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Another one to keep around, this used to clench my stomach when playing.
When docs give many examples of variations on a trivial theme, but no explanation of why you should be doing these things.
RT @BhasChat: Privilege is the refusal to utilize readily available resources while demanding others to "teach" you for free.
One to keep in your back pocket, thanks to @matthewotto -
RT @gardaud: “What’s pip?” “A python package manager” “How do I install it?” “easy_install pip” “What’s easy_install?” “A python package manager”
RT @derekwillis: I feel we don't pay as much attn to creative web names as we used to. This is a great blog name: http://www.throwgrammarfromthe...
RT @comiXology: We're celebrating 75 years of Batman by putting 750 Batman comics on sale for 99¢!
RT @standardman: The best of Image comics sale on @comiXology is basically the best of modern comics. Also 750 Batman comics for cheap. Woah.
RT @theory: Thank you for writing this, @Spacekatgal. Needs saying loud and often.
'before_filter' used by only a single method, yea or nay?
The elegant art of not giving a shit -
RT @coxandrew: Such good advice. “As a general policy, don’t give a shit.” via @franklinchen
RT @xah_lee: “Welcome to the new decade: Java is a restricted platform, Google is evil, Apple is a monopoly and Microsoft are the underdogs” — Phil Nash
When ‘Harry’ Met ‘Annie’ « How ‘When Harry Met Sally … ’ transformed Woody Allen’s formula and launched the golden rom-com era -
5 Amazing Performances by Actors Who Weren't Acting (Part 4) | -
Of course I thought of you @Carols10cents -
Ella completely loved "Cats" camp at the CLO today. My happiness is only tempered by the thought of the many musicals in my future.
RT @dankmtl: hi, I'm a conservative, I want to overthrow the US government because my lightbulbs are dimmer now but Palestinians have no right to resist
The philosophy of great customer service | Derek Sivers:
The philosophy of great customer service | Derek Sivers -
Mt. Lebanon native returns home as a 'Cat' - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette -
open source - Publicly available datasets - Data Science Stack Exchange -
RT @rlunak: Congrats to CJ and the @DiamondKinetics team on closing their $1M financing round.
RT @michaelianblack: Sometimes it takes moving to make you truly appreciate how everything you own is shit.
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