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Looking for any rare or vintage figures? Akihabara may have it.
最新一期的《秋葉原商店》經已分享。 查看可點擊 >>
Mirai & Mirai. Preparing another 500 to ship in May. みらいちゃん&みらいちゃん。5月はとりあえず500体世界各地に出荷します。
New illustration of Mirai Suenaga in her casual wear by Shirahane Nao-sensei. #anime
The new Earth energy source.
Photos taken at Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC)
Moekana Second Edition - Japanese hiragana & katakana flash cards. Pre-orders open now.
Camera in your contact lenses soon via google. How many of you wear contacts? コンタクトにカメラ到来。
Use moekana 2nd edition to make words like these - can you read them
Akihabara Shops - tons of them in this photo post ^o^
Moekana Second Edition includes modifier cards this time.
RT @290cart: どうしてこうなった
Eiji Seiun teaches us the importance of keeping good health.
Heading to Fukushima on the Tsubasa Shinkansen. つばさでみらいちゃんと一緒に福島へ。市長に会いに行きます。
Kizuna Yumeno wallpaper for your mobile device
Folks in the US can also pre-order Moekana 2nd Edition at J-List/J-Box
Moekana 2nd edition features Chitose and Kizuna - who is your fave?
Some of the new Mirai cards in Moekana 2nd edition.
RT @MiraiRobotics: Hands free Smart Doll - Shes ready to ship next month! ハンズフリースマートドール。来月世界中に出荷します!
Folks pre-ordering Moekana 2nd Edition at AmiAmi get this free Mirai Horoscope towel desu.
RT @miraisuenaga: Moekana Second Edition up for pre-order now ^o^
もえかな2ndエディション予約開始! 外国人向けと言っても、もちろん日本人のお子様ももえかなを使ってひらがなとカタカナが勉強でき、さらに英語の単語も勉強できます!
New illustrations and wallpaper of Kizuna Yumeno here >>>
Moekana 2nd edition available at AmiAmi with free Mirai Horoscope mini towel
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