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When you get into bed tonight, think of this. IDF troops grabbing some sleep on their tank.
RT @cerenomri: RT @DannyNis: 2nd Hamas tunnel incursion in 24 hrs thwarted by IDF. 5 militants killed in Israeli territory by Givate Brigade troops.
Why is Netanyahu not unleashing full scale assault on Hamas? Several possibilities listed in this thoughtful piece.
Facebook says page calling for death to Jews doesn't violate 'community standards'
"The 'hounding' of Israel's hypocritical left." in Haaretz!!!!!!
Gaza's only power plant on fire. Claims that there is no power in Gaza.
How many Gazans are saying to themselves, "We elected the people who did this to us"?
Another example of "Gaza War" replacing "Operation Protective Edge." Reality speaks louder than nomenclature.
Interesting. For weeks, banner has been "Operation Protective Edge." Today, Israeli media all shifting to "Gaza War."
Islamic Jihad killed Palestinians, so Hamas began to fire on Israel. Make sense, no?
Blaming the Jews for anti-Antisemitism. A classic European trope.
Part of what's our basic decency. Long YNet article (w pix) about suffering on the Pal side. Think they do the same?
Not the most nuanced thing I've ever watched, but still a better way to start the day than with the newspapers.
Not the most nuanced thing I've ever watched, but still a better way to start the day than with the newspapers.
"To the Students for Justice in Palestine - A Letter from an Angry Black Woman."
Interesting, wholly unproven. Minister Silvan Shalom says Bibi may have "invited" Obama's instructions to stand down.
RT @NoahPollak: It'll be fascinating to read, years from now, what Obama threatened Netanyahu with to compel this one-sided ceasefire
Headlines illustrate national mood. "Hamas violating cease fire and soldiers are left exposed."
UNRWA bag labeled "wheat" that actually contained tunnel building materials.
We dig tunnels, too. It's in Hebrew, but check out the video anyway. Road from TA to Jm is about to get much shorter.
Former Ambassador Michael Oren: there's no need to acquiesce quickly to Obama's demand for cease-fire.
IDF spokesman: IDF continuing to blow up tunnels; assumption is that dozens of Hamas fighters inside as they're destroyed.
boycott spreads to eBay ...
Jerusalem until recently saw Kerry as a "blithering fool" but now sees him as "duplicitous and dangerous" His boss?
am getting the impression that @TimesofIsrael doesn't think that the Kerry proposal was a good deal. :-)
This appeared on my screen just as Israel announced a new cease-fire. Should be interesting.
"NYTimes plays things...straight - except on ... social & religious conservatives." This Israeli would beg 2 differ.
This guy has a bit too much time on his hands, but he does get it right, at least. And he's got rhythm.
Terror attack thwarted just south of Jerusalem
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