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Is Homeland Security not acknowledging the fact that four terrorists were captured after crossing the Texas border?
Is @Columbia University, my alma mater, boycotting Israel? @Martin_Kramer makes the case that it is.
Hamas: Israel has struck a home in Gaza, and has "opened the gates of hell." Could be an interesting night. Or not.
RT @jordanchirsch: So is Britain now going to cut off various arms sales to *Israel* now that *Hamas* has violated a ceasefire for the 11th time?
Oops. There seems to be something on the road. Drive safely.
Cease fire, Hamas style, tonight.
"Everything here is different now .. the sad, scarring wreckage of war haunts us virtually everywhere we turn" @bv
RT @annecronin: Jews and Arabs no longer mingle. // Gaza War's Jerusalem Casualties @DanielGordis @BV
NYT Headline: "Rockets from Gaza and Israeli Response Break Cease Fire." No, actually. Rockets broke the cease fire.
On beach, north of Herzliya w/ the doors open so we can hear the surf. Instead, hearing Iron Dome shoot down rockets
My latest Bloomberg View @bv column on the Jerusalem-life casualties of this Gaza war.
Jerusalem Post poll: Almost zero support for giving in to Hamas' demands. (But you wanna bet what happens?)
RT @Martin_Kramer: Debate: Bret Stephens vs. Ari Shavit (at Hadassah convention)
RT @Martin_Kramer: Debate: Bret Stephens vs. Ari Shavit (at Hadassah convention)
RT @BeladonnaRogers: Inspiring post by @DanielGordis as his @ShalemCollege students go from Aristotle to #Gaza. Brilliant. @Martin_Kramer
Kibbutz Attack Wakes Israel's Next Generation (Part of a Bloomberg Series) #constantcontact @bv
Honored that The Wire selects my recent Bloomberg @bv column as one of Friday's best.
Am writing a series on slices of Israeli life in the aftermath of the war, on Bloomberg Views @bv. List of articles:
Dutch mayor cancels anti-ISIS rally ... seems it was too controversial. Why would that be?
Dutch major cancels anti-ISIS rally ... seems it was too controversial. Why would that be?
The whole idea of a world without Jews - its history and its future. Interesting.
Sadly Gazan savagery predates Israeli conquest of Gaza in 1967 by more than a decade. How eerily similar to today @bv
Moshe Dayan: "Let us not [ignore] the hatred that inflames ... the hundreds of thousands of Arabs who live around us"
Moshe Dayan 1956 eulogy for Roi Rotenberg eerily relevant today. What has changed in Gaza. My Bloomberg column today
"For Israelis, this time is different." My take, on @BV Bloomberg View.
Mark Steyn calls ISIS like it is ... "fast track Nazis" killing Christians and Yazidi So why all attention on Gaza?
Financial Times: War-weary US has to show its steel in Iraq
Took long enough...Gazans finally saying to Hamas, "stop firing from our rooftops."
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