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Gallup: Nearly Half in U.S. Remain Worried About Their Weight They should move to Israel. Other stuff to worry about
Michael Oren in Washington Post: Israel must be permitted to crush Hamas.
Americans' assessment of who's justified. Compare Democrats and Republicans. Not surprising, but sad.
On last day if his presidency Shimon Peres did what he's had to do for far 2 long. Console parents of fallen soldiers
IDF Officer explains: "We found RPG and other armaments in private family home." Makes you wonder, who's a civilian?
Actually, it's about as simple as this.
RT @RabbiWolpe: Why Hamas rockets keep missing.
Better photo of the Israeli APC with letters from children back home taped to the side of the armored vehicle.
Arab MK's boycott swearing in of new Israeli President Rivlin.
Ever wonder what the much-discussed "Arab street" think? In the West Bank? Here's the NYT. Still optimistic?
RT @GershomG: Elsewhere in Mideast: UN reports ISIS orders female genital mutilation in Iraq
Netanyahu: "Our strength now lies in our unity" Hopefully soldiers can't read some of what's coming out of J Commnty
Remember all that concrete Israel's shipped into Gaza over the past years? Wondering why there's inadequate housing?
More pix of the Gaza tunnels.
Israeli armored personnel carrier on which soldiers have taped letters from children back home.
You gotta believe Menachem Begin is feeling good about this. "Told you so," he might be saying
When the FAA joins BDS, this is what you see.
"Gaza's dilemma: Deadly war or suffocating Israeli embargo" What about ending the conflict with Israel? Oops. Forgot.
Every now and then, you just gotta love the Foreign Ministry.
Need any more inkling of whyIsrael has to destroy those tunnels, no matter what it takes? Take a look at this.
Yair Lapid: recapturing the entire Gaza strip is very much on the table. Every Hamas leader is on the "kill list."
RT @TheLefternWall: @DanielGordis the racism in your op ed this month ( was wrong and unjewish. #RabbiTakeItBack
RT @JeffreyGoldberg: It's actually not so surprising that people are falling for crap like this:
I challenge you to find anything more self-hating and despicable than this on the internet @abenedikt
Blaming Birthright for soldier's death sets new shameful low for intellectual confusion & moral obtuseness @abenedikt
Max Steinberg, z"l. Accompanied by 30,000 to his final resting place.
Did I miss a major development? "Etat de Palestine?"
Under fire, flowing with love. 30,000 attended today's funeral of Max Steinberg, American-Israeli killed in Gaza.
What's it like to like in a kibbutz near Gaza? If you don't have time for the whole thing, start at 5:30 and watch...
What's it like to like in a kibbutz near Gaza? If you don't have time for the whole thing, start at 5:30 and watch...
John Kerry has just arrived in Israel. More peace undoubtedly on the way. Hope he can capitalize on previous successes.
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