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Eric - Let Me Know

Eric - Let Me Know

Eric Beehler is too busy to be here but can't stay away.
This thing looks like a State of the Union. Yeah, it's not disrespectful at all, is it?
In the "If crooks weren't so stupid" category. Someone tried to enter my wife's car at some point this morning. I can see the prints in the fresh snow come up the sidewalk, up to the car, snow brushed off of the driver's door, and snow wiped from the handle. Then the same prints walking away.
If I wanted to, I could probably follow the prints, but I don't want to get into it with someone with no skills at stealing things. - Eric - Let Me Know
yeah, don't. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Now I'm looking at cameras. - Eric - Let Me Know
Come to find out the neighbors up the street noticed footprints as well and were perplexed. Now they know. Funny, because these shoe prints are name brand expensive. - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
They prolly stole the shoes. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
This bridal shop is a money machine. In and out, up sell, free/not free. Just amazing.
Too many mirrors! - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
Can anyone point me the way to fix the bookmark let
I stay grindin'
Talking to someone who watched the 50 Shades movie. Mm-hmm.
“It was all for them,” Mother of four kids, one with cerebral palsy, wins massive Powerball -
"Holmes, 26, says she rarely plays the lottery, but decided to splurge on a ticket when she saw how high the Powerball jackpot was before the drawing. “First, I’m going to pay my tithes because I wouldn’t have none of it if it wasn’t for God,” she said. “After that, I’m going set up accounts for my kids. And when I figure out where we’re going to live, I’m going to buy a house for me and my kids. Then I’m going to make sure my family’s good.” Holmes told WECT that she had worked at McDonald’s and Walmart, but recently had to quit to care for her young children. According to the North Carolina Education Lottery, Holmes will take home about $188 million." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
You ever wonder why your friends have the friends that THEY have?
Is this post inspired by Facebook? - Kristin from iPhone
A DM/chat I had on Facebook. But there is no lack of that over there. - Eric - Let Me Know
The Pizza Party Where Everyone Got Fired -
The Pizza Party Where Everyone Got Fired
"The testers at [MAJOR PUBLISHER] had just finished wrapping up testing on a project we'll call "Biolands." And to congratulate them, the man in charge arranged a huge bowling/pizza party for the end of the week. Of course everyone is hyped for the event. So the day finally arrives and all the testers show up. They all start bowling and eating pizza. After a few hours of everyone enjoying themselves, the VP asks for everyone's attention. When he does manage to get the team to listen, he begins to thank them for their hard work and has the leads hand them their termination papers." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
ouch! - Kevin Johnson
That dude probably breaks up with people via text. - Anika
The last story was especially sad. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
The last story was awful. - bentley
A friend worked as a (technical?) writer. One Friday, half the company was asked to stay behind for a meeting after work. The other half didn't know about it and went home. The half that stayed was informed that the company was closing shop as of right this minute and were re-opening as a new company on Monday. All those present at this meeting were offered new jobs at the new company. I don't know how the other half was informed that they were out of a job. - bentley
Another story: when I worked at a fast food chain that had just been acquired by a bigger chain, we were told on a Monday that Sunday was the last day for our location. Nobody told the kid who only worked Sundays. When he came in that Sunday, he thought we were kidding, and he finally had to ask the manager. That's how he found out what he was out of a job after that day. - bentley
Dan Gilbert Didn't Like A Yahoo Blog Post, So Yahoo Deleted It -
Dan Gilbert Didn't Like A Yahoo Blog Post, So Yahoo Deleted It
"The owner of Quicken Loans, though, is Dan Gilbert, also owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and a man whose vanity is exceeded only by his pettiness. According to multiple sources, after Gilbert read Dwyer's post, he and his chief legal counsel called Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer directly to complain about a snarky line that read something like "Predatory Lender Quicken Loans Arena." We're not sure precisely what it said, because barely any traces of it remain online. Mayer ordered the post deleted immediately. This wasn't just a case of Mayer responding to the whim of a powerful businessman by pitching something unflattering down the well. Not only had Gilbert's Quicken Loans just become a brand partner of Mayer's Yahoo, but this incident immediately followed on a series of corporate maneuvers seemingly designed to make Yahoo's newsroom an instrument of its marketing operation. The system did not malfunction; the system worked as designed." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Started adding 1999 to my old school playlist. -
Started adding 1999 to my old school playlist.
What the hell are those ladies doing with those Vermont Teddy Bears? #commercialsleavequestions
Volunteered to fix a computer, but it's a super slow piece of crap. Ugh.
Finally done. Stupid AVG was broken. Had to run the removal tool to get rid of it so the computer could browse the web. - Eric - Let Me Know
I feel your pain. - Steven Perez from FFHound(roid)!
Fox News website embeds unedited Isis video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot -
Fox News website embeds unedited Isis video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot
"Fox News has chosen to embed on its website the video of Islamic State burning a hostage to death, a move which makes them the only US media organisation to broadcast the video in full. The extremely graphic 22-minute video shows Muadh al-Kasasbeh, a Jordanian pilot, being set on fire and burned to death in a cage. Fox News did not post the videos of the killings of previous Isis hostages, and no other media company has hosted this video. YouTube removed a link to the video a few hours after it was posted, and a spokesperson for Facebook told the Guardian that if anyone posted the video to the social networking site it would be taken down." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Pick your moments.
Life in Chains: Beginning and Ending at TGI Fridays -
"At TGI Fridays, you could be the you you wanted to be, and that day I wanted to be anonymous." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Attorney Arrested for Telling Cops Not to Take Pictures of Her Client -
Attorney Arrested for Telling Cops Not to Take Pictures of Her Client
"A San Francisco public defender was arrested after refusing to let police officers take pictures of her client. The encounter was caught on video." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Heh, that's a very different spin than the reports I read yesterday, which pointed out that the police were attempting to question her client without her present, and refused to let her into the conversation. - Jennifer Dittrich
Yup. She was trying to protect her client and they arrested her. - Spidra Webster
Colleague, "Yesterday looked like it was quite." Me, "No, it was pretty busy. They just didn't come across in tickets." Colleague, "Really, what came up?" Me, "I can't remember. I spend last night forgetting the day."
ATTN: CODE DUDES (men and women are dudes in this case). If you were a young twenty-something starting out wanting to be a programmer/coder, and you didn't want to take the path of college, what would you do? What would be your plan?
write code, read other folk's code, write more code, read about coding, write more code, read about hardware, write even more code, contribute to open-source projects (not just code), embrace math, perhaps learn a(nother) musical instrument, and reconsider college avoidance... - Kevin Johnson
that's the short list... - Kevin Johnson
Thanks. I'll take a longer list if you find time. Also, any suggestions on specifics that could lead to employment. - Eric - Let Me Know
I need to thing this out, but I'm at young twenty-something, who is a professional programmer that didn't really take the college path (I attended but only for 1.5 semesters, and my official GPA is 0.85). I think Kevin's list is a good starter, but I need to think it through. - NOT THE CRICKET
Thanks for the consideration. - Eric - Let Me Know
** I've been thinking about this, and let me preface it by saying I've got a little lucky in stumbling on this community while it was still extremely active. Pretty much all of my work has come out of my networking here. But there are some general things, that I think can help. **1) If you're not going to follow the general path – and there are great reasons for not – you need to know... more... - NOT THE CRICKET
I think the biggest thing I'd add for learning is choose a project for yourself that is interesting and break it into tiny pieces so that you can learn and have specific questions to go look up, things to try, etc. towards a concrete goal because it can be really overwhelming and difficult to transition from book learning or tutorials to putting software together, even just setting up... more... - joey
As for projects that will generate revenue - that's the age-old problem. Perhaps a trick from the artist community - build a portfolio of work. This is ultimately what a hiring manager or customer needs to see - some evidence a person has the ability to deliver something of value (some also want interpersonal skills, but not always required :-). This is one of the reasons I mentioned... more... - Kevin Johnson
Thank you! - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
I've also think Kevin's suggestion is good. And moreover in regards to contributing to an open source project, pick one that really interests you and find a good mentor. For example, if you're interested in the linux kernel, there are seasoned kernel hackers are more than willing to be mentors; just find one on - imabonehead
Are ever scratching an itch and accidentally dig into yourself like a mountain lion digs into a rabbit?
New All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast Chosen -
New All-Female 'Ghostbusters' Cast Chosen
"Melissa McCarthy, who was already in talks for one of the leads, has signed on for the Paul Feig-directed reboot, and the studio is now negotiating with Kristen Wiig as well as Saturday Night Live players Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon" - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
I worry that they're going to end up with a bunch of gross-out humor - part of the strength of the original is that it often just lets the innuendo float out there without being explicit. Of course, my favorite joke from the original is a dick joke, so what do I know ;) - Jennifer Dittrich
yes, this film has no dick jokes - Pete
"Stop giving juice to the Raiders, 'cause Al Davis, never paid us"
I think only computers are able to get the bag of crap from Woot. I refreshed and the click to order button was yellow. Clicked it but one second later and the button changed to grey, sold out. I had been refreshing for 5 minutes waiting for it. Stupid bots.
I got one once, but that was 2-3 years ago, and I don't bother looking for them anymore. - ellbeecee
I've never been able to order one, and like ellbeecee just stopped looking. - Jennifer Dittrich
I've only come upon them 3 times now. When I checked Woot today there was a fairly obvious clue that the next thing for sale was the bag. I can say I was there, logged in, ready. It's just sucks that regular customers don't even get a chance. - Eric - Let Me Know
No, this is Woot which sells what they call Bags of Crap during woot-offs. It's basically a box of random (not very valuable) stuff from their warehouse. - ellbeecee
There have been stories of the occasion TV or other high end product showing up in these. That's why they are gone so fast. - Eric - Let Me Know
Desperate Sorority Rush Guide's Frantic Scream: No Mandy Moores -
Desperate Sorority Rush Guide's Frantic Scream: No Mandy Moores
"...We score on a 1 to 5 scale as follows: 5- HOLY SHIT! If she is not in our house I'm going to die LOVE her ALL necessary attributes Beautiful, intelligent, sincere, funny, energetic, overall bombshell YOU want to be HER THE COOLEST GIRL YOU'VE EVER MET THAT WILL FOR SURE BE AN ASSET TO OUR HOUSE! 4- All necessary attributes Really like her Excited about her and can't wait to see her again An Alpha Phi 3- You like her There is nothing wrong with her, but nothing awesome about her either (Mandy Moore) 2- Not an Alpha Phi- plain and simple 1- NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Something is off! Absolutely cannot be in our house" - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Moscow Mule. That is all.
man yeah - MoTO Boychick Devil
I drank those all summer long. Did you get it served in pewter? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Introduced by my BIL, we have them available at all our parties now. With copper mugs to boot! - That's So CAJ!
I made it at home. My wife bought me the copper mug for my birthday. Now I be sippin' - Eric - Let Me Know
So good. - MoTO Boychick Devil
School Superintendent Denies Student Request to Watch Selma Because of Bad Language -
School Superintendent Denies Student Request to Watch Selma Because of Bad Language
"Students at the Collinsville High School history club in Alabama tried to ask the board of education for permission to attend a screening of Selma. School superintendent Hugh Taylor rejected their request for one simple reason. The bad language." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Report says richest 1% will control most wealth by 2016 -
Report says richest 1% will control most wealth by 2016
"The study, published ahead of this week's annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, suggests that by 2016 the gap between the world's rich and poor will widen to the extent that those at the top of the income pile will control over 50% of total global wealth. That percentage is up from 48% in 2014. In 2014, the 80 richest people had a collective wealth of $1.9 trillion — a rise of $600 billion, or 50% in four years, according to the report, Wealth: Having It All and Wanting More. The report used data taken from Forbes' billionaires list and also research conducted by Swiss financial services group Credit Suisse." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Scientists Observe 'Fast Radio Burst' In Real Time, One Of The Great Mysteries Of The Universe -
Scientists Observe 'Fast Radio Burst' In Real Time, One Of The Great Mysteries Of The Universe
"Fast Radio Bursts, also known as FRBs, consist of incredibly brief and intense bursts of radio energy that seem to originate from remote parts of space. The team that observed this most recent burst said it believes the burst came from a point 5.5 billion light-years away though it has no idea what caused it. Previously detected FRBs have come from twice as far away. John Mulchaey, acting director of Carnegie Observatories, part of the team of scientists that observed this particular FRB, has described the phenomenon as “one of the great mysteries of the Universe.” And since FRBs were first observed in 2007, theories about what causes them have proliferated. Some say they are the result of celestial collisions, or of starquakes occurring on extremely powerful neutron stars. Still others contend they are messages sent by intelligent beings directly to Earth." - Eric - Let Me Know from Bookmarklet
Are oh see kay
In the USA - Eric - Let Me Know from iPhone
WATCHA GOT?? - Brent Schaus
BRENT FTW - holly #ravingfangirl
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