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Alright airplane mode I go! <3
The Arabian Desert calls to you...
I'm pretty sure this'll cure Ebola
I made it out of Southwest Asia and the Middle East!
Definitely weird phone booths...
Taking off shortly. See yall in 5-6 hrs when I get to portland!
A whole slew coming they just aren’t posting. :)
Well that's not the least bit sexist...!
Time to try to defeat jet lag…. Albeit flying west vs east really screws that up.
I have a massive number of instagrams coming too. I may do them on the plane to post later.
I both feel so exhausted and wobbly. One more 5-6hr flight to go to get home!
I’ve landed in America! First hop here a few hours layover in Atlanta!
Airplane mode…. I’ll update when I can over the next 2-3 days of travel.
Finally boarded… now I await the eventual take off! OMG!!! First stop Kandahar then Dubai for a decently long layover.
Static electricity will be the death of you!
The hospital will save you from bacon!
Most at risk are bacon lovers!
What do you mean I can't bring my gas can?!
FedEx ... Afghan Express!
With Veterans Day upon us, be sure to take a moment of silence to respect all the lost but not forgotten.
I’ve checked in 14hrs ahead of time on @Delta for my return flight home from Afghanistan! Anyone have any free upgrades?;)
I just sent out my "Farewell" email to the folks here in Afghanistan, so this is real! 16 hours until I board that plane!
The VCP-NV is your ticket to escaping the VCP “Class requirement” for VCP-DCV!
Did you know that you get 50% off on VMware Certification (VCP/VCAP) until 19DEC2014?! (Incl Australia, and China!)
My eyes are so bloodshot and red which is to say. I’m exhausted!
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