Young Jack to Neil deGrasse Tyson: What's the Meaning of Life? -
Young Jack to Neil deGrasse Tyson: What's the Meaning of Life?
.@Kitware will be at #SC14 in New Orleans, check out our schedule of activities, and arrange to meet with us there
RT @opensourceway: We take a look at how #opensource geospatial information science tools are being used in the real world:
Beautiful day at Cornell working with some collaborators (if only I wasn't stuck in the basement most of the day).
RT @Kitware: Learn about our collaboration w/ @TACC 2 become @intel Parallel #Computing Center! #software
RT @LouWoodley: "The secret to low-cost academic blogging is to make it a natural byproduct of all things that academics already do"
RT @benhammersley: Excellent, entirely righteous, graffiti on the side of the Crick Institute.
Don't tell @JenWike (who is enormously patient), but I think I may have found my writing groove again :-) Hopefully confirmation soon!
Great ten year reunion event for this year's @gsoc. Our thanks to everyone else behind the program!
RT @i_robin: Open source bioinformatics data platform gets helps from student hackers #openscience #gsoc
Google Summer of Code Ten Year Reunion -
RT @mbeisen: if the fact that most vaccines are genetically modified were widely known, it could make minds of several million californians explode
Missing England on Bonfire night, Louise made some bonfire toffee. Need fireworks, bonfire, guy...not allowed fireworks in New York :-(
RT @LaurieJ: It's @petermurrayrust with essential support crew at @mysociety meet up talking @TheContentMine - getting…
RT @openscience: "Towards a new, #OpenSourcePharma industry" -- voices from Atlanta to Delhi speak up for life-saving #openscience:
VTK's Second Google Summer of Code -
Three key takeaways from the 2014 Open Knowledge Festival
RT @brianglanz: Reminder: you can publish on #scicomm, publishing, or education *at no cost* with @F1000Research in 2014 #openscience
Growing my own #hops for #homebrew. I named it Hopoppolis, it should have hops all the way to the top by now...
Top 5 articles of week @opensourceway, @JenWike, great to see @petermurrayrust modern science must be open #careers
Too much travel for work these last few weeks, need to spend some time on the neglected garden before more travel #reallife
RT @NatureBlogs: Academic social networks have taken off to a degree no one expected. A Nature survey sees why
RT @MikeTaylor: New on SV-POW! (in its final form as sent): Open Letter to the AAAS about Science Advances.
The why and how of becoming a cloud architect
RT @stephenfry: Can you believe the wonder of @robinwilliams ? – I can barely remember this amazing evening. What a prince
RT @McDawg: I do believe @DoctorZen has nailed it re. AAAS with this.
RT @openscience: 77 academics have signed this letter to the AAAS about their new #openaccess journal. Add yours too!
RT @glynmoody: The Gentle Art of Muddying the Licensing Waters - #Microsoft did it, now the publishers are doing it #FUD #openaccess
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