Ouch. :( - Wirehead
Goof grief, girl. Where did you run, in a mine field?!? - Steven Perez
I was running with my eyes closed >.< - @CrystalinaB
Yikes! - AJ Batac
Still cute as heck. :) - Josh Haley
lol, how am I supposed to do it? And JH <3 - @CrystalinaB
Ouch! I was thinking about running with my eyes closed, but I guess now I know I shouldn't. Neosporin! - Shevonne
That's an Ouch FTW! - Anthony Farrior
GOTDAMN. - Derrick
OHA! iyi ki sevgilim felan değilsin bacım :P - Şafak Otur
Okay guys. I'm being the biggest baby now. It hurts like heck now that the blood has dried. Hug me. - @CrystalinaB
Aiee - Rodfather
yikes. 8^( - Chieze Okoye
Did someone ask for a hug? *****hugs***** - Steven Perez
hatun hala gülüyor uleyyn :) - Şafak Otur
LMAO@MVB, I was thinking the same thing. - Rahsheen
canııım yaralarına tentürdiyot süresim var :) - Şafak Otur
Damn, I hate when that happens. - Dennis Jernberg
Oww! Smiling through the pain I see. Trooper! - Mo Kargas
Good grief! Dont do it again! - TrafficBug
even though I know you're hurting I just can't help thinking how cute your smile is! so beautiful. hope the pain goes away soon and this doesn't get in the way with your running too much. - vijay
you poor thing. pour some sugar on those cuts, it will speed up healing and minimize scarring. - .LAG liked that
That had to hurt! One little stumble can topple any runner. - James Stratford