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Christophe Lefevre
Facebook rachète FriendFeed … ou presque -
Orli Yakuel
Startrek, what a movie!!!!
Bastien Labelle
Orli Yakuel
Now you can have your Twitter friends on your blog or site: (at least some of them)
Mona Nomura
A Completely Unscientific (Yet Accurate) Look at Social Sites -
A Completely Unscientific (Yet Accurate) Look at Social Sites
A Completely Unscientific (Yet Accurate) Look at Social Sites
Myspace: "12% Proud owners of butterfly tramp stams 7% Club promoters 27% Bathroom mirror exhibitionists 11% Animated .gif birthday cake comment fairies 17% Investors who gobbled up virual glitter factories on the cheap 24% People that haven't found out about Facebook yet 2% People who can't afford" LOL!!!!!! - Mona Nomura
That's good stuff! - Patrick Jordan
ROFL. That's hilarious. - Anika
Haha.. "Investors who gobbled up virtual glitter factories on the cheap" - Rodfather
Those numbers are 150% accurate. - Richard Lawler
Facebook: "15% People who have no idea what is going on, they just like to look at pictures" HAHA - Mona Nomura
Thats great! - Bluesun 2600
Scoble doesn't have a twitter %age of his own? Maybe that for FF analysis... - Rob Kramer
great charts - hope they will add other networks - Alexander Benker
What's Propeller? This is making me LAUGH "22% SEO Spammers 11% Nigerian Scammers 17% Viagra Spammers 50% Propeller Employees" - Mona Nomura
man i can relate to so many of these hahahaha - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Love it! - sofarsoShawn
It's funny because it's true LOL - Mona Nomura
That's hysterical! - Shevonne
Whomever did this, just won the internet in my books! - embee
I can't WAIT to see the next round!!!!! - Mona Nomura from IM
Correction: it's funny because it's *extremely* true - mike fabio from twhirl
awesome. I should have browsed FriendFeed more before posting this one myself! - Thomas Hawk
made me laugh - Richard Akerman
hahhahahhhaha I love the Facebook 12% (or something) that has no clue what's going on but loves looking at pictures -- that's almost all my real life firends on there LOL - Mona Nomura from IM
so many damn truths there LOL - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Funny because it's true! - Ronald S
Somebody had to come up with a piechart for FF - Jason
now this is FUNNY. - michael sean wright
Facebook: 13% Our moms. Mom hasn't hit Facebook yet, but she is on Twitter... and followed my husband... and Britney Spears.... BUT NOT ME. - Alix May
hahhahahhahahha!! Alix LOL! - Mona Nomura
I guess I'm in the MySpace 12. :) - EricaJoy
Yeah... and I cant block her mom.... :( - Shawn Whitmire
I bookmarked this yesterday, hunted all over for copyright notice or authorship, because I want to use it in a presentation. Couldn't find way to attribute aside from URL! Generous folks ... - Patricia F. Anderson
this is awesome - Angela P.
I know Mona, the MS categories are hliarious! And what about divorcés on fb? - fn (fairnymph)
Hey - Myspace is still useful for independent bands! I'm embarrassed to have its iPhone app (on my last page) so I can check up on my band's issues/shows/whining/etc. on the go... We do, however, get lots of friend requests from butterfly tramp stamps, and we deny them because there is no way they looked at our profile. But seriously, if a BAND denies your friendship on MySpace you need to re-evaluate your life. - Isabelle
Awesome! This is two weeks old but I just found it today. - Stephan Miller from Friend Deck
Bastien Labelle
Guillaume FRAT
FlippingBook Wordpress Gallery -
Éric Senterre
Le Seigneur est dans l'moteur -
Le Seigneur est dans l'moteur
Pass this on to your friends; this is a scam:
Pass this on to your friends; this is a scam:
Anthony Citrano
» Fastest Electric Car Ever: Ultimate Aero EV From Shelby Supercars -
» Fastest Electric Car Ever: Ultimate Aero EV From Shelby Supercars
How to cut your pie in 8 similar slices -
How to cut your pie in 8 similar slices
Genius! - sandhal from Bookmarklet
No thanks. How can we argue about the bigger piece with this?? - Jordan Hofker
Génial! - Éric Senterre
Takes the fun out of showing your skills and talents. - charlie magruder
Hey, stop cutting up my pie, it's all mine! - Eric - Final Countdown
cant get greedy with the pie anymore - Cee Bee
Live4Emma (L4S)
HOLY WANT - Mona Nomura
مزیدی :)))))))))))) رونوشت به گیلاسی - Mil∂d
After seeing so much cool stuff on Etsy be sold out, I've determined that if I were ever to open an Etsy store, the business model would be to simply duplicate and sell items that are already sold out at other Etsy stores. - Rochelle
great comment, Rochelle. +5 Also lol Mona - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Want!!! and it somehow reminds me of Derrick. :) - Bee
wait - does it come with a little grill pan that he's shilling on tv? - Allen Stern
Allen, I love when he makes the MMMMM sound. Like, it's so good, he's goona punch you in the mouth. - Eric - Final Countdown
i love how he closes the infomercial by talking to the kids at home - and is there anything darla hawn hasn't done a commercial for? - Allen Stern
here's a clip from the infomercial - - "set it to cook and you off the hook" and Matt theres some time lapse in there for you! here's the commercial in french!! - Allen Stern
Mr.T got cool again. - Will Higgins™
Allen, you have made my night. And now I'm in the mood for steak. MMMMMM - Eric - Final Countdown
eric - i love it when a plan comes together - Allen Stern
I thought it was little Derrick. - Great Scott!
میلاد هزار بار گفتم وقتی مردم عکس خصوصی بهت میدن جای شرش نکن !!!! :| -
so cool. i pity the fool that doesn't like this. clubber lange is the man - Morgan
How did *I* not see this? Cause I'm SUPER LOL'ing at the references to myself. (Except I don't wear jewelry) ;) - Derrick
I just watched that video. Wow. What you miss when you don't watch TV. I thought Matt's comment about "Flavorwave" was a pun on Flavor Flav. - Anika
Éric Senterre
Éric trouve que c'est un bon timing pour quitter le pays.
Gonzague Dambricourt
Éric Senterre
FriendFeed now in Deutsch, Français, Español, 日本語, русский язык, and 简体中文! (FriendFeed Blog) -
Bastien Labelle
Mona Nomura
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO - Make LEGO gummies! -
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO - Make LEGO gummies!
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO - Make LEGO gummies!
happy :) - saeedeh
um... LOVE!!! - Steve Isaacs
clever! :D - ♥ Stephiepooos ♥
YES! Let us encourage the continuation of the time honored "choking on Legos" tradition. - EricaJoy
That sounds more like a personal problem to me, Erica! :) - Mona Nomura from IM
I never said it was a problem Mona. You're not a true Lego geek until one puts you in the ER. ;) - EricaJoy
Erica: Isn't that the norm?! My first piece was surgically removed at the age of 3 - from my nose LOL! - Mona Nomura from IM
Best of both worlds! - Josh Haley
Here's the full article from Instructables: - Bill Sodeman
I love the comment at the bottom: "i'm guessing you wouldn't want to do this in a house with children, or else they might get the idea that eating Legos is ok." Yes, because when I was a kid, a bag of gummi bears made me want to just run out and eat a real bear. Now come on... - Wizetux
It is these types of people that think that candy cigarettes cause kids to smoke. - Wizetux
Awesome! - Mitchell Tsai
OMG these are awesome!!!!!!! - Susan Beebe
Yum - Tyson Key
mmmmmmmmm gummy Venus - BEX
That is incredible. I'm off to Walmart to get 5 buckets of gummies to build my own creation! - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
Awesome! - Daniel Schildt
Philipp Lenssen
No, that's not him. About 5'7", sandy brown hair, carries a sword made of pure light? -
No, that's not him. About 5'7", sandy brown hair, carries a sword made of pure light?
Mona Nomura
OMG Custom Made Mini Figs FTW!
Awesome! Guys, we need to all kick in on custom FFundercats Mini Figs! How cool would that be? - Ordinarybug Heather
OMG I want it ALL - Mona Nomura from IM
sweetness! - (jeff)isageek
I want one SO bad!! - Mona Nomura from IM
OMG! - انجل
Mona, seriously, I <3 you soooooo bad... :) - Johnny
Yes, Yes this is twisted... You are the best, Mona! - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Worthington: Dude, FIVE HOURS!! I LOVE YOU and I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOO ultra much!! - Mona Nomura from IM
*swoon* - Johnny
I know it's ended, but theres a few online - Mo Kargas
I want Joker. Like HELLA bad! - Mona Nomura from IM
These are awesome! - Mark Martinez
excellent! haha - No Name from twhirl
Mona Nomura
Top 8 geeky childhood moments -
Top 8 geeky childhood moments
Geekiest parent "My mom was playing Mario when she went into labor with me, and didn't go to the hospital until she had completed the level" - embee from Bookmarklet
Childhood: It would have to being next to my mom for hours while she was coding. As a parent: It would have to be getting my kids obsessed with anime. - Shevonne
Live4Emma (L4S)
Awesome! One of my first gifts to Scott was a set of stuffed emoticons from ThinkGeek. He loves them... and does, in fact, throw them at me. :-) - Ordinarybug Heather
If that's from Gizmodo, I'm credited on the bottom. WOO HOO I'm A CELEB! - Mona Nomura
I'll tell you how I'm feeling! *throws pillow* - Andrew Trinh
I took a screenshot. It's GIZMODO! And from my FAVORITE writer - Jesus Diaz <--he's the LEGO dude! - Mona Nomura
I need many, many WTF pillows. Can I get them in all of the colors? - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Tim Hoeck
Micro Schematic
I wasn't aware that LEGO guys had a digestive system. - Tim Hoeck
As do Gummi Bears. :) - Mona Nomura
FFing Enigma they're giant round fuzzy stuffed animals. hug them. - they're giant round fuzzy stuffed animals. hug them. they're giant round fuzzy stuffed animals. hug them. they're giant round fuzzy stuffed animals. hug them.
OMG WANT!!! And, as a side note: WTH with them not having a puffer fish?!? - FFing Enigma from Bookmarklet
Other squishables include a T-bone steak, a bag of bunnies, and a pile of doughnuts. *drooool* Doooooooooooooooooughnutttttttttttts - FFing Enigma
OMFG WANT - Mona Nomura
I could see getting three or four and using them instead of pillows. So snuggly... - FFing Enigma
TOTALLY CUTE!!! Porkers!! lol Yeah, Puffer Fish should totally be in this line up Tina!!!!!! - Susan Beebe
they are so cute i wanna all of them:) - Ekin Acar
I want all of them. - Molly Song ;)
I love these!!! - Ordinarybug Heather
They're all so awesome... but that shark. OMG. - Jennifer Dittrich
Live4Emma (L4S)
everything will be ok... -
everything will be ok...
Nothing ends. And it's not OK. - Rob Sterling
LOVE - Mona Nomura
wow... very good - Alooché
Éric Senterre
AVG virus scanner removes critical Windows file | Security and the Net -
Virus Wins. Flawless victory! - Éric Senterre
AVG virus scanner removes critical Windows file | Security and the Net -
AVG virus scanner removes critical Windows file | Security and the Net
"An update for the AVG virus scanner released yesterday contained an incorrect virus signature, which led it to think user32.dll contained the Trojan Horses PSW.Banker4.APSA or Generic9TBN. AVG then recommended deleting this file; this causes the affected systems to either stop booting or go into a continuous reboot cycle. So far, the problem only appears to affect Windows XP, but there is no guarantee that other versions of Windows don’t have the same issue." - Russellreno from Bookmarklet
Unfortunately, the previous virus database might have detected the mentioned virus on legitimate files. We can confirm that it was a false alarm. We have immediately released a new virus update (270.9.0/1778) that removes the false positive detection on this file. Please update your AVG and check your files again. [...] We are sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help. - Russellreno
Awesome! :-D - Éric Senterre
Mona Nomura
Worst. Phishing Email. EVER.
HAaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahahahahahaaaa! - FFing Enigma
You're lucky. I NEVER gotten one of them yet - Outsanity
HA HA - Josh Haley
Boo hiss! - Yolanda
I can't stop laughing at this LOL - Mona Nomura
oooh - you'd better hurray and send it back - don't want to get deleted! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Wow. Just... Wow. - Flora
This isn't really Mona - I'm the author of that email. How rude of you guys, it took me five minutes to create. hmph. - Mona Nomura
My, isn't that kerning special, owch! - Richard Walker
hey! i didn´t agree to publish it here!! *gg* - Dieter Schwarz
....that was fake? shit - Live4Emma (L4S)
Ya, and what's frightening is, some people will actually fall for that. - Jeff P. Henderson
LOL - Jay
Wow, slick. - Rahsheen
This is epic. Double like. - Bwana ☠
OMFG BWANA!!! - Mona Nomura
doh! - Susan Beebe
Very nice design! - AJ Batac
So intuitive! haha! - Mona Nomura
It would have been more believable if they'd setup a Google Docs Form to enter that info. - xero
lol that can't be real - Shey
Oh shoot, how come I didn't get that!!? Can you forward to me now! ;O - Ming Tsai
Is there the "Best.Phishing Email. EVER."?:) - Igor Poltavskiy
Phishing: You're doing it wrong! - Anthony K. Valley ©
I just responded to a similar email, now you're telling me it's fake. How? It looks so official! - Joe Dawson
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