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S'mores for dessert. Nom. Thanks, America. They're one of your better ideas.
Sandy beach day up at Hengistbury Head. The sea is suspiciously foamy today o_O
RT @DoriaJoe: 4,591 days of 24x7 uninterrupted service to customers. Citi. Incredible. #mainframe50
Eating outside with a sea view... even if we have to wrap up in coats and blankets to do it ;-) #englishholiday
Holidays are a chance to catch up on reading. Book one done : brainless but fun action thriller . Hmm... what next?
Accidentally knocked the screen of my iPad mini with a plug and it smashed. My iPad is no more. :-(
Playing @amylane at pool. We're such pros :-D
Grace chose a book of word, number & logic puzzles to do. She's decided to rename it first though.
Broken. Grace took me out for a run up to Highcliffe Castle and back. It's getting harder to keep up with her!
Loving the local council swimming pool here - they have a giant inflatable obstacle course in the pool on Sunday afternoons!
Quick trip to the shops. Faith wants to make pizzas for tea so she's written us a shopping list.
Venturing outside after a morning hiding from the rain by building cushion forts in the caravan :)
RT @WonderfulEngr: When an engineer gets bored
Playing on the beach with the kids. We seem to have the beach to ourselves! :-)
Arrived at the holiday home! It's raining. Curse you, English weather! ;-)
Setting out-of-office - I'm on holiday for a week!
WiFi at Waterloo on signing in: "Welcome back Hilary". Hmm... that's concerning.
Getting strange looks for kneeling on the floor at this desk (the closest I can get to a standing desk in a hot-desk area) :-)
Still hot-desking at South Bank because I can't find a long enough gap between calls to fit the train ride home into.
RT @EKaiserReuters: "I don't have bad handwriting. I have my own font," says my 12-year-old.
Being interviewed on camera at South Bank. I take back everything mean I've ever said about anyone saying something stupid on camera.
Interesting lunchtime presentation and discussion on software craftsmanship and how a culture of valuing code can be supported
Restructuring code. Feeling the pain of assumptions made a couple of years ago: something we thought we'd only have one of, now we have many
RT @HursleyTCG: Final reminder: come see @dalelane present on Watson current and future in DE2J10 at 12:30 today
Just had phone interview to be a trainer for Code Club Pro, training school teachers on the new Computing Curriculum
RT @marcoarment: The funny thing about the SVN/Git thing is that we can’t even tell whether it’s an April Fools joke because it’s so plausible and sensible.
Fixing bugs in my SQL. CLOBs are just a PITA #acronymtastic
RT @DrHaskey: I've pimped my MacBook. Now no mistaking which one is mine. #ibmdesign @HursleyDesign
RT @Tec_Hub: It's our first day of business. Check out our fab introductory membership offer Promise its no #AprilFoolsDayPranks
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