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Well. It’s 11pm, and I need to be up at 3AM for my flight. So good night! <3
If you haven't already planned for it, it's time to start investing your mindshare in the capabilties surrounding NSX while at #VMworld
Wow, I'm surprised that the Google maps "Show everywhere you've been" has NO entries for me, at all!
Get your desktop on! RT @ChrisWahl: New Post! The VCAP-DTA 5 Study Sheet -
So with #VMworld next week, what are you looking forward to most?
This Thurs CWUG meets at ITT in Oak Brook, IL - back to school picnic kicks things off at 5 and meeting begins at 6p
Troubleshooting your resume with the OSI Model
My internet is inaccessible. It’s taken an hour to get this tweet out. I’ll crash. Good night.
Only 56.5 hours to go! Time to get some sleep, that’ll shorten the time significantly. :)
For those asking whether I’m coming home for good, this is just R&R… when I’m coming home, you’ll know. :)
Why would you want to break a perfectly good heart?
Only a few days and poof ! I’ll be on my way US bound! #America #VMworld
Wait, you know craisins but you don't know Tsunami?!
There are certain outfits, that no matter how much you think they look good ALWAYS look bad and WILL always look bad!
"A new version of Java is ready to be installed" I must have just installed the latest version of Java...
Title of email I'm deleting without reading, "If you haven't downloaded this app you're living under a rock" Way to market guys.
RT @schmarzo: Wanted to create living #BigData book, so provided new chapters, updates, add-on exercises @EMCcorp @cxi
Watching @Scott_Lowe's VMware NSX Briefing! <3
Halfway through @schmarzo's book "Big Data: Understandnig how data powers big business" #BigData #emc #EMCElect
It just occurred to me that a "three-way handshake" could be something diversely sexual!
Quick poll; who’s actually using IPv6?
We have like gale force winds out here. It’s ridiculous!
RT @nutzhouse: @VitaminFizz on amazon to order. The middle of August is here. @MinercoRes keeping to their word. It's only just the beginning. $MINE it ppl
Bagram Pizza Hut, disgusting vegan goodness
Time to head to another meeting, talk to ya'll in a few hours! <3
Hey Google, less focus on the "Android" phone, and more focus on the Robot Butler!
Breast enlargement for women; Expensive medical procedure. Breast enlargement for men; Eating pretty much any food.
Love is clicking "I accept" on a EULA without reading it.
I went to the Apple Store, did you know they don't sell ANY PRODUCE? NONE Whatsoever!
I'm sorry but you do not have the appropriate clearance to discuss your Secret Santa.
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