readers! Will be amazing!
The @readercon dealer room isn't even open yet & we've sold 3 copies of #LongHidden! Get them before we sell out! (We will not sell out.)
RT @AndyEyeballs: Reading #longhidden on the train is a great way to get in my requisite NYer public crying. This book is such a gift. @rosefox @djolder
.@AshesandGhostFF Also @CrossedGenres Magazine has published many stories w/ queer protags.
The #LongHidden party at @ReaderCon will be amazing! Sat 9pm-midnight in Envision. Music, gluten-free/vegan food! Pls come by & meet us!
RT @Metafrantic: BTW one of @juliedillon's Chesley nominations is for @CrossedGenres Magazine 2.0 Book One!
RT @Metafrantic: Oh yeah, @juliedillon got a #WorldFantasy nomination to go with her 2nd #HugoAwards nom & #Chesley noms!
RT @LongHidden: #LongHidden party Saturday from 9pm-midnight at @ReaderCon! In Envision (formerly Vermont room). Music, gluten-free/vegan food! Pls come by!
RT @rosefox: I really really appreciate @emilytheslayer making so much room for #LongHidden at #Readercon, on and off the program.
RT @sparkwatson: It arrived! Immediately I had to fight off my tentacled aloevera who wished to devour it. Looks lovely. #LongHidden
#LongHidden party Saturday from 9pm-midnight at @ReaderCon! In Envision (formerly Vermont room). Music, gluten-free/vegan food! Pls come by!
You can preorder @djolder's novel HALF-RESURRECTION BLUES, coming January from Penguin! #BoneStreetRumba Go! Now!
RT @rosefox: Dear #LongHidden & #blerdbookclub readers who write: Don't wait for a sequel! Go write your #LongHidden-style stories right now!
RT @BlerdBookClub: Thanks to all for sharing your thoughts during this #blerdbookclub chat #blerds #nerds #bookworms #LongHidden
RT @BlerdBookClub: Thank you to our guests @rosefox @djolder editors of #LongHidden for join us today! #blerdbookclub
RT @rosefox: A6: On the flip side, now I am SO aware of how monolithic--white male het cis abled white white white--most SF/F is. #blerdbookclub
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