Steve Gillmor
hey MG are you there?
yup - MG Siegler
though behind the camera - MG Siegler
what's this about bundles, why are they in any way useful? - Steve Gillmor
for new users they could potentially be. for example when my friends ask me what feeds to follow when they sign up and i use to have to copy and paste all the feed links for them to put in their GReader - MG Siegler
but it's not some big new feature that is going to revolutionize the service - MG Siegler
useful just as GOOG's own bundles were useful, but more personalized - MG Siegler
I see, so it's potentially useful for new users who eventually will abandon GR for Twitter - Steve Gillmor
yes, which i mentioned in my post with a link to your post :) - MG Siegler
for advanced users (I nearly live in Google Reader) bundles could be useful to round out my own collections - seeing what other people deem useful to follow could help me select what I follow. Especially as they will be updated as that person updates their own collections (as far as I understand) so nicer than just getting a static OPML file - Shannon Clark
I'm never abandoning Google Reader for twitter - they serve vastly different purposes - Shannon Clark
yes but by suggesting I had good points you subtly suggested that my entire thesis was perhaps not completely true - Steve Gillmor
only because i will not use twitter (as is) for my feed aggregation. i have way too many feeds i follow - MG Siegler
I love Steve Gillmor and Google Reader. Twitter....not so much. - Wo
Twitter = Kleenex - Steve Gillmor
but i agree with the overall idea that twitter is better as a content mover for most users - MG Siegler
sure, but i still don't see any of these replacing my usage of RSS in the short term. FriendFeed is the most interesting, but still not enough content the way i consume content - MG Siegler
but for most users, i agree, twitter and the others are more than enough for spreading/finding new content - MG Siegler
so bundles are good for seriously advanced users who care about helping new users to become invested in a dead technology - Steve Gillmor
I don't find Friendfeed as compelling as twitter (in part because it is more tied to a full browser experience) Google Reader & Twitter I use on my iPhone as much, perhaps more so than I do in a full web browser - Shannon Clark
or for trying to make it easier to get started with RSS to help it fight back against the easier to use alternatives. but yes, more or less, that sounds like a good follow up post for you to write - MG Siegler
Bundles don't interest me but Twitter can't come even close to replacing RSS for now. There's far to much junk and it's hard to tell what is what. Perhaps when track is available and I am able to master it. Until then, Google Reader. - Wo
i think google reader could be a very cool product if the social features didn't suck (which i've written about numerous times) -- but they do. twitter and the like kick its ass in that regard obviously - MG Siegler
I am waiting for a credible rejoinder before following up, which so far would be redundant - Steve Gillmor
couldn't agree with you more MG - Steve Gillmor
I personally find the social features of Google Reader fairly useful and striking a useful balance - I mostly don't look at what my friends are sharing (I share at a rate of 3-4x more than any of my friends) but when I do almost uniformly they have shared stuff I'm really happy to see and which are from feeds I didn't yet follow (though I often add them) - Shannon Clark
i find the whole UI to be bad for the social stuff, things are tucked away, those tiny comments at the bottom. i see a spike in social usage when new features are released then they fall off a cliff. sharing without comments works fairly well because it's so simple. commenting needs to be as simple. like it is on FF - MG Siegler
Gillmor loves his rejoinders. That's why we love him. - Wo
i actually think FF has helped Goog Reader shared stuff a lot. at least it spurs everyone here into sharing stuff. - MG Siegler
I use the Notes bookmarklet to share stuff into GR to get to FF - Steve Gillmor
Google reader and bundles aside, RSS will always be a more predictable/reliable source of quality content (where quality > 140 chars.) as such tools like bundles are theoretically good if not technically unnecessary given opml. - BryanSchuetz
When FF supports OPML there will be a nice synergy betw it and GR. You'll be able to use either as the UI for the other. - Dave Winer
With F2 people are starting to learn about sharing there reading materials... in GR they can add a little cometary as well. - David Damore
well I don't actually care much about comments when reading RSS feeds (could do without Google Reader, FriendFeed etc migrating conversations to many places - prefer when they are all in one place/aggregated) I do, however, love seeing my friend's notes about a post when they share it - gives me lots of insights into my friends which I really value - Shannon Clark
Feedly has much better social stuff, and you can import your content from Google Reader into it. Should it be part of this discussion? - Francine Hardaway
followfriday is shoehorning this idea into the twitter domain - a list of people you think worth following - Kevin Marks
Kevin - true but it is worth noting that many of the feeds I follow aren't easily mapped to "people" - plenty of what I follow are search results RSS feeds or corporate sites/group blogs - Shannon Clark