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RT @ssgill76: An interesting method to put together a presentation. Could fit it on a page. @teachertoolkit
Why I Ditched My Running Shoes via @HuffPoLifestyle <-- nice - someone finding #barefootrunning a surprising pleasure
RT @digitalmaverick: Woah. Kerpoof is *closing*? Nooooooooooooooooo! And whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? worth having a look at @RobCunniffe ??
Someone at work is suspicious of the finger-tip recognition we use for signing in. #biometrics
RT @IanYorston: Three Tools for Teaching Interactive #Python - #Coding
Just bought a Dell Chromebook 11 to replace my stolen MBP. Fingers crossed I won't be disappointed. Chrome now has remote access app.
RT @feynlabs: A comprehensive list of Free Programming Books for just about any programming topic you can think of -
"@TheRegister: Google woos enterprise developers with 'Glass at Work' program" <-- oh deary me, will they not learn?
RT @dughall: @josepicardoSHS Read your excellent post just hours after writing something similar myself
I wonder how long it will be until TV advertisers start producing ads that are effective on FF as well as normal speed?? This is one of my L6 students - very well done to him.
The Moves app thinks I went to work at six AM - I assure you that didn't happen.
Sadly we were burgled on Thursday night. Be aware anyone who lives round Pitshanger #ealing Make sure you're deadlocked when not in or awake
Busy helping my partner write her book (graphics editing on my part) in possibly the best computing…
St Benedict's Day 2014 - school selfies for Charity Day 22nd March: via @stbenedicts
St Benedict's Day 2014 - school selfies for Charity Day 22nd March: via @stbenedicts
RT @stbenedicts: @BBCSchoolReport Upper 4th BBC School Reporters hard at work planning the day's news broadcast. Tune in at 2pm
RT @stbenedicts: Upper 4th BBC School reporters have been working hard in preparation for News Day. Broadcast at 2pm. @BBCSchoolReport
Busy sorting our blue screen chroma key wall. Not bad for £20. @stbenedicts
Loving this photoshop splicing of relatives. Not sure how shopped it is but might make interesting lesson.
New kit. Charging pad to wirelessly charge my partners nexus 5. Mothers Day present. And yes it works.…
Just ran to Shepherds Bush market to buy some material for blue screening tomorrow. #barefootrunning
Just completed a 2.51 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper
Just completed a 6.04 mi run - #barefoot another run before parents evening. All good. #RunKeeper
RT @TWMarkChambers: BBC News Live reported "price freeze paid 4 by job cuts". Why not be honest "profit levels maintained by job cuts"?
My technical team have informed me IE is still one of the top three browsers. I replied with this image:
On Twitter, UK Car Lease has just added me to a list of UK Best Business. I am a business. #ihavearrived
Our BBC News School Report team are checking out last years reports to prepare for this years. @stbenedicts
Father to 8/9 yo son 'one day you're gonna forget your head. And you're gonna find it in Minecraft - cut off' #therapistanyone?
"@ByteBlazer: @daibarnes Hi,we're 2 teachers developing a Comp Sci revision app - Byte Blazer. Can we get a RT and follow?" <-- bazinga!
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