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RT @meaganewaller: dudes scared to speak up about diversity: I'm scared to speak up about sexual harassment, rape/death threats b/c I'll be "unemployable"
RT @rafeco: Tip for tech executives … if you are a maniac, stay away from Medium.
RT @DocOnDev: If you want to encourage disciplined execution, recognize it more emphatically than you do the heroism that results from lack of discipline.
RT @dancres: Two things that don't mix well: (1) strict top-down command and control, (2) learning and adaption.
RT @Marvel: Happy Earth Day! *nom nom nom*
RT @rafeco: Scaling is often about refactoring your code from elegant to absurd.
RT @TechwKids: PBS Kids has a fab new eco-site for kids, produced by @wgbh called Plum Landing! @PlumLandingPBS @PBSKIDS @WGBH_edu
RT @HwoodTheater: Alfred Hitchcock's ROPE, showing Saturday, April 26th at 3 & 7pm, and Sunday at 7pm.
RT @GlennF: That thing where you go oh my god blood oh no right I ate beets for dinner.
RT @meatballhat: Do you even software? If you're planning to be alive and on the planet in late May, you should register for @devopsdayspgh NOW-ish.
There are few things in my job more humbling than trying to learn a new editor. T-h-i-n-k-i-n-g a-b-o-u-t e-v-e-r-y k-e-y-p-r-e-s-s.
RT @GlennF: Amex donates patent to non-profit, which promised not to use it to sue, and then sells it to IV.
RT @allthingsnoisy: The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.
RT @HistoryInPics: Ronald Reagan Wearing Sweatpants On Air Force One
RT @johnroderick: Terry Richardson gave you exactly the depraved, exploitative images you craved, you fucking scumbags. Don’t get up on your high horses now.
Trying to finally use JS promises (with Q) in anger.
RT @jswartwood: The new Lens Blur feature is really just Google's way of saying "You aren't taking enough photos of your drinks & condiments. Fix it."
RT @hhariri: Nearly all build systems make the same mistake - creating a DSL to describe the complexity of building a system. That’s not simplifying it
RT @balajis: Since at least 2008, majority of US MS graduates in CS, math, engineering are naturalized immigrants or non-citizens.
RT @jimplush: Google spent 2.3 billion on infrastructure in Q1. Remember that when you say you want to be "the Google of something"
RT @liza: Main attractions of gardening: be outside & accomplish something without having to actually go anywhere or talk to anyone
RT @HwoodTheater: We've posted this previously, but sharing again because it's so cool. Here's the Hollywood facade in 1967. Some...
RT @rjbs: Excellent post about concurrency, atomicity, and programmer-friendly abstractions:
RT @jrlevine: Internet of road laying things RT @MachinePix: Tiger-Stone road laying machine automatically sorts and lays bricks.
RT @abt_programming: "Good diagram illustrating software development" - @drawohara
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