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Day number 2 for T learning to ride. He's nearly already a pro, or at least he thinks he is. for your Kia maintenance -
RT @kevindente: I feel bad for the person in charge of the "" email account
RT @mletterle: Get up to go get drink.. come back to desk... WTF was I doing again?
RT @chrisriesgo: And then @ifandelse showed up @LeanKit. Sweet!
RT @cpound: Congrats to my @LeanKit colleague @chrisriesgo for passing the Xamarin certification. Nice work!
Sitting in the shade cleaning the crust off my nuts.
RT @reverentgeek: I have the awesome privilege of being a part of the @LeanKit family, improving the lives of people who get stuff done everywhere.
Python version 3.x.x is not supported by node-gyp error -
Default value must be string or number error when running npm adduser -
and a DueProps !!! RT @reverentgeek: OH: You get +10 geek points for using a Tuple.
I can hit RabbitMQ fine from local but when I try from remote it does not work -
RT @reverentgeek: Last day with @danhounshell and @johndmathis. Authentic meat-n-3 at Dotsons!
RT @reverentgeek: Bacon with two of my favorite bros @danhounshell and @johndmathis!
Outsourcing your Blog engine’s functionality -
Someone just endorsed my on LinkedIn for Awesomeness and General Awesomeness among other things. Best endorsement ever! /cc @jaymed
I unlocked the Super Bowl XLVII sticker on #GetGlue! @Pepsi #PepsiHalftime
Yup, badass here. I put the leftover meatballs and wings in the same tupperware. You could say I'm a #RebelWithTurkeyMeatballs
watching presentations by @rubybuddha and @timwingfield from #kalamazoox from last year. Good stuff guys.
One reaches true enlightenment when they realize that they are the fly in the ointment. /cc @pmason127
We're some sorry, MF'ers (@ Comfort Suites)
Wow. So completely impressed. This place is just exactly right. (@ Fifty West Brewing Company w/ 8 others)
I unlocked the Happy Thanksgiving 2012 sticker on #GetGlue! @aflacduck #AflacKids
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