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RT @ghostwritingcow: Start your week off right with @RachaelKJones's feminist time travel story "Makeisha in Time."
RT @jsuttonmorse: The Dance of The White Demons was really good and sad and hopeful, and a great way to end #LongHidden which I have enjoyed immensely
.@rowdy_phantom If it's about an interplanetary pirate school, sure. ... NOTE: We want a story about a school for interplanetary pirates.
RE previous tweet: Your BEST outcome is we auto-reject your story without opening it. FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES.
TELLING US you're submitting a story that you KNOW doesn't fit our guidelines because "I think you'll like it anyway"? DON'T DO THAT.
RT @thefuturefire: Seriously, anyone who hasn't, go out and buy Long Hidden now. It's everything an SF anthology should be!
RT @jameyhatley: The little story who could. Collected Likenesses. via @jameyhatley #LongHidden
RT @Metafrantic: If you submit a story with a long list of publishing credits, yet don't follow the guidelines? Worse than leaving the email blank. #pubtips
"Survivor" by @listener42, originally from @CrossedGenres' Fat Girl in a Strange Land, as a Cast of Wonders podcast!
RT @sandykidd: Everyone who submitted to @crossedgenres ROBOTS/ANDROIDS/CYBORGS issue should have a response from us. Now we're working on SCHOOL subs. #fb
RT @djolder: naturally RT @NYDailyNews: Taco Bell is being sued by a former manager who said she was told to not hire Latinos.
.@JacksonEflin wrote a review/write-up of #SalsaNocturna and what they learned from @DJolder at #MWW14:
.@ReaderCon wrapup from @mjanairo: "You don't look filipino."
Accessing the Future: exploring dis/ability & intersecting nodes of race, nationality, gender & sexuality. Support!
RT @EeleenLee: Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction is free until Sunday at includes my story Yamada's Armada
RT @EeleenLee: Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction is free until Sunday at includes my story Yamada's Armada
#EditorAppreciationDay Big props to our awesome antho editors @djolder @rosefox @delagar & @tessercat! #LongHidden #Menial
You have until the end of Thursday to submit your SCHOOL-themed stories to @CrossedGenres Magazine!
.@JDaugherty1081 Also @FiresideFiction, @LightspeedMag, @circletpress, @clarkesworld, @daganbooks... do you want ppl too or just publishers?
RT @G_McSomething: My copy of #LongHidden arrived (in Western Australia). It's very pretty.
RT @NadyaDuke: Thrilled to report my first sale! It's to @crossedgenres and I'll be in their author spotlight. I don't know where to put all the happiness.
RT @Wiswell: Very cute story! "The Pumpkin-Carving Contest" by @dayledermatis
RT @djolder: #MWW14 sold out of #SalsaNocturna and #LongHidden with a quickness. So awesome.
RT @djolder: Remember to submit to the BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION & FANTASY if u have a published story in 2014 cc: #LongHidden
!!! RT @djolder "the most important, essential anthology to be published in 2014 is #LongHidden" ~Kirkus Reviews
About a week left to get your SCHOOL-themed stories in to @CrossedGenres Magazine!
RT @shaunduke: This: Crossed Genres says "nope" to WisCon attendance for the foreseeable future over Frenkel fiasco.
RT @rosefox: A #Wiscon "disciplinary committee" member reveals what's behind the curtain:
Okay @CrossedGenres authors & artists past & present: Who's up for a mass CG attendance/gathering at a (TBD) convention next year?
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