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RT @nicolecipri: ICYMI, this is my last weekend for fundraising. Help send a queer to Clarion!
RT @librarygrrrl: Crossed Genres Magazine - Another year of quality SFF, via @Kickstarter
RT @tabithameep: I just backed Crossed Genres Magazine - Another year of quality SFF on @Kickstarter
RT @QuantumFT: this is a Kickstarter fans of diverse sf should consider supporting
RT @Karnythia: 9 DAYS LEFT! Please donate and support diversity in the media @writersofcolour Please RT
ICYMI, We're having a packing party May 3 or 4! Near Boston? Help & get #LongHidden before anyone else, + more!
The @CrossedGenres Magazine @Kickstarter topped $8000 last night! We're over halfway there!
RT @keetfeet: SCREMANG how did I miss Crossed Genres I could write for this
RT @Shervyn: …so, please, go support them now: #CrossedGenres
RT @Shervyn: …book. And realize that @crossedgenres is one of the few places that is trying to counter what @djolder is talking about…
RT @Shervyn: This is a powerful piece by @djolder: Go read it. Then realize that @crossedgenres has asked him to edit an amazing…
RT @keregan: I just backed Crossed Genres Magazine - Another year of quality SFF on @Kickstarter
RT @jybuell: Just backed the Crossed Genres Magazines Kickstarter.
RT @talekyn: Y'all are gonna make me promise another embarrassing song cover video before you back @crossedgenres, aren't you.
WOOHOO! The @CrossedGenres Magazine topped $8000! We're halfway there!
RT @MmeLibertine: I just backed Crossed Genres Magazine - Another year of quality SFF on @Kickstarter
RT @saladinahmed: Crossed Genres is amazing, publishing some of the coolest, most diverse genre fiction out there. Check them out:
.@BR3NDA Definitely don't shut up. @rosefox. Okay maybe about that, after we hit goal. But in general, please don't.
RT @BR3NDA: @rosefox @crossedgenres please don't shut up
RT @rosefox: Best reason to support @crossedgenres: I'll shut up when they make their goal. :) Pitch in a few pennies if you can.
RT @rosefox: If you support #LongHidden, support @crossedgenres Magazine--it shares our mission of boosting marginalized folks.
RT @rosefox: I always wanted #LongHidden to be a @crossedgenres anthology, because I knew they'd respect the project.
RT @rosefox: Wait for mainstream publishers to amplify diverse voices--or support a tiny press that's been doing it for years.
RT @rosefox: Okay, fandom. Put your money where your mouth is. You want diverse books by diverse authors? Support @crossedgenres:
RT @djolder: support excellent independent sci-fi/fantasy publishers @crossedgenres, they are trying to stay afloat:
RT @KC_Norton: Crossed Genres is really an excellent publication... plus, the kid in this video is stoked to promote them.
RT @Metafrantic: Folks, surely tonight we can get the last $51 @CrossedGenres Magazine needs to reach 50% funded!
Diversity Is Not Enough: Race, Power, Publishing by @djolder
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