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Dale Dietrich

Dale Dietrich

Ontario/California tech lawyer, web/software developer & wannabe tech pundit - JD, BBA, MBA
:$ RT @mathewkumar: Is this the crappest Toronto summer ever? Went for a cycle & wondered why people didn’t have Halloween decorations up.
The last surviving crew member of the bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan in 1945 has died at age 93.
;) RT @AnthonyBaker: @Scobleizer says that weed might be a competitive advantage for Seattle in the software/startup space. No joke.
RT @thurrott: Hooray. "Cellphone unlocking legislation clears U.S. House, heads to Obama"
RT @SAI: A 24-year-old allegedly used a simple but brilliant scam to cheat Apple out of $300K
RT @LanceUlanoff: Amazon Jumps Into 3D Printing Game With On-Demand Store
RT @waltmossberg: Google wants guinea pigs for a new medical study. Here's why I'd volunteer. via @jtemple
New exoskeleton could help paraplegics walk
RT @politico: Obama to sign bill legalizing cellphone unlocking:
RT @gamasutra: Game Developer Salary Survey 2014: The results are in!
Very interesting video. Amazing tech - How to Animate Your Dragon
:) RT How some CS programs have attracted more women: mentoring, HS programs, revamped courses
:( RT @BBCBreaking: US actor James Garner, star of TV series The Rockford Files has died, aged 86
A Tennessee woman is the first to be charged under a new state law that specifically makes it a crime to take…
Wow (The surprising ages of the Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776)
Good piece comparing the Kurdish vs. Palestinian approach to independance Kurdish vs Palestinian Strategies for…
;) RT @ascottfalk: It’s time to stop obfuscating, and start fuscating.
RT @breakingmoney: US posts $70.5 billion June budget surplus; year-to-date deficit lowest since 2008 - @MarketWatch
;( RT @gamasutra: Microsoft abandons promise to make retail Xbox Ones double as dev kits
RT @fmanjoo: If this iPhone 6 sapphire display @MKBHD shows off is real it's incredible.
RT @fmanjoo: If this iPhone 6 sapphire display @MKBHD shows off is real it's incredible.
RT @CNNVideo: Embattled Toronto Mayor #RobFord completed a rehabilitation program “I decided that enough was enough":
RT @politico: Obama mocks climate skeptics at LCV dinner: | AP Photo
RT @gamasutra: Don't Miss: Is YouTube killing the traditional games press?
RT @politico: How Congress brought the measles back:
RT @SAI: The startup that delivers your groceries in under an hour just raised $44 million (by @redletterdave)
RT starting to worry that one of these might fall down @SAI: China's plan for the tallest building ever
Nilsson and BMW are 'keen' on having talks with Tesla over battery patent sharing
RT @politico: The fall of teachers unions
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