How long does it usually take to bike 10 miles? I think I can do it in 30 min, but I haven't really timed myself in awhile. I might get this new position, and I'm thinking of commuting via bike
Hard to say without biking it. You might find yourself taking a 12 mile route to avoid car-centric jam-ups. You might find that there are bike/ped overpasses and other shortcuts not accessible to the car and you can do it in 8-9 miles instead. I have done 10 miles in 30 min, so it's not implausable that you'd be able to do it, but that was on gravel without any traffic or cars, so your speed may vary. - Wirehead
@Wirehead It's a long trail, so there is no battling cars, unless you are crossing a street. You commute to work. How do you do it? Do you have clothes at the office? Take a shower there? - Shevonne
I commute in street clothes and don't generally bother showering. I tend to keep it around 12-15mph on the way to work so I don't get sweaty and therefore don't have to shower or change. And then I'll punch it and go 15-20mph on the way back. (Mind you, these speeds are on a mountain bike with suspension, so my rolling resistance is much higher than a road bike) - Wirehead
I've got panniers on my bike to carry stuff. Right now, because it's the dry-season in California, I just have a jacket packed. During the rainy-season, I'll wear the jacket and keep a pair of rain pants there. And I've got 4 lights, 2 in the front and 2 in the back, for shorter days or when I have to stay late. - Wirehead
it depends on the route. wirehead has it right. my 9 mile commute turns into 15 and i could shorten it, but its dangerous. sadly i cannot bike to work for the reasons you bring up shevonne, plus it gets africa-hot here even in the winter. - Carlos Ayala
And I've got a clip-on fender that I leave off except during the rainy season. - Wirehead
Not trying to turn it gender, but do you see it being harder for women because of makeup, hair, and clothes? I was thinking of buying a hybrid - Shevonne
yes shevonne. it is harder for a woman, if they fall into that category. i know pllenty that do not do it but wish they could for these reasons. - Carlos Ayala
I have always thought biking to work would require me to shower after arriving at the office. I live in the southeast though, it's always hot and humid out here. - Daniel J. Pritchett
20 miles an hour is a bit optimistic. Typically I average 18 -20 km/hour (11-12 mph) mostly in mid range on a mountain style bike with some ups and downs for a 15km (10 or so miles) stretch. At this pace I do get damp. I am thinking closer to an hour is more reasonable. - Brian Sullivan
I'm not sure about hair and makeup. Clothes are less of a problem than you'd think, as one of my friends bikes to work routinely in a skirt without changing. - Wirehead
Great! I think I might test it out once to see how it works out. That is if I really get the position. =D - Shevonne
I regularly do 19 miles in 50 minutes, so.... 30 minutes should work. - Ben Hanten
There are a lot of options. Is more a matter of examining what's working and what isn't. Some folks will commute in bikewear and change at work after toweling off in the bathroom. Some people drive in on Monday and just keep a week's worth of work-wear in their cube. etc. - Wirehead
Yeay! All of you are motivating me to do it. Of course, I will have to take the metro during the winter, but I can save on money, car maintenance, and helping the environment at the same time. =D - Shevonne
The winter doesn't stop everybody: - Wirehead
=O It stops me. I hate, HATE the cold - Shevonne
You can also do it halfway. e.g. bike to the metro. I had a 10 mi commute that I'd bike 5 miles and then take the light rail 5 miles. - Wirehead
The only reason that I would be reluctant to do that is cause there is no trail to go to the metro, so I would have to battle with cars (and people in VA are not the best drivers) to get there. - Shevonne
Three weeks? - Shevonne
Yeah 20 mph is probably too much -- when I do my 19 miles, the goal is to keep my heartrate up. That's probably not what you are going to want on your way to work. Maybe think of something around 13 - 15 mph. - Ben Hanten
Hahahah...sorry, I've been brain dead since Friday - Shevonne
No way I would ride my bike in office clothes - I carry towel, shoes, pants and shirts in my panniers. Cycling clothes make any weather painless, so I prefer to change when arriving at work. - Jean-Marc Liotier