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Big Joe Silence
they make you click the damned thing several times and change the ENTIRE SCREEN primary red before finally letting you pull the fucking plug. :P - Big Joe Silence
anyone else bailed from this pile of dung yet? - Big Joe Silence
I've been on the service exactly one time. But I'll let me account stay. You never know. - Eric - It's My Thing
so, guess what?? MY ACCOUNT STILL EXISTS!!! i just logged back into it. WTAF?!? - Big Joe Silence
Undocumented Feature!!!! - Me
i'll give account deletion another shot next week. perhaps they'll have "fixed" it by then? :P - Big Joe Silence
Victor Ganata
Love in the Time of Ebola
Harry Potter and the Deathly Ebola - Stephen Mack
Ebola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb - SAM
Romeo and Ebola - Anika
Only $50 for ebola sailor. - Todd Hoff
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Ebola - Brent Schaus
A Midsummer Night's Ebola - Big Joe Silence
Ebola-ing for Columbine. - Betsy
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ebola - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Waiting for Ebola. - Corinne L
Ebola and Old Lace. - Me
Bill & Ted's Ebola Adventures - Me
American Ebola - Me
Beverly Hills Ebola - Me
The Ebola Crowd - Me
Three Weddings and an Ebola Outbreak - Big Joe Silence
The Truth About Cats and Ebola - Big Joe Silence
Band - Ebola for Soup - Joe
The Super Ebola football game. - Joe
Ebola and flow of the tides. - Joe
Andrew C (✔)
Windows 10 May Have Gotten Its Name Because of Lazy Coders -
Windows 10 May Have Gotten Its Name Because of Lazy Coders
"If you're not code literate, allow me to explain. An easy (and lazy, and bad) way to check what version of Windows a user is running is to just read in the first little bit of the name the operating system is using to identify itself. There are better ways to do it, but if that first bit reads "Windows 9" it means the operating system has to be either Windows 95 or Windows 98. Unless of course there's a Windows 9." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"It's a y2k sort of problem, where programmers either didn't think the Windows naming scheme could ever generate another "Windows 9x" version, or didn't want to bother future-proofing their code to control for it. And while it's just an unsubstantiated theory that this is why the name is Windows 10, the problem this coder brings up is verifiably a common shortcut. " - Andrew C (✔)
Here I thought they wanted to change the luck of every other version of windows sucking.. and renumber the whole damn thing so the even numbers are good now. - Me
Why not just name it Mystery Science Windows 3000. - Joe
I wondered if they were trying to mimic Apple, so that every future version of Windows would now be Windows 10. - John (bird whisperer)
They wanted to avoid Windows Nein (as per a joke in the comments). - Stephen Mack
But if you are not code illiterate and you have actually ever had to write any code that detects win9x, then you know that code example would never work, since Win95/98/ME version number actually begins with a 4, and not a 9. :P - April Russo
Vista is 6.0, 7 is 6.1, and 8 is 6.2 - Eric - It's My Thing
BBC News - Sense of smell 'may predict lifespan' -
BBC News - Sense of smell 'may predict lifespan'
"Measuring people's sense of smell in later life could help doctors predict how likely they are to be alive in five years' time, a PLOS One study suggests. A survey of 3,000 adults found 39% with the poorest sense of smell were dead within five years - compared to just 10% who identified odours correctly. Scientists say the loss of smell sense does not cause death directly, but may be an early warning sign. They say anyone with long-lasting changes should seek medical advice." - Me from Bookmarklet
Hmmm. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Since my husband can't smell, this proves that he is actually a vampire. - Anika
First Blood Test to Diagnose Depression in Adults: Northwestern University News -
"CHICAGO --- The first blood test to diagnose major depression in adults has been developed by Northwestern Medicine® scientists, a breakthrough approach that provides the first objective, scientific diagnosis for depression. The test identifies depression by measuring the levels of nine RNA blood markers. RNA molecules are the messengers that interpret the DNA genetic code and carry out its instructions. The blood test also predicts who will benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy based on the behavior of some of the markers. This will provide the opportunity for more effective, individualized therapy for people with depression. In addition, the test showed the biological effects of cognitive behavioral therapy, the first measurable, blood-based evidence of the therapy’s success. The levels of markers changed in patients who had the therapy for 18 weeks and were no longer depressed. “This clearly indicates that you can have a blood-based laboratory test for depression, providing a... more... - Me from Bookmarklet
Disneyland’s Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Lagoon an example of good water management | The Disney Blog -
Disneyland’s Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage Lagoon an example of good water management | The Disney Blog
"Disneyland’s Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage official reopened from a long refurbishment on September 27th. To accomplish the updates to the attraction’s scenes, rockwork and coral over 5 million gallons of water were drained from the lagoon. If you’re thinking that seems like a giant waste of water while California is in a drought, you’re right. So you’ll be happy to know that Disneyland recycled that water via a partnership with the Orange County Water District (OCWD). Disney drained the lagoon and the water was treated and stored instead of released to the ocean through storm drains. This same system is used when California Adventure has to drain its lagoon. The water enters the OCWD’s Groundwater Replenishment System and is purified then added to Orange County’s underground aquifer, which is tapped by the county for use in homes and businesses across the count. When Disney needs the water back, they tap the same system. So technically, they’re not filling the lagoon with the same... more... - Me from Bookmarklet
That's nice. - Spidra Webster
Out of This World Aerial Photographs of Purple Salt Ponds in San Francisco -
Out of This World Aerial Photographs of Purple Salt Ponds in San Francisco
Show all
"The colorful pond you see in the above image is not the work of clever post–production; nor is it the result of an accidental leak of hazardous material. In fact, it’s 100% natural. What you’re seeing are millions of colorful microorganisms that live and breed in the vibrant salt ponds of San Francisco. The above image and its accompanying series, titled San Francisco Bay – Purple, was captured by photographer Julieanne Kost as she flew over the ponds, located south of San Francisco." - Me from Bookmarklet
Bashing — Geek&Poke -
Bashing — Geek&Poke
"I've already updated the toaster, the doorknob, and this little thingy I still don't know what it's for. " "Don't forget your Dad's cardiac pacemaker!" "Oh Please!" - Me from Bookmarklet
DevOps and Security | Valbonne Consulting -
DevOps and Security | Valbonne Consulting
"But what about Security? InfoSec professionals have stereotypically been the wet blanket of IT. But this too is radically changing as we increasingly depend on technology more than in any other time in history. The recent “heartbleed” and “shellhock” exploits have shown that we have much to gain by speeding up our change-management by amplifying the feedback-loop and make Continuous Deployment a reality." - Me from Bookmarklet
New 'Company' Claims It Uses Algorithms To Create Content Faster Than Creators Can, Making All Future Creations 'Infringing' | Techdirt -
"Over the weekend, TorrentFreak covered the discovery of the latest thing in copyright enforcement: algorithmically-generated content created solely for the purpose of extracting infringement settlements and licensing fees. That's the staggering notion being put forward by Qentis Corporation. The outfit, which claims a base in Russia, says that its business model is to use massive computing power to generate digital intellectual property on a never-seen-before scale and transfer the rights to its partners. "Our clients are private high net-worth individuals (HNWI), investment funds and corporations that act as pure investors," Qentis explains. What Qentis is proposing is the bulk algorithmic creation of content – music, text, images etc – on such a large scale that in a few years its clients will own the rights to just about anything people might care to create and upload. The creator of Qentis, Michael Marcovici, told TorrentFreak that his "company" had the potential power to... more... - Me from Bookmarklet
California's Ongoing Drought Linked To Climate Change -
California's Ongoing Drought Linked To Climate Change
California's Ongoing Drought Linked To Climate Change
"Using a sophisticated combination of computer simulations and statistical techniques, scientists at Stanford University have shown that the extreme atmospheric conditions associated with California's lengthy drought are likely caused by today's global warming conditions. The new research shows that the immediate cause of the California drought appears to be a stubborn "blocking ridge" over the northeastern Pacific, which climate scientists have charmingly dubbed the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, or "Triple R." It prevented winter storms from reaching California during the 2013 and 2014 rain seasons. And according to lead researcher Noah Diffenbaugh, this persistent region of high atmospheric pressure was much more likely to form in the presence of modern greenhouse gas concentrations." - Me from Bookmarklet
Eric - It's My Thing
You knew I would have to troubleshoot some big problem the week I have training. Training that cannot be rescheduled. You knew and you didn't tell me.
Would it have changed anything if we'd told you? You can't reschedule it anyway. We thought not telling you was for your own good. You'll thank us later, trust me. - Steele Lawman
Its a Test! - Admiral Ackbar - Me
DIY: Noticeably Improve Your Macro Photography with a Cheap Plastic Cup -
DIY: Noticeably Improve Your Macro Photography with a Cheap Plastic Cup
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"Hand-held macro photography presents a lot of challenges, but three of the most prevalent are: subject movement, camera shake, and harsh shadows. Fortunately, you don’t have to carry around a bunch of gear to solve these issues. In fact, a cheap plastic cup will do the trick all by itself! In a fantastic tip shared over on Lynda, photographer Joseph Linaschke explains how a cheap, frosted plastic cup solved each of these three issues for him." - Me from Bookmarklet
Surviving the World - Lesson 2247 - Fruit -
Surviving the World - Lesson 2247 - Fruit
"I guess I'm just not as strong as you to avoid that voice in my head that tells me not eat fetuses. Good for you, oxygenarians. I admire you." - Me from Bookmarklet
The Chemicals Behind the Colours of Autumn Leaves | Compound Interest -
The Chemicals Behind the Colours of Autumn Leaves | Compound Interest
"With autumn looming on the horizon, the leaves on some trees have already begun the transition towards the vibrant hues of autumn. Whilst this change may outwardly seem like a simple one, the many vivid colours are a result of a range of chemical compounds, a selection of which are detailed here." - Me from Bookmarklet
Sapiens - Humans Are The Most Terrifying Species In The Galaxy - Neatorama -
Sapiens - Humans Are The Most Terrifying Species In The Galaxy - Neatorama
"Every planet has their own version of horror, something or someone they fear which makes for great moments in cinematic history, and for the xenomorphs it's the fear of giving birth. When the xenos took over their first human ship they found a video on board that showed how humans give birth, and to a species that replicates using facehuggers this looked like a total nightmare! Humans became the most terrifying figures in the world of xeno horror, and to this day nothing scares a xenomorph quite like a human baby!" - Me from Bookmarklet
HAH. - Big Joe Silence from Android
Doing Pregnancy Announcements the Right Way -
Doing Pregnancy Announcements the Right Way
Doing Pregnancy Announcements the Right Way
Doing Pregnancy Announcements the Right Way
"Getting pregnant is a huge moment, a monumentally momentous moment. It’s no shocker that some people got really clever with the way they decided to spring the news to everyone. I never did anything particularly special for pregnancy announcements, but it makes me very vicariously happy to see (as you’re about to), that there are some pretty funny people out there doing some stupendously fun things with their Early Stork Air Raid Warning Systems." - Me from Bookmarklet
Open Call For Submissions: Feel Good Drinks Of Fall - Sprudge -
Open Call For Submissions: Feel Good Drinks Of Fall - Sprudge
"We know that there are countless creative taste-sensations available, like the S’mores Gibraltar from Onyx Coffee Lab in Fayetteville, Arkansas pictured above, and we want to hear about it." - Me from Bookmarklet
Amazon’s Potential Breakout Series “Transparent” Premieres | Re/code -
Amazon’s Potential Breakout Series “Transparent” Premieres | Re/code
"The series revolves around a family whose father, played by Jeffrey Tambor, comes out as transgender. Soloway’s own father called her three years ago with the same revelation, though she emphasizes that “Transparent” is a work of fiction. “The show is not about my family, the show is about the Pfeffermans,” she said. “But there are certain aspects of my story that are in the background.” All 10 episodes of “Transparent” will be available to Amazon Prime Instant Video subscribers, in what could represent a breakthrough for the Seattle retail giant’s efforts to create original content. The timely show reaches millions of homes at a time when the trans community is increasingly visible in Hollywood and beyond." - Me from Bookmarklet
Here's What Coming And Going From Netflix In October: Gothamist -
Here's What Coming And Going From Netflix In October: Gothamist
"Netflix just released their list of what will be added to the streaming platform in October (note: you will not see all of these October 1st, they will roll out during the month)... and with that, they'll also be taking away a good deal of movies and TV shows. Check out the new and the soon to be expired, below. Good news: we're getting all of Gilmore Girls. Bad news: we're losing all of Law & Order, and Law & Order: SVU." - Me from Bookmarklet
Battlestar Galactica is going too.. so I'm doing a marathon for the next few days. - Me
ELLO L - no real-time, "BUT WE GOT TIME TRAVEL."
:( :P'''' - Me
Nobody tell John Gruber. - Mark Trapp
Jeff Atwood will step up and tell him but. while. speaking. in. neither. an. aggressive. nor. passive-aggressive. but. possibly. mono- tone. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
uses markdown to format emails at work, every day --> - April Russo
I heard Jeff Atwood created Standard Ello... er, I mean Common Ello... er, I mean CommonEl... in 1994. - Mark Trapp
Billionaire ordered to unlock Martin's Beach but won't be fined $20 million - LA Times -
Billionaire ordered to unlock Martin's Beach but won't be fined $20 million - LA Times
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"It was surfers versus a Silicon Valley tech billionaire, and on Wednesday, the surfers won -- for now. A San Mateo County judge ruled tentatively Wednesday that Vinod Khosla, a co-founder of Sun Microsystems, had wrongly denied public access to Martin's Beach, which for decades was visited by thousands of locals who picnicked, surfed and fished in its protective cove. The case resonated with some people because it reflected fears that tech billionaires were buying up coastal properties with the intention of keeping others out. Joe Cotchett, an attorney for the nonprofit Surfrider Foundation, which brought the suit, called Superior Court Judge Barbara Mallach's decision "a huge victory for all of the people of California." "This is a battle of David versus Goliath," Cotchett said, "between the people who want to use the beaches and the wealthy who want it for their own private purposes."" - Me from Bookmarklet
Apple Will Replace Bent iPhones if They Pass Inspection Test | TechnoBuffalo -
Apple Will Replace Bent iPhones if They Pass Inspection Test | TechnoBuffalo
"Did your shiny new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus bend in your pocket? You may be one of the folks who has fallen victim to so-called “BendGate,” where, apparently, some iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus units are bending under seemingly normal circumstances. Thankfully, Apple says there’s a chance your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can be replaced by Genius Bar employees in an Apple Store. TNW recently spoke with Apple Support employees who assured the site that Apple is “looking into this with an insane amount of detail.” A replacement is up to the Genius Bar employee you meet with, however, who needs to perform a Visual Mechanical Inspection of the bent iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus before deciding if you’re worthy of a replacement. “If it is within the guidelines, they will be able to cover it,” Apple support told TNW. “If not, the replacement would be a paid one.” If you have Apple Care+, that replacement might cost as little as $79. Apple’s probably going to be able to tell if you sat there and... more... - Me from Bookmarklet
security - How do I recompile Bash to avoid the remote exploit CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169? - Ask Different -
"System Binaries OS X 10.9.5 (the latest stable release at the moment) ships with Bash v3.2.51: $ bash --version GNU bash, version 3.2.51(1)-release (x86_64-apple-darwin13) Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc. You can obtain and recompile Bash as follows, providing that you have Xcode installed: $ mkdir bash-fix $ cd bash-fix $ curl | tar zxf - $ cd bash-92/bash-3.2 $ curl | patch -p0 $ cd .. $ xcodebuild $ sudo cp /bin/bash /bin/bash.old $ sudo cp /bin/sh /bin/sh.old $ build/Release/bash --version # GNU bash, version 3.2.52(1)-release $ build/Release/sh --version # GNU bash, version 3.2.52(1)-release $ sudo cp build/Release/bash /bin $ sudo cp build/Release/sh /bin After this, the Bash version should be v3.2.52: $ bash --version GNU bash, version 3.2.52(1)-release (x86_64-apple-darwin13) Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc." - Me from Bookmarklet
How to download the bash patch and compile for your Mac. - Me
Works nice. - Me
Attorney General Eric Holder to step down | The Verge -
"Attorney General Eric Holder, who has addressed questions about drones, cybersecurity, marijuana legalization, and other issues during his time in the Obama administration, is stepping down. NPR first reported the news today, saying that Holder would leave as soon as the Senate confirmed a successor, which could happen as late as next year; the White House has since confirmed the news in a statement. Holder took office in 2009, appointed by President Barack Obama in his first term. NPR quotes a former official as saying that Holder wanted to leave before being committed to staying the rest of Obama's second term; he's already one of the longest-serving US attorneys general. This spring, he said he would stay "well into 2014," but declined to be more specific." - Me from Bookmarklet
Troy Hunt: Everything you need to know about the Shellshock Bash bug -
Troy Hunt: Everything you need to know about the Shellshock Bash bug
Show all
"Remember Heartbleed? If you believe the hype today, Shellshock is in that league and with an equally awesome name albeit bereft of a cool logo (someone in the marketing department of these vulns needs to get on that). But in all seriousness, it does have the potential to be a biggie and as I did with Heartbleed, I wanted to put together something definitive both for me to get to grips with the situation and for others to dissect the hype from the true underlying risk." - Me from Bookmarklet
Errata Security: Bash 'shellshock' scan of the Internet -
Errata Security: Bash 'shellshock' scan of the Internet
Show all
"I'm running a scan right now of the Internet to test for the recent bash vulnerability. This works by stuffing a bunch of "ping home" commands in various CGI variables. It's coming from IP address The configuration file for masscan looks something like: target = port = 80 banners = true http-user-agent = shellshock-scan ( http-header = Cookie:() { :; }; ping -c 3 http-header = Host:() { :; }; ping -c 3 http-header = Referer:() { :; }; ping -c 3 Some earlier shows that this bug is widespread: I'll update later as I get more results with statistics." - Me from Bookmarklet
I tweeted this link after seeing this, it's important. - Eric - It's My Thing
Scarey! huh? The management at my current project was pretty blase about it. - Me
I have to take y'all's word for it. - Spidra Webster
Update your mac ASAP you see something about command line. - Me
Seriously.. this is a really bad hack.. especially now that its public. - Me
I don't understand the hack so I wouldn't know what I personally could do about it. - Spidra Webster
Keep your updates... #up2date. - Me
Thanks. Nothing visible yet. - Spidra Webster
This will be a real exploit in no time. - Eric - It's My Thing
Quite scary. Right now I'm glad my web site is all static. - Amit Patel
So more eyes doesn't equal better security. A lot of eyes have looked at that code over the years. - Todd Hoff
LG Takes Predictable (But Funny) Shot At Bending iPhone Controversy | TechnoBuffalo -
LG Takes Predictable (But Funny) Shot At Bending iPhone Controversy | TechnoBuffalo
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"Our phone doesn't bend, it flexes...on purpose. #bendgate " - Me from Bookmarklet
holly #ravingfangirl
yes, i really did. hey @shelnew19 - look!
yes, i really did. hey @shelnew19 - look!
no, i'm not high. - holly #ravingfangirl
Death by pepperoni! - Me
not gonna lie, i'd make it again. - holly #ravingfangirl
That reminded me of one of those Pizza Hut creations. #itsinthecrust - Eric - It's My Thing
stolen from Domino's a few months ago when they were doing so-called "chicken nugget pizza crusts" - holly #ravingfangirl
If you made it, I'd eat it. - Eric - It's My Thing
Imma need a recipe - Mary Carmen from iPhone
it's total junk food: chicken nuggets/fries/tenders/whatever you like best, pizza sauce, mozzarella, then whatever toppings you like. I obviously went the easy pepperoni route. - holly #ravingfangirl
I'll never rant again about the pineapple one. - Xabaras (G.O.)
Eric - It's My Thing
I just made a drink, lots of gin, a little orange liquor, some tonic water, and a wedge of Myer lemon. It's been a long couple days. I don't know what it's called but I deserve this.
Does this beat a bottle of wine? - Me
Well that depends. Is it a bottle of red? A bottle of white? - Eric - It's My Thing
Red of course. White is for whimps. - Me
Perhaps a bottle of rose tonight. - Eric - It's My Thing
So that's kicking in. o_O - Eric - It's My Thing
Ummm... HELLO! I didn't see your ass on the visitor's "bed" in that hospital! - Elena from FFHound!
True. Can I get you a libation? You seem to prefer bed to drink though. - Eric - It's My Thing
@Eric - Poppa Large: true. I am quite comfy - Elena from FFHound!
She called me Poppa Large. - Eric - It's My Thing
Wimp --> - Spidra Webster
Red. Strong. I can suggest you a "Nero d'Avola". - Xabaras (G.O.) from FFHound!
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