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Dale Dietrich

Dale Dietrich

Ontario/California tech lawyer, web/software developer & wannabe tech pundit - JD, BBA, MBA
RT @SAI: A 24-year-old allegedly used a simple but brilliant scam to cheat Apple out of $300K
RT @LanceUlanoff: Amazon Jumps Into 3D Printing Game With On-Demand Store
RT @waltmossberg: Google wants guinea pigs for a new medical study. Here's why I'd volunteer. via @jtemple
New exoskeleton could help paraplegics walk
RT @politico: Obama to sign bill legalizing cellphone unlocking:
RT @gamasutra: Game Developer Salary Survey 2014: The results are in!
Very interesting video. Amazing tech - How to Animate Your Dragon
:) RT How some CS programs have attracted more women: mentoring, HS programs, revamped courses
:( RT @BBCBreaking: US actor James Garner, star of TV series The Rockford Files has died, aged 86
A Tennessee woman is the first to be charged under a new state law that specifically makes it a crime to take…
Wow (The surprising ages of the Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776)
Good piece comparing the Kurdish vs. Palestinian approach to independance Kurdish vs Palestinian Strategies for…
;) RT @ascottfalk: It’s time to stop obfuscating, and start fuscating.
RT @breakingmoney: US posts $70.5 billion June budget surplus; year-to-date deficit lowest since 2008 - @MarketWatch
;( RT @gamasutra: Microsoft abandons promise to make retail Xbox Ones double as dev kits
RT @fmanjoo: If this iPhone 6 sapphire display @MKBHD shows off is real it's incredible.
RT @fmanjoo: If this iPhone 6 sapphire display @MKBHD shows off is real it's incredible.
RT @CNNVideo: Embattled Toronto Mayor #RobFord completed a rehabilitation program “I decided that enough was enough":
RT @politico: Obama mocks climate skeptics at LCV dinner: | AP Photo
RT @gamasutra: Don't Miss: Is YouTube killing the traditional games press?
RT @politico: How Congress brought the measles back:
RT @SAI: The startup that delivers your groceries in under an hour just raised $44 million (by @redletterdave)
RT starting to worry that one of these might fall down @SAI: China's plan for the tallest building ever
Nilsson and BMW are 'keen' on having talks with Tesla over battery patent sharing
RT @politico: The fall of teachers unions
Supreme Court Delivers Huge Victory for Internet Privacy & Blows Away Gov't Plans for Reform For the past several…
Space: the startup frontier. Where nanosats go, new businesses will follow”
RT @SAI: Report: Apple needed the Beats deal because its iTunes Radio team was clueless
RT @SAI: How cable companies are keeping you from enjoying fiber internet
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