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Amit Patel
I'm going to go away for a while, maybe spend some time in the desert, and come back after FF is shut down.
Hope to see you on some other services Amit! - Me
Have a great trip, Amit. - Stephen Mack
Enjoy, Amit. See you on the other side, maybe. - bentley
I hope it's a peaceful journey for you. We'll be looking for you elsewhere upon your return. - Anne Bouey
Will it be 40 days and 40 nights? - Todd Hoff
Virtual reality creator hopes to treat anxiety attacks - Boing Boing -
Virtual reality creator hopes to treat anxiety attacks - Boing Boing
"Anxiety haunts a lot of people I know. Sometimes my friends and I trade tips for evading its clutches: deep breathing, white noise apps, staying off Twitter. But what if a virtual reality game could offer something even better: a total sensory oasis from anxiety attacks? Deep, a virtual reality game developed for the Oculus Rift, has set out to do just that. It's based on the same sort of deep breathing exercises that many anxiety sufferers—and meditation/yoga enthusiasts—are already familiar with, coupled with immersive visuals and audio that make you feel like you're suspended in a dreamy, underwater world. A belt secured around your body senses when you inhale and exhale, causing you to "rise" and "fall" rhythmically within the water as you explore a "zen garden" of coral and colored lights." - Me from Bookmarklet
"Developer Owen Harris had been using breathing exercises to manage his own anxiety for years, and "when VR arrived... I knew exactly what I wanted to do: I wanted to build something where at the end of a stressful day I could just go to, and it'd become my own little isolation tank," Harris told Vice. "I was building this thing for myself; it never really occurred to me to be showing... more... - Me
Hey, haven't been around lately. What's new?
I showered. - Just another Bubba
Robert Scoble announced Social Media is dead. - Me
Did he do that on Twitter or Google+? - Just another Bubba
semaphore.. - Me
I've seen things. - Micah from FFHound!
The sword of Damocles. That's new. - Stephen Mack
Nothing's new. LA LA LA - Amit Patel
Hi, Cristo. :) - Anne Bouey
Hey, I was wondering if you'd drop by! - Spidra Webster
He's back! Hi, Cristo! - Tamara J. B.
Hi. - bentley
Shutting down is the new trend. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I'm back. Sometimes. - chrisofspades
Exporting your feed should be a breeze. :) - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Is FF dying? If so, when? - Melissa Davis from iPhone
Stephen Mack
Happy birthday! - Pete's Got To Go
Happy birthday! :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy Birthday! - Kevin Johnson
Happy Bday! - Steve C, Team Marina
happy bday! - imabonehead
Happy Birthday, Higlet!! - Greg GuitarBuster
happy day, WOH! - t-ra needs this place
Happy birthday! - Big Joe Silenced
Happy birthday! - Spidra Webster
Hooray! Hooray! It's HIGLET DAY! Happy Birthday! - vicster.
Happy birthday, Higlet! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Feliz Cumple! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Happy birthday, curly girly! - Anika
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Many happy returns on this anniversary of your birth! - Me
Happy birthday! - Corinne L
Happy birthday! - Victor Ganata
Happy birthday! - Anne Bouey
Happy Birthday! - Katy S
HB & SUWGOMH WOH! - Louis Gray
Happy birthday, WoH! - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Happy Birthday, Higlet!! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday, lady! - Yolanda from Android
Happy Birthday! - Brent Schaus
Happy Birthday, Higlet! - Bren from iPhone
Happy Birthday, Mary! xx - Melly
Happy Higlet Day :-D - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy Birthday!!!! <3 - joey
Happy Birthday! - MoTO Boychick Devil
Happy birthday!! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Happy happy! :) - Jenny H. from Android
Happy birthday. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Happy day! - LB needs a break. from Android
Thank you, my lovely FFers! I had a fantastic birthday weekend :)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Stephen Mack
I would probably enjoy seeing "The Book of Mormon" but it freaks me out that tickets range from $184 to $892 (!) each. -
I would probably enjoy seeing "The Book of Mormon" but it freaks me out that tickets range from $184 to $892 (!) each.
That just seems too much to pay for a show. - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
Similarly, Madonna tickets at $388 each blows my mind. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, it's pretty nuts. I'm not sure what the effects are like in that show but tix really started climbing for B'way shows when they brought in the huge spectacle shows. - Spidra Webster
My kids wanted to see a play that ended recently, but tickets started at $150. I'd have a hard time paying that even for all 4 of us. Concert tickets are another thing. I figure if I have to pay over $60 for ticket, dinner and drinks should be included. - Anika
I've seen Madonna before. Saw her when cheap tickets were $150. I was so excited and had waited years to see her. Guess what? I was bored. Goldstar had tickets for Book of Mormon on a cheaper scale. Maybe they'll do it again . - Gabrielle
I paid a bunch for Hedwig and the Angry Inch and it wasn't worth it. YMMV. - Meg VMeg
those prices are in$ane! - AHnix (Anna Haro)
At least the Book of Mormon will start on time. Madonna.. doesn't start till 4 hours later then it states. - Me
'Voodoo' Hackers: Stealing Secrets From Snowden's Favorite OS Is Easier Than You'd Think - Forbes -
'Voodoo' Hackers: Stealing Secrets From Snowden's Favorite OS Is Easier Than You'd Think - Forbes
"The Snowden leaks have taught us much about the tactics employed by the NSA and GCHQ, from brazen malware attacks to more esoteric dark arts, such as infecting low-level pieces of computer code. Correspondingly, research into more surreptitious activities targeting the guts of modern systems has often been overshadowed by studies of more obvious attacks. Yet such high-tech techniques pose a more severe risk. They can, for instance, allow agencies to spy on Tails, the Linux-based secure operating system favored by Snowden. And they’re not as difficult to exercise as many would imagine. They can totally obliterate the privacy of even the most careful computer user." - Me from Bookmarklet
Victor Ganata
It just occurred to me how potentially bizarre it could be to hold the Summer Olympics in a city in the Southern Hemisphere during summer in the Northern Hemisphere.
Rio 2016. - Anika
Not as weird as holding the Winter Olympics in a Southern Hemisphere city during winter in the Northern Hemisphere would be... - Spidra Webster
Global warming has its advantages.. - Me
Sydney Australia was in September I think. - Joe
The No-Stilettos Rule: My Approach As A Woman Creating Scifi Book Covers -
The No-Stilettos Rule: My Approach As A Woman Creating Scifi Book Covers
"Although target audience affects all books, I'm going to dive deeper into one genre where it is absolutely critical—Urban Fantasy . This is the genre where we most frequently show characters on the covers, and the target audience is overwhelmingly women. It's also the genre where the covers get the most abuse for stereotypically having a hot woman on the cover with a gun, a bared midriff, and a bad tramp stamp tribal tattoo. The fans roll their eyes. the authors complain. People even make fun of the covers for charity . So what's going on here? If women are the target audience, how are these books ending up with objectified covers? I think there's a lot of overlap with similar issues in how women are portrayed in comics and gaming. However, as I said, the target audience is primarily women. So it sets aside the whole aspect of comics and gaming historically being a male-dominated media for now." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"First, Urban Fantasy is primarily a genre of wish fulfillment. There's a clearly defined hero, and you are following them through an adventure where you insert yourself into their eyes and experience their story, their feelings, their romance...and of course their run-ins with the supernatural. (Hey this is SFF, after all.) The hero should be sexy. But they should be sexual, not... more... - Jessie
"It was while working on these covers specifically (and yes, watching Supernatural doing research) when it all clicked for me. A hero character on the cover needs to be both "sexy I want to be" for the fans of that gender and also "sexy I want to $%^!#" for the fans of that sexual orientation. And the key, again, is agency. I kid about being a big Supernatural fan but that show hits... more... - Jessie
....I deeply and aggressively question the notion that the figure on the cover art needs to be "sexual" at all. - Soup in a TARDIS
I can see it being relevant if a big part of urban fantasy is the relationship between the main character and the sexy bf/gf (I don't read much urban fantasy so this is just based on the little bit I've seen). But outside of that, yeah, not really important. - Jessie
I don't read a ton of urban fantasy either, but what I have read has not led me to believe it is, as a genre, basically romance with magic or scifi thrown in. I know I am more easily annoyed by this whole everything-but-be-about-pairing-up issue than most people (this is literature people, not a fucking ark) but, ugh, it genuinely drives me batty. - Soup in a TARDIS
As a mainly e-book reader, I rarely get to see covers. But I really like the Seanan McGuire series of October Daye books. The covers there are nice and not overly sexualized from my POV. Buts the covers are not the reason why I read these books, its the content and story. Suggestions and referals from others gets me to read books more then anything else. - Me
The funny part to me is that there's urban fantasy and sexxxay urban fantasy, but both often end up getting lumped in together. You explore a lot of the same themes in the Dresden Files and Hollows books, but Rachel Morgan is more sexualized than Harry Dresden and there's more romance and sex as a central plot point in the Hollows books themselves. Both have them, but in one they're emphasized a lot more than the other. - Jennifer Dittrich
Victor Ganata
I don't always reformat hard drives, but when I do, I spend a ridiculous amount of time deciding between case-insensitive journaled HFS+ or case-sensitive journaled HFS+.
It's a sensitive subject. - Micah from iPhone
Last time I tried case-sensitive (this was years ago), bad things happened. So I just stick w/the default case-insensitive now. - rønin
as much as I want to do the right UNIX thing, you should stick with case-insensitive. For example, Adobe products refuse to install on case-sensitive HFS+. - Jonathan Disher
Yeah, on the pro side, case-insensitive is the default setting. On the con side, I once formatted a hard drive with case-sensitive HFS+ years and years ago and now I have a bunch of mp3 and aacs that only differ from one another due to capitalization. - Victor Ganata
This is one thing I still can't forgive Apple and Adobe for. - Brian Johns
As Johnathan stated, lots of apps don't like Case-sensative Journaled. - Me
Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Got a new coffee maker and some new coffee beans. One of them is not going to stay.
Granted, you can't judge the coffee maker and coffee on the 1st two cups. - Me
Apple supposedly has a team exploring "augmented reality applications" | TechnoBuffalo -
Apple supposedly has a team exploring "augmented reality applications" | TechnoBuffalo
"Apple has its hands in a lot of different jars—at least according to a wide range of rumors. Among them is a new augmented reality project that could be similar in scope to Microsoft’s HoloLens. According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple has a team exploring the wide world of “augmented reality applications.” The focus of the project is apparently to make some sort of face computer that’s both functional and fashionable—and according to Munster, socially acceptable, which is a key component, as Google found out." - Me from Bookmarklet
Starbucks will start making home deliveries later this year | The Verge -
"In case there's somehow not a Starbucks within walking distance of your office or city apartment, delivery specialist Postmates will soon start bringing the coffee maker's drinks and food directly to your door. It's a legitimate collaboration between the two brands; customers will place orders for their desired beverage or snack through the Starbucks app, and then simply select the option to have it delivered by Postmates." - Me from Bookmarklet
Picturing a terrible convergence where they bring crappy coffee to your house and discuss racism. - Anika
lol - bentley
I just assumed they'd build a new Starbucks in a corner of your dining room. - walt crawford
OK just got my invite and started this soon to be very addictive game.. those that want feel free to add me to your friend list.
Screen Shot 2011-10-01 at 12.18.18 AM.png
Any tips you can provide on this game are greatly appreciated. - Me
Played way too much today. - Me
Hey, I walked by you today. I laughed at the name because I was thinking of my pizza in the fridge. At any rate, I'm Jarhaven there. It's so weird to not be faboo-something. - Anika from Android
I'm getting IM'ed by people that know the source of my little guys name here. Its pretty cool to see other Dresden Fans. - Me
Just ran across you again and said, 'Hey'. No answer. *sniff* =) - Anika
ahh.. sorry. I am not watching the scrolling text all that much. - Me
Was asked if the people could nibble me. hehe.. - Me
I miss this game - Me
There's always Slack. ;) P.S. Have you found the bear yet? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
When I first started using it.. it was in the experimental area.. Gave a big kiss. - Me
Heh, I remember when I found it, I said, "fuck that's awesome", and everyone thought I was crazy. Then I kept clicking it for like a half-hour. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yeah no one understood why I was giggling like a kid when I saw it. I tried to explain it, but they just looked at me like I was talking Martian. Not a fun work group. They did not rank in my level of geekness.. - Me
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Oldest post I could find.. Pictures of course have been removed from Picassa - Me
Did Google fold all the Picasa stuff into Google +? - Spidra Webster
During the great G+ Name Gate I purged as much as I could get away with from Google. Picassa pictures were one of the things I had a copy of in other places. - Me
From Louis's Blog, Claudio Cicali has reposted his tool to download your FF stream. -
From Louis's Blog, Claudio Cicali has reposted his tool to download your FF stream.
"Long time ago I wrote a script to download your own Friendfeed stream, complete with all the media files (and even to re-render it in a HTML form so to have a "printed copy" with the same identical UI). Hope you'll use it" - Me from Bookmarklet
Also Andy Bakun has FFArchive.. - Me
Just to add to this... those that get the tools working, Who is willing to help out others backup their streams? - Me
Yeah, I have no idea. :/ - Alix May
I got the FFexp working. I can backup for anyone with a public stream. I'll send you the backup via your preferred method, email/dropbox/ftp/http download/bitsync/etc... - Me
Hopefully I'll have time to work on an HTML renderer for my ffarchive'd exported data. - Andy Bakun
That would be awesome Andy. - Me
My stream is private (why does that sound so dirty?) but I could use help with this. Happy to "go public" closer to the end date if that makes a download easier. - Corinne L
Corinne, you can do this still with private feed, just requires the remote key. - Me
Andy if you want to put together the code, I can host a website that allows other to go to, and run the export for their streams. - Me
I've been drinking gin, CW, so I'll revisit this when sober. :D - Corinne L
FriendFeed Backup Creator - - Koleksiyoner Ali
I have both the ffarchive and ffexp running on my account. FFexp has been running for about an hour so far and is on page 513. FFarchive doesn't show a status, but I can see tons of files in the cache folder. - Me
Claudio's scripts worked fine for me. 1700+ posts saved, maybe 100 worth reading again. :) - Ken Gidley
FFArchive Script finished over night. FFexp script is still running for my account. Currently on page 6298. - Me
@Koleksiyoner & @Doorbin thanks for sharing your tools. Can you provide more info about them if people have questions? - Me
All y'all with ffexp running past about 333 pages, check that it's not just endlessly looping the final 100 entries. - Andrew C (✔)
Oh fun! I left it on at home. By the time I get back to turn it off, I'm sure it will be past 10k. :) - Me
I don't even know how to start with these things. I literally forgot how to run a script since I haven't done it in so long. - Anika
me too, some help for the inexperienced, please? - Franc, a rememberer
Andrew, how do I check that? I'm on page 372 right now and it keeps saying "image xxx already here. Skipping" - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
What Anika and Franc said. - bentley
Zu: I opened the temp JSON file in a text editor, went to line 10001 or so, and started doing searches on phrases in those lines. I saw line 10002 was repeated at 10102, 10202, 10302, etc. - Andrew C (✔)
bentley, Anika, Franc: here's my advice for the script: - Andrew C (✔)
Claudio's scripts worked for me as well (ran on Windows using XAMPP) - Adam B aka Daddy Mohican
Thanks, Andrew. - bentley
it is odd, but... Russian segment working on "escape island" (based on external to Russia servers) - anyone interested? - A. T.
Ben artık şuradayım: Beklerim... - Koleksiyoner Ali
Cut the Rope Costume - Talk Radio One -
Cut the Rope Costume - Talk Radio One
This is adorable! - Me from Bookmarklet
Still like this one. - Me
WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Apparently everything is about everyone, all the time.
It's called magical unrealism. - Micah
*takes notes* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*checks them again* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Now ignore everything I've said to date. You'll be tested on what I never said or assigned starting now. - Micah
*shreds notes* *eats them* *tastes like horse* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*makes a gun from bits of his own rotting teeth and the bizarre meat he was just served in a disturbing restaurant* - Big Joe Silenced
It's all about me - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Yes it is - Me
Mike Nencetti
The MRI results were not good. "in field" radiation area showed return of the original tumor, and a new growth. We received a copy of the images from all MRI's. Radiation will stop as will chemo by pill. it is now chemo by IV, once every other week for 2 months. Mentally tough to process everything. Still hopeful.
pic is sunrise at Virginia Beach from last month. Moments like this are things to focus on, quality, not quantity. - Mike Nencetti
Big hugs and lots of love xxx - Melly
Thanks Mel :) - Mike Nencetti
The DR's are still discussing her case, so we have no schedule yet. - Mike Nencetti
Best wishes for a good outcome! - Eivind
Praying for Beverly and you, Mike. - Just another Bubba
Let's hope the IV will do its job, Mike! - Stephan Planken from iPhone
So sorry. Sending positive thoughts to both of you. - Me
Glioblastoma grade 4, is a tough battle to fight. Thank you everyone. - Mike Nencetti
Thinking of you both. Stay strong. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
Praying for you both. *hugs* - Lisa L. Seifert
So sorry to hear this. My cousin's husband had the same thing. My thought are with you both. - Katy S from iPhone
Praying for your wife and for you. - Jim #teamFFrank
Continuing to pray for y'all. - LB needs a break. from Android
I'm sorry to hear that, Mike. Mg thoughts are with Beverly & you. I hope the new chemo works. - Anika from Android
*hugs* sending prayers and support for your strength and for Beverly to respond well to the new treatments. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Strength and love to you both. I hope you have better news soon ((hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA from iPhone
That you are still hopeful is the most vital point. My best to you both. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Praying for you and Beverly. - Eric Logan
Holding you and Beverly very close in my heart and hoping with all my might that the IV knocks that tumor out. - vicster.
sending prayers for the both of you - Kevin Johnson
I do not have the easiest feed to kick out old posts.... - Mike Nencetti
That was and is tough. But I appreciate you having shared it with us. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
An erotic novel about Clippy - Boing Boing -
An erotic novel about Clippy - Boing Boing
"Christie Aackerlund doesn’t need help with anything. So when the world’s biggest technology company offers to fly her to a remote location and investigate an alien artifact, all by herself, she’s all like “I’ll do it!” But the artifact isn’t what it seems, and soon an overly helpful giant living paperclip is getting her all bent out of shape. Conquered by Clippy is a 4000 word short story featuring sexual situations with digital assistants. It’s for super mature audiences only." - Me from Bookmarklet
If there is such a thing as Rule34 going to far, this might be the tipping point. - Me
Stephen Mack
Testing the waters of, the Italian FriendFeed clone project, thanks to an invite from Xabaras. -
Testing the waters of, the Italian FriendFeed clone project, thanks to an invite from Xabaras.
They're pretty far along, and they have an FF feed import feature (that I haven't tried yet). You should be able to sign up at - Stephen Mack
join us on our ark! - Pea Bukowski
Ok, I'm in. Usual user name. :) - ellbeecee
Same, Jenn2D2. - Jennifer Dittrich
Mmmm io dico che Zuc non sarà molto contento.. - Yeridiani
Lris - lris from Android
Looks very cool so far. I'm holding off on importing until I decide how I want to handle a personal backup. I may just import the one room I have and DM's, and then start relatively fresh. - Jennifer Dittrich
join us... - bezdomnyj82
I'm in as technodad. Holding off on importing for a bit, though. - Technodad
I like that they have a "Trash" feature -- deleted posts and comments are saved for you to restore until you empty the trash. Supported imports so far are Twitter and Tumblr. And they have an RSS feed for your feed! - Stephen Mack
Nice! *crosses fingers for a flickr import* - Jennifer Dittrich
The nicer features are: a) the like to comment and b) the dislike! - vale (acaso)
I love the comment like! - Jennifer Dittrich
don't forget the "bookmark" option without expressing liking or disliking - bezdomnyj82
I am there same username will start linking up soon :-) - Pete's Got To Go from FFHound(roid)!
Evaluate world peace? - Laura Norvig
it's the balance between likes and dislikes :D - Pea Bukowski
Hope they add an RSS import of any sort. Lots of stuff can come in that way. - Joe
Meta. Meta World Peace? - Joe
mu username has changed from lauran to lnorvig: - Laura Norvig
I'm trying to like your comments... :'D - vale (acaso)
I hope it gets a security certificate soon... - Julian
Oh... I am julian2 there as well. - Julian
I'm in, usual name, haven't yet really used it. Hard for an Anglophile to understand the T&C. - walt crawford
I'm in. bentleywg, like here. I'll look into it later, but I'm in. - bentley
Hmm. Tried to look at it, and my account's been disabled. That was fast. I'll try again in a few days. - walt crawford
Walt, all accounts start as disabled until you confirm the e-mail they send. It took about 30 minutes for me to get my e-mail and enable my account when I signed up. - Stephen Mack
come to the side, we have cookies - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
It's being developed by one person as a side-project, and he's under some pressure given the Apr 9 deadline. It might be rough here and there, but please try and be patient :) - PI
Hmm, I didn't get any confirmation email, but I started off by trying to create via hookup to my Twitter account. - Andrew C (✔)
In as oajoe. - Joe
My email came instantly :) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
I got mine pretty fast as well. - Jennifer Dittrich
(Also if someone is in touch with FF founders or maintainers, we'd love to understand if there's a better/more efficient way to transfer content over there) - PI
hi there. - aurora
keep in mind that is a pet projcet of senape, and he does not have a lot of bandwidth (and disk space: this is why for example pics and videos are not stored locally) - .mau.
PI or .mau. feel free to give him my contact info, and I can help provide some advice (about the efficiency of transfer) and maybe offer some storage facilities.) Right now, I'm also pushed by the deadline, to extend the life of content while also reducing strain on FriendFeed's servers, and providing better archives, but only have 5-6 hours a day to give, except on the weekends. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Hi Jimminy, I am the author of one of the "export scripts" out there ( I have just a simple question (which is a recurring one, by the users of my script): Do you know the reason behind the API limit? Is it set to prevent the server stress or just because the data is not there anymore? Thank you! - Claudio Cicali
@Claudio: the data still exists. Jimminy wrote that deleting newer posts the older ones appear, and that there is a kind of resilience, so that you may *undelete* the newer posts. So, I think that it was just a hard-coded limit. - .mau.
@Jimminy - I'll try to contact senape, but I am not sure that he will answer promptly (he works in Brussels but his family is still in Italy, and a couple of hours ago he wrote that he was taking a plane to return home...) - .mau.
It's fine, I have a relaxed enough schedule, that I can respond at his leisure. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Looks like this has been around about 2 or more years. - Joe
^ data is definitely there: I can follow 'earlier' links on my feed page up to the very first post, but these early post are neither exportable nor even searchable any more. - 9000
Do I take this to mean you guys have dropped Ello? *ducking for cover* - Stephan Planken from iPhone
*admires the huge brains in this thread* - MoTO Boychick Devil
@9000: that would be phase 2 of import, according to Senape. Have a look at and - .mau.
Stephan, I'm optimistic about Ello in the long-term but I don't think it will ever be similar to here. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
me ... what is ello? - Halil
@Claudio, it's possible, but you have to store the id's of the posts, while processing, then you delete the oldest 500-1000 posts (1 request for each deletion), fetch 10 more pages of 100 posts each (start=9x00-10000), repeat that process until you hit the end with a page less than 100 items, then you restore all the posts you marked deleted, (another request for every post deleted). - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
So I registered, MaryCarmen. How do I find you folks? - Mary Carmen
for y'all English speakers: on we'll try to answer questions. Keep however in mind that is closed source: I for one do not know its inner workings, even if I am using it since it started in 2012 - .mau.
Very glad you're joining! Feel free to ask your questions here or in the the official room in I do my best to reply to everybody, but for the faq i'll provide an english version of the faq soon (maybe tonight after midnight gmt+1) - senape. quello di frenfit
My FF import is going slow, and meanwhile neither my Tumblrs nor my Twitter accounts, which I've hooked up to frenf, have started importing anything. - Andrew C (✔)
@Walt, terms and conditions are pretty easy, they're written in complicated lawyer style. Pretty much, they say that you are the only responsible for what you write and post and comment. You are the only owner of whatever you write, and once you delete it is deleted forever, but a copy on the backup for legal reasons, and you cannot post hate or racist messages. Kinda. - senape. quello di frenfit
Thank you! Welcome abroad And please visit our country! - elrocco from Android
yay - zisho
Same there as here: zoblue Thanks for the links, Stephen! <3 - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Ehi, Old and New friends, I kinda started a thanking meme here ( )for Senape, the developer, by taking a picture with your mustard (senap) - bezdomnyj82
senape: Not really too worried about the T&C--and yes, my confirming email link came and I seem to be in now. Bookmarked in my tiny "sn section"; I'll try it here and there. (Been to Italy, more than once, thanks.) - walt crawford
Be my guest! :) I wish you all will stay, I'm working very hard to improve its performance. After the final development of the friendfeed import, I'll re-activate the real time feature, so that comments and posts will be updated without refreshing the page. - senape. quello di frenfit
Halil: it is a relatively new social network. Several people here signed up (including myself) but it didn't seem to gain much traction. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Ok - I signed up for the Italian version - still as Webgoddess, so I should be easy to find! - WebGoddess
( :o ) - Non sono Bob from Flucso
I'm in. Username: Okiboy14. Handle: DB, Lil' LB's Dad - DB, Lil LB's Dad from Android
Katy_S - so, that's me. - Katy S
ehy, ma ciao! - LilaLaMarea from Android
We're probably going to kill their servers but... :) - That's So CAJ!
You will get a mail with a confirmation link :) - Pete's Got To Go
hey-o, i'm over there as orgmonkey! - Marie
Useful list of recent subscribers - Invernomuto from Flucso
Thanks for the links, Invernomuto. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
I'm on as warmaiden! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I'm Jed on there! - Jed
Amazing to see so many FF folks sign up over there. And the warm welcome we're receiving on is wonderful. - Stephen Mack
ok Lets see what this thing can do.. - Me
you're welcome ! - Mäckley [ein troll!]
Heh, they have FALOB: (you guys remember FALOB?) - Stephen Mack
FALOB is user #1000 on This should mean something, but I don't know what - .mau.
ahahah lol mau :D - strega ❄
I do hope to have FALOB to like us all again *___* - Haukr
Yes, I remember FALOB. Man, it's like a time machine. - Spidra Webster
" it's like a time machine"... no, it was a like machine :P - Cernobil
no falob, no party! :) - aurora from FFHound(roid)!
Well, if Falob is there....! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
how do i upload a profile pic? :-/ didn't work when i added a link from web, can't seem to upload an image from my pc either, no option. - Halil
the profile pic works from the avatar url, just give it some time :) - Haukr
Joining too! I wanna be with the cool kids!! - Paulette from iPhone if you need help, this is your thread in english ;) - fewdayslate Here I am, testing the import function right now - لرد فرهاد
Thanks guys for this great project, but as the deadline approaches we're in desperate need of a full backup script / function that can bypass 10100 API limit. if anyone can help, Claudio's script is a fantastic baseline to start. - لرد فرهاد
Non ci pou trasferire della friendfeed, ancora? Quando pensi che possiamo transferire tutti? Grazie! - نومیا
The problem is that the approach suggested by jimminy is quite dangerous: DOWNLOAD XXX posts, DELETE XXX posts, DOWNLOAD XXX + 1 ... and then at the end re-post everything. Doing this with an automated script would generate too many corner cases (what it the delete fails? What if the download fails but NOT the delete? What if SOME download/delete fails? What if the re-post is not succesfull?) etc... - Claudio Cicali
mille Grazie ragazzi... Noi, ragazzi da Iran, tutti aspettiamo per boun risultati. Molto strano, ma perche voglono fermare Friendfeed. vi Aspettiamo! - نومیا
I'm webgoddess in Italian, too. Look at me being all multinational. - WebGoddess from Android
Claudio we will lost our whole data in less than a month, the risk is completely acceptable, it's a little bit dramatic to say but having a chance is better than not doing anything to save our data at all - لرد فرهاد
Boun Lavoro! - نومیا
Is there anyone willing to donate an almost empty account to the cause? FF doesn't allow to create new accounts, and if I – or whoever else – wants to try this road, we need a "guinea pig" account to test the feasibility of the idea. I won't test it on mine :) The idea would be to "pump" thousand of posts on that account and the try to back them up... several times. - Claudio Cicali
Aspetta! forse ce'! - نومیا
Forza Italia ^_^ - گیلداد
claudio? Voi conto vuoto o no? - نومیا
Claudio I will broadcast your request and will let you know - لرد فرهاد
Claudio, I have a mostly unused 'testing' FF account I can hand over to you. Subscribe to me and I'll DM the details. - Micah from FFHound!
Claudio, found you another test subject ;) please add my friend for the DM detals - لرد فرهاد - Feri Helper
Thanks guys :) - Claudio Cicali
Claudio: DonationCoder has an account with just 19 subscribers, most of which I think are inactive. It has about 1000 existing posts, but we will not mind allowing you to use it to test with. In fact, we'd be proud to, if it could help save everyone's data. - April Russo (FForever!)
April, great! I think I am going to need the "key" of that account to be able to post on its behalf. - Claudio Cicali
Guys, i love you. - Pea Bukowski
God bless u! - فوژان from Android
I think we killed the server...getting 404s and gateway failures. - Technodad
کسکشا شما که بلد نیستید ازین کارا کنید غلط میخورید گوز گوز میکنید :دی - ووووزلا
فارسی نداره؟ چرا پ؟ :دی - ووووزلا
عزیزم حالا که داری زحمت میکشی، این فونت تاهوما رو هم ردیف کن که ما نریم سراغ انگولک کردنش، تاهوما بیییییییییییییترین فوت هست واسه فارسی :دی - ووووزلا
The back up does not work for me and also the settings doesnt work although i have only tried it on ipad it might be the reason - || بهاره ||
Bouna sera! Come va!? Speriamo che funziona finalmenete O no?! - نومیا
میلان سرور یووه و اینتر هست :دی - ووووزلا
فقط بگید اگر میلانی نیستید نیام اونجا :دی - ووووزلا
من یک سوال هم داشتم، پخش زنده هم دارید؟ :دی - ووووزلا
اینو قرار بود یکی دیگه بپرسه ولی گفتم خودم بپرسم :دی - ووووزلا
عزیزم قربون اون پیشونی بلندت برم، تو فقط برای دل خودت کار میکنی، پس ما چی که زبون فارسی میخوایم؟ :دی - ووووزلا
++++++++ Like - Mir ∂r∂sh
I'm in - heleninstitches :-) - Heleninstitches #teamff
I never got the email to enable my account. :( - Paulette from iPhone
I'm still not a cool kid!! Wahhhh! - Paulette from iPhone
Thanks Mr Stephen Mack ... - مـــمـد ☮ thank you senape. quello di frenfit for making, & mr mack for finding - chaz2b
Hello! If anybody still waits the confirmation mail, i will enable him/her by hand. I'm going to open a new thread - senape. quello di frenfit
Awesome. Too bad I fatfingered my account name. :( - Kevin Johnson from Android
Eric - Final Countdown
Where are the backup FF instructions? I know I saw them somewhere. Anyone have a link?
There is a list of different ones in this post. - Me
Just another Saturday night....
Looks like a good 'un! - Spidra Webster
I have the Megan Lynch Pandora channel going through the outside speakers.. it is very nice. Next time your up this way your welcome to visit and I'll open up a bottle and grill up something. - Me from YouFeed
I'm impressed - Soup in a TARDIS
Here is the Megan Lynch Radio Station on Pandora for those interested. - Me
Oh, wow. Thanks, Me! - Spidra Webster
A 'Doctor Who' TARDIS console room, made entirely with Lego -
A 'Doctor Who' TARDIS console room, made entirely with Lego
Show all
"Talented Lego builder and Doctor Who super fan Thorsten Bonsch spent three years perfecting his all-brick tribute to the Doctor's TARDIS before unveiling it online for fellow brick fans. Bonsch modeled his MOC — Lego fan-speak for "My Own Creation" — after the 11th Doctor's first TARDIS console room. The futuristic set, designed by Edward Thomas, debuted in Series 5, which featured Matt Smith as the titular Doctor." - Me from Bookmarklet
Stephen Mack
The creepy but definitive list of FriendFeed employees and where they work now. UPDATE: As of October 2, 2012, *three* still work at Facebook. Still true as of November 20, 2013.
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With Paul's departure from Facebook today (November 12, 2010), I've heard several FFers talk about who's still at Facebook. I've seen various different numbers, none of which I think are accurate. This is my attempt to be more accurate. Information comes from publicly available sources where available. I drew on the list of FF employees from and - Stephen Mack
Ana Yang Chief Miscellaneous Officer at Quip, per and had left Facebook around September 2012 (see Tudor B.'s comment from 9/20/2012 below). Formerly Places Product Manager at Facebook (see - Stephen Mack
Ben Darnell DropBox (per Tudor Bosman below, updated 5/22/2012). Prior to that, AOL (Brizzly until their acquisition by AOL in September, see - Stephen Mack
Ben Golub Software Engineer at Facebook (see - Stephen Mack
Bret Taylor Co-founder and CEO of Quip, per his FF page profile. Was previously CTO of Facebook (see FF profile). On June 15, announced he was leaving FB: - Stephen Mack
Casey Muller Quip, per Per Tudor on 10/2/1012, no longer at Facebook, confirmed by Casey's FB page listing "formerly" there (see - Stephen Mack
Dan Hsiao VP of Product @ Soldsie, per his FF page profile. Per Tudor on 5/22/2012, he is no longer at Facebook (see comment below). Previously was Program Manager at Facebook (see bio of twitter feed, - Stephen Mack
Gary Burd Managing Director at BeagleDreams per his Facebook page (; it previously said he left Facebook in October of 2009. - Stephen Mack
Goutham Patnaik (private feed): Google. Summer intern, left on 9/18/2009 (see Update 5/22/2012: Per below, now at Google. I previously listed him as "unknown." - Stephen Mack
Jim Norris Entrepreneur In Residence at Funemployed per his FB page, (updated 11/20/2013). Previously AeroFS per his mom (comment below). - Stephen Mack
Kevin Fox Electric Imp (see Previously Mozilla Labs. Kevin left Facebook in May of 2010 (see below) and announced on 10/27/2010 that he joined Mozilla Labs (see - Stephen Mack
Paul Buchheit Y-Combinator as of 11/12/2010 (see - Stephen Mack
Ross Miller Taylor Engineering in Alameda per his Facebook page ( (Ross was a two-time intern at FF.) - Stephen Mack
Tudor Bosman Software Engineer at Facebook (see - Stephen Mack
Overall status as of November 2010: Of the 14 people who were ever FriendFeed employees, 8 are still at Facebook (Ana Y., Ben G., Bret T., Casey M., Dan H., Jim N., Sanjeev S., and Tudor B), 5 have departed from Facebook (Ben D., Gary B., Kevin F., Paul B., Ross M.), and 1 is unknown (Goutham P.). - Stephen Mack
I will update the above if I hear news. - Stephen Mack
Technically my first day at Mozilla isn't until Monday. :-) - Kevin Fox
I will also remove this if any FF employees think it's too creepy. :) - Stephen Mack
Ross Miller's account: - Rochelle
You are both thorough and scary :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
KLevin, tehcnically, this is your last day here and your not part of the FF team ! - Peter Dawson
Me too, Geoff. - Kevin Fox
Thanks Rochelle, updated! Kevin F., edited now, thanks. :) - Stephen Mack
Peter, what? Today is my last day where? And I left Facebook (and the FF team) back in May. - Kevin Fox
Of those still left at FB, I only see Tudor and Ben who are still active here and have contributed to FF fixes since the buyout. - Rodfather
Kevin mea culpa .. now i remember you want on a summer sabbatical ! - Peter Dawson
No worries. :-) - Kevin Fox
Rodfather, I'm not active here? - Kevin Fox
Of those still left at FB. ;) - Rodfather
I love the iFly photo of us. We are a great big arm rainbow!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Yeah, Paul and April were missing from that picture because that was the day Thomas was born! - Kevin Fox
Rod: Oops, my bad. I saw 'left FB' and missed the 'at'. - Kevin Fox
Wild AND Crazy - Eric - Final Countdown
OK, took some editing but I think the above is accurate. If anyone knows where Ross M. or Goutham P. are now, please let me know! - Stephen Mack
Many thanks to people who provided info, especially Rochelle. - Stephen Mack
Rachel: That's definitely an awesome pic. I had a hard time choosing, you guys had a lot of great events. - Stephen Mack
Wow that is a great list I should probably try an add a few people. FriendFeed very good micro blogging, thanks. - Robert Bridge
Thanks Robert! Updated Ross's employer with information Anne B. found on his Facebook page. - Stephen Mack
He made them an offer that they could eventually refuse? - Stephen Mack
*snicker* - Big Joe Silenced
Bump in honor of today's FB IPO. Time to do more creepy digging to see what's up with the FF team! - Stephen Mack
Updated Gary's entry. - Stephen Mack
Updated Jim's entry. He's apparently left Facebook. (I think I remember him confirming this when I had lunch with him last month!) - Stephen Mack
Updated Kevin's entry. - Stephen Mack
Overall status as of May 2012: Of the 14 people who were ever FriendFeed employees, 7 are still at Facebook (Ana Y., Ben G., Bret T., Casey M., Dan H., Sanjeev S., and Tudor B), 6 have departed from Facebook (Ben D., Gary B., Jim N., Kevin F., Paul B., Ross M.), and 1 is unknown (Goutham P.). - Stephen Mack
Stephen, Goutham worked at RockYou for a bit in 2010 and now works for Google. Also, how have I not seen this thread before?! I remember you taking that picture at Kitchen Table - fun times :) - Ross Miller
now this is creepy.. some1 is stalking all the former employees of FF :)- - Peter Dawson
Peter, I wonder who? Ross, thanks! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Jim is now at AeroFS. - Anne Bouey
Stephen, also Goutham was a summer intern the year before the Facebook buy. He did not transfer to Facebook. Ross did you transfer to Facebook, I can't remember. - Rachel Lea Fox
oh and I think Ben D. has left AOL. But I can't confirm that, I just seem to remember something about that. *shrug* - Rachel Lea Fox
Anne, AeroFS looks cool! Congrats Jim!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Ben Darnell is at Dropbox. - Tudor Bosman
Also, Dan Hsiao is no longer at Facebook (no more details). - Tudor Bosman
Goutham Patnaik is at Google. - Tudor Bosman
And yes, both Ross and Goutham were interns and were never Facebook employees after the acquisition. - Tudor Bosman
Thanks Tudor! Updated above. - Stephen Mack
Overall status as of May 22, 2012: Of the 12 people who were ever FriendFeed employees plus 2 interns, 6 are still at Facebook (Ana Y., Ben G., Bret T., Casey M., Sanjeev S., and Tudor B), 6 have departed from Facebook (Ben D., Dan H., Gary B., Jim N., Kevin F., Paul B.), and 2 were interns who never went to Facebook (Ross M., Goutham P.). - Stephen Mack
And now there are five. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Indeed. I'll update when I get back from vacation -- by then we should know more about Bret's new venture. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Oops, I see I never updated this. Stand by. - Stephen Mack
Bret's entry updated. - Stephen Mack
Overall status, as of June 15, 2012 (updated on September 13, 2012): There are 12 people who were ever FriendFeed employees. (In addition, there were 2 interns (Ross M., Goutham P.) who never went to Facebook, per Tudor B., above.) So, of the 12 official FriendFeed employees: Currently, 5 of 12 are still at Facebook (Ana Y., Ben G., Casey M., Sanjeev S., and Tudor B), and 7 of 12 have departed from Facebook (Ben D., Bret T., Dan H., Gary B., Jim N., Kevin F., Paul B.). - Stephen Mack
So basically we're gradually losing FF advocates within the mothership. :-( - DB, Lil LB's Dad
So clearly we need to either recruit current FB'ers to start using FF or get FF users employed FB, or both. - Andrew C (✔)
13 Sep 2012: what was the cause of the outage? But perhaps more importantly, *who* kindly fixed it (and from where) ? [If FB open sources FF, who would be willingly to maintain it?] - Adriano
And whoever it was, I'd happily buy them a nice dinner. - Meg VMeg
Per Tudor (in this thread it was Sanjeev who saved us. THANK YOU SANJEEV! - Stephen Mack
SANJEEV! - Josh Haley
bump just to immortalise this pix and the start-up crew ! - Peter Dawson
Ana left Facebook, no more details. - Tudor Bosman
Thanks Tudor -- I updated her entry. Overall status, as of September 20, 2012): There are 12 people who were ever FriendFeed employees. (In addition, there were 2 interns (Ross M., Goutham P.) who never went to Facebook, per Tudor B., above.) So, of the 12 official FriendFeed employees: Currently, 4 of 12 are still at Facebook (Ben G., Casey M., Sanjeev S., and Tudor B), and 8 of 12 have departed from Facebook (Ana Y., Ben D., Bret T., Dan H., Gary B., Jim N., Kevin F., Paul B.). - Stephen Mack
Thanks Tudor and Stephen for the update. - Meg VMeg
Casey left Facebook as well (which, as he's Ana's husband, is no big surprise :) ). No more details. - Tudor Bosman
Ah, so three now. Thanks Tudor. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Not sure how I missed Tudor's update back on October 2, but I have now updated Casey's entry. - Stephen Mack
Overall status, as of October 2, 2012: There are 12 people who were ever FriendFeed employees. In addition, there were 2 interns (Ross M. and Goutham P.) who never went to Facebook, per Tudor B., above. So, of the 12 official FriendFeed employees: Currently, 3 of 12 are still at Facebook (Ben G., Sanjeev S., and Tudor B), and 9 of 12 have departed from Facebook (Ana Y., Ben D., Casey M., Bret T., Dan H., Gary B., Jim N., Kevin F., and Paul B.). - Stephen Mack
An update of sorts, which I guess is in and of itself creepy. I was reading a recent piece on Google Reader, and I was struck by the fact that Darnell jumped from Google Reader to FriendFeed (there are similarities between the two orphaned applications, when you think about it). Then I saw that Darnell made his move right before the Facebook acquisition. After reading subsequent... more... - John E. Bredehoft
Bump. Updated a few folks above to show they're at Quip. I think it's still the case that 3 of the 12 are at Facebook (Ben, Sanjeev, Tudor). - Stephen Mack
Thanks for the update Stephen! - Zu from AOD
Bump! I think the count is still three. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Bump. - Crisco
Whats the number now? - Me
I don't think it's changed. - Stephen Mack
I never noticed how creepy that first pic was. Not waving, but...? - Meg VMeg
Meg, I surprised them when the FF employees were eating lunch at a restaurant on Castro in Mt View, now closed. (I think I was stopping by to give Kevin something.) I wanted to take their picture but it was bad lighting so I told them to pretend I was a paparazzi stalking them ("no pictures please"). I might be able to dig up the original post. (EDIT: Original post is here: - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Sean McBride
Slack, the Office Messaging App That May Finally Sink Email - -
I don't see an equivalent here for the FF bookmarklet for sharing webpages. - Sean McBride
A possible substitute for Friendfeed? -- so far, I am thinking not. - Sean McBride
Requires a single domain name for the Slack account. Such as a companies email domain address and then employees with corporate email address can sign up. It sends a validation email as well to that email address. So to do this someone would need to host an email server with a domain that alias accounts can be setup that forwards to a separate real email address that they can recieve the validation email from. - Me
It has some very cool features for sharing and discussing information, but the environment is closed not open -- and the interface overall doesn't feel as intuitive and simple as FF. - Sean McBride
Putting it out there now: Dress up for Friendfeed's last day April 8th, post a selfie #April8
GMTA, Internet Dad ( - Kristin
Oh, farewell sign is a great touch. - Micah from FFHound!
And afterwards, we all delete our accounts. - Trish R
Should do it earlier in the week. The services might "degrade" before then. - Me
strip poker - or the daily equiv - Kevin Johnson
#RETRO #MOW Tony Dancer
Tony_dancer copy.png
found some of my old MOW images. - Me
The declining number of users cannot possibly be the reason for the shutting down of FriendFeed.
There's no revenue from it. It would have been more honest to say "we don't want to be bothered anymore", and this is understandable if very sad. - .mau.
It shouldn't even be a problem with high hardware / bandwidth costs. If this were the case, the people in Facebook could have decided to close which is the real space hog... - .mau.
The latest subscribers had a lot of problems. Maybe FF reached some hardcoded limit and they decided to shut it down before everything goes FUBAR - Angelo Ghigi from Flucso
I would guess that there are few in Facebook that know how FF works and those that do are either moving on or tired of kicking it back to life. - Me
I'm thinking about the post on Quora. "At some point, everyone who knows how to bring the service back up will have left Facebook, something will go wrong, and the servers just won't come back. And then a horde of angry Turkish people will yell at me about it on Twitter, and we will all remember the small but well-loved site it was." It didn't go that way, it seems. - naltro
There are only 3 individuals inside of Facebook that deal with Friendfeed. So shutting it down makes sense if any of them decided to move on. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
sì, ma dai. get a life. - 7 a 1 guest, cioè LiberoF
Facebook wants to herd FF users to Facebook----they are losing 'active' users --people who visit their facebook every day----and to keep revenue up Facebook depends on users clicking on the ads. FF has some uniqueness that is worth money if they wanted to make it profiting making---but Facebook is the one that went 'public' with stock offering and made a ton of money off their ip offering so they are going to do whaetver is necessary to draw more active users for revenue. - American
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