Daniel Mietchen
What is your breakthrough of the year in open science? - Update: results are at http://ff.im/d1kwy . - http://ways.org/en/node/9546
CC0 - Deepak Singh
PLoS ONE article level metrics is in the running. Anything that improves the way we measure and manage science is a step forward for testing the hypothesis that open methodologies are more efficient than the current hypercompetitive model. Also, any move towards community-centric ideas is a boost to open science. - Bill Hooker
To stimulate further suggestions, here is a saved search for anything in the Science 2.0 or Life Scientist or Toronto Science 2.0 groups that received more than 25 comments and contains the word "open": http://friendfeed.com/search... . Of course, playing around with these parameters is encouraged. - Daniel Mietchen
The timeline in the OAD wiki is looking a little sparse for 2009. http://oad.simmons.edu/oadwiki... - Mr. Gunn
Coverage in Wired http://www.wired.com/wiredsc... and Springer hiring Jan Velterop are two fairly large piece of 2009 news. - Mr. Gunn
I'd go with Springer buying BMC - not sure yet whether its a positive or negative. cc0 is a close second I think. - Cameron Neylon
cc0 is 2009? Thought it was 08. Springer definitely made some OA news this year. - Mr. Gunn
Nature Communications might be a candidate. Not literally as "big" as Springer buying BMC, but still a very ineresting development. - Shirley Wu from twhirl
I had also thought CC0 was already around in 2008 and upon checking, I found this press release from Dec 2007: http://creativecommons.org/press-r... . Anyway, the official 1.0 release was on March 11 this year: http://creativecommons.org/weblog... . - Daniel Mietchen
My votes would go for (1) The Polymath Projects because it successfully demonstrated the principle that open science collaborations can be extremely effective in delivering solutions to research-style problems, and (2) the storm of comments played out in the mainstream media about the CRU incident (as opposed to the actual incident itself, which I'll leave others to comment about) since there is now a much larger audience who appreciate, in a way they maybe didn't before, why openness in science matters. - Dan Hagon
If you really want people to assign points and so forth, you will probably need to set up a form or use SurveyMonkey or something. - Bill Hooker
Bill - this is my first venture ever in such a compilation, so I already was not sure when I posted whether using points would be a good thing, and I am even less convinced now. But I am not in a rush with this, so I will take some time to let comments and suggestions come in. In the meantime, suggestions how to turn this into something actually useful (rather than merely entertaining) are welcome. - Daniel Mietchen
I think the only way to make it more useful is to find a way to entice more people to speak up! It's interesting to see what things others consider significant, and I found thinking about the question to be a useful exercise. A handy list of "2009 developments" might also prove useful as a list of "things to keep an eye on in 2010". - Bill Hooker
That last sentence makes me think that Open Science could use an Open Science News blog, like Peter Suber's Open Access News. Given that even Peter couldn't keep up eventually, and has created the OA Tracking Project to do most of the info gathering, perhaps we could think about an Open Science Tracking Project (just, for the love of Dog, don't use Connotea!). - Bill Hooker
Shirley had started such a thing last year - http://shirleywho.wordpress.com/2008... . Perhaps time for round two? - Daniel Mietchen
Neil, I like it. Why would a hashtag whitelist be needed? Are you suggesting that we use one to create a controlled vocab for the tracking project? I was thinking of following the OATP model of tagging #os.new for anything <6 mo old and #oa.foo where foo is a space for folksonomy creation. E.g. this thread might get tagged "#os.new #os.trackingproject #os.news" or something like that. - Bill Hooker
I see that you can't use a . to branch hashtags. That's a dealbreaker for me. I think the tagging needs to be easy and unrestrictive. - Bill Hooker
I'd say CC0 too. - Egon Willighagen
+1 for CC0, PLoS ALM, and Polymath Project - Mike Chelen
Might be good to have a link to FF discussions or blog posts about each topic on the poll in case some people aren't aware of them. Of course, maybe this just means those topics should rank lower or not at all for those people ;) But doesn't mean they won't still be interested in learning about them after voting! Or make it more clear that more info about each topic can be found in this thread? - Shirley Wu
I thought about that but opted to let people vote on what they are familiar with, and provide details in the wrap-up. Anyway, I can't edit the poll now that it is set up (they stated I could, but I never received that mail with further instructions, not even in the spam folder). - Daniel Mietchen
12 votes so far; wouldn't mind a few more. - Daniel Mietchen