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Eric - Poppa Large

Eric - Poppa Large

Eric Beehler is too busy to be here but can't stay away.
I just heard about the quake a few minutes ago. According to the news Napa got hit the hardest. Everyone okay?
Good over here. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Ferguson Feeds Off the Poor: Three Warrants a Year Per Household -
"A report issued just last week by the nonprofit lawyer’s group ArchCity Defenders notes that in the court’s 36 three-hour sessions in 2013, it handled 12,108 cases and 24,532 warrants. That is an average of 1.5 cases and three warrants per Ferguson household. Fines and court fees for the year in this city of just 21,000 people totaled $2,635,400. The sum made the municipal court the city’s second-biggest source of revenue." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
o_O that even surprised me. - MoTO: Team Marina
holy crap - Steve C Team Marina
7 Bloody Marys That Jumped the Shark -
7 Bloody Marys That Jumped the Shark
7 Bloody Marys That Jumped the Shark
A Gun Distinction Without a Difference -
"It seems to be hugely important to gun rights supporters that people understand the difference between fully automatic and semiautomatic weapons. And it appears to greatly irritate them when they hear people fail to accurately distinguish between the two." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
Bon Appetit Craps Out, Mariani Makes His Point -
Bon Appetit Craps Out, Mariani Makes His Point
"Two mornings ago, the editor of Bon Appetit magazine, and the Restaurant Editor of Bon Appetit magazine, appeared on the CBS Morning News to announce Bon App’s “Best New Restaurants of 2014.” In introducing the segment, they listed their general criteria for determining which restos made the overall list, and how they specifically determined their Top 10 eateries on the list. Those criteria were, in order: 1) Good Vibe 2) Good Music 3) Good Lighting 4) Good Food To say that Eating Las Vegas was appalled is an understatement. And we weren’t the only ones. " "For the record: ELV has nothing against Millennials. He has even spawned one. But they need to get in line like every generation before them. Learn their manners. Aspire to maturity. Realize they didn’t invent much except yet another way to look and act foolish for their first ten years of adulthood. And they need to quit thinking that drinking out of mason jars, sitting at tiny tables, and screaming over bad music is the way... more... - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
This "... And they need to quit thinking that drinking out of mason jars, sitting at tiny tables, and screaming over bad music is the way you’re supposed to eat. ..." - WarLord
Hipsters, Betsy. - Eric - Poppa Large
(Sorry I deleted my comment, Eric. It seemed kinda dumb once I saw it posted.) - Betsy
The Ways in Which White People Talk Over Music -
The Ways in Which White People Talk Over Music
"If you want to scream whiteness, almost nothing beats rap-talk-singing—that half-monotone half-melodic vocal technique you may recognize from the likes of Beck’s "Loser" or many recent commercials. These days, rap-talk-singing is typically parody in the vein of Sir Mix-A-Lot's famous "Baby Got Back" intro. (You know: "Becky, look at her butt. It is sooooo big. She looks like one of those rap guys' girlfriends.") It is not always clear when white people rap-talk-sing self-deprecatingly. Perhaps this is what happened to Taylor Swift, whose most recent single, "Shake It Off," is somewhere between a great Gap ad and a bad pop song." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
Tangent: Since sprechstimme developed in German (quasi-)opera, isn't it then just a derivative of recitative? Seems weird to root it in Germanic culture rather than Romance culture. - Victor Ganata
I saw a music video where this was employed throughout the song. (The following link is not an endorsement: ) - Andrew C (✔)
I think making a reference to something that these current pop pros have never heard of is a stretch (German opera?). It'd be more appropriate to root it in casual listening to Hip Hop and other recent white pop using the same methods and Hip Hop influenced producers employing the technique. - Eric - Poppa Large
Padma Lakshmi: Boston Teamsters Attack ‘Top Chef’ Host & Crew -
Padma Lakshmi: Boston Teamsters Attack ‘Top Chef’ Host & Crew
"Angry that the show had not signed a Teamsters contract and that the production hired local PA’s to drive cast and crew vehicles, the dozen or so picketers from Boston’s Teamsters Local 25 kept at it for hours, raining down racist, sexist and homophobic threats and slurs as staffers came to and left the set that summer day. Jenn Levy, Bravo’s SVP Production, wasn’t spared. Arriving at the restaurant in her black SUV, she soon found herself running a gauntlet of vitriol. “She got of her car in front of the location and quickly ran through the picket line,” a source said. “They were yelling, ‘You bitch! You slut! We’re gonna get you!’ It went on like that all day.”" - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
'Orange is the New Black' fight sparks new House Wikipedia ban -
"The final straw came on Wednesday afternoon, when someone from the House edited the page for the Netflix hit show “Orange is the New Black” to change the characterization of an actor from “a real transgender woman” to “a real man pretending to be a woman.” Earlier this week, the account had been used to edit pages for “tranny” — a derogatory term for transgender people — as well as the annual festival Camp Trans and transphobia, the opposition to people who are trans. “An obvious transphobe is using this IP to edit the article on transphobia,” a Wikipedia user wrote earlier this month, urging administrators to block the account.  “I have no problem with Congressional staffers editing Wikipedia,” another user wrote regarding the person behind the changes. “I have a problem only with YOU vandalizing Wikipedia.”" - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
Wow I really thought the link was about to take me to satire. Geez. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I'm starting to wonder how long it is going to take for that sort of things to tweak the Ethics Committee into action. The more public this gets, the more times they get banned, the worse it looks. - Jennifer Dittrich
I've got BBQ ribs for lunch, because I'm weak.
and by weak you mean living right. - Big Joe Silence
Al Jazeera America struggles to get off the margins -
"Ferguson dominated the news the day I watched the most, Thursday (the day Obama spoke about it and the state police were brought in), but even here AJAM’s effort was notable. Its crew was in the thick of things to the point that Ash-har Quraishi, a Chicago-based reporter (the network boasts a dozen US bureaus), and his colleagues were teargassed. Joie Chen flew in from Washington to anchor the network’s flagship program, America Tonight, from Ferguson. But what was most notable was that the network stayed with the story, hour after hour, with standups well past 11pm, while competitors returned to regularly scheduled programming. That said, there was little new to report each hour. Current and former employees say resources are stretched thin and the latest layoffs didn’t help. One senses that the goal of maintaining a qualitative edge—one that is readily visible to a casual viewer—requires even more resources than are currently available. It’s expensive." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
T.I.’s Open Letter About Ferguson And America -
T.I.’s Open Letter About Ferguson And America
"How long can u continue to pass the buck & make excuses of why u can’t do today what should have been done yeste-year? Although I DO NOT support the negative responses & actions of my people in light of this tragedy….I WILL NOT condone your lack of effort to show any urgency to improve the treatment of our people, nor the living conditions in our communities. Your refusal to address these life altering issues makes events such as these seem inevitable." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
Mississippi man shot after cross burning in yard -
Mississippi man shot after cross burning in yard
"A Mississippi sheriff says a man was beaten and shot two weeks after calling authorities to report a cross burning in his yard, and investigators are trying to determine whether the attack was prompted by people being upset that the man was visited by his mixed-race grandchildren." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
""They called him some severe names and then they told him to leave and they chased him off his porch around his house and beat him with brass knuckles and then shot him with his own gun," Julie Wilson told the TV station." - John (bird whisperer)
How are you going to kick a man out of his own house and shoot him with his own gun? That's jacked up. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Awful. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
An uproarious, moving John Oliver is perfect on Ferguson -
"Here's just a taste: "No one should ever be allowed to say there is no history of racial tension here, because that sentence has never been true anywhere on Earth."" - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
10 Reasons Why Talib Kweli Is Going To Ferguson -
10 Reasons Why Talib Kweli Is Going To Ferguson
"Talib Kweli, who is one of hip-hop’s outspoken figures, sent a number of tweets giving his perspective on Ferguson. He says that celebrities have spoken about Ferguson, but argues he has seen a few give “no accurate info” based on their inexperience in political education, so “they fall into the blaming the victim trap.” He continued, “Artists have traditionally been followers not leaders. We as a community have failed to demand more from our artists.” The Brooklyn MC then stated that Ferguson is a “legitimate boots on the ground movement. It is ground zero for us right now.” With all that said, he announced to his followers that he’ll be heading to Ferguson this Tuesday as a member of the community, not as a rapper or celebrity. He also followed with his reasons for going to Missouri." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
Why tear gas is so painful — and why exposure is so hard to treat -
Why tear gas is so painful — and why exposure is so hard to treat
"A large number of people in Ferguson — including an eight year-old boy and a group of journalists — have suffered from these symptoms, and there are various photos showing them using a number of different remedies (such as milk and water) to treat tear-gas exposure. But the unfortunate truth is that effectively treating exposure to tear gas is very difficult, and the best protections and remedies are solely in the hands of medical professionals. Even worse, we still know virtually nothing about the gas' long-term effects." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
Washington Post reporters have been arrested in two cities this year: Ferguson and Tehran -
Washington Post reporters have been arrested in two cities this year: Ferguson and Tehran
"Lowery is the second Post reporter to have been arrested in the past few months. The first was three weeks earlier and several thousand miles away in Tehran, the capital city of Iran. On July 22, plainclothes police stormed into the home of Washington Post Tehran bureau chief Jason Rezaian to arrest him and his wife, who is also a journalist. As in Ferguson, no charges have been filed in Tehran." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
10 Hip-Hop Songs About Police Brutality & Misconduct To Vent To -
10 Hip-Hop Songs About Police Brutality & Misconduct To Vent To
Constables” by O.C.; “Crooked Officer” by Geto Boys; “The Enemy” by Big L; “Friendly Game of Baseball” by Main Source; “Who Got the Camera?” by Ice Cube; “Illegal Search” by LL Cool J; “Sound of Da Police” by KRS-One; “Invasion” by Jeru the Damaja; “Claimin’ I’m a Criminal” by Brand Nubian; “F*** Tha Police” by N.W.A - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
Thanks to my poetic father, my grandfather's funeral was filled with personal stories of his history read by the grandchildren. No need for generic platitudes and no reason to lean on clergy he didn't know. It was a good service.
A good funeral/wake is a great step towards healing and a celebration of the person's life. - Spidra Webster
Sounds wonderful. {{hugs}} - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Big cup of brown.
Oh yeah, it's good, and makes you trip over everything. - Eric - Poppa Large
Are these really different colors? #att
Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.51.09 AM.png
Different shades. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Yeah, but try making that out on their map. Nearly impossible. - Eric - Poppa Large
That is probably the point Eric...sadly. - Chris Topher
Exactly. - Eric - Poppa Large
Yes but very similar - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Lost my grandfather today.
I'm sorry, Eric. :( - LB: Unable to Can from Android
Oh, my condolences, Eric. - Anika
So sorry for your loss. - Just another Bubba from FFHound(roid)!
Sorry for your loss, Eric. - Stephan #TeamMarina
I'm sorry to hear that, Eric. - Katy S
Very sorry, Eric. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I'm so sorry for your loss, Eric. - vicster: full-bodied
:( - chaz2b
Very sorry for your loss, Eric. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I'm sorry, Eric. - NOT THE CRICKET
My condolences to you and your family, Eric. :( - Spidra Webster
My sympathies to you and yours. - Jim: with more caffeine!
Sorry for your loss - Rodfather from Android
I'm really sorry for your loss, Eric. My condolences to you and your family. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
My condolences, Eric. - Anne Bouey
Thanks everyone. I appreciate it. - Eric - Poppa Large from iPhone
I'm so sorry for your loss, Eric. *hugs* - Jenny H. from Android
My condolences - MoTO: Team Marina
My condolences, Eric. - Mark H
So very sorry for your loss Eric. - Janet from FFHound!
My condolences - Amir
I'm very sorry, Eric. - Betsy
my condolences. - imabonehead
Thanks again for your thoughts. - Eric - Poppa Large
My condolences, Eric. - Bren from iPhone
I'm sorry for your loss, Eric. My condolences. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Oh, Eric. I'm sorry for your loss. - Monique Judge
My condolences. - Eivind from Android
Kanye West Rhyming at Fat Beats in 1996. (VIDEO). -
Kanye West Rhyming at Fat Beats in 1996. (VIDEO).
"Kanye West Rhyming at Fat Beats in 1996." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
I'm not judging anyone for sharing, and I appreciate people who use the social net for posting their thoughts, wishes, and prayers, but I just can't like or comment on the Facebook posts about my grandfather.
... and that's perfectly ok. - Johnny from iPhone
Thanks Johnny. It's just an observation I thought I would post. Looking at myself through the lens of the technology I live and work through. You can only know about it when it happens. My friend who lost his son last month has been thriving on posting and gaining strength through that support network. It's just different for everyone. - Eric - Poppa Large
Full episode of Garfunkel and Oates is Streaming Now! -
Awww, I love those girls, but they cannot be viewed from my country or location :-( - Slippy
Did the TV show start yet? - Steve C Team Marina
It starts Thursday. - Eric - Poppa Large
Thanks Eric i have to set the DVR when home - Steve C Team Marina
So Friendfeed is still up, so the Facebook datacenter is still a thing.
Happy birthday to my always wonderful wife!
Happy birthday, Elena! - Anika
Thanks, Anika! - Elena
Happy birthday! :D - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Happy birthday, Elena! - Anne Bouey
happy bday! - imabonehead
Happy Birthday, Elena! - joey
Happy birthday :) - Eivind
Happy Birthday, Elena! - MoTO: Team Marina from Android
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday, Elena! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
Happy Birthday, Elena! - vicster: full-bodied
Happy birthday Elena! - Corinne L
Happy Birthday!!! - Katy S from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Jim: with more caffeine!
Have a wonderful birthday! - LB: Unable to Can
Happy dappy! - Spidra Webster
Happy birthday, Elena! :) - Jenny H. from Android
Happy birthday! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thanks, everyone! Could not have asked for a better day! - Elena
Aw, I missed it! Hope you enjoyed your day Elena! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday, Elena! - Tamara J. B.
Did I NEED to pour another margarita? Hmm. Yes.
Dammit. Why can't a drone deliver me margaritas? - Spidra Webster
Wild Style Breakbeats by Kenny Dope’s Kay-Dee Records & Get On Down -
Wild Style Breakbeats by Kenny Dope’s Kay-Dee Records & Get On Down
"Wild Style Breakbeats is the debut of Kay-Dee Records’ “Book Series.” The book contains seven 45s in a “Kay-Dee Casebook” packaging. (This is the first-ever official release of the studio tracks produced by Fab 5 Freddy in 1981.) It also features never-before-seen photos from the Charlie Ahearn film." - Eric - Poppa Large from Bookmarklet
I saw one of those stories that goes around and Facebook included another related link to Good call Facebook. Your intrusive management of feeds finally has a light side.
I've never heard of spones, but it sounds like some kind of disease. - NOT THE CRICKET
i think he meant - Big Joe Silence
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