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People often ask me about my methodology for developing my characters and plot lines. I decided to discuss my answers in my latest blog post.
Book clubs can be a valuable asset to anyone that wants to expand their networks and strengthen their mind.
Have been having way too much fun through the holidays. Although my character are never far from my mind, they are getting restless and want to discover what the future holds for them as do I. So with readers asking for the next novel, we have postponed the next trip to Big Bear until the 14th. While I am taking my morning walk and settling down...
What tips or tricks do you use to keep your resolutions and long range goals on track?
After sending the special rug that Jack’s made many years ago along with Santa, our official doorway greeter for the season, down to our storage cupboards, we welcomed in the New Year with good friends, Dorothy Ebsen, Vince Havel, Wallie and Dieter and a few new friends we met on New Year’s Eve. It was a beautiful evening with dinner, lively...
share your plans for integrating your trailers into your book marketing plan
The new newsletter came out yesterday! If you haven't already, don't forget to sign up for it to be included in the next one. Sign up information is located on the right hand side using the link below.
Unfortunately, the holiday season is the second highest time in which children can go missing, right behind summer vacation. What strategies do you use to keep your kids safe?
I met more amazing award winning authors at the Readers Favorites during last Friday night’s Meet and Greet. I took a few minutes out for a photo with Lori Costew, a silver medal winner (historical-- time travel) for middle schoolers which promotes healthy living, positive behaviors and anti-bullying.
At what point do consumers need to say “enough is enough”? Or, is it ok to take the family out for a shopping spree on Thanksgiving?
For those in the Tampa, Florida area I'll be doing a meet and greet at the Books-A-Million (Store #224) at the Brandon Town Center Mall this today (11/15/2013) from 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm. A complete list of my events can be found on
Headed to Florida for my next book tour! For a complete list of my schedule of events, please visit:
Headed to Florida for my next book tour! For a complete list of my schedule of events, please visit:
A whole new view of Ashton Kutcher. One I admire. The only job Ashton Kutcher considers beneath him, is not having a job.
Thank you for your service! Happy Veterans Day!
How do you usher your reader toward your next book? The hard way. By doing the same things you did the first time around. Book signings, book fairs and festivals, conventions, radio and TV shows. What kind of techniques do you use to promote a book series?
Halloween is hours away! What safety tips do you have for young trick-or-treaters?
Spent a wonderful evening with good friends Lynn and Nancy Gee at the Assistance League Bewitching Soiree fund raiser last night. Oh, and in case you didn't notice it was a costume party!
Do You Have to be a Renaissance Person in Today’s Economy? |
What do you think this will this mean for those who frequent stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks?
Like our government, ABC in Dallas encountered a brief shut down, only theirs was a technology glitch. In spite of the challenges we faced rerouting our interview to another location, Jason Wheeler was a delightful interviewer whom I enjoyed spending a bit of time with.
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Had a delightful interview with NBC Channel 4 in San Antonio Tuesday! In Dallas today with another interview lined up on ABC WFAA TV – News 8 at 4 at 4:30. “Is it Ever Too Late to Reinvent Yourself?”
I had a fantastic interview yesterday on CBS KENS TV "Great Day San Antonio". Everyone there was gracious, professional, and the interview is already up on their website!
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I had a fantastic interview this morning on CBS KENS TV "Great Day San Antonio". Everyone there was gracious, professional
Remember, that of all the elements that comprise a human being, the most important, the most essential, the one that will sustain, transcend, overcome and vanquish obstacles is - Spirit! Buddy Ebsen Read more at
A couple of behind the scenes screen grabs from my upcoming trailer for Unpredictable Webs. I can hardly wait!
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Good #fiction has to be authentic, you have to create characters that the reader can recognize as real.
Jack and I spent a terrific 4th with my son, John Fields and daughter-in-law, Brenda. The fireworks reflected in Big Bear Lake are the best!
4th 2013.jpg
Another screencap from the shoot of my new trailer for Unpredictable Webs.
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#Creativity is everywhere once you learn to listen.| The Phenomenon of Creativity – Guest #Blog By Randy Mitchell
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