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Brett Kelly
The Chinaman is not the issue here.
Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature...Asian-American, please! - Damon Clinkscales
Brett Kelly
What do you do to earn extra money when you have limited free time?
make apps (usually slowly) that kick off money while I sleep. need to do more of this. :) - Damon Clinkscales
Brett, I just randomly stumbled across this article today in somebody's favorites on Twitter. thought you might find it interesting - http://www.freepursuits.com/2009... - Damon Clinkscales
Define limited free time. 1 hr/day? 8 hrs/week? 20 minutes/day? - Andy Parkinson
I'm definitely interested in the idea of "passive income streams", particularly involving writing (blogging and so forth). Damon - can you give some examples of what you mean? (And subscribe to me so I can DM you :) - Brett Kelly
Andy - probably about 10 hours per week, maybe closer to 8. I can do some things to increase that number if the investment is worthwhile. - Brett Kelly
What sort of returns do you expect to get out of those hours? And when do you need to see it? Passive income could mean months of $0 returns (many of them if a string of ideas prove unsuccessful), consulting could mean 60-80% of those hours are billable immediately but stop when you do. - Andy Parkinson
Oh, I thought I was subscribed to you already. - Damon Clinkscales
Disliking the beachball feature in TextMate right now.
you didn't try to search did you? :) Have you tried Ack in Project? - Damon Clinkscales
Garry Tan
How did it become Thursday? Losing track of the days...
that's what happens when you sleep under your desk. ;) - Damon Clinkscales
James Duncan Davidson
Manton Reece
@robsaenz Yes, pretty sure it's $99 a year and not a one-time fee. Although I haven't paid close attention since paying.
just got my renewal notice. so much for my belief that it was a one-time entrance fee. :-/ - Damon Clinkscales
Damon Cortesi
@sconsult @travist120 I heard earlier mention yesterday that only 2% of ppl used it. Granted it also wasn't the default.
Perhaps that 2% is a very vocal and powerful group? - David Damore
Vocal minority is something not to neglect - Jesse Stay
I think it _used_ to be the default setting. Which would include a distinct set of long-time twitter users with a large audience. - Damon Cortesi
Here's the article from last May from Ev where he is explaining "How replies work" and he mentions the 98% number (the number of people who have the default setting). - http://blog.twitter.com/2008... My friend @manton (a *very* early Twitter user) has definitely told me before that All Replies used to be the default behavior, but I don't know when it was changed. - Damon Clinkscales
Damon, thanks for the reference - much appreciated! - Damon Cortesi
oh you're welcome. In just re-reading that post, Ev does say that All Replies used to be the default because there was no notion of replies at the beginning. that part evolved. - Damon Clinkscales
I'm having such problems with Twitter tonight. And I keep getting logged out and asked for my Twitter log in information when I'm visiting people's blog. Weird.
Having problems here also. Nothing has updated in a while - Keith from Nambu
Make sure it's the real Twitter site in the address bar, lots of phishers around recently, sites look identical. - Simon Wicks
oh be careful! these could be trying to steal your account info.. check this thing I came across earlier http://friendfeed.com/e... - Dee @ Holycool.net
The widget thing on external blogs is especially annoying. I decided to try out the FriendFeed feed widget for the first time. Since it includes so many other things that I'm doing, maybe it'll stay? - Ryan
It's a bug. Should be resolved soon. http://is.gd/eW6O - Damon Clinkscales
twitter is very sick today. I blame CES. Or Palm. Or Apple. Or hackers. Or whatever's got all the geeks all worked up. :-) - amygeek
Dan Benjamin
@damon so you'd import it somewhere else? and anyway, I thought friendfeed archived everything for us.
Friendfeed gets the XMPP feed (aka "the firehose" feed), however so does Summize and even they are missing tweets sometimes. I've seen it with http://snaptweet.com/ where pics will get Twitter'd but they never show up in a summize search. Not that they are integrated yet, but Twitter now owns Summize, so you'd think they'd be giving them the absolute BEST feed there is, currently. |... more... - Damon Clinkscales
FriendFeed is cool though. They definitely have almost everything of the recent stuff. Haven't looked into their APIs. - Damon Clinkscales
Dan Benjamin
@damon I would but you're not on friendfeed, however I am: http://friendfeed.com/danbenj...
oh but i am. i am. in fact, you're subscribed. weird. - Damon Clinkscales
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