Monster Cables face off against Coat Hangers -
Monster Cables face off against Coat Hangers
"I always make sure I don’t cheap out, which sometimes means buying the more expensive cables and higher gauge speaker wires. All this leads me to a very interesting impromptu case study to determine if the hefty exaggerated cost of the MONSTER brand cables is really worth it. The test set a small group of self-confessed audiophiles to listen to a selection of “smooth trio easy listening jazz” on a Martin Logan SL-3 speaker set at 75db and 1000KHz. The Monster 1000 audio cables (retailing at around $180 for a 12ft cable) connected one set of speakers and were facing off against another connection made from coat hangers!" - Me from Bookmarklet
Slippy, because they only have to sell a small fraction of what their competitors do, when they're making 20-30x more than costs, easily. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Simple. It's the Kansas City Shuffle. - Adrian
Also if you EVER need any sort of cables, best place to go is They know what's up and their quality cables are less expensive than even the cheapo cables at say Radio Shack. - Adrian