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Eric - ill subliminal

Eric - ill subliminal

Eric Beehler is too busy to be here but can't stay away.
The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia -
The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia
"A truly great cheesesteak harnesses the powers of bread, meat, and cheese, and, like Captain Planet, becomes an ass-kicking sandwich hero far greater than the sum of its parts. It is a magnificent trifecta of juicy, thin-cut beef; crisp, chewy roll; and tangy, salty, gooey cheese. Let's just say that if Proust lived in Philadelphia, he would have written about cheesesteaks instead of madeleines." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
"What is their uniform orange? You know what would make sense, if their uniforms were yellow and green. Then it would make brown" -My daughter on the Cleveland Browns gross uniforms
My weekend starts after 9PM.
Spinach, barley grass, wheat grass, artichoke; what in the hell am I drinking?
Sounds like a party drink for a rabbit. - Anika
Whatever it is, don't bring it home - Elena
Dear Lord, this sounds close to some powdered stuff I just purchased for liver support! - Janet
Throw in some carrots and cilantro, and I'd drink it. - Steven Perez
A very green NutriBlast? - Julian
Elena wins. - The First NoeLB from Android
Hello - Marie
I couldn't pick them this week in the football pool. - Todd Hoff
They're not Detroit - Elena
Isn't that where the other Hellmouth is? - Steven Perez
If I see one more comment on a Peter Pan story on why they would cast a girl as Peter Pan...
Everyone in my house has asked me that question. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Hillary Clinton On Michael Brown, Eric Garner: Criminal Justice System "Out Of Balance" -
Hillary Clinton On Michael Brown, Eric Garner: Criminal Justice System "Out Of Balance"
"“Now more broadly, each of us has to grapple with some hard truths about race and justice in America. Because despite all the progress we’ve made together, African Americans, most particularly African-American men, are still more likely to be stopped and searched by police, charged with crimes, and sentenced to longer prison terms,” Clinton said Thursday at the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Boston. “And when one stops and realizes a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes, what devastating consequences that has for their families and their communities and all of us.”" - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
Poor Hillary this is some of that populism her and Bill were never comfortable with. Watching her attempting to move left is painful. #theoligarchcandidate - WarLord
OTOH listening to Rand Paul talk about "cigarette taxes" makes her empty pointless platitudes seems Churchillian - WarLord
Yeah, Rand Paul sounds a little crazy with that explanation. - Eric - ill subliminal
Jenna Bush Admits to "Hanky Panky" on the White House Roof -
Jenna Bush Admits to "Hanky Panky" on the White House Roof
On the Obama girls. "I'm fiercely protective of them, obviously. It's not easy, and it's not a job that they wanted. And so it's hard! I mean I, obviously, heh, had a hard time. But it's also a privilege. So I mean...they've done an incredible job." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
Can I have this apple, please? The things my kids ask permission to do. No, you can't have a healthy apple, you must eat these choco-sticks.
I dip the apple in chocolate and then give it to her :) - Elena
But it does make me very proud that our children have such good manners. - Elena
^^ This. - Spidra Webster
Hour three for my daughter at the allergist.
:( Testing? - The First NoeLB from Android
That's crazy long. :( - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Yes. The questionare and then the testing, followed by more testing. Being an anomaly doesn't lead to very fast visits. - Eric - ill subliminal
At least they're trying good luck. - Steve C Team Marina
Well, she's allergic to every grass. Like, every grass. - Eric - ill subliminal
:( hope you get some helpful answers and a way to control symptoms. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Not sure what it means. Could just be typical allergies and not related to the incident from a few weeks ago. We may never know. - Eric - ill subliminal
More testing today. Poor girl had 5 vials of blood taken. She's beat - Elena
Ferguson PD Chief: ‘Pursuing’ Investigation Into Whether Brown Stepdad Incited Riot -
Ferguson PD Chief: ‘Pursuing’ Investigation Into Whether Brown Stepdad Incited Riot
They just have no idea. No idea. - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
No idea and no shame. - John (bird whisperer)
Assholes - Friar Will
So, doing his job started a riot? - Steven Perez
GOP Staffer Who Attacked Obama Girls Was Arrested During Her Own "Awful Teen Years" -
GOP Staffer Who Attacked Obama Girls Was Arrested During Her Own "Awful Teen Years"
"Lauten, pictured above, was arrested in December 2000 for misdemeanor larceny, according to court records. Lauten, then 17, was collared for stealing from a Belk department store in her North Carolina hometown. Because Lauten was a first-time offender, her case was handled via the District Court’s deferred prosecution program, which resulted in the charge’s eventual dismissal after the future scold stayed out of trouble for a prescribed period. Since Lauten was just another teenager caught shoplifting at the mall, it appears unlikely that she was publicly pilloried for her lack of class, nor were her parents criticized as poor role models." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
By the logic of most of her crew, as punishment she should've been executed and her body left in the summer sun for nearly 5 hours. - Anika
Hey Jessie, Hey Jessie. #disneychannelearworm
Watch a Preview of Roy Choi's Upcoming CNN Show, Street Food -
"The show, produced by CNN Digital Studios, will be distributed exclusively online in a Netflix-style model, with all eight episodes available to stream starting October 13. In the preview, Choi says the show will explore how "the flavors, sounds, styles" and people of Los Angeles fuel the city's food scene and overall culture: Choi interviews a diverse line-up of guests like chef/fellow CNN host Anthony Bourdain, YouTube star Michelle Phan, and filmmaker Jon Favreau." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
Shit Food Blogger — 10 Things Ina Garten Thinks When It Rains in the Hamptons -
I did something I shouldn't; comment on a repost by a relative of a Fox News post about Ferguson on Facebook. I just couldn't help myself.
It happens. - Jenny H. from Android
HWOOPS - Spidra Webster
lol. I know that itch. So hard to resist. - AHnix (Anna Haro)
This was me the other day on my god daughter's post about drug testing for welfare. She thought she had a clever response but she seems to misunderstand the meaning of the word stereotype. *sigh* I just left it alone after my one comment. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Now he's post from RIght Wing Watch about how illegal immigrants get more benefits than veterans. Hide, done. - Eric - ill subliminal
No pictures from the crime scene, because they ran out of battery power. RAN OUT OF BATTERY
Seems legit. >_> - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Wu-Tang Clan Performs "Ruckus In B-Minor" On 'Late Show With David Letterman' -
Prosecutors grossly mishandled the Darren Wilson investigation -
"Fixing the system is bigger than fixing the law — it's also fixing the culture. And fixing the culture requires calling out misconduct when it happens. And there is substantial evidence that misconduct happened here. As criminal defense lawyer and legal blogger Scott Greenfield wrote in a post called 'The Ferguson Lie," "we were played."" - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
I was singing the Adam Sandler turkey song this morning; realizing that I , too, wish turkey only cost a nickel.
The RZA: ‘A Servant Sometimes Needs to Be Served’ -
The RZA: ‘A Servant Sometimes Needs to Be Served’
"You’re paying for a lot of this record out of pocket, right? Studio time, musicians, everything? Everything. And I won’t recoup. I’m already overbudget. Maybe I’ll net out a half-million-dollar loss. Some people with half a million dollars, they buy themselves two fancy cars, or maybe a house. What did you buy yourself for half a million dollars? I invested in the album. Look, if I never did anything again in music, it wouldn’t affect my life materially. I live a very satisfying life. Not because I’ve made a few dollars, but because I have a wife who loves me and children who wait for me to come home. And that is beautiful. I think that’s the American dream: to be at peace at home." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
Public Enemy Reissues Deluxe Editions Of 'It Takes A Nation' And 'Fear Of A Black Planet' -
Public Enemy Reissues Deluxe Editions Of 'It Takes A Nation' And 'Fear Of A Black Planet'
"It would be tempting to turn on the news and say Public Enemy’s work is becoming relevant again. But the truth is that Chuck, Griff, Flava, and the gang live on in an infinite loop. The urgency, the indignation, the humanity—those things never really leave. Time is a flat circle. So as part of their 30th anniversary celebration, Def Jam is reissuing Public Enemy’s twin classics, It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back and Fear Of A Black Planet. The former, originally released in 1988, cemented the group as a critical and cultural force; the latter is enshrined in the Library of Congress." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
I can't sleep with so many protests cross the country and Ferguson businesses on fire.
News junkie mode has set in. - Eric - ill subliminal
Time for bed. This is just so sad. - Eric - ill subliminal Darren Wilson Injury Photo - Darren Wilson Injury Photo
Police initially stated Brown had been shot by Wilson following a "physical confrontation," and some rumors stated Wilson had sustained a broken facial bone during the incident. While the officer was transported to a local hospital following the shooting, no specific injuries have been confirmed by Ferguson police, and video taken at the Ferguson police department just hours after Wilson shot Brown show no apparent injury to Wilson's eye. Read more at - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
That pic was a fake. - Eric - ill subliminal
I testified My mama cried Black people died When the other man lied See the TV, listen to me double trouble I overhaul and I'm comin' From the lower level I'm takin' tabs Sho nuff stuff to grab Like shirts it hurts Wit a neck to wreck Took a poll 'cause our soul Took a toll From the education Of a TV station But look around Hear go the sound of...
the wreckin' ball Boom and Pound When I Shut 'em down - Eric - ill subliminal
When I get yelled at by someone's family member on Facebook, I just unsub from that person. No need to rock the boat.
Wait... what? - Elena
Philadelphia Rap Legend Cool C Faces Execution In January -
Philadelphia Rap Legend Cool C Faces Execution In January
"Former Philadelphia rapper Cool C, who has been in prison for the last 18 years following a 1996 murder, robbery conviction, will be executed on Jan. 8, reports AllHipHop. C, born, Christopher Roney made a name for himself in the rap game during the late ’80s as a solo artist, most notably for his track “The Glamorous Life” and his Juice Crew diss. He later joined the hardcore rap outfit C.E.B. In 1996, the now 44-year-old rapper was involved in a bank robbery along with fellow group member Steady B. The botched heist led to the death of guard Lauretha Vaird. Both men were arrested for the crime. Roney was originally sentenced to die by lethal injection March 9, 2006 but was granted a stay by the governor of Pennsylvania. Steady B continues to serve a life sentence for his role in the crime." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
SAN crashed. SAN all crashed.
Yep, still working on it. - Eric - ill subliminal
Yeah, I've been in the middle of one of those. Over Christmas. Hope it's sorted soon. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
I think it won't be until we get this new storage in place. Emergency PO cut, and we should have the stuff on Wednesday. But this thing is sick. - Eric - ill subliminal
Gah, ok, took care of the domain. Going to bed. - Eric - ill subliminal
:-( Rest well. Good luck with the rest of the weekend. - Julian
Gwyneth Paltrow Slaps Back At Martha Stewart’s “Concious Coupling Pie” With A Recipe For “Jailbird Cake” -
Gwyneth Paltrow Slaps Back At Martha Stewart’s “Concious Coupling Pie” With A Recipe For “Jailbird Cake”
"The passive-aggressive rich white lady food feud continues! Back in October, life inspiration and OG Martha Stewart came for snobby cup of cultured almond milk Gwyneth Paltrow by publishing a feature on Thanksgiving pie recipes in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living titled “Concious Coupling“. And yesterday, Gwyneth took out her earrings (“Here Tracy, hold my $12,050 Harry Winston pink diamond studs“) and took a swipe at Martha by posting a recipe for “Jailbird Cake” to First pies, now cakes? Damn, these bitches fight dirty!" - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
Tina Fey's UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT Moving from NBC to Netflix -
Tina Fey's UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT Moving from NBC to Netflix
"Netflix, the world's leading Internet TV network, has picked up two seasons and will be the exclusive home to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the new comedy series from Universal Television from co-creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock." - Eric - ill subliminal from Bookmarklet
Sounds like a great match. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
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