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Let's home SF's closer Romo is as bad under playoff pressure as Dallas' QB Romo! ;)
Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.
I unlocked the 2012 Division Series Coming Soon sticker on #GetGlue!
RT @LinhSheley: There's options besides @johnboehner this election! Write in Andrew Hounshell for Ohio 8th District
A 'lil about my 'lil brother: and the Andrew Hounshell for Ohio 8th District FB page:
My brother is launching a grass roots campaign as a write in for John Boehner's unopposed Ohio's 8th district
I unlocked the SNF Kickoff: Cowboys at Giants sticker on #GetGlueHD! @SNFonNBC
Went to the mailbox wearing shorts, t-shirt, slippers and a boonie hat. @kioskguy says working from home messes up ones sense of style
Am I the only one who considers replying to "Can I get reproduction steps for this bug?" with 1. Barry White CD, 2. Big bottle of wine
Yum, Marion's! (@ Marion's Piazza)
T found an old picture of me: Ha ha ha - is this you? Me: Yes, wasn't I young and handsome? Him: No!
mmm... this leftover ziti in the fridge is delicious! #shouldaputyanameonit #melikemesteal
Annual Veterans Assoc golf outing. Beautiful day. (@ Weatherwax Golf Course)
Rebuilt my step Dad's PC tonight. When prompted for its name I chose "Booty Time". Wonder how long b4 I get a call asking how to change it.
Enjoying indoor activities with Dawn and the kids. (@ Eastern Lanes)
big milestones for @tffratio recently, which has now calculated a twitter ratio over 2 million times for more than 100,000 people
If the best thing about your beer is that you can punch a hole in the top of the can... you should think about drinking better beer.
I love when the kids get their Chipotle fillers on the side. They never eat them and they make yummy omelet ingredients for me later.
I'm planning on going to the Dayton .NET Developer's Group tonight. It's been a while. Looking forward to seeing long lost friends.
I unlocked the Falling Skies: Compass sticker on @GetGlue!
At car dealership today I watched them fight their cool new app and eventually give up and use paper forms. I felt shame for my kind.
I saw a 1-gal jug with a pump handle in my bathroom today. My excitement died when I realized it was shampoo and not snocone flavoring.
Queen City Mods and Rockers Rally 2012 -
Best quote of the day so far and words to live by: I really just try not to be an ass
RT @arcware: Someone took the @tffratio a little too seriously
At Miami U 2nite for awards banquet. Many kids were called "a great tutor". To my 5yo a toot is a fart. A great tooter = you get the picture
My 5yo: They should have called it Red Solo Cup on the outside but White on the inside, because it's not just red. It's red and white.
A huge branch broke from my neighbor's tree in his front yard this morning. He decided to cut the tree down. This should be entertaining.
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