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Christoph Zillgens

Christoph Zillgens

Freelance Interface Designer at, blogger at, occasional bass hero at home..
Danke für die Glückwünsche @yellowled @Flocke @fhemberger
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Can't stop laughing :) Brilliant!
RT @jaja_berlin: .@ZDF, you made my day!
#DE [2] "Mobil First sollte im Kopf fest verankert sein" ist nur eine der Anforderungen
#DE [1] Xing ist herrlich! Mittwochs gepostet: Bis zum Wochenende soll "websitexy" frisch und perfekt aussehen. Wer hat Zeit?
RT @JoachimSMueller: #Armutsbericht BRD: Es █████████ geht ████████████ allen ██████████████ gut █████████████████████ ██████ ███████████████ █████████████████ .
RT @viljamis: Updated yesterday’s responsive navigation toggle JS to include html & scss: + live example
If you happen to understand German and English: Funny translation from Google Translator
RT @pixelbande: oh mann, das #responsive #webdesign buch von @czillgens ist so! gut!
RT @vpieters: This CSS loading animation is one of the most impressive ones I’ve seen so far.
RT @ChromiumDev: New in the Chrome 26 Beta: animatable :before/:after, <template> element, unprefixed CSS transitions & calc(),
RT @helloanselm: A very nice pro tip on #SVG PNG fallback in #CSS w/o #Modernizr: by @benschwarz
RT @derSchepp: And here is a rundown on cross browser alpha masking should you got interested #jqeu13
RT @odl_dus: First version of our site for @odl_dus is finally up. Feel free to give feedback! #odl
Great read for Designers: Flat Design & Skeuomorphism
RT @schneidertobias: Most recent design trends (especially in web) reminds me a bit of this:
RT @reybango: Making Internet Explorer Testing Easier with new IE VMs #modernie
Can only agree: “@yatil: Really looking forward to this year’s @btconf, top notch speakers! :-)”
RT @MadeMyDay: Please vote thx (look for the screenshot with some eyes)
RT @ugoarangino: @czillgens hatte ich „box-sizing“ schon eher gekannt hatte dies mir viel Kopfzerbrechen erspart, das Buch ist schon jetzt Hilfreich. Danke!
Dear WordPress- plugin devs: Never ever use "!important" in your plugin CSS, please. Thanks.
RT @brad_frost: My thoughts on carousels and what to do about them: Thanks to @erunyon @lukew for provoking this.
RT @keithclarkcouk: My new 3D FPS demo using CSS transforms. Lights, shadows & collisions: < runs best in webkit (Safari). Blog post coming
Thanks to @klick_ass, @derSchepp, @helloanselm there is a great new website for everything device testing: Well done!
Best feature of the new iTunes is the green plus-Button that eventually does what it should do
RT @webkrauts: Was lange währt geht endlich live: Die Webkrauts im neuen Gewand Großen Dank an @textformer für die Arbeit /vi @Flock
RT @shaunmoynihan: An SEO expert walks into a bar, bars, beer garden, hangout, lounge, night club, mini bar, bar stool, tavern, pub, beer, wine, whiskey...
Wow, an impressive list of christmas gifts:
RT @jordanmoore: Web fonts carry plenty of weight, it's unnecessary to burden users with heavy fonts that may have good alternatives -
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