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Christoph Zillgens

Christoph Zillgens

Freelance Interface Designer at, blogger at, occasional bass hero at home..
RT @respimg: The `picture` element will officially ship in Firefox 33, Chrome 38, and Opera 25.
RT @Malarkey: Saw Dawn in 3d this time. Nowhere near as good as 2d. My advice, stay clear of 3d.
RT @zeldman: ✩ Iconic: “first and only icon system designed for the modern web with all the tools to make them your own.” #aeadc
RT @Bellatrixnia: Suche Ausbildung im IT-Bereich, favorisiert Fachinformatiker, Raum Köln/Düsseldorf. #TYPO3
RT @rogerjohansson: Pure CSS dropdown menus aren't cool unless they work for keyboard users. Same for "pure CSS" anything.
RT @MadeMyDay: Social Media in a nutshell
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Martial Arts fitness centre
With 12+ years of Freehand/Illustrator I feel like a complete moron while testing Sketch.
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Volkswagen: Please don't text and drive
RT @marcbiskup: Nur nochmal zur Erinnerung. Auch für dich, #Suarez: #ITAURU
New @screengui_de magazine arrived with my article about multi level navigation in mobile context
RT @Brilliant_Ads: 40 Hilarious Chalkboard Signs That Will Make You Look Twice :)
RT @randyjhunt: To design better, write better. To write better, read more. To read more, give yourself quiet time.
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Sparrow Guitars: "Stop playing games. Start playing guitar."
RT @colly: .@hellogeri and I reworked some wedding invite things for the web, including our responsive folding map story
RT @kaelig: Nicely done, Apple! In Safari 8 / OSX Yosemite, text underlines do not strike through the baseline —
RT @NickSherman: This typeface is so legible! So fresh! So new! So incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it! (cc @fontbullshit)
RT @johndyer: Best feature of iOS 8: Apple stopped using images of Myriad in their section titles!
RT @brad_frost: Client Feedback on the Creation of the Earth
RT @rzenner: Ich vermute, es gibt nur einige wenige rituell Initiierte, die das Backend von Telekom und T-Mobile wirklich durchschauen / @telekom_hilft
RT @JoshuaLambier: Human-shaped electrical towers win design contest in Iceland. Such a terrific idea! #creative
RT @Cool4ideas: Brilliant protest in Lisbon: Wheelchairs parked with notes on them "be right back" and "just getting something".
RT @conradhackett: People killed annually by Sharks 10 Lions 100 Crocodiles 1000 People 475000 Mosquitoes 725000
RT @Flocke: Und? Schon bei der Umfrage der @webkrauts teilgenommen?
Nice typeface! calendas plus designed by atipo.
Danke für die Glückwünsche @yellowled @Flocke @fhemberger
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Can't stop laughing :) Brilliant!
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