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While Zorin 8 is pretty, there's still some bug's to work out. Back to the awesome Linux Mint!
Finally getting around to setting up my ultimate terminal only install of ubuntu. ttytter is done. :)
Kung Pow: From tiny nets to large dark nipple people, this movie makes me scream weeeoooowe Love it! ★5 ☺5
All in one website from the ground up. A Virtual Debian How-to -
Creating a RemoteApp using windows XP as the host -
Why carry a phone when you can carry a phone that becomes a PC? Check out Ubuntu for Android. #U4A
Remotely add a domian user to the local machines remote desktop group (win7) -
I back up my life with Check it out! It’s free local + offsite #backup for friends & family.
I'd like to announce officially @Raspberry_Pi that you are very welcome,to include our open tracker to your torrents.
Well that's embarassing, a dead link in my last post. ( bork) My #RaspberryPi Case Build is here:
Here I show you how I made my Raspberry Pi case for about five bucks from off the shelf items. |
My Five Dollar Raspberry Pi Case Build -
Auto Start your WiFi on Raspberry Pi -
Infected Mushroom – Drum N' Bassa -
Infected Mushroom – Drum n bassa -
Get your netgear wpg606 to support WPA-2 (nerds only) -
Installing Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS using Hardware Raid1 -
New WordPress Base! (And a broken theme) -
Thanks for supporting "Stine-Blog" via @flattr
I love Dropbox because It works across all of my devices and allows me to take my homework with me wherever I go!
How much tech can you fit on a desk? -
A new favorite: Secret Lemon Project -Charlie by The Lemon Pharma on #SoundCloud
Want to learn more about me? Check out and sign up for your own at
Check out my result from! New gateway and a new home built Untangle router, we're doing great!
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