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Dale Dietrich

Dale Dietrich

Ontario/California tech lawyer, web/software developer & wannabe tech pundit - JD, BBA, MBA
Re: Roasted Vegetable & Quinoa Salad -
"I doubled the recipie for a family function. It was pretty good except there was way too much balsemic for all our tastes. The recipe doesn't say whether to simmer cover or uncovered. You need to cover it or you'll continue to add water (as I did). The recipe also doesn't say it but I presume you toss the tomaotoes into the oven with the chopped vegetables. That's what I did and it worked out." - Dale Dietrich
RT @arstechnica: Open source comes to farms with restriction-free seeds by @caseyjohnston
RT @howardknopf: Boy called Rooney Scholes can't have name on Easter egg because of 'copyright rules' - claim staff
RT @jowyang: Warren Buffett endorses Airbnb (CNN)
This is terrific. The engineering team that built the version of OneNote for the Mac created this Les Mis Parody.
I’ve seen this guy do stuff like this before. This is the first time I saw him do Les Mis.  Nine parts…
10 LEGO sets that rocked our world: Me: I always preferred the LEGO tub :)
:) RT @LanceUlanoff: Remember Mickey Rooney's Legacy With His Best Hollywood Moments
:( RT @daweiner: TMZ says Mickey Rooney died:
RT @SAI: Turkey publishes ruling that Erdogan's Twitter ban violates free speech
Ha! RT @politico @SenTedCruz did his own poll about Obamacare & didn't expect a flood of answers in favor of the law.
RT @TechCrunch: How Amazon Fire TV Stacks Up To Apple TV, Chromecast And Roku by @drizzled
RT @gamasutra: The humbling of Epic: A giant turns around
This kinda thing just makes you smile! The cast of Lion King sing a song on a plane!
After a walloping 23 hr operation, woman has entirely new 3D PRINTED CRANIUM.
RT @arstechnica: UK will finally allow citizens to legally rip CDs
To See Office on the iPad, watch the video below, starting at about the 9 minute mark:
Wireless mesh networking is built in to ios7
RT @peternowak: A report card on the US's 4-year-old broadband plan — from the man who wrote it
How do keys work? Here is the answer!
Popcorn Time Is Hollywood's Worst Nightmare, And It Can't Be Stopped
Love it! That is a new view of Ontario that I've never seen. I think I can see my house from here ;) NASA @NASA
RT @JoshuaLenon: Revelations of #NSA Spying Cost U.S. Tech Companies, via @nytimes
RT @politico: I was #Putin’s pawn | "I was disgusted and disappointed by the whitewashing of brutal dictators."
RT @politico: Mark Zuckerberg and other top tech executives huddled with @BarackObama to discuss the #NSA.
RT @edbott: Exactly right: Microsoft neither Scroogled nor violated privacy in search of leakers Hotmail account
RT @SAI: Google CEO Larry Page: I would rather leave my money to Elon Musk than a charity.
Best iOS 7 Enhhancement – DYNAMIC TYPE -
For years iOS has had a ‘system-wide’ font size option that allows you to set a font size of choice. Apps that support it will use the larger font size. Of course virtually no apps ever did support it and my aging eyes have been yearning for the larger screen Android’s out there. I have [...] - Dale Dietrich
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