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Leo Laporte
Building an empire | PressDemocrat.com | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA - http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article...
Building an empire | PressDemocrat.com | The Press Democrat | Santa Rosa, CA
""Live streaming takes the Internet to the next level," said Jake Gold, chief technology officer at Stickam.com. "Leo is a great example of the replacement of TV."" - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
Mmm, ego stroking. :D - Mike Nayyar
Leo is a pioneer and I'm sure he's watched closely by the big networks. - Donald Townsend from twhirl
"Million dollar business"??? Hope it is true Leo - you certainly deserve it. - Euan
Nice article indeed. Great business. Listen to you almost every day - Robert
Been following Leo for years. I loved Screensavers and Call for Help. I am so glad he decided to break the paradigm and show the big boys what a geek with motivation can do. GET SOME LEO!!!!!!!!!!! - Robert C
The TWiT podcast is better than ever recently. - Phillip Stewart
Great exposure Leo! FWIW, Brian Brushwood has been an awesome contributor to TWiT. Revision3 is letting him go to waste just doing Scam School. - Paul Reynolds
I agree, Brian was fun - JimmyDee
Leo is the man! He's a leader and I hope he gets lots of appreciation for his trail blazing!! - Susan Beebe
This inspires me - I'm starting a stickam show! Thanks Leo! - Joe Mescher
Om Malik
Looks like Time Warner Cable ($TWC) targeted Austin for metered broadband because it has too many geeks http://gigaom.com/2009...
Kevin Rose
Amazing Bird Fishes Like A Human - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Amazing Bird Fishes Like A Human
The speaker reminds me of Bob Ross. :-) Or rather his parodies, because I've never seen any of his real shows. - Christoph Studer
Robert Scoble
Leo Laporte: The King of Tech Talk - http://scobleizer.com/2009...
cya blogging more these days, new years res? - sean percival
how come the video doesn't work in firefox? - jason burton
Video and editing were beautiful - oh, wait, it's about content, right? :-) - Tom Landini
odd, must not be up to date on something. Had to use IE to get it working. - jason burton
The preview frame before you start the video isn't very flattering to Leo :) - Kevin Goldsmith from twhirl
Jason: it's working for me on Firefox. - Robert Scoble
Tom: @rocmanusa will thank you for your compliment. He makes me look good. - Robert Scoble
Indeed- Thanks, Tom. As for the preview frame- I tried changing that at least 10 times but our "system" can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. - Rocky Barbanica
Great guy and great interview. Love the blast from the past metnion of Pointcast as a very early real-time web example ... - Patrick Jordan
Just watching the second part now. Also love his take on how awful local news on TV is - so true ... - Patrick Jordan
I had the same problem getting the videos to play in FF. I ended up d/ling them and playing them in GOM. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Working great in FF on Mac for me too - Patrick Jordan
just for documentation, i'm using FF3b2. Addons running are Drag and Drop, Firebug, and adblock plus. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
I'm using firebug and adblock plus as well. ff 3.05 tried reinstalling flash and it still didn't work. Ah well, works most of the time. - jason burton
Thank u so much for the interview! Neophyte geek learned interesting stuff :) - frankiecarl
Leo Laporte
@JasonCalacanis ...and we just received our largest ad order yet. I'm praying that TWiT is the exception that proves the rule.
Me too--TWiT, NPR & Rev3 provide the bulk of the podcasts I take in. - Joe Knapp
Great news because if companies are still buying ads in this sucky economy there's hope for everyone trying to make a business at this. - Robert Scoble
Go Leo! - Andrew Smith
So many businesses are dependent on ads these days, its not a big surprise. - Amit Morson
You'll get more Leo. You are authentic in presentation and add value to the sender and receiver of messages. All the "looters that observe and advise" can't consult anyone to your achievements. You'll get lots more Leo. You and the crew keep up the good work. - Vince Green
Seconded. While the commercials may be cheesey at times they aren't trainwrecks of continuity that other "commercial backed podcasts" can be. Though I enjoy Amber reminding Leo to do the comercialls in net@night. - Stephen Lecheler
I am genuinely glad your doign well Leo, and I think you deserve it. You are a pioneer. Unfortunately the thing that makes you good is why I can't listen to anythign but Windows Weekly any more - the pandering and glad handing makes me insane. You feed into the prevailing mood on the web, not dig under it - I suspect its why you are popular, but it makes for a lot of inaccurate tone that you could use yoru platform to correct, not feed. - Soulhuntre
@soulhuntre - can you elaborate. Pandering and glad-handing to the other hosts, or to Twitter or Apple, or what? Do you feel we're not critical enough of companies and the net? - Leo Laporte
@Leo - Editorially (companies and so on) you are fine, honest and hard hitting. Its more the prevailing mood and the opinions of your guests... maybe thats it. You tend to have folks on who are the ones shaping the prevailing blog-o-moods anyway, so when they dont get challenged on Twit it just feels like more of the same ya know? - Soulhuntre
By the way, you can see why Leo is getting advertiser support in my interview with him here: http://scobleizer.com/2009... - Robert Scoble
@soulhuntre - that's one reason Dvorak is on nearly every TWiT episode. He hates everything. ;-) - Leo Laporte
Wasn't that why he spun off to Cranky Geeks for a while? - Stephen Lecheler from IM
@Leo - some of it is probably recording timing as well, It is hard to listen to a Twit where you or a guest is putting out there information that is factually wrong, sometimes after another podcast I heard you on gave you correct info... (thinkign out loud here) I am trying to give you a solid answer since you took the time to ask :) - Soulhuntre
@Leo - Here it is - you act as a semi-passive facilitator for the views of your guests and hosts. That means you don't really act as the cross pollinator and sometimes foil I want you to be. It seems you will join in a pile on of some rumor or least favored child long after even you have admitted in another show you don't see why it / they get a bad rap. It makes you a great facillitator, but it makes me crazy sometimes :) - Soulhuntre
Technology News
Rush for Windows 7 downloads overwhelms Microsoft servers (AFP) - http://tech.yahoo.com/news...
Rush for Windows 7 downloads overwhelms Microsoft servers 
Microsoft PR deserves high marks for this entire thing. The leaks... The "oh it is so popular our servers can't keep up"... I'm not saying it is all manufactured... but it isn't all authentic either. - Brian Roy
"Please help me escape from Vista-land" is the predominant cry! - Tom Guarriello
I wonder if successful aquisition of a key requires a technet subscription? - Charlieray
Tom, most people who I know who are after the Win7 beta are XP and Mac users. - Akiva
If they didn't say it was limited to the first 2.5mil users I wonder if there would have been as much of a server crunch. - Ari Braginsky
Harry McCracken
Chris Messina
The OpenID and OAuth Flow: Playing with UX · Ben Ward - http://ben-ward.co.uk/blog...
The OpenID and OAuth Flow: Playing with UX · Ben Ward
Excellent write up of UX options for OAuth. - Chris Messina from Mento
This looks like a smart idea. When can we get for twitter? - Tom
Leo Laporte
Thanks to @TVSquad for the great write up. http://www.tvsquad.com/2009... For the record it costs us $443/hour to produce this stuff. Cheep.
My favourite quote from the article "his radio-friendly voice sounds like a sack of purring kittens dipped in a vat of warm honey" - Simon MacDonald
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