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Dale Dietrich
Re: How To Move the iTunes Library to a Home Server while Keeping its Underlying Media Structure Intact -
"Hey Lukas: I don't know the ins and outs of how iTunes handles media on the Mac but I can make a couple observations: 1. If you want everyone in your flat to be able to access the library it must all be on the server, so I would at least move everything there. 2. You could use something like Dropbox or Windows Live Mesh (yes even on the Mac) to keep music synced between your laptop and the server. But, you will probably find that your laptop's comparatively small drive will fill up pretty fast. 3. The whole iCloud (iTunes in the Cloud) music service announced a few weeks ago may be just the solution for you. It costs $25 a year but you can access your music anywhere you can get a wifi or 3G connection without needing to keep any of it physically stored on your laptop. For more info check out: ...Dale" - Dale Dietrich