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Excited announce that I'll be the Community Manager for the inaugural Morristown Festival of Books in NJ! Follow here: @MorristownBooks
What is your biggest FEAR in terms of sharing your writing with the world?
I have been resurrecting my Facebook page, please considering connecting with me there:
Wow - congrats to @originalimpulse on 15 years helping others create, write, and express new ideas!
The human element of not just deadlines - but enthusiasm around projects - is so critical.
So far, having interns is ensuring I am accountable to pushing ahead on certain projects that I have been putting off for way too long.
Giving a lot of thought to how VOICE becomes a way of interacting with the world, esp in the life of a writer. What does VOICE mean to you?
Congrats to @JFbookman and team on launching Book Cover Templates!
"It helped me to gauge interest in the book & opened dialogue with readers." @kathypooler on crowdfunding
"Having readers guarantees that we get to keep doing the work we love." by @JennieNash
What Writers Can Learn From Restaurateur @nickkokonas About Establishing a Closer Connection to Your Audience
MT @KathyPooler One Author’s Journey to Serialized Self-Publication @Victoria_Noe on entrepreneurship @NinaAmir
Book Expo America: Three Tips to Keep You from Going Broke or Crazy by @shirleyhs
A very honest post from @jenny_blake on feeling totally lost, and finding her path forward w/ fun new projects:
RT @MirandaBW: Bittersweet is on the @nytimes bestseller list (for hardcover fiction) for the third week in a row!!!
“From a novelist’s perspective, the ability to cycle through all the possibilities and choose the worst is very helpful.” - @RealJohnGreen
Writers: the complex reality of "organic" reach to your fans on your Facebook Page:
Things I’m Learning While Hiring an Intern (or Three)
So two interns started this week, and we are getting our project management system setup w/ @asana. Excited to get so organized!
Congratulations to @MirandaBW for making the New York Times Best Seller list for the 2nd week in a row:
So excited to be part of a workshop for small presses as part of @clmporg 's FACE OUT prgram, along w/ @rachelfersh
So I've hired three interns for the summer, and am crafting a blog post on what I have learned in the process so far. So excited for this!
"My lack of promo is something that I’ve always felt guilty about." - @elizabethscraig (via @thecreativepenn)
The bravest (& most awesome) Twitter background I've ever seen: (hi @star_rockers!)
“New York Times Bestselling Author” (and other things you would like to have permanently attached to your name)
“Small companies can do things big companies can’t do.” - @jasonfried via @BillMurphyJr
Altogether lovely: LeVar Burton’s Tearful Reaction to His Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Reaching $1 Million
“This is so cool.” I just heard @JasonSegel say this while walking around #bea14
Just met @lisascottoline, and of course she gives @barbaravey her cell number
Just bumped into @KatMeyer & @BKGKristen - getting ready to meetup w/ @K8Tilton. #bea14 continued to feel like high school, in a good way
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