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Day three at the gym, cut short by the damn Taliban.
I am accepting well wishes and safety for tonight and the next several days of Eid. I’m not above wanting to live!
I love Eid al-Fitr because I can't leave the office with all of the rockets firing on us... fun...
#VMworld for FREE from!? Thanks to @Veeam and @Infinio CONTEST ENDS AUG 1!
When I see VMware spelled with a capital W it feels like someone is yelling at me. Someone very stupid who doesn't understand Virtualization
It's finally here, @vDestination's Go to #VMworld 2014 for FREE!!!! blog post!!!
Exhaustion… and time to put this on the charger! <3 you all!
We’re standing here. Exposing ourselves. We are showroom dummies. We are showroom dummies.
Day two trip to the gym... It's a start!
Day one trip to the gym!
Fine diamonds are cheap out here!
Fact; Every year 300 cats die while learning to fly airplanes.
I can't actually talk about @Darth_Ruddy without tearing up...
When people say "liberal" or "conservative" are they referring to "Democrat" or "Republican" respectively? What about Liberal Republicans?
Lately I've been cutting my meals in half, not starving myself just eating less and as a result I'm losing ~1LB a day
Great writeup! RT @vmmike130: What VMware needs to do to convert the vSphere Web Client haters - #RepealWebClient!
Tomorrow I’ll be back in the building I was in last week which took a rocket spreading massive amounts of shrapnel. Fun!
There are no words to say for the passing of @Darth_Ruddy only silence. Please take a moment of silence today to remember one of our own.
“@Charmin: @cxi it's our pleasure!!! Stay safe!” <3
Fine Afghan rugs, for you my friend best price.
The original T-shirt cannon!
I believe Pew Pew Pew are the words you're looking for.
Rhino bites are on the rise. Know the warning signs to tell if you’ve been bitten by a rhinoceros.
When tennis players play too much they get tennis elbow. Do jazz musicians come down with Jazz Hands?!!
When I came to Afghanistan 2 years ago I came with a 12 pk of Gillette Fusion Proglide blades. I just loaded my LAST one into my razor!
Alright all y’all :) it’s nearly 1AM here so crashing time! <3
Laying in bed has been somewhat ok. Hopefully a nights rest will help out.
Newspaper is more comfortable than the cheap excuse for toilet paper we have. Hell even cardboard is “softer”
ITA Triumphs | By the Numbers - A Year of Global Progress -
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