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Dale Dietrich

Dale Dietrich

Ontario/California tech lawyer, web/software developer & wannabe tech pundit - JD, BBA, MBA
What Do Genes Have to Do With Law? Three very interestinf gene-related cases coming to the US The Supreme Court
Want some 4k video with your broadband cap? Good luck with that
RT @arrington: Enjoy This Montage of People Refusing to Cooperate with DHS Checkpoints
:( RT @CNN: Actress Bonnie Franklin, star of "One Day at a Time," has died - she was 69:
RT @AJEnglish: Opinion: We should drop the Apollo model in space, but keep the inspiration
RT @mashable: Facebook, Apple, Google Back Same-Sex Marriage in Supreme Court Filing
Before Congress killed funding for research on gun violence, what did the data show? Fascinating @ProPublica intview:
HP's New $169 Tablet Is A Missile Fired Right At Apple
Printer ink cartridges: why you're paying more but getting a lot less
CNBC And CNN Give The Tesla S Rave Reviews... But Both Mention The Same Glaring Concern - fear battery will die
RT @howardknopf: Scope of Dutch home copying levy limited: professional use cannot be charged
Amazon's Star Engineer Lives On A Gorgeous 52-Foot Yacht
RT @JoeNBC: Tom Friedman in today's NY Times ... we need short term investments and a plan now to reduce longterm debt.
If all goes well Rep Governors could hand Obama a victory RT @politico: In the Obamacare era, there are two Americas.
RT @ElizabethForMA stumps bank regulators by asking them when they last did their job
I wouldn't do it for > $2 per month. I hate the idea RT @edbott: Do the math before you reject an Office subscription:
RT @mgeist: RT @hjoseph: New open access bill in US Congress! Fair Access to Science and Tech Research Act (FASTR)
This magic trick is pretty darn cool. What's cooler is that Bryan Brushwood shows how anyone could do it. A bit too…
Best of luck @ryan RT @ryan: Engadget, Allow me to reintroduce myself:
Dish's Charlie Ergen: Netflix Is Going To Change The Paradigm For How People Watch TV by @ryanlawler
RT @lessig: Crony Copyright | American Conservative http://www.theamericanconserva...
There are few things I disagree with Obama more strongly on than this. It is irresponsible NOT to raise the…
RT @SAI: Google Wins Landmark Advertising Case In Australia
RT @politico: The usual suspects pushing immigration reform have a new ally in the fight this time — the religious right:
RT @AJEnglish: Opinion: Gun lobby's bad aim shoots down myth of 'constitutional conservatism'
6 Habits of Remarkably Likable People
RT @peternowak: Shaw-Rogers spectrum deal shafts Canadians
RT @peternowak: Shaw-Rogers spectrum deal shafts Canadians
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