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swedish made penis enlarger (austin powers) -
swedish made penis enlarger (austin powers)
RT @CarrieMantha: Dude: "So I said 'I don't have time to wait; I have a biz to run.'" Girl: "What biz is that?" Dude: "the business of enjoying my life"
RT @dancres: You have problems when everyone is talking about how they're making progress through a process with no discussion of real-world outcomes.
RT @TV_Exposed: Gandalf checking his email
RT @CuffyMeh: "I hereby grant full amnesty to all Romulan ships entering the Neutral Zone."
RT @sethvargo: I love this: "1 deploy a day is a culture change, 100 deploys a day are an implementation detail" - @roidrage
RT @TucsonVoice28: Canadians on midterms: You Americans have no idea just how good you have it with #Obama #mtp #fns #Election2014 #tlot
RT @psygnisfive: why do angry, misanthropic AIs always have godlike abilities? I wanna see a scifi story where Skynet just pouts helplessly. "I HATE YOU! UGH
RT @j_simone: I have yet to find a tool built to avoid the use of SQL that doesn't become more complicated to use than just learning SQL
RT @factbot1: #99987 Jessica Alba invented a special diaper for tigers that has a pocket
RT @ChristmasGoth: “@AlimacPali: What would you do if this was your son? 😷” ASK HIM TO DO MY MAKEUP TOO WTF HES SLAYING
RT @daudig: Heartbreaking: A boy is passed from mom in East Berlin to dad in West Berlin, 1961.
RT @tgrall: map reduce explained - thx Dave Chapell
RT @JamesGleick: Show this newspaper front page to the alien invaders. Then let them try to figure us out.
RT @fabulousanimals: When you see your best friend for the first time in like forever.
RT @sousapgh: The restaurant that I want to eat at most doesn't care what I might be in the mood for.
RT @raganwald: How I feel when brands “engage me” on social media:
RT @TechnicallyRon: It's easy to think Penguins are cute, but what are the real facts?
RT @scalzi: In general: Pay the people who create the things you love. Then they can afford to make more. It's pretty simple, actually.
RT @gabebw: I love this idea: an app that lets you text this guy Ethan, and only Ethan:
Inductive charger arrived and working, looks like no new phone for me. At least for now...
RT @paulwrblanchard: "Creating a password reminder just keeps getting more and more emotionally draining" - @JamieDMJ
RT @fucpk: your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn't stop to think if they should
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