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Awe... RT @kishizuka: My first Twitter friend was @DanBlank
Well, I know today is a sick day when I wake up at 9am on a Wednesday.
After 7 years blogging at Publishers Weekly, Barbara Vey's blog is moving to Congrats Barbara!
Chapter 2: Dare | Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley -
A widely held myth suggests that creative geniuses rarely fail. Yet according to Professor Dean Keith Simonton of the University of California, Davis, the opposite is actually true: creative geniuses, from artists like Mozart to scientists like Darwin, are quite prolific when it comes to failure—they just don’t let that stop them. His research has found that creative people simply do more experiments. Their ultimate “strokes of genius” don’t come about because they succeed more often than other people—they just do more, period. They take more shots at the goal. That is the surprising, compelling mathematics of innovation: if you want more success, you have to be prepared to shrug off more failure. - danblank
Why I Quit Major League Baseball : The New Yorker -
For whatever reason, I was never the sort of player who could enjoy a game, a play, or a hit before moving on to prepare for the next one. It was only after I quit that I wished I hadn’t always kept my head down, relentlessly climbing to reach the top of the game, to fulfill an American dream. I wish I had looked up more often, even at the cost of some of my success. The American dream didn’t tell me that an experience only matters if I acknowledge it, that losing yourself in the game is a good way to lose what makes life meaningful. When you’re standing at the plate and you hit a sharp foul ball to the backstop, the spot on the bat that made contact gets hot; the American dream forgot to tell me to step back and enjoy the smell of burnt wood. - danblank
Comedian Ricky Gervais Tells a Serious Story About How He Learned to Write Creatively | Open Culture -
Ricky Gervais, the creator of The Office, rarely gets out of his comic persona. It’s usually laughs, schtick, and more laughs. But when Fast Company pinned him down and asked him about “the single biggest influence on his creative process,” he turned serious (after a few more laughs) and talked about a formative moment with a childhood English teacher. The teacher taught him this: you’re better off writing … Never mind, I’ll let Ricky tell the tale. It’s his story after all. - danblank
Should you check your email? -
A brilliant flowchart. - danblank
The Daily Routines of 7 Famous Entrepreneurs and How to Design Your Own Master Routine - The Buffer Blog -
The only way to do this is to be very disciplined and very practiced - danblank
Polishing the “Author” in Author Platform | Bittersweet Book Launch -
Interviews--My Checklist for Skype Interviews, Podcasts, or Radio | Mystery Writing is Murder - http://mysterywritingismurder....
So here’s the checklist that I use before an interview, in the hopes it can help you out, too - danblank
What Does Prem Watsa See in BlackBerry? - John Paczkowski - Mobile - AllThingsD -
BlackBerry has slipped deep into the mud that’s been sucking at its boots since it first dismissed the iPhone and Android as credible threats to its business. - danblank
Hugh Howey's 'DUST': The Cleverest Book Promotion I've Seen In Years -
You see, Howey knows the secret is not to shout “Buy my book!” at readers. Instead he draws attention to the WOOL brand by interacting and communicating constantly at a personal level with fans, often in streaming video chat sessions. - danblank
5 Reasons to Use a Facebook Profile (Not a Page) to Build Platform -
Readers are looking for three main things from authors on Facebook. Behind-the-scenes glimpses into the writer’s life and writing process Inside scoops on new releases, sales and upcoming events Access - danblank
The conservation of drama -
If the drama is helping you and your organization do your work and enjoy it, then by all means, have fun. But understand that drama is a choice. - danblank
How Authors Are Becoming Entrepreneurs (Like It or Not) -
This week’s Mediatwits talks to successful self-published authors as part of our “Authors as Entrepreneurs” special, including self-published author, expert and MediaShift contributor Carla King and successful self-published authors Darcie Chan and Hugh Howey. MediaShift’s Mark Glaser hosts, along with Mónica Guzmán from the Seattle Times and GeekWire and Andrew Lih from American University. - danblank
SPI 079 : Time Travel and Book Marketing with Jeff Goins – Strategies to Help You Sell More Books and Spread Your Word -
This session is not just for people who are writing books or those who may eventually want to become authors – it’s for anyone who wants to sell anything that they’ve put a lot of work into and know will help benefit their audience. - danblank
Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Lays Out His Plan For The Future Of Media | TechCrunch -
“News in general doesn’t matter most of the time, and most people would be far better off if they spent their time consuming less news and more ideas that have more lasting import,” he tells me during our interview inside a temporary Market Street office space that’s housing Medium, until the top two floors are ready for his growing team. “Even if it’s fiction, it’s probably better most of the time.” - danblank
C is for Cognitive Illusion -
Apple is recognizing that the market is actually “segmentable”. This is the notion that one size does not fit all–a radical idea for the brand. Its mechanism to address it is a “good+better” portfolio. Note that this is not at all like the iPad where the Mini is actually suited to different tasks. The iPad can be thought of as a “small+big” portfolio. The iPhone shows is a clear delineation within the same product. - danblank
Cell phone cameras repel UFOs -
Emotion isn't going to go away when the 'false' legends and fables do. It's too resilient for that. Instead, it's going to influence the story we tell ourselves, as it always has. We don't need your proof. We need your story, and what it means to us. - danblank
CreativeLIVE Questions | Hugh Howey -
I don’t think there’s anything better than writing that next book. And making sure that every book you write is buzz-worthy. What risks are you taking? What are you doing that no one else is? Each book you write and each risk you take increases your chances of being discovered. Be creative in your social media presence. Ask yourself what other talents you have. Are you an excellent photographer? Post pictures with a link back to your book landing page. Send free copies to influencers. Most of all, though, write that next work and get it out there. - danblank
Jumpstarting the Habit Change Process -
One of the central tenets of habit formation is that you cannot and should not attempt to build more than one habit at a time. (You can sometimes replace a bad habit with a good one, but it is dangerous to try and add 2 new habits to your routine). Thus, for at least the rest of this year, I’m attempting to add a new simple habit into my routine, once a month. - danblank
What J.K. Rowling's pseudonymous novel says about commercial success | Nathan Bransford, Author -
Still, it was a book written by J.K. Rowling. It received terrific reviews. It was published by great publishers. And it didn't take off. - danblank
Cory Doctorow, on habits -
High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Email to buy additional rights. “That’s your problem,” he says, in a bright, brisk Toronto accent. “You don’t do it often enough. If you did it every day, you’d get very good at it. It would become a habit, and habits are free.” His own breakfasts are prepared the night before – porridge measured out, yoghurt and berries mixed, served and in the fridge, eggs in the saucepan ready to be boiled. It’s obsessive, precise, carefully optimised – and, it seems, highly effective. - danblank
Jane Friedman • Everything I Learned About Leadership From Managing a 20-Person Team at a Midsize Publisher in the Midwest -
One of my friends was recently promoted at her job. She asked me for advice on how to be a good leader for her team. Here’s what I wrote her. - danblank
Who Owns Omni? - Boing Boing -
Glenn Fleishman on the legendary science and science fiction magazine's murky proprietorship. - danblank
Book Publishing’s Big Gamble - -
Consolidation carries costs you won’t find on a price sticker. Dozens of formerly independent firms have been folded into this conglomerate: not just Anchor, Doubleday, Dutton, Knopf, Pantheon, G. P. Putnam’s Sons and Viking, which still wield significant resources, but also storied names like Jonathan Cape, Fawcett, Grosset & Dunlap, and Jeremy P. Tarcher. Many of these have been reduced to mere imprints, brands stamped on a book’s title page, though every good imprint bears the faint mark of a bygone firm with its own mission and sensibility. - danblank
New comics from George R.R. Martin, Hugh Howey, more | Shelf Life | -
Amazon Publishing has announced the launch of Jet City Comics, a new imprint devoted to comics and graphic novels, and they already have an impressive lineup of titles on deck. First up is Symposium #1, adapted from the fantasy book series The Foreworld Saga, and October will bring original adaptations of George R.R. Martin’s short story “Meathouse Man” and Hugh Howey’s sci-fi self-publishing phenomenon Wool. Jet City issues will be available as Kindle downloads and print editions. - danblank
Why Product Innovation Isn't Everything | -
How can you take a page from Starbucks or Amazon? First, you have to appreciate the irony of selling a commodity and yet become so differentiated in the process, that you rise above the commodity trap that plagues so many businesses. Therein lies a subtle, yet crucial, distinction. - danblank
Introduction to Scrivener for Novelists | Kay Hudson -
There is a lot to explore, and there is definitely a learning curve, but don’t let all the features overwhelm you. Use what you like and ignore the rest, until you need them. Every time I use Scrivener, I learn something new, hunt for something I thought I knew, and look for something I hope it will do. - danblank
Disruptions: How Driverless Cars Could Reshape Cities - -
Imagine a city where you don’t drive in loops looking for a parking spot because your car drops you off and scoots off to some location to wait, sort of like taxi holding pens at airports. Or maybe it is picked up by a robotic minder and carted off with other vehicles, like a row of shopping carts. A test of Google’s self-driving car. Inner-city parking lots could become parks. Traffic lights could be less common because hidden sensors in cars and streets coordinate traffic. And, yes, parking tickets could become a rarity since cars would be smart enough to know where they are not supposed to be. - danblank
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