Ted Slater
I think we're going to try using Twitter instead of Friendfeed. When you tweet, use the #cshals tag! See you there!
Ted Slater
Here's a link to the CSHALS 2011 Home Page: http://www.iscb.org/cshals2011
Bob Powers
Give us a follow over at Joanne's @predmed :-)
Eric Neumann
Curious why we can't take the CSHALS 2010 feed and merge it to this one?
I don't think you can change the name of the group once it's created. Also, I kind of like the one-group-per-meeting model. Do you not like it this way? Do others think we should just make one group? - Ted Slater
I'd at least like to have them connected, branched off, or structured together some way. This 1D model of email threads is Soooo 80's! Knowledge networks need to support graphs! - Eric Neumann
I hear you. - Ted Slater
Ted Slater
The CSHALS 2011 FriendFeed Group is started!
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