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RT @Deanna_starlet: This year AFA was a blast I swear!! thank you for your time Danny-san!! PS: that photobomb xD @dannychoo
RT @IDsupercell: Thank you @dannychoo for photoshot at f(x) sudirman last saturday night. We are from supercell-EGOIST Indonesia :D
RT @shadoniia: Hey @dannychoo ! We'll make 6 pages about you & your Smart Doll project in our ultimate magazine released in 15 days.
See you again soon Indonesia! #AFAID 日本へ! mirai-beng-beng
RT @crafTUNER: Nice to meet you @dannychoo. Hope you like the CD! See you again next year!
RT @keymethyst: It's an honour for me to take a pic with you @dannychoo ! Hope to meet you again ^^ sampai jumpa di lain waktu!
RT @monyet_merah: with @dannychoo at culture japan night jakarta... me with my mirai-chan fanart
RT @valerian_jr: This is the awesome Mirai from @dannychoo and my 2shoot with him. Hope we can meet again next year >_<
RT @MiraiRobotics: Mirai menemukan beng-beng berukuran Smart Doll di Mayora HQ! 末永みらいスマートドールとインドネシア大手お菓子メーカーの関係とは?! mirai-beng-beng
RT @teptepp_: are you ready for mirai beng-beng 😆✨ ? @dannychoo @MiraiRobotics
RT @MiraiRobotics: mirai-beng-beng ! RT @YEDIJAA: @dannychoo Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll. Thanks for coming to Indonesia ^^ #AFAID2014
RT @Fathanscream: with @dannychoo at #AFAID2014 ,thanks for photo and sign ^-^
Bersama Mayora Marketing Director dan tim di Mayora HQ. #mirai-beng-beng インドネシアの菓子メーカーのメーケティングディレクターとみらいちゃんスマドとパシャリ。
RT @aokicchii: My very first time to Culture Japan Night! Thanks @dannychoo for the great event! See you again soon (^.^)/~~ #AFAID
RT @cellinevania: Bought this on afaid few days ago XD.casual mirai t-shirt *w* @dannychoo
RT @todayidol: Kehadiran JKT48 Diatas Panggung Bersama Danny Choo di AFA ID 2014
RT @Miutia: Met and took a pict with Danny Choo!! thanks @dannychoo #AFAID2014
RT @ghigii: @dannychoo aaaak arigatou danny san >_<
RT @TbAndikaA: Wah keren SmartDoll nya
RT @HaViz_4884: "@BedaFamiglia We're here and waiting for MnG with the bro, @dannychoo
RT @rain_nic: Having so much fun at Culture Japan today, thanks! @dannychoo
Jika kalian mau mirai beng-beng, ayo retweet atau share!
グッスマのAFAインドネシアブースも超盛り上がりましたよ! The packed goodsmile booth at #afaid
RT @JapaneseStation: Meet @dannychoo at @Official_AFA_ID . Thanks for your time, and success for Mirai & Smart Doll! #KeepSupport
Moekana tournaments at CJ Night Jakarta tohight - please bring your pack of Moekana to play and win!
RT @BobSidharta: Jumat kemaren sempet foto sama @dannychoo , yah gitulah (* ̄∇ ̄)ノ
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