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And here's @StephensWSJ with more on how the "deal" with Iran will b worded 2 utterly confuse even thoughtful people
RT @cbiaz: We had such an amazing evening of learning with @DanielGordis at @cbiaz last Thursday night!
"Run over [the settler]." A Palestinian song that's all the rage on social media. Lovely.
Police "SAID"? But not true? "STABBED"? Actually "murdered." "TARGETED Israeli soldier"? No, he's "very critical."
Want to know what a terrorist who kills a young woman by stabbing her in the neck looks like? Here's his picture.
Earlier,stabbing in Tel Aviv, 1 critical. Now another in Gush, more victims. Would love to know what they hope to accomplish w this sickness
Tel Aviv Police head: serious incident, citizens should be alert. In other words, look constantly 4 who might stab u
Hmmm. Anyone want to take a stab at what the common denominator is?
Even the news banners are reflecting how critical this is getting. Words mean "Terror in Tel Aviv."
Apparent fourth terror attack in two weeks. 20 year old soldier in critical condition, found w/o pulse. What's next?
Media's new angle: the countdown to the next war has already begun, though this time, some are blaming it on Israel.
Chairman of Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey says IDF went to ‘extraordinary lengths’ to save innocents
Eight year olds throwing rocks in Shuafat. Check out the pix.
Israel is raping Al-Aqsa-cartoon posted by PA National Security Forces - PMW Bulletins
RT @MCLaMagna: Why today is important in Israel: A bloody anniversary, darker than ever. @DanielGordis:
Anyone wanna buy a bridge? Defense Minister Ya'alon insists he wasn't snubbed. US officials were just busy.
My thoughts about how Rabin murder in @BV today and now this comment about extremism in Israel
RT @davidjshipley: In Israel, a bleak outlook on a dark anniversary. @danielgordis
Are We Like American Jews During the Shoah? (JPost) -
Is Homeland Security not acknowledging the fact that four terrorists were captured after crossing the Texas border?
Is @Columbia University, my alma mater, boycotting Israel? @Martin_Kramer makes the case that it is.
Hamas: Israel has struck a home in Gaza, and has "opened the gates of hell." Could be an interesting night. Or not.
RT @jordanchirsch: So is Britain now going to cut off various arms sales to *Israel* now that *Hamas* has violated a ceasefire for the 11th time?
Oops. There seems to be something on the road. Drive safely.
Cease fire, Hamas style, tonight.
"Everything here is different now .. the sad, scarring wreckage of war haunts us virtually everywhere we turn" @bv
RT @annecronin: Jews and Arabs no longer mingle. // Gaza War's Jerusalem Casualties @DanielGordis @BV
NYT Headline: "Rockets from Gaza and Israeli Response Break Cease Fire." No, actually. Rockets broke the cease fire.
On beach, north of Herzliya w/ the doors open so we can hear the surf. Instead, hearing Iron Dome shoot down rockets
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