Retired Couples Need $240,000 Just To Cover Health Care Costs - The Consumerist -
Retired Couples Need $240,000 Just To Cover Health Care Costs - The Consumerist
"If you and your loved one are looking down the road toward living out your golden years together, be prepared to have a pile of cash stashed away to cover your medical bills. Fidelity Investments has released its annual projection on health care costs for retirees and calculated that a couple retiring now will need $240,000 to get through their remaining decades. That's an increase from last year's projection of $230,000. The bank had cut the number for the 2011 report, citing portions of the Affordable Care Act that should reduce seniors' out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs. But Fidelity says medical costs are still going up, thus the rebound from last year's unprecedented dip." - Me from Bookmarklet
:(( That's it. I'll just have to jump off a bridge at a certain point. I can't afford to live. - Spidra Webster
I was kinda planning on retiring in Canada. (though if it becomes Harperland, I don't really have a plan B.) - Andrew C (✔)
Time to patent Suicide Booths now. By that time they may be legal. - Me
I'm pretty much resigned to the idea that I'll be working until I'm dead. They might actually have to reanimate my corpse to get enough work out of me to pay off all my debts. - Victor Ganata
Janet, That would work. - Me
At first I was thinking fraud, but no one goes to prison for that. - Greg GuitarBuster