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Alright all y’all :) it’s nearly 1AM here so crashing time! <3
Laying in bed has been somewhat ok. Hopefully a nights rest will help out.
Newspaper is more comfortable than the cheap excuse for toilet paper we have. Hell even cardboard is “softer”
Not a day goes by where I don't correct some recruiter on the correct spelling of VMware. :)
The news has gotten so insane, the “rebels” doing what they’re supposed to, returning bodies to home countries is breaking news..
BREAKING NEWS: Man receives Father of the Year for not leaving child in car.
eBook deal of the week: Microsoft Excel 2013 Data Analysis and Business Modeling -
While walking to my room I just saw a shooting star for the first time in my life! <3
A second season of Under the Dome and yet EVERYONE IS SO VERY STUPID. SO STUPID!
Always keep your friends close, and your enemies Sandwich.
After much deliberation and extensive consultation it has been identified that my milkshake brings the boys to the yard.
OH: "I love when they put twitter messages on TV because as if it wasn't adequately covered initially on the internet"
Event: Imagine Cup Day at MOHAI, Aug 2, 2014 in Seattle -
Future’s End #5 Color Sample DC Comics -
Follow-Up: App Review To Cert Pilot Program -
Of course my Java Version is out of date, Java is ALWAYS OUT OF DATE. !
There is a Dr. Sbaitso Online. I REPEAT THERE IS A DR SBAITSO ONLINE!@#!@@?#@??
"How to stay out of a trucks blind spot" I think it's high time that commercial vehicles NOT HAVE BLIND SPOTS. Get a camera.
RT @VMCarrie: RT @Infinio: Today's the last day to enter our drawing for a free pass to #vmworld in San Francisco. Don't miss out!
"Hater's gonna Hate" You know who said that? Admiral Jason T. Hate #TrueStory
Chad telling stories about just how BIG the fish was! @EMCFrance @GPotard @sakacc
The sequel to Boy Meets World - Girl Meets World has an interesting take so far... Let's see where this goes!
I just heard an adult say, “nobody got nothing for it” … #sadness
I’m physically exhausted in ways difficult to describe. I’ll probably fall asleep shortly. Hoping for a safe IDF free evening.
Salmon Says. The game where you have people do things while returning to your birthplace!
How to suppress annoying shell warnings on your ESXi hosts in vCenter! -
I’m not saying you’re crazy. But like the old saying, if the shoe fits, bake a cake!
CWUG at Woodfield Mall MS Store Surface Pro 3 & the new Nokia Lumia 635 (the first phone shipping with Win Phone 8.1), snacks and drinks
Windows Phone updates for Windows Runtime via C# -
The OMG ridiculous single point of awesome for attending VMworld 2014 San Francisco!!! +Now with more giveaways!
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