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★ Soner Gönül
I have a Google Wave now. soner.gonul [at] googlewave [dot] com. How can I learn use this service? Share your useful information about Google Wave...
yeah, please share :) - Rachael Depp
Three Google Wave Searches Worth Saving - Searches - Lifehacker - Jackie
GO2WEB20 Blog: 11 Wave Tools You May Not Know Exist - Jackie
This might help you with the basics! - Praveen Vasudev
Best Google Wave Tips and Tricks - Jackie
Good find Jackie! - Praveen Vasudev
Won't be fun until everyone else is on it. - Rahsheen
Oreilly has a quality writeup with shortcuts explanations and screenshots: - TrafficBug
GWave = a very confusing solution built to solve no particular problem - Dave Pook
Well, the only one that seems to have a handle on it is Samuel L. Jackson but I couldn't stay long though he apologized for his unseemly language when explaining how to use it. :) Try this: - Melanie Reed
Google Wave to me its just a bit more complicated than Adobe connect. The main issue you want to resolve is remote communication with workmates in a virtual office. Visuals/and audio take care of the mimic but you need a record. So why not just make small visual records of meetings? Not mentally challenging enough for you? Well, then let's throw FF, email, chat, FB, and file sharing all together and see what happens. - Melanie Reed
Hopefully this site can provide resources to help people get started: I Created a community around #googlewave - searching and rating of public waves, user lists, vids, forums with bot and gadget lists - check it out at and please feel free to contribute to the site and community. - Justin H. Johnson
Please wave invite plzz thanks - Deniz Özbay
Other tips about Google Wave, shortcuts and searches: - George Moga
The Complete Guide to Google Wave: How to Use Google Wave - Zulkarnain K.
Karma Martell
Donna Payne
Just had a HUGE bowl of freshly picked Blueberries w/sugar and cream. Kids and I picked 8 pounds!
Joscelyne - Dinner on the ship, eat fresh! - Dinner on the ship, eat fresh!
Viva la geeks! @NctrnlBst is prowling about Ala Moana with an EyeFi card and a Cradlepoint, uploading photos as he goes:
Jason Calacanis
listening to "Money, Money, Money - ABBA" -
"Money (It's All I Want)" by The Flying Lizards -- or even the Barret Strong version for that matter. - Brian Paul
Mitchell Tsai
Saharan Starry Night [APOD: Astronomy Picture of the Day - 6/27/09] -
Saharan Starry Night [APOD: Astronomy Picture of the Day - 6/27/09]
Tassili National Park, in the heart of the Sahara desert in southern Algeria. - Mitchell Tsai from Bookmarklet
This panoramic image of a starry night looks across a dry, desolate landscape. Rising above eroded sandstone cliffs, the celestial menagerie of constellations includes Draco the Dragon, Cygnus the Swan, Aquila the Eagle, and Scorpius the Scorpion. Ruling planet Jupiter shines through clouds very close to the horizon near picture center, while star clouds of the Milky Way arc through... more... - Mitchell Tsai
[1515x600 with constellations marked] [1515x600 without markings] - Mitchell Tsai
Have you used Google SkyMap on an Android phone? It shows the constellations as you hold the phone out towards the sky. - Hayes Haugen
Cheesy video: but using in real life is amazing. - Hayes Haugen
I'll have to get an Android phone... - Mitchell Tsai
Thomas Hawk
aloha!- a benefit of my insomnia is being able to tell you how much I enjoy your work showing/popping up on the R hand side my screen-just inspirational. - Crystal Clear
most of these are images that were saved in the DMU critique group that I participate in. - Thomas Hawk
ok! - Владимир from email
Thomas Ward
77 iTunes Icons Apple Would Never Dream of Using [Note the parodies of LimeWire and The Pirate Bay.] -
77 iTunes Icons Apple Would Never Dream of Using [Note the parodies of LimeWire and The Pirate Bay.]
Thomas Hawk
Jason Calacanis
End of the day it is VERY important for us to ask these questions.Especially if a person is going to be elevated. Question everything always
True. However, there is a thing called tact and timing. Just my opinion. - Darrell Bell from twhirl
I was just thinking about tact and timing after reading a NAMBLA joke someone posted about MJ. I don't know about anyone else, but my parents taught me not to "speak ill of the dead". That goes for everyone....I think OJ is guilty as sin and should have been in jail a long time ago...but will I make jokes or celebrate his death like I've seen people do with MJ? Nope. I was raised better than that. - Angel Smith
fourth of july fireworks in the 808 -
fourth of july fireworks in the 808
Mitchell Tsai
Turn a Bookshelf into a Secret Passage [Weekend Project] -
Spotted! Oscar Meyer Weinermobile at Times Ko‘olau (across Valley of the Temples). -
Spotted! Oscar Meyer Weinermobile at Times Ko‘olau (across Valley of the Temples).
Spotted! Oscar Meyer Weinermobile at Times Ko‘olau (across Valley of the Temples).
Cleaning Up Your MP3 Collection With TuneUp Media and MusicBrainz Picard - -
Cleaning Up Your MP3 Collection With TuneUp Media and MusicBrainz Picard -
"Picard is better for people for whom maintaining an orderly music collection is a never-ending project." Spot on! - Marcos from Bookmarklet
While Picard is often helpful, the Discogs website will help fill in other blanks. Also the programs EasyTAG for Linux and Tag & Rename for Windows are equally useful for tasks such as synchronizing tags. - deusdiabolus
It might be related to my music collection characteristics but Discogs always failed me. I use Picard mainly to clean up my tags, to insert album art and other tag tasks I use (and recommend) TagScanner - Marcos
Bill Sodeman
#spacestation visible during next 6 days - -
#spacestation visible during next 6 days -
"With clear skies, islanders will be able to see the International Space Station as it orbits about 220 miles above the earth beginning tomorrow night -- the first of six bright passes over six days. The station will pass overhead at about 8:50 p.m. and will be "extremely bright -- as bright as Jupiter is now," said Mike Shanahan, Bishop Museum education director and planetarium manager. "The space station will move very slowly against the background of stars and should be easy to find."" - Bill Sodeman from Bookmarklet
Keith Higa
RT: NPR continues its annual 4th of July tradition with its reading of the Declaration. Read it. Listen to it. Live it.
Donna Payne
THANK YOU to America's military - I luv my freedom!
Thomas Hawk
Ohayo! Happy Aloha Humpday! Well we're really a bit more than halfway through as Friday is a holiday for most. Have a fabulous day!!!
Louis Gray
Matthew Really Loves His String Cheese. Can You Tell?
Note also the FFundercats onesie under his Tux bib. - Louis Gray
It looks like a three-legged octopus on his head! :D - Rochelle
Photoshopped! - Stephen Mack
No photoshop, Stephen. Only babyshopped. - Louis Gray
That's pretty snazzy! - Michael McKean
He looks like a banana. - Tamar Weinberg
lol! How did it get in his hair? haha - Daynah
I have a strange feeling he didn't place it there himself... - Frankie Warren
Pictures! Thanks, Louis! (Why do Matthew, Sarah and Audrey turn this wannabe hard-ass, crusty-broad, circa-1977-ish feminist who isn't even done raising teens into some sort of puddle of pseudo auntie-granny type? Oh, that's right - I LOOOVE babies . . . .) - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Take me to your leader. What? Oh, wrong planet. My bad. As you were. - Josh Haley
These are the funniest pics Louis... someday, someday those poor kids are gonna scream, NO DAD, don't show THOSE pictures to my girlfriend... puuullleeeeeaaazzzzzzeeee!! LOL :) - Susan Beebe
Ah yes! I see the FFundercats shirt under there now! :) FFUNDER-BABBY, HO! - Josh Haley
Matthew, I have made visual confirmation of Sarah. She is in the near vicinity. - Louis Gray
Saurier Duval
twitpen - a fast, free way to hand-draw a picture and share it with the world and send it to twitpic and Twitter -
twitpen - a fast, free way to hand-draw a picture and share it with the world and send it to twitpic and Twitter
This is definitely fun. Would be even better if I could draw. - Dinah
Louis Gray
Claim My Name Offers Vanity URLs Across Multiple Sites -
Keith Higa
The token flower shot.
The token flower shot.
and the token but heartfelt Aloha :-) boy real need for smellvision today !! - Crystal Clear
Cool! Hawaii's ubersocialite (and top drunk tweeter) @supercw is up for @areallygoodejob! RT and vote now!
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