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RT @brockwilbur: My mom sent me this photo to let me know she has arrived in Denver and checked in to her room.
RT @ShanaRose21: "LSD causes users to lose weight" Obviously. You can't eat when a dragon is guarding the fridge.
Fik Shun | World of Dance Live | FRONTROW | Citywalk 2014 #WODLIVE '14 -
Fik Shun | World of Dance Live | FRONTROW | Citywalk 2014 #WODLIVE '14
RT @comiXology: Grendel vs The Shadow from Matt Wagner taking a long lunch goodbye forever
Beastie Boys | So What’cha Want | Muppets Version -
Beastie Boys | So What’cha Want | Muppets Version
RT @rjbs: I lie on my deathbed, my children near, awaiting my last words. I try to rise; gasp: "Did my Time Machine backup… finish… preparing… yet?"
RT @Summa_Tech: @pghtech announced the 2014 Tech 50 finalists -- we're up for Solution Provider of the Year! via @pittsburghpg
RT @MarteaniArt: Some stark perspective on police force in the United States. RT @dannolan jesus
RT @sesamestreet: Happy birthday, Snuffleupagus!
I pinboarded this last week, but it's worth echoing - "Evolving HTTP APIs" from @mnot is pragmatic and wise
RT @derekwillis: The folks at @wvumediacollege are putting on a women's hackathon on wearable computing in October:
RT @drewthaler: One of our servers has an uptime of 987 days. /bin/ps is showing me the *year* that each process was started.
RT @TheQuinnspiracy: And we're back. Once again, this is the only thing I will say on the matter re: the details of my private life, ever.
RT @TheResumator: Over 2300 customers in 63 countries, 2 offices on both coasts, 60 employees, & now $15M in #funding. #breakingpatterns #thenewHRstartup #HR
RT @Talen_Lee: REMINDER:White Americans are more likely to believe they'd touched a ghost than that blacks are discriminated against
RT @leandog: Hello Twitter world! We are on the hunt for a #javadev to add to our weird team of #Agile addicts. RT!
RT @raganwald: “Without video evidence of him speaking, it is impossible to distinguish Rob Ford’s thoughts from a parody of Rob Ford’s thoughts.” #TOpoli
RT @JosephRooks: Eisenhower: “I told you so.”
RT @raganwald: Wisdom is figuring out which old successes are now cargo cult legacies, and which old failures are now brilliant disruptions.
RT @mindweather: Registration is open for #devopsdays NYC, the conference for devops practitioners. 9/19, all open spaces. Pls RT
RT @jessitron: Rubyists at Steel City liked ideas in my talk on generative testing. Come see it at @WindyCityRails on Sep 5th
RT @aphyr: Step 4: fuse own flesh with furniture #ikea #tzimisce
If I can commit to my "I'm learning Go" project without a message questioning my own intelligence, it's a good day.
RT @tastapod: As the length of a Twitter discussion increases, the likelihood of the topic switching to the mechanics of the discussion tends to one
RT @aphyr: is basically my ideal conference. No devices in audience, diverse group, integrating design, front & backend work. :D
RT @pourmecoffee: Prepare for chaos. "Nutella shortage possible after hazelnut crop wiped out"
RT @ftrain: Since my short essay on politeness started getting passed around my desire to spew vile profanity everywhere has increased 5,000-fold.
RT @golang: Golang patterns for serving on-demand, generated content
RT @paulisci: How to determine the order of authorship in an academic paper.
RT @wbbbmr: The one that you can't print on TV. That's the worse one.
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