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Using PowerCLI to Shutdown a VM resize vCPU and Memory and Power back on! /cc @mattvogt @lamw
A lot of people will often say, "That's Top Secret" when what they really mean, "That's unclassified and yet irrelevant"
Alright, I got my vCAC needs taken care of!
Anyone awake who has a vCAC Lab?
Trying to track down and troubleshoot a very odd vCOPS Problem, if I can solve it, I'll have something awesome to document!
I tried to find a happy medium but all they had were angry XXXLs!
You’ve never lived until an overhead rocket gets shot down. You know. Because it didn’t kill you. Because that shit is crazy.
Downloading <REDACTED> Wow it's taking forever to pull down! But this is gonna be awesome!
If you take a word and rearrange it into another word it's called an analgram, it's like Instagram, but for words!
Recruiting for Virtualization looking for someone with VMjuarez experience. ;)
The idiots never bothered me anyway. #ParaphrasedFrozenQuotes
Well my sweet things and adventurers. It’s 1am and I shall conceal, don’t feel, and get some sleep! Night.
Recruiters looking to hire for VMWARE positions… it’s also NOT spelled WMWARE.
Interesting fact; Common Sense? Not all that common. In fact it’s not very common at all.
I'm sorry VMware but either the error is a KNOWN ERROR, or it's not an error, What the HELL is an "Unknown Error"?!?!
I just spent an hour cleaning and reorganizing my room. Interesting fact. I live in 48SqFt.
Doing vSphere resource limit and CpuAffinity scans to make sure none of these settings are configured!
RT @AlexanderJN: RAID2 spotted in the wild
You shouldn't take five hour energy if you're pregnant or nursing. Clearly I either am pregnant or JUST gave birth!
This one body builder has the biggest calves in the world. He has the largest baby cows you've ever seen!
Time to crash again. Preferably with fewer rockets til I wake up.
Well. I’m ok. That was nearby. I could feel those explosions QUITE close.
I know it’s totally crazy to dream I’d find romance.
Just won a hardcore game of Uno. Booyah. Time to crash. :)
Why is the stock market closed on Good Friday?! Whatever happened to separation of Church and Market!
CWUG tonight at the Aon Center! ADFS, System Center Operations Manager, Windows 8.1 Update and Windows Phone 8.1 will all be covered!
Massive headache. Crashing.
The Wolf of Wall Street is a documentary about raising dogs in new york city!
I went on the US Airways website to book a flight to China, not to a vagina!
{blog} Using PowerCLI to Shutdown a VM resize vCPU and Memory and Power back on!
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