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RT @invisibledot: My three-year-old asked me what this white line is, and I really needed @scottmccloud.
RT @EmrgencyKittens: Moms waiting to pick up their kid from school be like.
RT @fionastaples: I've drawn some messed up stuff, but nothing's annoyed people more than this female Thor!
RT @rgay: He also waived through a white couple who set off the alarm while detaining me. So. Thanks. @BestBuy
RT @femfreq: Absolute must read for fellas that care about gender equality. "35 Practical Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism"
RT @JanvierNoir: This gonna go south fast when they sell it in white. “@No_Cut_Card: LOL. RT @JCP_7: Worship tho 😂😭😂😭”
It may have been a mistake for me to get the "Cats" cast recording for Ella.
RT @Souf_Oaklin: People fleeing city via 376 East get away safely after flying sharks slow down to enter Squirrel Hill Tunnels. #Sharknado3Pittsburgh
Every Samuel L. Jackson "Motherf*cker"...Ever - YouTube:
Texts From Superheroes - Werther's Original:
RT @rayne_2: I've noticed Homeopaths without Borders aren't lining up to treat the Ebola outbreak..
RT @RealCarrotFacts: carrotnado
RT @dogboner: Some guy using his laptop on the train like a Dumbass nerd lol
RT @sousapgh: Self awareness and work ethic are what real cooks are made of - and cornstarch.
RT @allthingsnoisy: Yeah, just a potato for me. Thanks.
RT @davaja: If while reading Hawkeye #19 you feel you don't get it all, if you find obstacles, congrats, you're staring to learn what being disabled is.
RT @edgarwright: I wasn't entirely sold before and then the back of the 'Expendables 3' billboard did the trick.
RT @dancres: Tight coupling in any decent sized system will unleash a plague of robustness and availability problems. Share knowledge asynchronously...
RT @Buzz_E_Gran: I discovered a portal used by the ancients to communicate with each other.
RT @jvagle: Calculus might seem harmless, but it’s a gateway to the “hard stuff” like complex analysis (via @profkeithdevlin):
RT @jamalik_: i've been training for 10000 hours to fight malcolm gladwell
RT @WordWhispers: Proof that cats have been walking across things that people are trying to read since the 15th century:
RT @RikerGoogling: can a visor see farts?
Dammit if one of the songs from Cats isn't stuck in my head, even from a bunch of kids. My sister would be cackling right about now.
RT @HwoodTheater: Monty Python's Life of Brian tonight (Saturday) at 10pm, and Sunday at 4pm!
RT @paulmcf: I don't know these people, but I like them already.
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