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RT @jimplush: Google spent 2.3 billion on infrastructure in Q1. Remember that when you say you want to be "the Google of something"
RT @liza: Main attractions of gardening: be outside & accomplish something without having to actually go anywhere or talk to anyone
RT @HwoodTheater: We've posted this previously, but sharing again because it's so cool. Here's the Hollywood facade in 1967. Some...
RT @rjbs: Excellent post about concurrency, atomicity, and programmer-friendly abstractions:
RT @jrlevine: Internet of road laying things RT @MachinePix: Tiger-Stone road laying machine automatically sorts and lays bricks.
RT @abt_programming: "Good diagram illustrating software development" - @drawohara
RT @kellabyte: Q18: Is this about clothes? - A very desperate man in a game of 20 questions.
RT @kellabyte: IMO we value too much OSS devs as heroes who create repo after repo. True OSS heroes are the ones who cooperate as large productive groups.
TIL: The AWS multi-factor mobile app can scan an onscreen QR code and be used on different sites -- thanks for making 2FA easy @linode !
RT @HelenHuntitis: Uhhh...looks like ObamaCare is good
RT @lukew: Which way are tablets used?
New technology insight podcast - - haven't listened yet, but I have high hopes b/c @monkbent is a sharp guy.
RT @coxandrew: Easily the best post I’ve ever read on preparing for a conference talk by @searls
RT @hotdogsladies: Whenever I see that phrase “Follow me on Facebook!” I read it as “Clasp my clammy hand as we stumble into the same municipal drainage pond.”
RT @jurgenappelo: Rather than scaling up agile, try scaling down your projects.
RT @feliciaday: This is the biggest hashtag fail I've ever seen on Twitter...
RT @SteelCityRuby: Only a few days left to submit to our call for speakers. Do not miss out.
Task estimation feeding velocity is an old standby, but it pops up all over the place -- for example,
How many problems do we create by comparing quantities of things or actions that are incredibly difficult to quantify?
RT @WilliamShatner: Sigh! Tomorrow's a day I've been dreading but I'll go with the flow: it's National Pecan Day! Yes, Pekhaaaaaans!
APOD: 2014 April 12 - Clouds and Crosses over Haleakala:
RT @brianboyer: So geeked to properly open-source our responsive iframes code, now known as pym.js: Thanks @opennews for the support!
RT @dancres: We’ll sure have a go at specifying the software equivalent of that sofa, even though the hassle is too much for us to invest sufficiently.
Oops, forgot my power supply at work for the weekend. I'm surprised I made it over two months without needing to buy one for home.
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Unfortunate logo for the Swedish paper company "Locum"
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