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"A government that betrays its primary obligation, to protect its citizens, has no right to govern." @davidhorovitz
I'd call this a pretty bad day. But then again, he survived. So maybe it was a good day?
"Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?" Now, THAT's a plausible argument, no? @HaifaUniversity supporters must be proud
And they say syncretism isn't alive and well in the Jewish state? Photo thanks to my son in law, @AvishayBSG.
If Only Those Tracks Could Speak -
Freud, schmeud. We (a term I use loosely) did our first #Pesach shopping run and forgot to buy matzah. I wonder if that means anything.
MT @EricYoffie "How to alienate young American #Jews from #Israel" @DanielGordis Yoffie says it's my fault. Oh, well
RT @literaryeric: It frightens me that Twitter suddenly thinks I'd want to follow Peter Beinart. What did I ever do them?
Wrapping up search for research assistants for my new book project. Getting very close, but 1 or 2 openings remain.
A well-written piece on the problematics of the new gay orthodoxy. by @FrankBruni
Wondering why the peace talks failed? As @davidhorovitz points out in his last par., there's one over-riding reason.
A great opportunity for thoughtful Jewish educators!
Why Begin was Israel's most Jewish prime minister ... on Israeli English language radio with Gilad Halpern ...
PA Religious Leaders: Western Wall should be off limits to Jews.
Al-Quds President resigns after latest Hamas rally. "Has reached retirement age." Or jumping ship?
I'm told these are photos of Hamas rally @ Al Quds University in JERUSALEM on Sunday. Serious people say they're real
Can Israel's Leaders be Great? (Tablet Magazine) #constantcontact
"Today’s Israeli Leaders Lack the Very Qualities That Made Its Founders Great"
Seeking research assistants for the 2014-15 academic year for new book on Israel. More details here: Please pass on.
Apparently takes a lot of people to kill a single police officer in Egypt.
Dr. Ruth loves the Menachem Begin book:
The difference: Begin didn't talk, but did Osirak. Olmert was silent but did Syria's. And Bibi talks & talks & talks
Incredibly moving picture. One can only imagine what the officer (a major) is saying to the wounded soldier.
What would an Israeli Pew study have shown? in @NYJewishWeek . A response to my @JRBooks and @Commentary pieces ...
Zionism, Between the Real and the Ideal -
Menachem Begin: His Legacy, a Century after his Birth (Jerusalem Post) -
Getting in Touch with our Inner Birthright (Jerusalem Post) -
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