Beaver Anal Gland Sacs & Other Weird Stuff You've Probably Eaten - The Consumerist -
Beaver Anal Gland Sacs & Other Weird Stuff You've Probably Eaten - The Consumerist
"All the talk about "pink slime" had us wondering, "What other weird things have we been eating?!" While the answers provided by the foodies at Consumer Reports often didn't come with illustrative names such as pink slime, it did leave us a better bit informed — and a lot less hungry!" - Me from Bookmarklet
"Castoreum — An extract made from dried, ground-up "sacs located by the anal glands of beavers." It can be added to foods ("especially as vanilla flavoring," says Wikipedia) such as gums, alcohol, candy and baked goods." - Me
"Bacteriophages — If you remember your bio-chem days, this is the technical name for viruses that kill other viruses. It's sprayed onto "ready-to-eat" meat products to kill the bug that responsible for listeriosis infections." - Me
"Transglutaminase — It's the enzyme that "glues" pieces of meat together. And while it won't be listed on a product's label, if you've ever eaten something made with "reformed and shaped chicken breast" or "formed turkey thighs," then you've scarfed down some of this goo, too." - Me
"Rennet — A food additive that comes from the milk-fed calves stomachs used to thicken custards." - Me
"Shellac — These secretions from the Asian lac bug are used to coat candies, pills and apples to give them a nice, smooth, shiny finish—just like the varnishes used on woodwork." - Me
Rennet is also used to make cheese. - Spidra Webster
Pet peeve: not understanding the difference between viruses and bacteria. Bacteriophages are viruses that kill bacteria, not other viruses. - Tudor Bosman
Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme too, though. - Andrew C (✔)
Dang, is the use of transglutaminase the reason why the incidence of celiac sprue has increased? (And the word "transglutaminase" doesn't directly have anything to do with "glue"-- it's an enzyme that metabolizes the amino acid glutamine) - Victor Ganata from iPhone
That's what I was thinking, Tudor, but I was too lazy to look it up to confirm. - Spidra Webster