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Stefan Hayden
RT @TravisSBN: #Ferguson live video feed would be a lot easier to understand with a map. So I made a quick map w/ what I can gather
Victor Ganata
I mean, if we really have no faith in any of our institutions and it's all just partisan hackery, then America is definitely very dead.
You're right about that too. We need to stop the total support along party lines neither side has all the answers. I am proud to be a Republican, but I don't support all of the party line positions. I am also proud to be an American, but I recognize the pitfalls of blind patriotism. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
It seems likely that that ship has sailed when the vast majority of people assume all of government is utterly corrupt and the mechanisms and institutions of democracy and justice are non-functional and not worth saving. We're just riding out the death throes, really. - Victor Ganata
Seems pretty obvious in retrospect that constantly proclaiming the government can't do anything right is a self-fulfilling prophecy. - Victor Ganata
This isn't a both-sides-do-it argument, either. There's a definite asymmetry to the fall of the American empire. When historians look back, I suspect it will be readily apparent that one party actively destroyed people's faith in the institutions of government while the other party failed to counteract this and clung to the delusion of being able to keep neoliberal policy sustainable, indirectly destroying people's faith in the institutions of government. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
This conversation started over Rick Perry who we both agree is an idiot. The fact that the Democrats in Travis Co. support the prosecutor after all that has transpired speaks volumes. Alan Dershowitz even thinks it's idiocy. This is what he had to say about it. "This is another example of the criminalization of party differences," said Dershowitz, a prominent scholar on United States... more... - Eric Logan
You have any proof that the special prosecutor previously hired by GHWB as assistant U.S. attorney and recommended by Kay Bailey Hutchinson and John Cornyn for U.S. atty of the Western District of Texas has decided to pursue this case based solely on politicization? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Special prosecutor in Perry case known as thorough, dogged attorney - Houston Chronicle - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Whether you really did stop watching Fox News or not, you sure are echoing their talking points. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
It's just what all you guys like to say. I don't watch hardly anything on TV I read. - Eric Logan
That Fox news dog whistle I used. according to you I never heard of this guy when I tried to elucidate it. I have also never seen him on Fox news have you ? - Eric Logan
Well, it could be coincidence. It happens. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Seriously, insinuating that a special prosecutor is in it out of pure political motivation is a pretty serious allegation. It's clearly meant to erode confidence in the justice system. And it works. Lots of liberals and conservatives have little-to-no faith in the criminal justice system. Just something to think about as the country enters the last stages of collapse. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Guy who repeats everything AGW blogs say (usually without citing his blog sources) is a parrot? Gasp. - Andrew C (✔)
I'm willing to entertain the unlikely possibility that he came up with his ideas all by himself and it's just pure coincidence that they resemble Fox News talking points because I'm silly like that. And to be fair, as far as AGW is concerned, he usually does post links to denialist sites. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Unlikely possibility. I found the Axelrod Tweet on the Dailly Kos complaining about how he was helping the right wing propaganda machine which is a laugher in and of itself. Especially in light of the fact that this post is about partisanship, I found the Dershowitz quote here. ==> - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Seriously? You were going to use the word "fact" with a link to Newsmax? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
You asked me where it came from after speculating it was from Fox News. Fact means he said it. Did he not say it ? Dershowitz writes for Newsmax BTW. At the same time that the Daily Kos is trying to pull Axelrod back in line. It's too funny. Pretty soon we will have denialist Politicians whenever they don't tow the party line ? - Eric Logan
It's not about "toeing the line". It's about guys like Dershowitz and Axelrod speculating out of their ass when you know they haven't seen the evidence or heard the testimony. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Speculating out of their ass. Are you projecting again ? LOL - Eric Logan
What, you think Dershowitz or Axelrod have actually seen the evidence or read the testimony? - Victor Ganata from iPhone
No I think you're projecting. What does it matter what they think he was indicted he should resign and they should keep Lehmberg. LOL - Eric Logan
The law says Perry can stay governor even if he's convicted (although presumably the legislature will remove him). I think I'm OK with waiting for the criminal justice system to do its thing here. I think the people who want to delegitimize the process are the ones with politically motivated agenda. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
That's not what the Democrats are calling for and once again I agree with you. I also think he should be removed if he is convicted. I think Lehmberg remaining in office is so egregious that I was actively looking for bi partisan support for Perry on this one issue. Thankfully I found some. Have a nice night. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Perry is within his rights to stay in office as much as Lehmberg is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Drunk driving in Texas is almost a rite of passage So Lehmberg is NOT equivalent.. plus of course at least 2 other (Republican) County Attorneys convicted for same were NOT called out by Perry - WarLord
Let me spell it out: if the indictment is nothing but a politically motivated sideshow then this requires one to believe McCrum and/or Richardson and/or the grand jury are either grossly incompetent or on the take from Democrats, suggesting that Texas doesn't really have a functioning justice system and it's just the Wild, Wild West with rival factions (figuratively) shooting at each... more... - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Anne Bouey
Guess who got married today!
Jessie and Dominic got married this afternoon in Dallas! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! <3 - Jennifer Dittrich
Congratulations! - mina_sydney from iPhone
Congratulations and Best Wishes to them. - Greg GuitarBuster
Huzzah! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
They have been in love across so much distance in both time and space marriage will be the easy part. - Steve C Team Marina from Android
Congratulations Jessie and Dominic! - Anika
Woo hoo! - Soup in a TARDIS
Congrats!! - Janet from FFHound!
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
Oh wow, congratulations! =) - rönin
Congratulations!! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Oh! Congratulations!!! <3<3 - vicster: full-bodied
Congratulations! - Big Joe Silence
Cheers! Felicidades to all! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Congratulations! - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
congrats - WarLord
Congrats! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Congrats! - Spidra Webster
I saw pictures of Dominic. That may be the happiest I've ever seen a man in my life. And he should be what a great family to join. - Steve C Team Marina
Congrats!! - Tamara J. B.
<3 congratulations <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Congratulations to them! - joey
congrats!! - imabonehead
Congrats! :) - Eivind from Android
Congrats! - Mo Kargas
Congrats! - Rodfather from Android
Congratulations, Jessie! - Jenny H. from Android
Congratulations! - Son of Groucho
Congratulations!!! - Stanley Mathis
Congratulations!! - FireDragonll
Congratulations!!! - Alix May
Thank you everyone for all the best wishes on our wedding! Dominic and I really enjoyed the ceremony and look forward to sharing a long and happy life together. Beginning, of course, with the immigration paperwork. - Jessie
Amit Patel
Inside a Chinese Bitcoin Mine - The CoinsmanThe Coinsman -
Inside a Chinese Bitcoin Mine - The CoinsmanThe Coinsman
Inside a Chinese Bitcoin Mine - The CoinsmanThe Coinsman
"This week I traveled to northeast China to check out a bitcoin mining operation. After being received at the airport, my contact drove me for nearly an hour to a part of the country more remote than I was expecting. This was my first time checking out a mining operation of this size, so I don’t really know what I was expecting, but I was definitely surprised by how off the beaten path it was." - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Not only is this insane, but the author has no realization that it is insane, and his paean to libertarianism and capitalism at the end sounds like cloud cuckoo talk. Gold is irrational but at least it can be a paperweight. Paper money is irrational but at least you can wipe your ass with it. Bitcoin is literally nothing physical, the most irrational currency of all, and yet here's an operation spending $60k a month in electricity to generate irrational wealth. - Stephen Mack
Ain't humans strange? - Son of Groucho
To be fair, most of our government-backed currency is also stored as bits in computers. But the "government-backed" part is the thing. - Victor Ganata
Money is just one of those things not to think too deeply about. Otherwise the data streams collapse. - Todd Hoff
I just think about the resources used up to mine bit coins. It's so arbitrary. In my head it's equivalent to if tomorrow we declared that alligator teeth were worth millions apiece and people began tearing apart swamps. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Not as scalable :-) - Todd Hoff
Well, that is kind of how the stock market and real estate and consumerism works…. :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
I think back to the beanie baby bubble … but at least you got some beanie babies out of it. - Amit Patel
Victor Ganata
RT @SteveAmiri: Jokes on you, hot chick at the bar who gave me a radio station's phone number I just won Disney on Ice tickets and a golf umbrella.
Internet Man of Mystery -
Wow. Are you related to Jack White of the White Stripes? - Joe
Dave Winer
Sometimes I'm my own worst troll.
Victor Ganata
Judge Bert Richardson impaneled the grand jury and he's running as a Republican candidate for the Texas Court of Appeals.
Shannon - GlassMistress
Nifty new propane tank with built in level gauge. Ohh-ahhh!
Not my best day of work. My brain is elsewhere, but at least I solved my tank problem. - Shannon - GlassMistress
#saturdayff "A friendly girl next to me struck up a conversation, and after we exchanged names, she offered me some advice. “You need a nickname. Something exotic or international. Maybe Cristo. Yes, that’s it. Cristo. It could change your life.” I remember doubting it would change my life in any positive way." –...
Don't forget the URL! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Looks like it got cut off. Thanks Stephen! - Cristo
But now how am I going to know how to make Welsh Rarebit? - NOT THE CRICKET from iPhone
I suppose that could be a post—as long as there's a story around it. - Cristo
What about how to book round-the-world tickets? - NOT THE CRICKET from iPhone
There can be a poll of topic possibilities. - Cristo
A Digital Café | Cristo's Café -
"A group of us started meeting up on Sundays for coffee at Printer’s Inc. in Palo Alto. At the time, it was a coffee shop combined with a bookstore, as well as a location where well-known people in the tech world gave talks. In those first few months and years, our conversations delved into many different areas of technology and Valley culture." - Cristo from Bookmarklet
Lets do that this Sunday. - NOT THE CRICKET from iPhone
Your first cappuccino is on me, Cristo, even though I wouldn't be participating. :) - Anne Bouey
So, blog wins out as the platform of choice? - Stephen Mack
All platforms have their merit. - Cristo
wil wheaton
RT @conor64: Assign every police officer unique number that is prominent on front and back of uniform, can be texted to register complaint.
Victor Ganata
Funny how some of the same people who think a grand jury indictment of a Republican governor is a wild miscarriage of justice think the extrajudicial killing of a black boy might have been justified.
Say that! - DB, Lil LB's Dad
How can a wild miscarriage of justice be a laughable indictment. Who said the killing was justified ? Extra judical killing for jaywalking ? - Eric Logan
You… don't really need to look very far to find people who harbor those opinions. Hell, you could probably just turn on Fox News. - Victor Ganata
The place I was having breakfast at this morning had the news on, and the news was playing a clip of Michael Brown in the convenience store, and some guy at the next table totally thought he deserved what happened to him. - Victor Ganata
I don't watch Fox news. Anyone that thinks they know what happened based on the verified facts so far are purely speculators. - Eric Logan
Yes, the only verified facts are that Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown and that Rick Perry was indicted by a grand jury. Everything else is for the judge and jury to decide. - Victor Ganata
I know a few more established facts then that. There is a lot of speculation out there though. - Eric Logan
Steve C Team Marina
Edible Chocolate LEGOs by Akihiro Mizuuchi | Colossal -
Edible Chocolate LEGOs by Akihiro Mizuuchi | Colossal
Edible Chocolate LEGOs by Akihiro Mizuuchi | Colossal
Via RAPatton - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Victor Ganata
LAPD Officers Fatally Beat Father During Traffic Stop a Week Before Ezell Ford Shooting, Family Says - KTLA - WTF, LAPD?
Holy crap. - Andrew C (✔)
RT @neinquarterly: A gentle reminder from @DeutschesHausNY. Fall classes starting soon.
RT @neinquarterly: A gentle reminder from @DeutschesHausNY. Fall classes starting soon.
Picking up my project to build my own home router/firewall/IPS completely from source code (with some custom scripting as well). Let's see if I can remember how to build this toolchain.
Dang you go boy - Steve C Team Marina
Well... I am heavily following Linux From Scratch to build the toolchain. From there, I will more or less veer off on my own. - Julian
The best way to know that a toolchain works is to build a toolchain out of it. I am building a toolchain today using a toolchain that was built using another toolchain. - Julian
I decided to start it over today. - Julian
Steve C Team Marina
Put me in coach, I'm ready to play, today; look at me, I can be, centerfield.
Oh my heavens, how adorable!! - Janet
<3 Handsome little man! - Tamara J. B.
*dies of the cute* - Jenny H. from Android
d'awwww! A Southpaw? - vicster: full-bodied
awww - Shevonne
He'll make a wonderful Red Sox someday. ;) - Soup in a TARDIS
And Soup is off the Christmas card list - Steve C Team Marina
Very very handsome little boy ya got there. - Spidra Webster
That's almost too much cute to handle, right there <3 - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
You already are kid. - Stanley Mathis
Victor Ganata
"One of the things that has always bothered me most about states rights libertarians is that in American history, state and local governments have often been the ones most effective at suppressing the rights of Americans, specifically African-Americans…" - Andrew Exum - Veterans on Ferguson
"…while it has often been the federal government that has stepped in -- from Little Rock to New Orleans -- to restore both order and the rights of the citizenry." - Victor Ganata
RT @theferocity: Says a lot. RT @TallyAnnaE People in #Gaza are tweeting information on how to handle tear gas to the citizens of #Ferguson. Mind blown.
And it's for moments like this that Jennifer is my heroine.
Kevin Koehler
What possible legal justification is there for demanding crowds turn off cameras? No interference. Or is it "lol law who cares I'm a cop"?
Dave Winer
RT @benhuh: Events like #Ferguson makes it clear journalists need devices that record A/V 24/7 360 deg. and backs up live to the cloud. Evidence.
Dave Winer
"I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO on Livestream."
Dave Winer
Here's a livestream from Ferguson.
RT @saramayhew: If we treated a broken leg with the same attitude we have towards depression.
RT @saramayhew: If we treated a broken leg with the same attitude we have towards depression.
Stephen Mack
Once again, Microsoft FUckign Outlook is the worse fucking piece of bullshit crap in the fucking universe. FUCK I hate that crap. FUCK.
Exec meeting at 2pm. Last minute request to cancel. I open up the meeting to cancel it, and explain why it's canceled. It errors out (complains I'm not connected to Outlook). It then deletes the meeting from my calendar without putting it in trash or any way to undo, but doesn't cancel it for anyone else. So now there's zero way to cancel the meeting. - Stephen Mack
If you go to the "Recover Deleted Items" folder (usually from the 'folder' tab, or right clicking the deleted items) it might be there. If you can recover it, you should be able to give it another go. Sorry I'm seeing this so late. - Jennifer Dittrich
Thanks, Jennifer. I'll check. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Well, in mail view, under the Folder toolbar, there's a Recover Deleted Items button, which brings up a crapload of ancient crap, and it did have my meeting at the bottom, so I selected it and clicked the "Recover Selected Items" button, at which point... nothing happened. The item did not come back to the Deleted Items Folder, and the meeting did not reappear on Calendar view. - Stephen Mack
I stand by my assertion: Outlook is the absolute worst piece of shit software in general use in the world. As terrible as iTunes is, Outlook is twenty times worse. - Stephen Mack
Ugh, I am so sorry. And, agreed. - Jennifer Dittrich
Can your IT dept recover it? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Zu, nope, they tried. And too late now. - Stephen Mack
Ken Morley
My precious!
It's been a few years since I've built a computer. Let's see if I remember how. - Ken Morley
Oh my. Which one is this? - Amit Patel
It's an R9 290 from Sapphire. I couldn't believe the size and weight of the thing when I received it. I do not actually have tiny hands, the thing is massive! Better for heat dissipation I suppose. - Ken Morley
There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide | Katie Hurley -
There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide | Katie Hurley
"People who say that suicide is selfish always reference the survivors. It's selfish to leave children, spouses and other family members behind, so they say. They're not thinking about the survivors, or so they would have us believe. What they don't know is that those very loved ones are the reason many people hang on for just one more day. They do think about the survivors, probably up until the very last moment in many cases. But the soul-crushing depression that envelops them leaves them feeling like there is no alternative. Like the only way to get out is to opt out. And that is a devastating thought to endure." - rönin from Bookmarklet
"Until you've stared down that level of depression, until you've lost your soul to a sea of emptiness and darkness... you don't get to make those judgments. You might not understand it, and you are certainly entitled to your own feelings, but making those judgments and spreading that kind of negativity won't help the next person. In fact, it will only hurt others." - rönin
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